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Title: ~Neko! Neko~

Author: Jo-chan

Contents: Cats...lots of Shounen-ai(?) implications.


Rating: PG (?)

Disclaimer: ::sigh:: Unfortunately, I hate to say I don't own any of the Gundam pilots, Neko or otherwise  ::moan, whimper:: Oh well, this is a fanfic and such based on an cute but odd RP chat I was in not long ago...involving...cats...yep...

All the character are copyright those lucky, rich Japanese gits who own the Gundam pilots and could easily sue my sorry little butt if they wanted -_-;; Oh well! Enjoy my fic! Comments are of course wanted ^_~ Arigatou! If anyone's heard 'Cat's Delicacy' from Escaflowne, I think you'll agree it goes well with this fic ;3

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:H: stuff :: = Heero Neko thoughts

:D: stuff :: = Duo Neko thoughts

:Q: Stuff :: = Quatre Neko thoughts

:T: Stuff :: =Trowa Neko thoughts

:R: stuff :: =Relena Neko thoughts


~Neko! Neko!~


Things were quiet.

There had been nothing for the pilots to do mission wise for weeks, and Heero was finally settling down to do some work for the school they were attending as a cover-up. He sat quietly at his desk, a slender black pen caught between his fingers as he read over the paper in front of him. His sighed and pushed the sheet to one side, taking a blank one and pressing the pen to it and beginning to write.

His trails of thought were then shattered by a certain very loud, hyperactive Deathscythehell pilot flying into the room, grinning like a Cheshire cat and throwing his arms around his dark haired angel.

"Oi Hee-chaaaan", he purred in his usual cheery fashion "Whatcha up to?" He rested his chin in the crook of Heero's neck to get a better view of what he was doing. "...homework...", choked Duo in a disgusted voice.

Heero nodded.

"Oh come on! You don't even have to do that! It's pointless for us! What, you worried you'll get yelled at by that teacher?", laughed Duo.

"'s just something to pass time with", replied Heero.

"Boring...!", explained Duo, examining the paper of questions. His usual clown-like smile turned into a frown and tugged at a small bit of dark hair which fell over Heero's face. Heero seemed to ignore it, but felt glad to have his Shinigami's arms wrapped around him and playing with his hair.

"Why don't you come out with us?", suggested Duo smiling again "It's a nice sunny day and--" His sentence was cut off but a sudden crashing of thunder outside the window. His violet eyes turned angrily to the window in time to see the rain cascading itself down the glass.

"...figures...", grumbled Duo "Ah well! We can fun inside too, ne Heero?" Heero nodded, not really listening.

"Great!", cried Duo with a beam across his face. Suddenly, he seemed to remember something and drove a hand into his pocket pulling out a small bottle. Duo seemed to have gotten Heero's attention as he rolled the bottle between his finger curiously. "Hey Heero? What's this say?", asked Duo handing the silent pilot the bottle. "I can't remember that kanji."

Heero's slender hand took the bottle and held it between his thumb and fore-finger, turning it so he could see the label. "It says 'Neko'", he said.

"Neko?", blinked Duo.

"It means cat...where did you get this?" Duo glanced away and pretended not to hear. "Duo!", growled Heero.

"Hai?", smiled Duo turning back.

"Where did you get this?"

" was...Dr.J's...", he replied rubbing the back of his head.

"Was? You mean to stole it?"

"Just borrowed..."

"What for?!"

Duo shrugged his shoulders. "I dunno, just thought it looked cool I guess...let's see what it does!"

"Nani?! Don't be stupid! We don't know what insane things those scientists are making! You have no idea what's in that vile do you?"

"No, which is why I wanna test it! I'll test it on myself if we can't think of anything else. What could it hurt?"

Heero stared at Duo in firm, but worried expression. " could hurt you...", muttered Heero, hiding his eyes from those of the braided boy beside him. Duo blinked.

"Awww...Hee-chan!", he smiled, hugging his perfect soldier tighter "You're so cute! Don't worry! What could happen?"

"You could turn into a cat...", suggested Heero.

"Come on Heero! How likely is that?", grinned Duo, swiping the bottle from his partners hand.

