Title: Chapter Three: Mechrophilia
Author: Junsei Buben
Contents: yaoi
Pairings: 1X2, 3X4
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing (and it's characters) are not owned by yours truly, so leave me be dangit!
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Chatroom: Mechrophilia

<BakaShinigami has entered: Mechrophilia>

BakaShinigami: Uuuuummmm....guys? That's nasty...

PerfectSoldier01: Don't look at me, I didn't create the room.

ArabianRichBoy: So who did?

SilentClown: It wasn't me.

BakaShinigami: "But she caught me in the bedroom! It wasn't me!"

All4Zechs: Actually I set up the chat room. I thought you boys would find the title amusing.

ArabianRichBoy: Noin?!

All4Zechs: The one and only. How are you Quatre?

ArabianRichBoy: ^.^;; I'm great! When are you coming over for a visit?

BakaShinigami: Here goes the tea party ::rolls eyes::

PerfectSoldier01: I like tea...

SilentClown: Hn.

All4Zechs: I'll be leaving the colonies soon, actually. I'll be on Earth by Wednesday.

ArabianRichBoy: Perfect! I'll throw a party! Guys, can you make it? Pleeease?

PerfectSoldier01: I'll see to it that Duo and I attend.

BakaShinigami: What? Now you're in charge of me? I don't think so.

PerfectSoldier01: Duo...there's going to be a buffet table full of food that you could never resist before. I'm not in charge of you, I just know you well enought to know you'll want to go.

BakaShinigami: FREE FOOD! I'M THERE!!!!

PerfectSoldier01: -_-;;

SilentClown: I'll help you with the preparations, Quatre.

ArabianRichBoy: GREAT! ^.^;;

All4Zechs: That's very kind of you, Quatre. I appreciate it. Is it okay if I bring a friend?

ArabianRichboy: Sure ^.^;; Who is it?

<Ph33r_the_hair has entered: Mechrophilia>

All4Zechs: Actually, that would be him now.

Ph33r_the_hair: Nice to see you all again. I'm glad you're doing well.

BakaShinigami: What the...? Who are you?

SilentClown: Hn.

PerfectSoldier01: Duo, sometimes you miss the obvious.

SilentClown: Hello, Zechs.

Ph33r_the_hair: Hello Trowa, ::nods:: Heero.

BakaShinigami: WHOA!!! ....never thought Zechs would use L33t in his SN.

Ph33r_the_hair: I find L33t very amusing. That and it throws people off as to who I am. It seems to work on most people.

PerfectSoldier01: Well, seeing as how you're the only one I know with dangerous hair aside from Duo, and Duo's already online...

SilentClown: It was rather obvious.

BakaShinigami: Well, exscuse me for being a baka. Now, if you'll exscuse me, I'm gonna go get high with Howard. Screw you guys, I'm goin' home.

<BakaShinigami has left: Mechrophillia>

PerfectSoldier01: -_-;; I'll see you guys later.

<PerfectSoldier01 has left: Mechrophillia>

ArabianRichBoy: ^.^;; Zechs, you're more than welcome to my party for Noin.

Ph33r_the_hair: Thank you, Quatre.

All4Zechs: Will Duo be allright?

SilentClown: He'll be fine. Heero will catch up to him and calm him down.

ArabianRichBoy: Or work him up worse ::giggles:: Either way Duo will be more than fine by the morning.

Ph33r_the_hair: Well, Noin and I must be on our way. We've got to pack and be ready for the shuttle tomorrow.

All4Zechs: It was nice seeing you all again. Give Wufei our regards and we hope to see him at the party too. And again, thank you for holding one for me, Quatre.

ArabianRichBoy: Trust me ^.^;; It's not a problem. It's what I live for!

SilentClown: He isn't kidding either. He'd die without parties.

ArabianRichBoy: Heh ^.^ ::sweatdrop::

Ph33r_the_hair: Well, have a nice evening and we'll be seeing you soon.

<Ph33r_the_hair has left: Mechrophillia>

All4Zechs: G'nite boys.

<All4Zechs has left: Mechrophillia>

SilentClown: Addict.

ArabianRichBoy: Am not! ::smiles::

SilentClown: Are too.

ArabianRichBoy: Allright, so I can't go a month without a party. So sue me, I'm rich enough to handle whatever demands you have.

ArabianRichBoy: You know, we're all alone in here ::purrs::

SilentClown: ::grins:: That we are....::growls in return::

<Protector_of_Justice has entered: Mechrophillia>

Protector_of_Justice: Did I miss anything?

ArabianRichBoy: >.<;;;;;

SilentClown: ::sighs heavily::


<ArabianRichBoy has left: Mechrophillia>

<SilenClown has left: Mechrophillia>


<Protector_of_Justice has left: Mechrophillia>