Abandoned (ficlet)

Warnings: complete & utter fluff
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em. Wish I did.


Tears fell down Duo’s pale face as he watched the brown-haired boy walk stiffly out the door. He heard the car start and pull out of the driveway, and took it as his cue to start outright bawling. He screamed and pounded his fists, rivers gushing forth from his reddened eyes.

“Oooooooh!!! Heeeeeerooo!!!! How could you LEAVE me?!?”, he screeched.

Wufei came rushing into the hall, certain some hideous Oz trick was the source of the braided pilot’s distress.

“Duo! Oi, Duo!” He grabbed the hysterical boy by the shoulders and shook roughly. “What happened??”

Duo managed to gasp between sobs, “Hee-Heero LEFT ME!!”, and promptly resumed his piteous wailing.

“WHAT? You Onna! You’re crying over your boyfriend?”, Wufei practically spat out the last word.

Unfortunately, this only served to make his fellow pilot even more upset.

“Oh God! Your right! I’m WEAK!! No wonder Heero left me!!!!”

Duo screamed out in anguish and collapsed to the floor.

A look of pure terror flashed over Wufei’s face; boys were not supposed to act this way, he had no idea what he was supposed to do with his stricken friend.

“Uh…uh….I know! Let’s take your mind off him!

Let’s….uh….play a game!” The Chinese pilot put on his best encouraging smile (though it was admittedly strained) and nodded furiously, urging Duo to accept.

Duo slowly raised his soaking face to look at Wufei, “Sniff, sniff…You think that’ll help?”

“O-of course! Games are…fun….” His enthusiastic beginning faded into frightened realization- this meant he was going to actually play games, probably lots of games, with a depressed, loudmouthed, love-struck teenage boy. //Oh. Dear. Nataku.// Unfortunately (for our favorite Chinese justice machine at least), Duo’s grieving countenance immediately brightened at the prospect of being entertained by the normally sullen Wufei all afternoon.


*2 hours of Mariokart, 16 games of Pacman, 1 game of Scrabble, 5 cartons of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, and 7 hysterical Heero-related fits later…

“C’moooon Wu-man! Just one more game! Pweeeaaaase???” Duo stuck out his lip and gave Wufei his best pathetic puppy dog look.

“Sigh…How can you possibly play Pacman so much…” The protruding lip began to tremble, the wide eyes began to water…

“B-b-b-but hey! What’s one more game?” Wufei twitched and lapsed into a fit of nervous giggling. Just then, the front door swung open.


The spandex-clad figure at the doorway was soon on the floor holding an armful of braided baka who was smothering him in sloppy kisses.

“Oh I missed you! *Smack, smooch* Don’t ever EVER leave me again!!”

“Duo…I just went to the gym.”

Wufei’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he collapsed in an exhausted faint on the floor.

Heero got up, still holding his ecstatic koi, and stared pointedly, “What’s with him?”

Duo tore himself away from planting kisses all over Heero’s neck just long enough to see the unconscious pilot 05.

“Hm. No idea. Heeeeyy….Let’s go to our room!”

Heero smirked and ran off with Duo in his arms.




Ok, that was silly. And stupid. But I don’t care! Mwahahaha!
Next one will actually have a plot though (maybe), I promise!