"Duo...", said Heero in a low, concerned voice. Duo winked at his friend and flipped open the bottle, dripping a few drops of the clear blue liquid onto his finger tip. He gingerly sniffed the liquid. It didn't have anything particular odor so, carefully he extended his tongue and licked it off his fingers.

Heero stared, not sure what to expect, but he was ready to helped Duo if it was some kind of poison.

Duo licked his lips and smiled, giving Heero a thumbs up.

With a sigh of relief, Heero turned back to his desk and picked up his pen.

Suddenly, a chestnut brown streak fly towards him, landing in his lap. Caught off guard, Heero gasped and drew his gun. His eyes narrowed to see there was no-one there and Duo was good. His cobalt crystal eyes drifted to the object now in his lap. A small chestnut cat lay in his lap, purring softly. Heero blinked then smiled and looked round again.

"Okay Duo...I get the picture. Another of your pranks has got me you happy? Come out and take this cat back where you found it!", said Heero, looking around the room to try and spot Duo's hiding place. He felt something on his hand and he looked down at the cat, which was now gently batting his hand. It lifted it's perfect head and seemed to smile (if cats can smile) and gazed up at Heero through deep violet eyes.

:D: Oi! Hee-chan! HEEROOOOOOO! ::

Heero blinked, then lowered his head to get a better look at the cat, it's eyes still fixed on his own.

"...D...DUO?!", he cried.

Then cat seemed to grin and meow as if was answering.

:D: YES! YES! Heero! It's me! HEERO! ::

"'s just no way...", gasped Heero.

:D: DAMMIT YUY! >.< ::

He sighed and leant back on his chair, the cat curling up in his lap. "...'come on Heero! How likely is that?'...baka...", sighed Heero mimicking what Duo had said just before and placing a hand on his forehead.

:D: SHUT YER FACE! ¬.¬ ::

He petted the small Duo-Neko in his lap, considering what to do and if he should tell anyone. Duo-neko purred happily and licked Heero's gentle hand. The perfect soldier smiled down at the neko.

" am I going to get you back to Chibi Duo-neko?", he asked the cat "I don't really like the idea of having a cat as a boyfriend you know..."

:D: ...I hadn't thought of that...oh crap... ::

Duo-neko meowed and biffed Heero's hand gently.

:D: Hee-chan...turn me back! You have to turn me back somehow...Heero...? ::

" are such a baka Duo! I told you not to but, no. You go and do it anyway", groaned Heero, at a loss at what to do.

:D: Okay! Okay! I was wrong! I'm sorry! ::

He glanced and one of Duo's shoes that lay on the floor by his foot and picked it up.

:D: HEY! What are you doing?! ::

Freeing the laces from it, Heero slowly dangled it in front of the Kitty-Duo. The Duo-Neko regarded Heero was an insulted expression and batted the string away.

:D: What? You expect me to play with that?! Quick messing around Heero! ::

Heero smiled, gently sending the string back at his Neko-Duo again.

:D: Cut it out Heero...! ::

Angrily, Duo-Neko batted at string with a paw, only to have it come back at him.

:D: is kinda fun I guess...and it seems to make Hee-chan happy... :

The Duo-kitty playfully began to attack the string. Although thinking about how to remedy the problem, Heero swung the sting in front of Duo.

Duo-kitty jumped at the string and landed on Heero's face.

"ARRRRGH!", cried Heero, falling backwards off his chair and onto the floor with a crash. His cobalt eyes blinked and he stared up to see the grinning Duo-neko waving it's kitty butt towards him.

"Okay enough Duo!", he grumbled sitting up and looking at the Neko with a half worried, half anger look " better not be in heat..."

:D: HAHAHAA! I could be! ::

Heero carefully scratched Duo behind one of his perfect cat ears and smiled.

:D: W-what? What! I like that....! ::

The cat purred loudly at the wonderful massaging.

:D: Ahhhh....changed my mind! I want to stay as a cat now Hee-chan! ^_^ ::

Suddenly Heero wrapped an arm around Duo-neko's waist and carried him out the room, grabbing the bottle as he went.

:D: H-hey! Where are you taking me?! HEERO!! ::

"Now then...where to go...", muttered Heero as his feet padded across the soft carpet of Quatre's mansion. He spotted Trowa in the library and stepped in.

