Title: Chapter Five: Lemony Fresh
Author: J.B.
Contents: yaoi
Pairings: 1X2, 3X4
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing (and it's characters) are not owned by yours truly, so leave me be dangit!
Archived: Definately ask permission first, please.



Chatroom: LemonyFresh

<PerfectSoldier01 has entered: LemonyFresh>

PerfectSoldier01: ....I can tell where this is going.

BakaShinigami: ::tacklepounces:: You got that right! XD

ArabianRichBoy: I swear it was Duo's chat not mine!! ::giggles::

SilentClown: Yeah, Quatre wanted to call it "Citrus Shine"

ArabianRichBoy: ::grins::

BakaShinigami: Mmmm so who wants to spend the night with an incredibly lonely Shinigami tonight, hmm?? ::purrs::

SilentClown: Is that an open invitation? Or reserved for Heero only.

ArabianRichBoy: Trowa!

SilentClown: ::chuckles:: I was only kidding.

ArabianRichBoy: ^.^;; Oh, okay!

PerfectSoldier01: -_-;; Trowa, how drunk are you?

BakaShinigami: HEEROSES ONLY!!!! ::huggles his Heewo::

PerfectSoldier01:....Duo how much have YOU had to drink tonight?

BakaShinigami: None....and a couple bottles of Guinness....

PerfectSoldier01: That's what I thought.

ArabianRichBoy: Heeeeyyy!! We should have a party!!!

SilentClown: Quatre, Noin's party just ended, that's why we're drunk remember?

ArabianRichBoy: I've got a twister mat and a ton of alcohol left, who's coming over?!

BakaShinigami: Count me in! XD

<BakaShinigami has left: LemonyFresh>

PerfectSoldier01: ::sighs:: ...you know I wouldn't mind him going to the party if he weren't currently trying to pilot DeathScythe to get there.

<PerfectSoldier01 has left: LemonyFresh>

ArabianRichBoy: Yay!! You're comin over too right, Trowa?

SilentClown: ....Quatre, I'm right next to you on the second computer in the library....I can touch your arm from where I'm sitting.

ArabianRichBoy: Oh yeah....well that's not ALL you're gonna be touching.

<ArabianRichBoy has left: LemonyFresh>

<SilentClown has left: LemonyFresh>

<Protector_of_Justice has entered: LemonyFresh>

Protector_of_Justice: Hello?

Protector_of_Justice: ....hello?

Protector_of_Justice: INJUSTICE AGAIN!!!!!

<Protector_of_Justice has left: LemonyFresh>