Title: Chapter Six: INJUSTICE
Author: J.B.
Contents: yaoi
Pairings: 1X2, 3X4
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing (and it's characters) are not owned by yours truly, so leave me be dangit!
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<PerfectSoldier01 has entered: INJUSTICE>

PerfectSoldier01: I take it Chang made the room?

Protector_of_Justice: I'll do the talking, Yuy.

PerfectSoldier01: ...

ArabianRichBoy: ::whispers:: He's been doing this all night!

Protector_of_Justice: SILENCE!!!

ArabianRichBoy ...

SilentClown: ...

BakaShinigami: ...

Protector_of_Justice: It has come to my attention that I am being ignored and excluded, as well as ridiculed.

ArabianRichBoy: Wufei, I'm so sorry we forgot to invite you to the party!

Protector_of_Justice: I'm not done talking!!

ArabianRichBoy: ...

Protector_of_Justice: Now, as much as I don't care about any of those three things, the combination is intolerable.

BakaShinigami: Wu-man, you need a chill pill, or an anti-anal vaccine, or sumthin'.

Protector_of_Justice: ::growls:: MAXWELL!!!

ArabianRichBoy: Now that's enough. Wufei, how about I hold a party in YOUR honor? You can chose who to invite and everything.

Protector_of_Justice: ...will there be rice?

ArabianRichBoy: Yes, there will be rice.

Protector_of_Justice: ...and jello? I like jello...

ArabianRichBoy: Yes yes, any food you want.

Protector_of_Justice: HA! Honor has been restored!

BakaShinigami: Wahoo! Party time!

Protector_of_Justice: You are not invited.

BakaShinigami: Awwww ::pouts::

PerfectSoldier01: Am I?

Protector_of_Justice: Yes, you can come. Everyone -but- Duo can attend.

BakaShinigami: That's not fair!!!

PerfectSoldier01: Please don't say everyone -_-;;

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: I will be looking forward to seeing everyone at your celebration, Wufei Chang. Especially you, Heero. Now that Duo will not be attending, you can be honest in front of me.

BakaShinigami: RELENA, IF YOU SO MUCH AS TOUCH HIM I SWEAR I'LL....I'LL....I'LL CROSSDRESS AND SNEAK INTO THE PARTY!!! That way you can't touch him!!!!!

PerfectSoldier01: Duo...you'd wear a dress?

BakaShinigami: Yes...why?

PerfectSoldier01: Easy access ::grins::

BakaShinigami: ::GRYNS!!::

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: Heero! Why do you insist on toying with him? He's not worth it.

PerfectSoldier01: You know what, Relena? That's it, I'm sick of your bullshit. Quatre, could you hold a party for me?

ArabianRichBoy: Sure, Heero...what kind of party?

PerfectSoldier01: Relena, you are cordially invited to my wedding.

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: OH HEERO! Oh yes I will marry you!!!!

PerfectSoldier01: I didnt' say I was marrying YOU. I said you were invited to my wedding.

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: But...who could you possibly want to marry besides me?

PerfectSoldier01: Duo, I know this is hardly romantic, but...will you marry me?

BakaShinigami: XD!! YESYESYESYESYES!!! XD!!!

<PerfectPinkPeacecraft has left: INJUSTICE>

ArabianRichBoy: ::winces, shudders:: Anyone besides me hear that soul shattering shreik just now?

SilentClown: Heard it.

BakaShinigami: o_O;; Yeah I heard it!

Protector_of_Justice: That was disturbing.

BakaShinigami: Well, I guess we showed her! Nice joke, Heero.

PerfectSoldier01: Who said I was joking? ::grins::

<PerfectSoldier01 has left: INJUSTICE>

BakaShinigami: O.O....^________________^!!!!!!!

<BakaShinigami has left: INJUSTICE>

ArabianRichBoy: Plans! Oh I have so much planning to do! ^.^;; I'll have to order the mansion be thoroughly cleaned, the food prepared, oh and I'll have to have the honeymoon suite renovated real quick! Oh this wedding is going to be the best!

SilentClown: It's a good thing we didn't have any other plans to get in the way.

<ArabianRichBoy has left: INJUSTICE>

<SilentClown has left: INJUSTICE>

Protector_of_Justice: ...

Protector_of_Justice: INJUSTICE >.<;;;;;;

<Protector_of_Justice has left: INJUSTICE>