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Why Choose Me? Jim Morrison.

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"It's cold here." I say tonelessly as I sit down on the small, rounded hill.

"Nah. It's only October." You tell me as you snuggle into the worn flight jacket you were given by someone.

I smile as I watch you carefully extricate a package of smokes from the lovingly mended pocket. You set them down on the grass beside you and rummage around till you find a lighter to light the smoke you just put in your mouth.

You light it and exhale. I don't like it, but you seem to derive some pleasure from it. So I let it go.

"Why do you come here?" I ask as I look around and shudder slightly at the tombstones that are around us.

Some are set in military rows. Others are scattered around like so many leaves on the dirt.

You shrug as you carefully flick ash away from the sleeve of your jacket.

"I think it's peaceful and beautiful." You smile slightly as you take another drag.

"Besides, it's probably the safest place to be at 3 in the morning."

I laugh. I shake my head at your remark.

Even if there was danger, there couldn't be anything that a couple of ex-gundam pilots couldn't handle.

"Besides, it helps me think." This is said in a voice so soft that I nearly miss it.

"About what?" I ask, making you jump in surprise.

"Stuff. You know, the everyday shit and the not-so-everyday shit."

I nod. He exhales the blue smoke and I watch as it curls around his head like a lazy halo.

"Like how we ended up together." I don't reply to that.

I know why I let him in. I know that I have never really said so in so many words, but I know.

It's quite complicated to state in a simple, coherent sentence, but I know that I needed you like I needed the sun and the rain.

I know that you can see things like I do, cause you have been there with me. I know that you keep a part of you behind glass, but don't believe that all can be kept in a spun-silver cage.

You are just there, to be the fire in my darkness, to be my better half when I can't find the goodness within me. You just are the one that I adore.

Maybe I don't say it enough, but it's true.

"I don't understand." you whisper, taking me out of my thoughts.

"What?" I ask as I watch the deepnees of the night sky as it is gemmed with stars. I pick out the North Star right away and stare at it as I wait for you to continue.

"Why choose me? You had so many others to love you." You snort when you say that.

"Hell, didn't you say that you found me utterly annoying?" I flinch at that. Someone's got a big mouth.

"Yeah. I did." I admit quietly. You sigh.

"At the time. I don't think I had learned how to appreciate what you could mean to me if I let you in."

"Why did you let me in then?" You ask me softly.

I run my hands through your bangs and pull you closer to me.

I shake my head slightly when I feel you shivering and the coldness of your hands.

"I realized that I could never forget your name, your face, your laugh when I went away after the wars.

I spent a year wandering around, just running. As I lived day in and day out, I realized that I needed to see you, to be near you just to know that you would offer me warmth, hope and a home to come to.

That no matter how many times I would run, I could turn around and see you waiting for me instead of having no one there.

I also knew that you would know how I would feel. We have been on the same side to know how things flow. Also, I could never really appreciate the peace we had brought when I was by myself. Only you could teach me that"

I take off my coat and wrap it around you, since you are shivering too much from the autumn chill.

"That is why I chose you."