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When youre gone Jim Morrison

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Wu-fei pulled up to the driveway and turned the ignition off with a loose, tired flick of the wrist. God he was tired! New Edmonton was a hot-bed of unrest and today had been a pretty busy day. Worse than most days. All he wanted to do now was crawl into bed and snuggle against his wife's warm body, wake up tomorrow and enjoy the days off he had been forced to take to visit with his friends once they arrived.

With these thoughts in mind, he crawled out of his car, slammed the door behind him and wearily walked up to his house with his briefcase banging against his leg. He opened the front door and stepped into the foyer, his mind focused on getting into bed.

He let his suitcase fall onto the floor alongside his jacket and shoes. He'd clean it up later, he told himself as he made his way to the bedroom. He stepped into the room and fell into the bed, expecting to drift off into dreamland. That idea was thrashed when he felt something furry tickling him in the face.

"What the hell!?" He exclaimed, reaching for the light switch. The light flooded the room to reveal Sally blinking at the sudden brightness and a little boy who looked like a chibi Quatre with furry grey ears on top of his head and a matching tail curled up next to his wife.

"Oh. Wu-fei?" Sally asked, her voice thick with sleep as she sat up and looked at him.

"Sally? Who is this and what is he doing in our bed?" Sally bit her lip at his queries.

"His name is Gabriel Stratham, Wu-fei. I brought him home because he had nowhere to stay really." Sally explained as she gently stroked the sleeping boy's soft hair.

"Why not?" Wu-fei asked as he carefully picked up the boy's tail and examined it.

"His mother was brought to the hospital earlier today. She had been badly beaten and raped. He has no one else to take care of him so I decided to bring him here until his mother was well enough to look after him."

"I see." Wu-fei said softly, his attention still on the tail he held in his hands. He was flipping it back and forth, watching as it flopped with the movements. Sally noticed this and frowned.

"It is real. And so are the ears. Nicholas thinks that he is at least a half shape-shifter. He doesn't think that his mother one, though." Sally told him, her voice soft as she spoke.

Wu-fei nodded as he let the tail drop onto the mattress. He had heard of Shape shifters, but he had never dreamed that one day he would be sharing his bed with one of the furry critters. He shook his head. He'd worry about it tomorrow. He was too beat to care.

"Let's just go to sleep. We can figure everything out in the morning." Wu-fei said tiredly as he turned off the light and lay down. In a matter of seconds, he was fast asleep with one arm draped over Gabriel's small body.

"That certainly went better than I expected." Sally told herself as she lay down and closed her eyes and gave herself up to sleep as well.


Sally woke up the next morning when a fuzzy tail whapped her smack in the face.

"What the hell?" She asked as she shoved the furry thing away and sat up abruptly.

"Gabe is hungry." She heard a small voice say plaintively. Sally groaned to herself when she saw Gabriel clutching his tail protectively and looking up at her forlornly.

"Oh Gabriel! I'm sorry!" She exclaimed as she stroked his tail contritely. She had thoroughly forgotten that he was in the bed with her. And that he needed to be fed and dressed. And that she had nothing in the house suitable for a two year old child.

"Which means that I will have to drive over to where he lives to get some stuff to tide him over." She though unhappily as she climbed over Gabriel and the insensible Wu-fei before heading over to the bathroom.

"Wu?" She called out to her still-comatose husband. It was fifteen minutes later and Sally was dressed in a T-shirt, black jeans and flip-flops with Gabriel dressed and standing patiently beside her, a trait that she found unnerving in such a small child.

"Hn?" Wu-fei asked intelligently, not bothering to open his eyes at all.

"I have to get some stuff for Gabriel, Okay? We shouldn't be long." She told him.

"Uh-hu." He replied before rolling over and falling asleep again. Sally shrugged.

"Come on kid." She then told Gabriel as she reached for his hand. Gabriel nodded and they set off.


"Whoah! Sally! What are you doing here on your day off?" Nicholas asked her as she walked away from the nursing desk and headed to Alma's room with Gabriel happily ensconed in her arms and looking as if he was quite content with the universe at that moment.

"I have to get some things for Gabriel here. But I don't have his address and I forgot my cell phone at home, so here I am." Sally answered as Nicholas caught up to her and walked beside her.

"Besides, I figured that the munchkin would like to see his mother again." Sally added as they stepped into the private room that held the young woman. Nicholas nodded and followed Sally inside.

"I gotta wonder at the bastard that did this to her." Nicholas whispered as they looked down at the bed that contained the fragile form of Alma Stratham.

