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When You're Gone Part 5 Jim Morrison

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Warnings: Swearing, sort of OCC for everyone. But this is after the war...
Pairings: 1+2, 3+4, 5+Sally.

Heero and Duo were at their wit's end by the time the shuttle arrived in New Edmonton. They were exasperated with not just the trip, but with their travelling companions as well.

It had been a trip straight out of hell. Whatever could have possibly gone wrong, had.

It had all started when the shuttle had been delayed in L1 due to some small mechanical difficulties that had turned out not to be so small after all.

After much waiting at the shuttle port, they had managed to get another shuttle to take them to New Edmonton.

Which promptly ran out of fuel and had to make a stop in Norway to fuel up before it headed to the vast wilderness of Canada.

Things wouldn't have been so bad if it hadn't been for the almost visible tension that simmered between Trowa and Quatre.

Trowa hadn't spoken a single word to Quatre during the whole trip, despite the fact that they had been sitting right next to each other for most of the trip.

Quatre, for his part, had cooly ignored his husband's anger and had given him the silent treatment in return, making it an even more effective weapon than Trowa's silence, since it was only aimed at the taller man.

To everyone else, he was the paragon of politeness, and it was driving Duo and Heero nuts.

Despite the guilt that he felt at having inadvertedly started a fight between the two men, Duo had enough of their behavior by the time they finally arrived In New Edmonton.

This exasperation had led him to go outside, bum a smoke off somebody and proceed to smoke his frustrations away in the cold fall air.

"That's bad for your health, you know." Heero's wryly amused words nearly made the ex-Gundam pilot jump out of his skin.

"Stress is actually ten times worse for it." Duo replied testily as he flicked the ash off of the end of his smoke and turned to glare at his husband. He frowned then.

"Did you leave Rosencrantz and Guilderstein alone in there?" Duo asked as he jerked his head towards the bustling building behind him.

Heero nodded. "They're also getting on my last nerve, Duo. I swear, if they were my kids, I'd strangle them. Or better yet, I would have exposed them to the river."

Duo laughed at the vehemence behind the words. He took another drag of his smoke.

"I just hope they get their shit together soon. Like in twenty minutes." Duo said as he pointed to the road. Wu-fei was scheduled to pick them up soon, and the idea of spending more time in a confined space with Hamlet and Laertes, he was going to commit murder. He really was.

Heero nodded as he watched Duo flick the butt into traffic. He groaned when he turned to the shuttle port.

"Do we really have to?" He whined in a perfect imitation of a twelve-year-old girl.

Heero's lips twitched despite himself at Duo's whining.

"Yes, son. We really have to." An evil grin spread over his face. "Or we could leave them here to fend for themselves and see what happens." He suggested evilly.

"Heero, I'm mad at them, but not enough to leave them stranded here and hope to hell that they don't kill each other." Duo said as they began walking back.

"I'm guessing we have to talk to them?" Heero asked in a resigned voice. Duo nodded.

"You get Trowa, I'll work on Cat." Heero nodded as they headed in.

They found Trowa and Quatre sitting on separate benches with the luggage piled up in between them like a barrier. Both of them were reading and doing their best to pretend that neither of them existed.

"I think we have our work cut out for us." Duo muttered as they headed towards their prospective targets. Heero shook his head in reply.


"Cat?" Quatre looked up to see Duo looming above him, a somewhat weary expression on his face as he looked down at him.

"What is it, Duo?" Quatre asked as he put down his book. Without another word, Duo hauled the younger man to his feet and dragged him off to the coffeeshop without another word.

"What the hell?" Quatre exclaimed as he yanked his arm out of Duo's tight grip and rubbed it as he glared at the Scion. Duo in turn, glared back, completely unfazed by Quatre's high-caliber glare.

"When the hell are you going to grow up, Cat?" Duo snarled at him. Quatre's mouth clicked shut with an audible snap and he turned away from his friend.

"I'm getting really sick of having to play referee to your marital squabbles, Cat. And having you and Trowa act like sulky teenagers is really wearing me down."

"I know that, Duo. And I'm sorry." Quatre apologized, his aquamarine eyes softening.

"I can't really make excuses for my behavior. " He shook his head, his shoulder length hair swinging softly with the movement. He looked up at his friend. "Nor can I make excuses as to how I feel."

"It's about her again, Cat?" Duo asked softly. Quatre nodded.

"What happened this time?" Duo asked, his anger melting away at Quatre's admission.

"It's the usual. Trowa's really insecure still." Quatre explained quietly.

Duo's lips thinned in exasperation. "You know that something's gotta eventually give, Cat. You can't expect him to be fine and dandy with you still carrying a torch for a girl that took off and never looked back." Quatre opened his mouth to protest, but Duo held up a hand.

"No. Let me finish. Trowa's got a reason to be insecure. I know that you love him, but you still show that you really care for her. Maybe even more than you care for him. You refuse to have a child with him, you still call out her name in your sleep and you still light candles for her. Those are outright rejections in my book." Duo looked at Quatre sharply.