Trowa's emerald colored eyes lifted from the page in his book and stared at Heero with a questioning look, then his gaze traveled to the small chestnut ball of fur in the perfect soldier's arms.

:D: TRO-MAN! ::

The Neko-Duo leaped out of Heero's arms and wrapped itself around Trowa's legs happily.

"Heero?", asked Trowa pointing at the cat which had tied itself into knots around Trowa's legs.

" are not going to believe me...but here goes...", sighed Heero folding his arms across his chest and leaning against a book case "That kawaii neko that's wrapped around your legs..."

"Yes...?", said Trowa, gently picking the cat up and petting it.

Heero swallowed and expect a very strange look as a reaction to his next statement. "'s Duo...", he said. He was right.

Trowa raised an eyebrow and stared at Heero, but seeing the seriousness in his eyes he somehow believed him. "", asked Trowa staring at the kitty-Duo in his lap.

:D: What? What? I was curious! Leave me alone!! >.< ::

Heero explained what had happened and handed Trowa the bottle. Trowa opened it and sniffed it carefully.

:D: Er...Trowa..? If you're going to do what I think you're going to do, don't! ::

"Trowa?", blinked Heero.

" doesn't smell like anything sort of looks like water...", said Trowa taking small sip.

"NO TROWA!", cried Heero jumping up.

:D: Ah...crap! ::


Heero groaned, now two cats in his arms as he made his way down the stairs to find some help.

"Hey there Heero!", came the friendly greeting of Quatre. He smiled his ever sweet smile at Heero then saw the two nekos in his arms. "What's all this Heero-kun?", asked Quatre stepping forward and tickling Trowa-neko under his chin.

:T: Quatre! We're kind of stuck... ::

:D: I did try to warn you... ::

:T: Be quiet! Quatre! ::

:D: Heero warned you too..."

:T: Be quiet Duo! ::


The two brown nekos began to play fight each other in Heero's arms and he stumbled back a bit. "Duo! Trowa! Cut it out!", he growled and the cats stopped.

"Duo? Trowa?", blinked Quatre "Cute names Heero!"

"No! You're not going to believe me...but it IS Trowa and Duo...", sighed Heero, feeling very stupid at having to tell such a crazy story.

:T: You have to believe him Quatre! ::

:D: Yeah! Find a way to change us back! ::

Quatre giggled slightly and petted the Trowa-neko. "Well...if Trowa were a cat I think this would be him...", smiled Quatre.

:T: That's because it is! ::

"...well that's because it is...", muttered Heero.

:D: Can Heero hear us? ::

:T: I don't think so... ::

:D: Hmmmm....Maybe he's psychic! HEY HEERO! HEERO!!! HEERO YOU'RE A BAKA AND I'M GOING TO PAINT WING ZERO PINK LIKE RELENA! That'll prove if he can hear us! ^_^ ::

:T: ... *sweatdrop* ::

"Are you sure? I mean, you've never lied to me Heero...and I guess I believe you but...", said Quatre.

"I know it's crazy, but I am telling the truth!", said Heero. Heero shuddered gently, someone must have just walked over his grave...or had just mentioned Relena Bitch-craft.

:D: He can't hear us...he would have killed me by now! ::

:T: yeah... ::

:D: I hope Quatre isn't dumb enough to drink that stuff like you! ::

:T: ... ::


"I DON'T BELIEVE THIS! What part of 'this turns people into cats don't you guys understand?!", growled Heero now carrying three nekos in his arms.

:Q: ... ::

:D: ...I guess he was dumb, now I see why you two are together! ::

:Q: ... ::

:T: It's okay Quatre, don't worry about it ::

:Q: ...I should have listened to him..."

:T: Me too... ::

:D: Ditto... ::

Desperate, Heero searched the huge house for Wufei, or someone else who could help.

:Q: Duo...what are you doing?! ::

:T: ?!! ::

:D: *grins* I'm in heat!::

"DUO CUT THAT OUT!!", yelled Heero moving his head from side to side, trying to get Duo's tail and butt out of his vision.

