Title: Chapter Four: RelenaSUX
Author: J.B.
Contents: yaoi
Pairings: 1X2, 3X4
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing (and it's characters) are not owned by yours truly, so leave me be dangit!
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Chatroom: RelenaSUX

<PerfectSoldier01 has entered: RelenaSUX>

<BakaShinigami has entered: RelenaSUX>

PerfectSoldier01: She has to be stopped.

BakaShinigami: Tell me about it! Did you see her just ramble and babble when she walked in?!

<ArabianRichBoy has entered: RelenaSUX>

ArabianRichBoy: Hey guys.

BakaShinigami: Hey Q-man, check it. Relena walked in on me and Heero! >.<;; Has she never heard of knocking?!?!

ArabianRichBoy: ...you mean she really showed up?!

PerfectSoldier01: You knew about her coming over, and you didn't call and warn us?

ArabianRichBoy: I thought she wasn't serious!! I swear!! Didn't you guys lock the door?

BakaShinigami: She had one of her bodyguards break the door down.

PerfectSoldier01: That was not a pleasant experience, Quatre. I'm now stuck staying in Duo's room...which is less than inhabitable.

BakaShinigami: Which is why I always come to your room! ^_^

<SilentClown has entered: RelenaSUX>

ArabianRichBoy: TROWA! ^.^;; ::tacklehugpounces::

SilentClown: Judging by the room's name, I take it she visited you.

BakaShinigami: You can say that again.

SilentClown:...Judging by the room's name, I take it she visited you.

BakaShinigami: Very funny, Trowa. >.<;;

ArabianRichBoy: ::giggles::

PerfectSoldier01: ::chuckles::

BakaShinigami: Here's the funny thing! She denied it while watching! I mean, when she showed up it killed the mood for me and I was scrambling to get clothes on, but she just stood there and started appologizing...and then asked if we were trying to keep each other warm! That girl's insane!

PerfectSoldier01: At least you don't have her stalking YOU.

BakaShinigami: MYYYYYY Heero ::hugs his heewo tightly::

SilentClown: ::chuckles:: "Heewo" ??

PerfectSoldier01: ::glares in Trowa's direction::

ArabianRichBoy: Awww how cute! ^.^;;

<PerfectPinkPeacecraft has entered: RelenaSUX>

BakaShinigami: Ohhhh noooooo.

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: Well well, nice name. I take it Duo set up the room? How typical and immature of him.

BakaShinigami: Shuttup wench, before I tear you a new one! ::growls::

PerfectSoldier01: -_-;;; Relena, leave Duo alone.

BakaShinigami: Yeah! Leave me alone, bitch.

SilentClown: Quatre?

ArabianRichBoy: Already gone, Trowa.

<ArabianRichBoy has left: RelenaSUX>

<SilentClown has left: RelenaSUX>

PerfectSoldier01: Now is a good time to try to have a serious talk, Relena. Are you willing to actually listen, this time?

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: Of course, Heero. I love you. I'll listen to anything you say.

BakaShinigami: >.<;; HEERO IS MINE!!!!!!

PerfectSoldier01: Duo, calm down. Relena, I am with Duo. Not as a friend, not as a co-pilot, as a lover. Last night you walked in on Duo and I making love. You need to accept this as reality, do you understand?

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: Heero, you're not making sense. Are you feeling allright? Perhaps you've been hanging around that pothead too long.

BakaShinigami: I AM NOT A.....oh wait, no I am.

PerfectSoldier01: I am fine, Relena. I am in love with Duo. -I LOVE DUO-. I -DO NOT LOVE YOU-. Do you understand?

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: Yes Heero, I understand.

BakaShinigami: Finally!

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: I'll wait until Duo leaves the room, I understand you are saying all this for his sake. He must be terribly in love with you to get you to play along with his little game.

PerfectSoldier01: -_-;;

PerfectPinkPeacecraft: That's why you were doing what you were last night. You weren't enjoying it, you were doing it to make your friend content, and I understand and forgive you. I love you, Heero Yuy.


PerfectPinkPeacecraft: Such language, Duo. It's allright that you don't accept the truth. It must be hard, knowing that Heero loves me and not you.


BakaShinigami: O.O!!

<PerfectPinkPeacecraft has left: RelenaSUX>

PerfectSoldier01: She was right about one thing...

BakaShinigami: ...?

PerfectSoldier01: I have been spending too much time around you. I'm beginning to sound like you when I'm angry.

BakaShinigami: DAMN STRAIGHT!!!! ^________^;;

PerfectSoldier01: So...finish where we left of yesterday?

BakaShinigami: ::GRYNS!!!::

<BakaShinigami has left: RelenaSUX>

<PerfectSoldier01 has left: RelenaSUX>