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When you're Gone Jim Morrison.
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Part 7
Pilar's POV


I haven't heard my name, my real name spoken by that voice since that morning.

Could it be yet another cruel dream? Hearing his voice say my name?

"Pilar." His voice cuts through the drug-induced fog that has been clouding my mind since that night in the park.

I fight through the pain and the exhaustion scoring my body and force myself awake.

I only get the brief impression of aquamarine eyes and blonde hair, the feel of soft lips upon my own injured ones before everything before my vision blurs.

"Quatre." I whisper as I try to reach out to touch him before he fades away like he always does in my dreams.

I hear voices raised in arguments, angry yells and roars that remind me of many battlefields I have fought upon in long lifetime. Then nothing.


I find myself staring up at the unfamiliar pale blue ceiling that I know I have never seen before.

I raise my head off of the pillow to investigate the room further, but that effort is stopped by the sudden wave of dizziness that threatens to roll me over and then some.

"Eugh." I whisper weakly as I close my eyes and will the room to stop spinning.

I feel the rim of a cup being pressed against my lips and liquid then poured down my throat.

I open my eyes and nearly jump out of my skin when I see the high cheekbones, the aristocratic nose and the cool, gray eyes of an Andaluthian looking down at me.

He doesn't react at my reaction. He only puts the cup on the night-stand beside the bed and sits down on the chair that almost beside the bed.

"Did the council send you?" I ask, surprised at how weak and raspy my voice sounds.

He nods, making his black hair fall forward to cover some of his face.

If the council sent him, that means only one thing and one thing only.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're doing?" He yells angrily as he pushes me down onto the bed none to gently and glares at me as I struggle feebly against his grasp.

"Saving my son from you. What does it look like?!" I hiss through clenched teeth as I try to ignore the pain from the numerous bruises and stitches and fractures that have been inflicted onto my body in the last while.

Even though he had gotten me pinned down in the end, I still had given it the old college try.

Which left me reeling from the pain of trying, but I was damned if I was going to let him know that.

My son's life was at stake and I really didn't give a damn what happened to me as long as he was going to be safe.

"What's going on, Nicholas?" Nicholas turns his head toward the door to reveal a woman I have only seen once before. "Sally Po?" I ask, my voice incredulous as I watch her come to my bedside.

She nods briskly before she studies my face critically.

"Amazing." She says as she takes a hold of my chin and examines my face even more closely.

"What is?" I ask, feeling as I was missing something big. And very unpleasant, my mind added as I caught a small flicker of darkness pass through both Sally's and Nicholas' eyes.

"You're healing quite rapidly." She noted quietly.

"Good to know." I say sarcastically as I made to get out of bed again. Only to be stopped by Nicholas.

"Why are you trying to get out of bed?" Sally then asked me as Nicholas and I descended into a staring contest and a battle of wills.

"I need to save my son from this assassin, what does it look like?" I hissed at her as I glared at the Andaluthian who was keeping me captive.

"Your son is safe, Pilar." Sally assured me. I shook my head.

"If my son is safe, then why is there an Andaluthian assassin in your house?"

"To protect you and your own against the rogue wolf who ran with Her." Nicholas answered coldly.

The emphasis on the word "her" was not lost on me. I knew who he meant.

"She has declared war on you and the Mielczarek line and the council has turned against her."

I stopped fighting him when he said those words.

I had forgotten who Gabriel's father was. Of course the council wouldn't harm anyone descended from that line. Especially not after they had done so much for the witches, vampires and werewolves.

They would have to be mad to do so. Or filled with a foolish ideology and a burning need for revenge.

"Is the heir here?" I asked as I let myself sink into the bed.

"Yes." I closed my eyes at the answer. Shit. Even though I had put myself through so much pain and heartache to assure his safety, he had still managed to wander in to the trap that would destroy him.

"He isn't alone though. The Lion Rampart, Fenris Oni and the Slayer are also with him." He told me as he let go of my shoulders and stepped back.

"Why are they here?" I ask as I turn my head away and look out the window to the bleak scenery outside. Even though Sally has a nice house and yard, October in New Edmonton isn't kind to foliage.

"Did they know?" I ask as I turn my head to look at them again.

"It was coincidence that they came, Guardian." I wince at the old title.

I knew that he was doing it out of respect, but I couldn't bear to be reminded of the bloody battles I had to fight to defend a child that would end up dead. Over and over again.

"Where am I?" I ask, suddenly realizing that I am in a strange environment with my son God knew where and with my ex-lover waiting, probably very impatiently to talk to me.

"At my house." Sally replied. "You were brought to the hospital where I work after you were assaulted and left in a park."

"Do you recall anything?" She asked, her tone cautious as she spoke. Nicholas got up from his chair and left the room. I had to swallow hard to keep my emotions in check.

"I recall being hit. And telling my son to run. Nothing more." I say, my voice low.

I truly don't. My memories of that night are extremely fuzzy. But I do know that the bastard that did this to me got sent to hell before he could utterly destroy me.

"You were sexually assaulted as well, Pilar." Sally says to me, her voice soft as she speaks.

I squeeze my eyes shut, not really willing to believe it.

I can't believe it. After a thousand years of winning my battles, I have lost this particular one.

Shit. I honestly thought that I had escaped that aspect of it.

I guess Orneans don't necessarily burst into flames when they touch a disgraced Templar like I mistakenly had believed.

Heh. I guess that not even a thousand years of fighting can erase naivety.

I don't know what to think about the knowledge Sally has just given me.

I just feel numb now. Cold. More bruised than before, I guess.

"Gabriel?" I ask. I don't want to deal with this right now. "I took him in. You were at the hospital for a couple of days and no one was willing to take care of him, so I did. You ended up here because Treize warned us of the anger you were in."

She exhaled a noisy breath before she began to speak again.

"The others came to visit Wu-fei and I shortly after all this happened." Nicholas was right. Pure coincidence.

"Does Quatre know that Gabriel is his?" I ask. I must be a closet masochist. I really must be.

"Yes. Any one that can't see the resemblance between them is blind."

I wince at that. Somedays, I really have to wonder whether I'm thinking at all.

"I'm guessing he wants to talk to me." I say as I laboriously raise myself up on my elbows.

Yay. No dizziness this time around. Encouraged, I sit up and rest against the headboard.

It's horribly painful to move, but worth it. I won't feel so vulnerable when he comes.

"Are you sure you want to do this now?" Sally asks, clearly concerned over my state.

"I'll be fine. Don't worry." I re-assure her despite the erratic thumping of my heart and the pain that the slowly healing ribs are causing me.

She nods and leaves the room, closing the door behind her.

As soon as she leaves, I slump against the headboard.

Maybe I should have it out with him later. When I can think more clearly and have my emotions in check. But I know that if I delay it, I will just destroy any chance that we may have at...

"Stop thinking about it. He can't be yours." I told myself forcefully. "Not when Dorothy is out there." Another corner of my mind spoke up. "If she dies..."

I was about to reply to that thought when the door swung open to reveal Quatre.

"Oh." I whispered. I had to bite my lips to keep myself from calling out his name.

He hadn't changed much. Only gotten taller and slightly broader through the shoulders.

In fact, I realized with a shock as he closed the door and sat down on the chair beside my bed, he looked exactly like his uncle, Sebastian Mielczarek did before... I shut of that train of thought.

No sense in thinking about people that I couldn't have saved even if I had had the means to.

We sat in silence for several moments, both of us unsure where to start.

But finally, it was Quatre that took the initiative and spoke up.

"How could you leave me like that?" The harshness of the question made me flinch from him.