"I sympathize with your loss, but Cat, she left. She never came back. Doesn't that tell you something? I'm not faulting her. Maybe she had to leave, Who knows? But my point is that you'd better make a choice fast about who you want to be with, cause it isn't fair what you're doing to Trowa. He loves you. He helped you out of a bad situation, and he loves you, but don't use that love to tide you over until she comes back."

"I'm not, Duo." Quatre protested hotly. Duo frowned. "I-I care for them both. I really do."

"Then you have bigger problems than I can help you with." Duo told him softly.

"Allright then. Let me ask you this. If she were to come back, what are you going to do?"

Quatre's mouth opened and closed, but no words were heard. Duo smiled coldly.

"Be careful what you wish for, Cat." Duo told him, his voice weary and saddened.

"Can we stop now, Duo?" Quatre asked after a couple of minutes had passed in uncomfortable silence between them.

"I'm sorry, Cat." Duo apologized softly. Quatre shook his head and waved his hand.

"Don't worry about it. It's a fucken mess, that's all."


Heero sat down next to Trowa, who only looked sideways at him, but still kept on reading.

"If you're going to give me a lecture, save your breath, Yuy." Trowa told him frostily.

"Actually, I was for strangling you and your husband, but Duo talked me out of it. And I frankly don't relish paying for an expensive funeral and being a fugitive for the rest of my life." Heero replied as he sank down into the bench.

Trowa put the book down and looked at Heero, who was sitting back with his eyes closed.

"We were that bad, huh?' The taller man asked Heero, who nodded.

"Oh yeah. Duo was ready to garotte you both with his braid." He replied, his eyes still closed.

Trowa shook his head. "I'm really..." Heero shook his head.

"Save it. I know why the hell you both are acting like a right couple of bitches, but Duo and I have had enough. All I want is a measure of peace on the rest of this trip. I don't have the slightest desire to meddle in your married life any more than I have. I'll give you advice as a friend, but not as a marriage counsellor." He opened his eyes and glared at Trowa.

"We haven't seen Sally or Wu-fei for ages and Duo has been looking forward to this for a long time. If you or your husband spoil this for him, I will strangle you both and throw your bodies in the nearest ravine, understood?" Heero growled, his eyes turning gold ever so slightly.

Trowa nodded nervously. Heero smiled and nodded. "Glad to see we understand each other."


It wasn't hard for her to sneak into the hospital. She wasn't a vampire that needed to be invited into places. She was a wolf that could come and go as she pleased.

As she walked down the hall, looking for the room in which the little bitch lay in, she was having a hard time keeping a bland expression on her face as she moved.

She was utterly furious that the flunky she had sent had failed so badly. Not only had he let her live, he had also let the little whelp get away from him. Oh well. She would enjoy slaughtering later, she promised herself. But still...

"Now I have to do it myself." She muttered angrily, her long blonde hair swinging back and forth as she walked to her goal. Room 42.

She smiled evilly as she stood outside the room. This was going to be fun. She would make that little Spanish bitch suffer like she had suffered when she had found out about Relena's death.

"You shall suffer." She promised as she stroked the doorway. "Oh yes. You will suffer."

She placed her hand into the room and quickly drew it back with a hiss of pain. Looking down at her hand, she saw it covered in painful blisters from placing it in the room for such a brief span of time.

"How?" She whispered as she cradled her injured hand. "I sensed nothing here."

"Get away from here." She heard a low voice command.

Turning around, she was surprised to see a tall, slim dark-haired man with silver eyes glaring at her with a deck of cards. He fanned them out under her nose, showing that they were Tarot cards. The kind that were used exclusively by the Andaluthian order.

"I thought your kind was annihilated, brujo." She spat out in contempt. He snorted.

"The fires did take many of us, but we still survived." He admitted as he drew his hand back . In an instant, the cards were engulfed in a curious turquoise flame.

Her eyes widened at the flames in his hand. He smiled darkly.

"You know what will happen when they touch you, so I will ask nicely once again. Leave, or I shall use these on you." He drew one card out and aimed it at her head.

"Why do you protect her?' She spat out as she began backing away from the room.

"Why do you hunt her?" He asked her, his eyes glowing a molten silver.

"She hunts my kind." She finally spat out. He nodded.

"She protects my kind. Now leave." He ordered as he hurled a flaming card that she easily dodged.

She flipped him off before she jumped out of one of the windows, making him laugh in slight amusement despite his anger.

Shaking his head, he put out his soul flame and looked into the room. She still slept.

"Good." He murmured before he went to the nurses desk and picked up the phone.

"Hello? Sally?" He asked when he heard the phone being picked up.

"Yes? Nicholas?" Sally asked. She sounded like she was in the inside of a night-club.

"Yes. Sally. I've got a request to make of you."