"How could anyone be so depraved and hateful to do such damage?" He asked quietly.

"I don't know, Nicholas. I really don't." Sally replied in an equally subdued voice.

"Has she woken up at all since she got here yesterday?" She asked, forcing herself to become coldly professional and clinical as she took stock of the girl's injuries.

Deep plum colored bruises and white bandages adorned the girl's upper body. They were on her face, on her neck, shoulders and chest. There was a cast her left arm, and she had I.V. lines running into her heavily bandaged right arm. Bad, but the girl would live.

She knew it was a cold thing to do, but she had to put distance between her emotions and the girl, who technically was her patient. If she didn't do that, she'd start to get angry at the fuckers that hurt the girl and left her unconscious and with a new set of nightmares to take to bed with her every night.

Nicholas shook his head. "She moans in her sleep sometimes. But that's it."

"I see. Have the police shown up yet?" Nicholas shook his head. Sally frowned.

"No. Which is really odd. Normally they'd be swarming the place trying to get statements out of the victims and such. but not with her." Nicholas told her.

"That's because it isn't an event that the police should be involved in. They can't do anything to protect her. Others have been appointed the task, since they will survive when the police will most certainly die." A cultured and low voice said from the hallway, making them look up from the bed.

Sally gasped and Nicholas' mouth fell open in shock. The person in the doorway laughed. A low and amused, yet chilling laugh as he stepped into the room.

"I seem to have that effect on people nowadays." Treize Krushenada commented as he walked up to Sally, Gabriel and Nicholas.

"Cute kid." He commented as he scrutinized Gabriel carefully. For his part, Gabriel looked back at the man with an intense concentration that unnerved the adults.

Treize gave another soft laugh before dropping his gaze. He'd underestimated the kid. Despite knowing full well who his parents were, he'd underestimated the sheer amount of power that the little boy carried. He'd be more careful in the future.

"What are you doing here?" Sally asked when she finally got over her shock of seeing Treize Krushenada alive and standing right in front of her, smirking like the arrogant fucker he was.

"I have to talk to you, that's why I came here." Treize said, his voice still cultured and low as he spoke. But his eyes were shining oddly as he looked at Nicholas, who was still gaping at the supposed dead world leader in an undignified manner.

"Nicholas, could I please have a moment with his late excellency?" She asked, her voice dripping with sarcasm as she called Treize his former title. Treize frowned at her, but said nothing. Nicholas nodded and exited the room quickly.

"Okay, Treize. What is it that you want to tell me?" Sally asked him, her tone impatient.

"Look, Sally. I know that we have our differences, but just hear me out for a few minutes, that is all I ask." Treize told her as he looked down at Alma.

"Fine." Sally replied. "But why is this girl so important to you?" Treize frowned.

"She wasn't randomly attacked, Sally. She was targeted by someone holding a very strong and large grudge against her." Treize told her, his pretentiousness utterly gone.

"Who would have done this to her? Why would she be targeted? I don't understand."

"She was targeted because she helped to kill Relena Dorlian in 195." Treize replied.

Sally gasped at the news. "But I thought that she had died in a house fire."

Treize shook her head. "That was the official cover-up story. I was there. I know what I saw. Relena tried to kill Duo Maxwell, and this girl right here was the one that prevented that from happening. Take a long, hard look at her, Sally. Doesn't she look familiar?"

Treize asked as he pointed to the girl's face. Sally narrowed her eyes as she scrutinized the face. The sense of Deja Vu was coming back to her twice as strong as it had been before. She looked at her for a couple of minutes before the recognition kicked in.

"She was supposed to be dead!" She gasped out in disbelief. "How can she be alive still?" Sally asked as the memory of seeing Alma Stratham, or rather Pilar De Lyon, lying on Quatre's bed with a bunch of white lilies in her cold hands suddenly resurfaced.

Treize smiled a small, pleased smile when Sally raised her shocked eyes to him.

"I don't know. No one knows. The only thing that I do know is that she is in danger from the one that sent the order for her to be attacked and that the only people that can help keep her safe are the former Gundam pilots." He replied.

"Besides, she is highly important to someone. Especially now, since he arrived." Treize said as he nodded to Gabriel, who buried his face into Sally's chest.

"Who would that be?" Sally asked as her eyes strayed to the girl again.

"Quatre Raberba Winner for one. He would definitely care if she was attacked again." He told her as he looked up and at the little boy who was still watching him silently.

"Just like he would care if his son was placed in danger as well."