Gundam Wing: A Study
Case One- The Discovery Of Pocky

Duo- Hey, what's this??!? ::waves a red box in the air enthusiasticly::

Juki- >Unseen in Author-Land< *tap* *tap* Testing... One, Two, Three...

Duo- Hey Yo! I can hear you!!

Juki- Oh. *ahem* ::as if reading from a sheet of paper:: That is a box of Pocky.

Quatre- What's Pocky?

Juki- ::consults the unseen paper:: I... Uh... Can't tell you that! You have to figure it out on your own!

Wufei- *glare* ... INJUSTICE!!!!!!!!

Duo- ::walks over to Wufei and pats him on the head the way you would a three-year-old:: Don't stress, Wuffy! I'm sure we can figure this out!!! That IS why we're here, right, Juki-San?

Wufei- Don't call me that!!!

Juki- ... ::consults sheet:: ... Yes. Yes it is.

Duo- *cheerily* OKAY!!!

Heero- ... Is this a ... Mission?

Juki- *extended silence* >Muffled, in the background, we hear Juki Yelling something along the lines of "Hey, Cat-Elf!! Is this a Mission? No, I DON'T have any Tangerine Jelly Beans!!! Can't you EVER serve a purpose around here??? ... Well, you do have a point there... Okay!"< ... *into the Mic* Technically, yes, but I really don't think-

Heero- Mission: Accepted.

Juki- Oh no.

Heero- ::strides over to Duo and swipes the Pocky Box. He thoroughly examines it from all sides, shakes it, listens to it, smells it, and even ventures a lick:: ... Hn.

Trowa- Any luck?

Heero- HN!!!!!

Trowa- Eep!

Duo- Maybe I could help...

Heero- HN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Duo- Geeze, being awfully catty, aren't we, Hee-man?

Heero- Hn. This is my mission. I must complete it, unaided.

Quatre- Okay...

Duo- ::stares off into space where he figures Juki ought to be:: Yo! We have a small problem here, Leader-Lady!

Juki- I kinda figured. Here's another Pocky.

::Another box of Pocky appears out of nowhere, but before Duo could catch it, Heero snatches it::

Heero- Mission: Accepted.

Duo- HEY!!!! Hee-man, give that back!!! ::tackles Heero::

::A duelist wrestling match ensues. The duelist aspect is this: Duo is emmensly enjoying himself, while Heero feels that he is fighting for the life of his 'mission'::

Duo- Quatre!! Trowa!!! Wuffy!! Get the Pocky!!!!!

Heero- *his words are muffled by Duo's hand* No!!!! Omae o Koroso!!!

Quatre- Will Do!!

Trowa- *nod*

Wufei- I thought I told you not to call me that!!!

::Trowa and Quatre nimbly snatch up the two boxes of Pocky and retreat to a safe distance. Wufei has gone into Pouty-Mode. All the while, Duo and Heero continue to wrestle, occasionally punctuating the air with Duo's shrieks of delight and Heero's "Omaeo Koroso!!!"s ::

Quatre- ::carefully opens the Pocky box, and pulls out a single stick, holding it at eye-level:: I think... It's food!

Trowa- ::is having immense trouble getting the box open, and appears extremely frustrated (in Trowa world, anyways):: .......................!!!!

Quatre- *Ignores Trowa's struggles and takes a feisty bite of the Pocky:: *chew* *chew* *chew* ... Yum!!! Definatly food!!!

Heero- ::stops struggling:: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! My… my
mission…. Completed…. By Quatre…..

Duo- ::swipes Trowa's box and in one swift movement, opens it and ingests an entire stick:: *munch* *munch* *munch* ... Quatre's right!!! Yum!!!

Heero- ::almost looks sick, he's so deflated:: ..... Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

Duo- Here, Hee-man!! Taste the fruits of your completed mission!!! ::jams several Pocky sticks into Heero's mouth, and watches as he feebly munches it down:: ... Weeeeeeell???

Heero- ... Hn! *Tiny Heero-smile, signifying approval*

Duo- ::glomps Heero:: *grin* So did we succeed, Juki-San?

Juki- .............................. ::appears to be asleep::


Juki- ... Oh! What??!?! Don't kill the beaver!!!!!!

All the GW boys- ???!?! *sweatdrop*

Duo- So did we succeed?

Juki- Oh, yeah, whatever... Hey, was it a dream or has Sephiroth really declared me the ruler of the world and Sexiest Woman alive??

Wufei- *nosebleed* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((yah, I know, it doesn't really warrant a nosebleed, but... oh well!))

Quatre- Not that I know of...

Juki- Oh. I kinda thought so. *Yawn* Ja~Ja.....