"Hold still, you damned fuzzball!" Wu-fei yelled as he fought to keep the screaming two-year-old inside the tub who would try to make a run for it every time Wu-fei took his eyes off of him for at least a second.

He had succeeded in running away, naked as a jay-bird, at least two times already. The last time, he had managed to get the front door open. It was only quickly reflexes on Wu-fei's part that helped him scoop the little monster up and preventing him from flashing the nieghborhood.

"For fuck's sake!" He yelled out as yet another wave of water soaked him completely. Gabriel yowled in accompaniment to his swears and tried to make yet another run for it.

"Hold still, damn you!" He bellowed as he tried to rinse the shampoo that still clung to the boy's buttery-yellow hair. In return, Gabriel did his best imitation of an air-raid siren.

"Will you shut up! It's only water!" Gabriel howled even louder at that, making Wu-fei wonder whether he had permanently gone deaf in that ear.

He rinsed the kid once more and let the water out then. To his surprise, the kid had stopped his infernal howling and was now sitting quietly in the tub with his tail hanging limp and dejected as she sniffed and glared at Wu-fei.

Wu-fei, for his part, was vowing that he would gleefully strangle the unjust onna that he called a wife. Then right after, he would get a vasectomy at the earliest possible opportunity.

If having kids meant that he would have to get thoroughly soaked, pissed-off as well as half-deafened when he attempted to give the little whelps baths, then he'd gladly forego fatherhood.

‘When that onna gets here, she'll pay." He promised as he wrung out the water from his t-shirt and stood up from his kneeling position. He looked down and glared at the furball again.

"I swear, I don't know why that onna had to let you get so dirty." Wu-fei muttered as he grabbed a towel and scooped the little monster up into it.

He rubbed the top of the kid's head briskly and wiped the excess water from his face, making the fuzzball wrinkle his nose and give a little sneeze that made Wu-fei's expression soften despite the hell that the kid had just put him through.

"I can see why she thinks you're adorable." He said as he brushed the wet hair plastered on the kid's forehead revealing the startling brownish-green eyes that vaguely reminded him of Trowa's own olive eyes.

In reply, the kid's ears twitched, making a small smile tug at the corners of his mouth.

He was saved from making a bigger fool out of himself when he heard the doorbell ring.

Relieved at the distraction, since he knew how close he had come to making a big fool out of himself, he rushed to the door, the fuzzball in his arms semi-forgotten in his haste to answer the door.

Opening the door hurriedly, he was treated to the bewildered faces of his fellow pilots, who looked like they had literally been thrown out of the car with their luggage.

"Hey guys, where's Sally?" He asked as he stepped back to let them in.

"She said she had to go to the hospital." Duo replied as he and the others gathered their bags and stepped inside the house.

"Hey, Wu, I never knew you had a kid!" Duo then exclaimed when he took a close look at the kid in Wu-fei's arms, who was looking back at him solemnly.

"He's not ours, Duo." Wu-fei protested as he closed the door behind Quatre, who had been the last one to get his luggage inside and was now standing right beside the Chinese man and his charge.

"Oh really? Hey what the hell?!" Duo exclaimed when he saw the kid suddenly freeze and begin sniffing the air beside Quatre, who stood utterly still, a look of horror crossing his features as the kid began to reach out for him desperately.

"Hey! What the hell! What are those things on his head?" Duo exclaimed as the towel that had been covering the kid's head slipped away to reveal the small little wolf-ears.

"Never mind that!" Wu-fei growled as he suddenly thrust the squirming bundle into Quatre's arms before he accidentally dropped him on the floor.

Once Gabriel had found himself in Quatre's arms, he quickly calmed down. He settled into the blonde's arms with a familiarity that was utterly unnerving to all of the ex-pilots.

Wu-fei was the first one to break out of his shock when he suddenly realized why the kid had looked so familiar to him before. Seeing him happily cradled in Quatre's arms had made the mystery utterly clear to him.

"Oh my God!" Trowa's shocked exclamation made Wu-fei realize with a pang of pity that Trowa too, had seen the similarities between Quatre and Gabriel.

"So you got your heir after all, Quatre." Trowa said, his voice as bitter and sharp as death.


I know that the guys sound really whiny, but I just recently had to endure a road trip with married friends that were having a huge fight and behaved exactly like Trowa and Quatre did, so hence my little revenge. Forgive me if you don't likes.

I smoke when stressed, so when people in my fics are stressed, they smoke. I'm not condoning it,or encouraging it. It's just my habit.

The Hamlet references come out of having to help someone with a summer school assignment.

The bath scene may be familiar to any of you that have kids, or have given little kids baths. I've lost count of how many times I've had to chase naked kids around, or gotten splashed or deafened by them. Still, it's fun to do. If you have a lot of patience and time to clean up.

The fic is also a product of listening to the GW operation 3&4 Cd's, Smoother's "Chasing the Dragon" And Pulp. And this the end of these fucken notes.