:Q: *watches Duo then grins at Trowa* ::

:T: *sweatdrop* NO! ::

:D: Hahaha! ::

Heero skidded to stop as he caught glance of Wufei. "CHANG!", he cried running over to the Chinese pilot.

"What is Yuy?! I'm busy!", snarled Wufei practicing his sword techniques.

:D: ...there is no way in hell Wufei's gonna believe him for a second... ::

:Q: Yep... ::

:T: ... ::

Once again, Heero explained his story. Of course the nekos were right.

Wufei didn't believe a word of it, even when it was coming from Heero. "Have you really gone mad?! Do you think I'd as stupid as that idiot Maxwell?!", growled Wufei.


:Q: *sweatdrops* Calm down Duo-chan! ::


Heero breathed a deep sigh and un-plugged the bottle again. "Watch...", he said.


:Q: HEERO?! ::

:T: STOP! ::


Wufei blinked in disbelief at the angry looking black neko which sat in front of him where Heero Yuy had perviously stood. His sword had long since slipped from his grip un-noticed and clashed on the floor.

:D: And he calls me a baka... ::

:H: He won't believe me otherwise...! ::

:T: He's got a point... ::

:Q: Now what? How can we get back to normal?! ::

Wufei blinked some then knelt down to the small group of Neko-Gundam pilots. He placed a finger carefully on Trowa's nose. "...Trowa?", he managed to gasp.

:T: ... ::

:D: No! It's just a cat that happens to bare a striking resemlence to him! ::

Then he placed is finger on Quatre.

:Q: ?? ::

"And Quatre?" His finger then moved to Heero, but stopped for fears of the very pissed off cat ripping his finger clean off his hand. "Yuy...and..." He looked at the Duo-Neko and smiled. "Maxwell...! Oh man this can't be true!"

:H: ... ::

:D: Well it is Wuffie so change us back! ::

Wufei grinned evilly and grabbed the Duo-neko.


The Heero-Neko tore off after Wufei to retrieve his Koi, neko or otherwise. "You know...if I find a cure...we don't need to change all of them back...", grinned Wufei to Duo.

:D: Don't be stupid! Just find a way to change us all back or I'll...I'll...::Sigh:: I'll meow... *sweatdrop* ... ::

Heero pounced on Wufei, claws open and dug them into the Chinese pilot's back and hung on as an ear piercing cry came from Wufei.

:H: You can't leave us like this! And you're not taking MY Duo! ::

:D: *blushes* Awww...Heero...=^_^= ::

Wufei grumbled and rubbed his back. He glared at the Heero-neko who now sat at his feet. "Alright! Dammit! Here's you're stupid braided baka! Sheesh...and I'll find a cure...", Wufei stumbled off to try and find a contact for Dr. J leaving the other 'pilots' alone.

:Q: I bet he doesn't come back... ::

:D: Or forgets... ::

:H: We'll remind him if he does ::

:T: He won't forget, Heero made sure of that ::

:H: *examines his claws* Hmmm... ::

:D: *rubs himself up against Heero purring* My Heero! You saved me! ::

:H: *blushes* ::

:D: Purrrrr! ::

:Q: *smiles and purrs as he entwines his tail with Trowa's* ::

:T: *smiles back and licks Quatre gently* ::

:H: What happens if we never change back? ::

:D: Purrrr...*rubs head against Heero's* I don't care as long as I'm near you Koi-neko! ::

:H: *smiles and rubs head against Duo's in return*

:T: *rubs head under Quatre's neck purring*

"Dammit! I leave you cats alone for two minutes and you're at it like rabbits!!", cried Wufei Angrily as he returned from inside the mansion.

:D: We're not doing anything! Besides, we're doing it like cats not rabbits dumb-ass! ::

"I called Dr.J. He first of all says thank you Duo for testing his formula...", began Wufei.

:T: At least one good thing came from all this... ::

:Q: Yeah, and Duo did something right! ::


:Q: I was joking Duo-chan! *rubs up against Duo purring* ::

:H: *hisses Angrily at Quatre* :

:T: *steps in to defend Quatre, now also hissing* ::

:D: *pounces on Heero and pinning him to the floor* Cut it out both of you! ::

:Q: Yes! Please stop fighting! :

Wufei stared down at the snarling nekos, wondering what was going on then dismissed the thought and continued. "He said it should take a couple of hours to where off."


