Title: ~Under Moonlight~
Author: Jo-chan
Contents: shonen ai
Pairings: 1+2
Rating: I dunno yet...read through and tell me what you think ^_-
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"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU FOOL?!", yelled Duo, eyes widening as he threw the Deathscythehell into full thrust trying to reach the Wing Zero before it made contact with a gold colored ray shot. He made it.

The ray colliding with the back of the black gundam and crashing hard into the Wing Zero sending both gundams plummeting towards the ground.

"DUO! HEERO!", yelled the worried Quatre, trying to aid them but being separated by a defense of mobile dolls.

Trowa instinctively flew to protect the Sandrock from damage.

"No Trowa! Help Heero and Duo!", cried Quatre. The dark and light gundams, caught together in a strange decent of death fell through a cloud and out of sight.

"...damn it...", muttered Trowa trying to fight his way past the defensive line of mobile dolls. Wufei had reminded silent through-out all of this and was preoccupied with his own battles and delivering his justice where it was due, which was all around.

"...Duo...Heero...", whispered Quatre, concern choking his voice.


He opened his deep cobalt eyes and stared around trying to make some sense of the dark surroundings.

He tried to pull himself up to his feet, but found he was being restrained somehow. It was then he realized where he was.

Quickly, memories of what had happened came flooding back into his mind and he unfastened himself from the seat and pushed against the cockpit hatch.

Much to his irritation, the door seemed to be crumpled and refused to open. A few swift, powerful kicks quickly changed that.

The gundanium hatch reluctantly creaked open and Heero squeezed himself through and looked around.

"...Shimatta...", he muttered angrily, seeing that they were in the middle of a forest, in the middle nowhere.

Dark blue eyes scanned around.

Trees, trees and more trees.

To the left, a small moonlit pool but everywhere else was trees. He glanced down to see the Deathscythehell entwined with his Wing zero. Heero looked closer, and to his relief, saw the Deathscythehell's hatch was open. His first thought was that Duo must have survived and climbed out, then he thought that being the stubborn idiot Duo could be, he could have thought he was okay but collapsed somewhere. Normally, Heero wouldn't have even admitted himself than he worried about the other pilots, but this was different. He was worried about Duo and he knew it, he didn't like the idea of losing his best friend.

Quickly, he clambered down the mangled Wing zero and to the soft dark green floor of the forest. Looking around, he considered where to go first to look for the braided pilot.

"Hey! Heero!", came a recognizable voice which made Heero turn round. Smiling as even, Duo stepped out from the dark backdrop of trees.

"You ain't hurt are ya?", Duo asked walking over. Heero shook his head. "Good! I thought the Perfect Soldier was no more!", he said in a relieved voice.

"...That would be unlikely..", Heero replied. Duo chuckled.

"Of course! I forgot!", he smiled. The self-proclaimed Shinigami settled himself happily against a tree and mentioned for his friend to join him. Heero hesitated a bit, then nodded and took a seat beside his braided friend. Pleased that for once Heero had taken note of a gesture he had made, Duo gazed up at the canopy of trees above his head to a clear opening which revealed the moon in all her star-kissed glory. He sighed. Heero glanced round.

"...looking at the moon again...?", he mutter in his accustomed monotone.

"Yeah...", replied Duo, somewhat distant.

"...It's still going to be there tomorrow you know...and the day after that..and a long time after that...it's not going anywhere just yet..."

"...Well...I won't be able to see it again if I die tomorrow"

"Baka! You're not going to die!" Duo glanced at the Wing pilot.

"How do you know?", he muttered "Everyone dies at some point you know, no-one lives forever!" With a soft "Hmm..." Heero looked at up the pale white moon as well.

"...now you've got me thinking about death..."

"Why? What are you thinking?"

"...That's there's far more chance of me dying tomorrow than you..."

"What are you talking about?! You're the savior of our world ya know!"

"Hn...I dunno about that..." Violet eyes blinked in surprise. "...I may have done a few good things, but I am un-important and it won't matter if I died...I won't be missed..."

"Hmph...now you're just being depressing!" Duo grunted angrily at Heero's feeling of self worthlessness. Then he grinned to himself.

"I bet Miss Peacecraft would miss you!", he grinned, slapping Heero playfully on the back.

"What?", he muttered in response.

"You know, you stalker! I bet she'd be lonely without you!"

"...I don't care..."

"Even after all that stuff you went through to save her ass? Yeah right!"

"The only reason I protected her was because it was the only way to find peace. Now we have no use for her"

"But we still don't have peace yet..."


"Still, I wonder what would happen if you and her were to get together! Woo boy! That would sure be weird!", laughed Duo. A quick death glare on Heero's part was supposed to silence the laughing Duo but it seemed to fail.

"Jeeze Heero! I was only kidding! Lighten up! You know, that's something I'd like to see before I die! You smiling!", chuckled Duo light-heartedly. Heero said nothing.

