Merry Meet my friends. I'm usually not good at writing short fics, but I begged my muse and this is what I came up with. This is my answer to the 1x/x1 contest challenge as well as my thanks to all of you on the mailing lists who write such wonderful stories for me to read. Thank you. Enjoy.

Ficlet Title: The Prize
By: Joyleaf Sidhe
Disclaimer: I do not own the Gundam Wing character, but by the god I wish I did.
Pairing(s): 1x2
Warning: This fic is flavored with lemony goodness!


Heero Yuy stared at the door on the end of the hall with the great concentration and determination that he was characterized for. His target was in that room, someone who had led him on a grand hunt. But now he had his prey right where he wanted him. This time, he would not get away. Heero licked his lips in anticipation. Slowly he crept down the dark hallway, silent as a cat on his velvet paws. He quietly pulled his pistol out from the elastic band in his spandex. A slight smirk came to his lips. 'You won't get away. I have you this time,' he thought. He reached out for the doorknob and turned it gently.


Duo Maxwell jumped from his desk chair, whirling around to point his pistol at the open door. No one there... He breathed a short sigh of relief but decided to check it out before settling down again. Carefully, he slid over to the opening. He jumped into the outer hall, gun first. 'Dark...' He saw nothing in the darkness beyond his room, nothing around the bend, nothing at the far end of the hall. He searched the hallway up and down but still he found nothing. 'Must have been the wind... Damn, Earth is just way too creepy,' he thought as he closed the door to his room, locking it this time.

Duo sat back down at his desk, placing his pistol on one corner and picked up the device he had been tinkering with. He'd barely even begun when he felt the cold, round metal being pressed against the back of his neck. He immediately froze, eyes wide. 'Oh, shit...'

"Omae o korosu..." Heero said with a grin.

"Heero?!" Duo dropped what he was doing and spun in his chair to face his assailant. "What are you doing here? You scared me half to death!"

"Fear is good for the soul." Heero said matter-of-factly, keeping the gun on Duo.

For a while, neither one moved. Heero held Duo with his icy gaze. The Shinigami was knawing his bottom lip nervously. Wing's pilot watched intently. A grin took over his face and his captive's eyes widened.

"You're really going to kill me?!" Duo screamed. "Whatever it was, I swear I didn't do it! I'm innocent! I was framed!"

Heero grunted. 'There he goes again. God, he talks too much.' "I'm not going to kill you, Duo," he said, lowering his pistol. Duo sighed with relief. "How could I kill Death?"

The American laughed. "Hey, that's right, isn't it." He said, "You know..."

"But I'm not going to let you go either," Heero interrupted. Duo blinked in wonder. There was another silent staring contest during which Heero could see Duo eyeing the pistol on the desk. Finally, he tried to grab it. They both lunged at the same moment. Shinigami grabbed the pistol, but the perfect soldier took hold of his wrist. The pressure applied caused him to drop the weapon and he cried out. Heero then dropped his own pistol and threw his prey onto the bed. Before Duo had a chance to recover from the disorientation, Heero was on top of him, weighing him down.

"Ungh... get offa me!!" Duo yelled, struggling against Heero's tremendous strength.

"I won't." Heero said quietly, "You're not getting away."

Cobalt blue eyes fixed on Heero's face. For the first time, Duo became aware of the lusty glint in other pilot's eyes. "What... what do you want?" he stammered.

Heero didn't answer, not with words. Instead he leaned down and lightly kissed Duo's lips. Duo was in shock. Heero continued his attentions, leaving light kisses all over the other man's neck. 'You beautiful fool... I've got you now.'

The American lad moaned quietly as a hand slid under his shirt and ran gently caressed his stomach. "Why are you doing this?" he whispered. His captor sat up a bit and looked down at him with his mask of indifference.

'That's strange,' Heero thought, 'I could have sworn he was interested.' It didn't matter thought; he was going to take him anyway. He'd waited far too long to have this wonderful, beautiful idiot.