:Q: Great! ::

:T: What a relief... ::

:H: *sighes in relief* ::

Wufei stared at the bottle, now half full and reached for it.

:H: NO BAKA!! ::

:T: What is he doing?! ::

:Q: No Wufei! ::


:H: ¬¬ ::

:T: ¬¬ ::

:Q: ^^; ::

Wufei was about to reach for the bottle when an evil cooing voice filled his ears.

"Hello there! Do you know where Heero Yuy is?", asked the blonde haired girl who stood behind Wufei.

:H: *sweatdrop* Oh god...why does she have to be here now...?!"

:D: She's like a weed, you gotta get her by the roots and pull her out or she'll keep coming back! ::

:Q: Miss Relena can't help liking you Heero... ::

:H: ...Why won't she leave me alone...?! *hangs head* ::

:D: *purrs and rubs against Heero again* ::

Wufei glanced back at the Neko-pilots, a sweatdrop on his head. "Ummm...well...Heero's not here right now...", he said rubbing the back of his neck.

:H: Thank you Wufei!! ::

:D: Hehe! ::

:Q: ^^; ::

:T: ... ::

Relena's attention was caught by the cats playing happily in the sunlight. "Oh my! How cute!", she explained kneeling down to then in her perfect blue flowing dress. She smiled and picked up the Heero-Neko putting it gently. "Now, if I didn't know any better I'd say this cat looks just like my dear Heero..." Wufei coughed at Relena's 'My dear Heero' comment and thought "Oh! If only she knew the truth!"

"Who's cats are these?", Relena asked standing up and turning to Wufei, still holding the small fluffy Heero in her arms.


:D: HEE-CHAN! ::

:T: A fate worse than death... ::

"....ummm...Duo's! They're Duo's!", blustered Wufei.

"Duo? You mean that stupid braided boy Heero's always with?", snorted Relena.


:Q: That's Heero's line... ::

:D: He won't mind if I use it! Hey! Heero! Can I use your line? ::

:H: NO! ::

:D: Ahh... ::

Wufei grinned as he got a wicked idea. "I think Duo was going to re-home that cat in your arms...why don't you keep it?", he smirked.


:Q: WUFEI NO! ::

:T: CHANG! ::


Relena's eyes sparkled. "Really?! Well...I guess I have been kind of lonely lately...what could it hurt? And it really does remind me of Heero...", she smiled.

:D: NOOOOO!! ::

The Duo-neko launched itself at Relena, claws bared and scratching her.

:Q: DUO! ::

:T: !! ::

:H: ?!! ::

She screamed and dropped the Heero-Neko, which landed perfectly and snuggled up to Duo-neko in eternal gratitude. Wufei glared at Duo but said nothing as he reluctantly tended to her 'fatal' wounds.

:H: *licks,purrs and rubs against Duo* Arigatou! Arigatou Duo-koi! Ai-shiteru! Arigatou! ::

:D: *beam*


Luckily, after a few hours, it wore off and the Gundam pilots were returned to normal. Strangely enough they agreed that sushi was what the menu was going to be for that evening's meal. Duo fumbled with the small bottle with the label 'Neko' on it. It was almost empty, but he planned to get Wufei back with it, and he has used some more for his own twisted amusement. He grinned down at the kitty carrier beside his feet and tapped the bars. "Oi? Having fun in there?", he grinned. An anger screeching meow came from inside the carrier and a sharp paw flew out trying to rip off the Shinigami's nose but missed but a few centimeters.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!", smiled Duo waving his finger in a scold "Be a nice little kitty now!"

Heero stepped into the room where Duo was entertaining himself and stared at the gray carrier. "Who were you talking to?", he asked bending down to look into the carrier.

Duo grinned like a Cheshire cat. "...Miss Peacecraft...", he smiled evilly. Heero blinked at Duo then stared into the carrier and couldn't help giggling slightly at what he saw.

:R: Heero! Oh Heero you've come to save me haven't you? Oh thank you Heero! I was so scared and alone I thought that--Heero? Heero?! Where are you going?! You can't leave me here! HEERO! HEEERROOOOOOOOOOOO!!! ::

- - - - -



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