Title: A Somewhat Sticky Situation
Author: JinLucifer
Rating: R (I think...?)
Pairing: 1x2x1



The transition from my dream state to reality turned out to be a rather slow process this morning. The first thing I became aware of was that I was laying half on top of something firm and warm. It felt rather nice, actually, so I snuggled up closer to whatever it was. The second thing I became aware of was the soreness between my legs. Strange how I didn't notice it sooner, yet now that I did it was impossible to ignore.

As soon as my brain fully registered these observations, the events of last night came flooding back into my mind. My mind handled its new discoveries rather well. Better than most other minds would have were they in my mind's position. Which is what allowed it to make a few more interesting, though not unexpected, observations about my state. One, I was completely naked. Two, so was whatever I was laying on. Three, the aforementioned something was one Heero Yuy. Four, I was wet and sticky, and itchy where the wetness dried up. For some reason I found the situation to be rather amusing.

I slowly opened my eyes and at the same time tried to get up. Bad idea. The soreness between my thighs exploded into a sharp pain, which caused me to suck in a hissing breath and collapse back down. The hands that I just noticed were around my waist tightened slightly, and I looked up into Heero's open eyes. *Terrified* open eyes.

On Heero Yuy, the expression looked *highly* comical.

I couldn't help myself - I burst out laughing.

Heero did not seem to share in my amusement. If anything, he tensed even more. And he had yet to utter a single sound. I toned my laughter down, but a slight smile remained nontheless.

"Morning, Heero." I told him cheerfully enough.

Well what would you have said were you in my position? Naked and draped all over your best friend and roommate after a night of hot, rough, passionate sex - a best friend and roommate who was decidedly *male* - brought on by a state of utter drunkedness and raging hormones. Come to think of it, I'm rather surprised that I didn't have a hangover.

Heero opened his mouth, closed it, opened it again, tried to speak, and instead emitted a kind of choked and squeaky sound. He wasn't being very helpful. Why couldn't we just relax, untangle from each other, laugh it off, and forget about it? Then again, I was actually feeling rather comfortable right where I was, and wasn't totally sure I *wanted* to get up.

The realization made my smile slowly melt away, my expression turning completely serious. For the first time this morning, I truly *looked* at Heero. Maybe I did get smashed last night, but Heero would never allow himself to do so. Slightly inebriated, perhaps, but not enough to seriously affect his reasoning.

Only enough to let him loosen up a bit.

To maybe make it easier for him to follow his urges and emotions?

He wanted this, I finally understood.

A gentle smile tugged at my lips once more, and I leaned down to brush my lips against his. He tensed, but only a little, and a second later all tension drained away from his body as he let out a relieved sigh and opened his mouth for me.

I'm pretty sure I wanted this too.