Title: Chapter Seven: BadJello
Author: J.B.
Contents: yaoi
Pairings: 1X2, 3X4
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing (and it's characters) are not owned by yours truly, so leave me be dangit!
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Author's Note: Thanks for all the feedback on chapter six ^^ I'll keep 'em comin' & hope they're just as amusing.


Chatroom: BadJello

<BakaShinigami has entered: BadJello>

BakaShinigami: Uuuuuggghhhhhh

PerfectSoldier01: Hn.

ArabianRichBoy: Oooooo hangover from jello shots, not good.

SilentClown: Hence the name of the room.

BakaShinigami: Man, I feel like a stampede of wild horses beat in on my head.

PerfectSoldier01: Actually, that was Relena.

BakaShinigami: Really? Ugh, what happened?

ArabianRichBoy: Before the preist could say you two were married legally, Relena bashed his head in.

SilentClown: With the platter for the wedding cake.

BakaShinigami: Is that why I'm covered in cake icing?

PerfectSoldier01: No, that was after the party was over.

BakaShinigami: Oh ^_______________^

SilentClown: Once the preist was back up and Relena was held down by one of Quatre's guards, the wedding went fine.

ArabianRichBoy: Until Wufei barged in.

PerfectSoldier01: And knocked out the guard holding Relena.

ArabianRichBoy: While we were helping Wufei calm down (using those evil jello shots)....we noticed Relena was missing.

PerfectSoldier01: I swear I have never felt so hunted before in my entire life. Like swimming with jaws, that's how damn panicked I was.

ArabianRichBoy: Ohhhh so that's why you were standing on the lead table, screaming "IT'S LOSE!! DEAR GOD SOMEONE CATCH IT!!!"

PerfectSoldier01: ::glares::

SilentClown: ::chuckles:: That's when she attacked you, Duo.

BakaShinigami: Gah! >.<;; I remember now! Like a bat outta hell! Oh....I'll have nightmares forever now!

PerfectSoldier01: It's allright, Duo. She can't hurt us anymore.

BakaShinigami: ...she's dead? ::sniffles::

ArabianRichBoy: ::nods:: Impaled herself on Father Hughes' cross he carried with him.

BakaShinigami: Well if that ain't poetic justice, I don't know what is!!! ^__^;;

ArabianRichBoy: Heh yeah,...

PerfectSoldier01: ...

SilentClown: ...

BakaShinigami: ...well now what do we do?

PerfectSoldier01: With Relena gone, things toned down. There's not much to do.

ArabianRichBoy: ...orgy?

BakaShinigami: I'm up for it!

SilentClown: Ten minutes sound good?

PerfectSoldier01: Make it 15, I need a shower first.

BakaShinigami: WAHOO!

<BakaShinigami has left: BadJello>

<PerfectSoldier01 has left: BadJello>

<ArabianRichBoy has left: BadJello>

<SilentClown has left: BadJello>