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When you're gone part 3 Jim Morrison

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Our Lady Peace Hospital, New Edmonton.


Doctor Sally Po-Chang sat at her desk sipping a cup of dark and bitter coffee as she worked on reports in the sudden lull that had fallen on the hospital.

Due to her husband's work, they had been stationed in New Edmonton and Sally had decided that she would take a position with the Our Lady Peace Hospital, or as the cruder and younger interns called it, "Old layd Piss." Why it had acquired this moniker was because of its age and location, which made it the prime location for drunks, junkies and assault victims and bodies to end up in.

"I don't like this." The statement made by one of her colleagues made Sally look up.

It was Dr. Nicholas Wolfwood, a young and darkly handsome doctor fresh out of medical school and eager to save the world that came to the hospital.

"What do you mean?" She asked Nicholas. He shrugged as he played with his pen nervously. He shook his head at her question.

"I don't know. I just have a feeling that something unpleasant is going to come our way soon." Sally frowned when she heard his reasoning.

"What makes you say that, Nicholas?" Nicholas Wolfwood shrugged as he nervously tugged at the pewter medals that hung around his neck on a red ribbon.

"It's just a feeling that I get sometimes. My grandmother used to get it too. She used to say that she could smell evil in the air." He shook his head. "Or maybe I'm just being superstitious." He finished as he looked away from Sally's scrutinizing gaze.

Sally was about to ask him about that strange feeling of his and his grandmother's experiences when a parade of nurses and paramedics rushed by the desk.

"What do we have?" Sally asked as she and Nicholas followed the bevy of nurses into a trauma room. A nurse came up to her, looking both horrified and sorrowful. Behind her, the other nurses were busy seeing to the new arrival.

"Female, early twenties. Assaulted. Multiple contusions, fractures and the paramedics strongly suspect that she was sexually assaulted as well." Sally sighed.

"Damn." She whispered as she made her way past the throng of people and got a good look at the girl on the gurney.

"Does she have a name?" Nicholas' asked over the din of the room.

"Alma Stratham." A paramedic replied. Sally and Nicholas nodded.

The girl was moaning loudly, her head rolling back and forth in her agony. Her face was covered in bruises and blood from a cut on her forehead bathed the left side of it. Her clothes were a mess, Sally could see that before they were cut away to reveal pale and bruised flesh. Her breathing was shallow, telling Sally that the girl had at least two broken ribs, if not more.

"Whoever did this was an animal." Sally thought to herself as she leaned over the girl and pulled her lids back to check whether the girl's pupils were blown, indicating a concussion. Even in the wars she hadn't seen such barbarity. How could a human being inflict such injuries on such a young girl? It was wrong. It shouldn't be happening with the peace that Milliardo Peacecraft and the Gundam pilots had brought. It was wrong.

But that wasn't her concern right now. Treating the girl was her main concern right now. She would have time to ponder the quirkily bitter mysteries of the universe later.


Several hours later found Sally standing at the doorway of a hospital room watching the girl sleep a heavy, drug-induced sleep.

"Why do I feel that I have seen you like this before?" She mused as she stood there keeping watch on her till her shift was over.

"Why do you seem so familiar to me?" She asked as she took in the girl's bruised face and the long fall of black hair lying in a loose braid beside her as she slept.

"So how is she?" Sally turned her head and met Nicholas Wolfwood's serious grey eyes.

"She's asleep." Sally replied as she looked back into the now familiar room again.

"Ah." Nicholas replied quietly. "Is she allowed any visitors?"

"Why do you ask? Are there any visitors looking for her specifically?" Nicholas' mouth thinned slightly at her question.

Nicholas' stepped back and revealed a little boy with serious brownish-green eyes and yellow hair sticking out from underneath a blue wool cap. Apart from the cap, he was wearing a dark red shirt and black pants with black shoes.

"Ma? Is she here?" He asked Sally, his eyes wide and questioning as he spoke.

"Her son?" Sally asked as she carefully studied the gamin face of the small boy. She could see the shared similarities between him and Alma, such as the delicate curve of the brow and lips and the shape of his eyes. But the rest of his features looked familiar to her somehow, and she simply couldn't place her finger on why they did.

"Yes. He was dropped off twenty minutes ago. No one knows who was with him, or if he just showed up alone. He just seems to have appeared, asking for Alma Stratham."

"So the odds are pretty good that he doesn't have anyone else to take care of him apart from that girl that is lying in that room." Sally said as she looked down at the boy again.

Nicholas nodded. Sally frowned as she wearily rubbed her forehead.

"So what is going to happen to him?" Nicholas shrugged, his eyes dark.

"I think Catholic Social Services shall be taking care of him until his mother gets out of the hospital." He replied, looking down at the little boy.

"Catholic Social Services! No way!" Sally exclaimed adamantly. Nicholas nodded.

"Isn't there another option for him?" Nicholas shook his head.

"Unfortunately, no. As far as we know, Miss Stratham has no other relatives that could take care of him. The Services is the only option that he has."

Sally bit her lip as she weighed the thoughts that were running through her head. Maybe it was the craziest thing that she had thought of in a while. Maybe Wu-fei would throw a fit when he found out what she'd done. But she knew that she could live with that. She probably wouldn't be able to live with the knowledge of the little boy being lost in the bureaucratic bullshit that Catholic Social Services was well known for.

"No, he doesn't." Sally replied, her mind having been made up and not budging from the decision that she had just reached.

"I've looked at her information. She only gave a contact number. Her baby-sitter. I'm guessing that's how he ended up here." Sally said as she nodded to the little boy.

"The baby-sitter probably didn't want anything to do with this once she or he heard what happened and probably dumped him here and took off." She sighed.

"Look, Nicholas. I think that Catholic Social Services has too much going on to give this little boy the care he needs. I'll just take him home with me until his mother is well enough to take care of him. I'm sure that they'll be happy to give him to me, considering how over-worked they already are."

Nicholas' eyebrows shot up when he saw the determined look in her bright blue eyes.

"You can't be serious, Sally!" Nicholas' exclaimed in disbelief. Sally nodded grimly.

"I am, Nicholas. I'd rather have to put with Wu-fei's ranting than live with the knowledge that I let a little boy fall into the clutches of a system that doesn't give a damn when I could have done something to prevent it."


Notes: New Edmonton is my somewhat cynical tribute to my hometown, Edmonton. Our Lady Peace hospital and Catholic social services are jibes against the system in my city. The hospital really called something else, I just borrowed the name from the band. This hospital is an awful shit-hole, and I work there a lot, so I need to slag it.

Nicholas Wolfwood was borrowed from the Trigun series.