He didn't say a word as he slowly began to remove Duo's garments, savoring the sight of pale, exposed skin. Despite a few quiet words of protest, the braided boy did not resist. Finally, Duo lay before him, completely bare. Heero smiled and examined his prize. 'Such flawless beauty...' He ran his hands over the soft, white chest, up to the shoulders and down Duo's arms. Duo groaned and tried to push Heero away, but the Japanese pilot pinned his wrists over his head. "Stop it." Heero commanded. "This will be much easier if you don't struggle."

Heero leaned down and kissed Duo again, this time coaxing his lips open with his tongue. Their first deep kiss, so sweet. It was something they would both remember forever. Heero kept one hand around Duo's wrists and trailed the other one down his body. Duo arched back as the hand closed around his penis. The moan that escaped him pleased Heero. Their kiss broken, Heero moved his kisses down Duo's neck to his chest. As Heero tongued his nipple and fondled his manhood, Duo felt his face begin to burn.

"Heero... please, turn out the light," he pleaded.


"But... I'm shy..." Duo turned his head, trying to bury his face in his arm. Heero did not listen, he only continued his attentions. Duo couldn't stop the moans of pleasure escaping his throat any more than he could stop the burning on his cheeks. "Please, Heero! Please? I promise I won't try to get away. Really," he begged.

Heero chuckled. He got up and headed over to the desk, turning off the lamp. In the dark room, Duo could hear him going through some drawers. Then there was some other shuffling. He didn't dare move. He didn't know what Heero would do to him if he did.

Finally, Heero returned to the bed. As the now-familiar weight returned, Duo made a startling realization: Heero was naked! Duo whimpered as their bare skin touched. He couldn't see, but he heard Heero opening something. The next thing he knew, his legs were hooked over the Wing pilot's shoulders. Heero's hands, slick with Vaseline, were caressing his bottom. Duo braced himself for what was to come.

"Ah!" He jumped a bit when one of Heero's fingers found it's way into the crevice. Another soon joined it. Then another. Duo whimpered quietly as Heero prepared him, his free hand on his chest to hold him down. When he was ready, Heero pulled his fingers free and shifted Duo's body. Duo tried to prepare for the next step.

Heero grabbed Duo by the hips and held him tight as he slid his own erect member into the opening. He slapped his hand over Duo's mouth to muffle the cry. Nothing could have prepared Duo for this feeling. It hurt, but there was something strangely pleasing about it also. As Heero began to thrust in a slow rhythm, he released the Shinigami's mouth. The moaning from his prize only served drive him on. He bit his lip and wrapped his arms around Duo, lifting him up. He held his beautiful fool close to his chest as he pushed him up and down over his penis. Duo's moans became more passionate as his member was pinned between their stomachs.

Heero's breath was ragged and sweat drenched him as he approached his peak, enraptured by the silent surrender of his prey. He wanted to own this creature, forever. His beautiful fool... Heero suddenly became aware of Duo's tongue brushing against his lips. He eagerly accepted this kiss. Passion, fire and hunger exploded between them. Then Duo broke their kiss again when his back arched. He screamed as his passion was released between them. Heero could take it no more and he finally moaned as his own fire was dispersed within his lover.

The two of them collapsed onto the bed. They lay there silently, catching their breath. The cool air blowing in through the opened window relieved the heat they both felt. Then Duo tried to move, but an uncomfortable feeling stopped him and he grunted. Realizing what was wrong, Heero pulled himself out of the other boy. He was going to leave the bed when Duo grabbed him.

"Don't go," the American pleaded quietly. "Can't you stay with me tonight?"

Heero sat there, looking at him for a long time. 'Don't do it... it won't be good for either of you...,' his better sense told him. But he wanted to. He wanted to be with him every night; to hold his prize tightly to his chest and sleep peacefully. Isn't that what he'd always wanted?

Heero lay back down next to Duo and took the braided idiot into his arms. 'I'll never regret this... I refuse to regret it' He thought, 'If the world ends tomorrow, I will have my prize tonight.'

Duo nuzzled under his chin and Heero realized that the fool was asleep. He smiled. 'Duo no baka...' He closed his eyes and prepared to sleep himself. He would be here when Duo awoke, he promised himself. "I promise..."

"I love you, Duo Maxwell. My beautiful fool..."