"That would be a sight! Or better still, Heero Yuy the perfect soldier laughing! That would be ...odd..."

"...would you really be that afraid if I were to smile?"

"Um...I dunno...why? Would you smile?"

"You'd have to do something to please me first..."

"Er...well not in the way you're thinking of!"

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, I dunno what I could do to please you that's all...Maybe if I dressed up as a computer or something. Would that make you smile?"

"...You'd look even more of a baka than usual with a lap-top strapped to your head...although I have to admit that would be kind of entertaining..."

"I know what you mean! But windows aren't exactly the best fashion!", giggled Duo smacking Heero's back again playfully. The blue eyed pilot glances away to hide a small smile creeping around his lips from Duo.

"OH MY GOD HE SMILES?!", Explained Duo retrieving his hand quickly as if Heero's back had become as hot as flames.

"...Whatever...", muttered Heero.

"I know what I saw! These eyes don't lie to me!" They were silent and Heero shuffled slightly closer to the braided boy.

"...So now what?", he asked his partner.

"Well...we're in the middle of nowhere, our Gundams are busted--"

"No thanks to you..."

"Hey! I saved your ass!"

"And risked your own recklessly!"

Duo scowled at the teacher-like discipline he received from Heero but decided to continue. "Anyways, we're in the middle of a forest, in the middle of nowhere, with no transport and no communication in the middle of the night! What do you suggest?"

"...I think staying put for now would work best. We're in no place to go wondering around and we could get separated from our scraps of Gundanium..."

"And he even makes a joke! Two ground breaking events in the space of...five minutes!" Ignoring this comment Heero continued.

"The best bet is to stay here until morning and see how bad the damage is", he explained


In a sort of odd daze, Heero leant against Duo gently and stared up at the sky sighing. Duo blinked, shocked at the contact finally made between himself and his near-enough-silent friend.

He suddenly became aware of what he was doing at sat up again on his own. Chuckling to himself Duo smiled at his friend and leant against him. He took one hand and gently ran a slender finger along Heero's equally slender spine. The perfect soldier sat up-right at the un-expected touch of Duo and stared at him. The braided boy smiled and decided to venture further down the Wing pilot's back. Cheeks flushed slightly, Heero had somehow lost all power of movement and allowed Duo to continue his gently touching of his spine, for it sent an amazing tingling through his body and Heero's reaction to it seemed favorable.

With shimmering cobalt eyes, Heero leaned close to Duo and kissed him deeply. Duo's eyes widened from complete shock at this bold action by his former best-friend. Heero suddenly realized what he was doing and pulled away quickly.

"I...I...", he stuttered quickly standing up and turning to leave "G...Gomen-nasai!" He felt a firm hand on his shoulder and the dark haired Japanese pilot looked round to see Duo with one hand on his shoulder, stopping his escape plan.

"Heero...", the human Shinigami began "...I'm not mad at you...in fact...I kinda liked it... Demo...I know you Heero..."

Heero blinked in astonishment. "What do you mean you know me?"

"...I mean I know your style...you probably don't like me...in that way..." Heero's deep azure eyes blinked.

"That's not true Duo...", he said quietly.

"Oh yeah? I don't know about that!", Shinigami muttered.


"What?! R-really?!"

Heero smiled and nodded slowly, coming in close to kiss Duo's now pink cheek.

"...hai...", he whispered.

Duo pulled Heero close to his face so their noses just touched at the tips then the Deathscythe pilot claimed Heero's lips in his own.

The moonlight became caught and tangled up in the shocked shimmering eyes of Heero Yuy and a wonderful tingling sensation coated his body like the moonlight itself.

When the two of them finally surfaced for air Heero smiled timidly at the God of Death who had just proclaimed silently that he owned him.

Heero pulled Duo close to him, silently promising to himself that if he let go of the amethyst eyed boy he would die.

Duo looked down at the beautiful boy with the code name Heero Yuy and blushed as he felt his hand gently sliding along his side.

With perfect grace, Heero leant down and kissed Duo again. Duo felt as though gravity itself had failed them as he felt weightless with the feeling of Heero's tongue curling itself around his own. Heero shivered happily as Duo became more dominant of the kiss and returned his affection. Finally they broke away again and felt gravity returning to it's former state.

"...Now...what were you saying about dying on me?", smiled Heero, stroking Duo's face carefully.

"I'm not going anywhere just yet!", he grinned. A sweatdrop appeared on his chestnut head "And if you do you'll beat me up right?"

"Well...I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something happened to you Duo-chan..."


"And one more thing Duo..."


"...you ever mention me and Relena together again I swear I will take that braid of yours and strangle you with it!" Duo laughed.

"I think I get your drift! So who do you what me to mention you being with then?"

"...You...and only you..."
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