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When You're Gone Part 1.
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When You're Gone Part 1.
New Edmonton, Canada. October, A.C. 197



She lay on her bed and watched the patterns play on the ceiling of her room. She didn't feel like doing anything else at that particular point. It had been a hot and drowsy day and she had no plans apart from lazing around her small flat and eating chocolate mandarin ice cream as she watched the world go by from her window.

Too bad that a bundle of energy was going to change those plans right away.

"Ma! Mama!" She groaned and placed the pillow over her head. If she played dead, maybe he would simply go back to sleep or find something else to amuse himself with.

"Ma! MA!" The yells were then followed by a small body landing smack in the middle of her back, making her give an involuntary squeak before she raised her head from underneath the pillow and turned to look at him.

"God! Gabriel!" She called out as she sat up and dislodged the little boy from her back. So much for playing dead, she scolded herself mentally.

"What is it?" She asked a bit crossly as she pulled herself into a sitting position and looked sternly at her wayward off-spring.

The little boy's wolf-ears twitched as he smiled his most winning smile at his mother. His small tail beat a merry rhythm on the floor as accompaniment, making his mother smile idly at the little wolfling.

"Park?" He asked, his voice hopeful as he looked at his mother with wide and guileless brownish-green eyes. His mother smacked herself in the forehead. How could she forget that? She scolded herself.

"Ooooh! Gabriel! I'm sorry!" His mother apologized as she quickly got to her feet and ran into the bathroom, leaving the little boy twitching his ears and waiting patiently for her to come back and get dressed and get him ready for the trip.

Fifteen minutes later found his mother rushing into the room with her long black hair pulled back into six braids, a touch of lipstick on her pale mouth and the perfume that reminded Gabriel of fresh-cut grass. Her clothes consisted of a baggy t-shirt and a pair of ratty jeans that had seen better days, mismatched socks and a pair of black and yellow sneakers.

"Pretty" her son commented as she scooped him up and tickled his little wolf ears, making him giggle with delight as he was then carried to his room and dressed up for his trip to the park.


"You don't have to go, right?" She asked him as she put a cap over the butter-yellow hair and the small, grey furred ears that sat on top of his head. The little boy nodded seriously, despite the eagerness that his mother could feel just bubbling under the surface.

"You're sure?" She asked him again. "‘Cause you know that we can't pull out your tail in public, right?" She asked him, her voice serious as she spoke the words.

He nodded again as he looked up at her, his face very solemn as he did, making his mother feel a twinge of guilt about their unorthodox lifestyle yet again.

"Maybe if I hadn't left when I did, things would have been different for him." She thought as they exited the small flat, pausing only long enough for her to lock the door and adjust Gabriel's hat over his ears once again.

"He would have been protected and understood by the others instead of being treated like a lab experiment every time that he steps outside without a hat." She though bitterly as she looked down at her precious son, who grabbed her hand and smiled up at her.

The smile he gave her nearly made her cry yet again. Instead, she made herself walk with him in tow, past the flat doors until they were outside in the cool evening air. Once they were outside, her sadness seemed to ebb as she took in the sharp scents in the air and the remote coolness that had replaced the unbearable heat earlier in the day. But it never truly disappeared from her. The sadness that overwhelmed her could never really fade.

"You made your choice, though." She whispered as she tugged at her coat collar and led her son over to the small and mostly deserted park she took him to at least once a week.

"He would have let you stay. He would have loved both you and Gabriel. But you chose to leave him." She shook her head as Gabriel let go of her hand and skipped ahead, still keeping himself into the view of his mother's watchful eye.

Even though he was only a year and a half, he understood the need for him to be close to his mother. He knew that he was very different from the children in his neighborhood. Very different. And his being apart from them was for the best, since they would try to pull at his ears and tail and make him cry.

"It was for the best." She whispered yet again, knowing full well how weak and flimsy her rationale sounded spoken out loud. "It eventually was for the best." She repeated again. But as Gabriel got older, she was starting to wonder if she should return to him and see if something could be salvaged out of their brief relationship for Gabriel's sake.

"Ma?" Gabriel's question made her snap out of her circling thoughts and look down at her son, who was practically bouncing in his impatience to be let loose onto the playground. She smiled at him and nodded, giving him the go-ahead to go wild. She watched him run to the big slide and climb the stairs with an agility inherited from his father with a smile that faded all too quickly as she yet again tried to banish his memory.

"I'll be right over here, Gabriel." I call out to him. He nods as he reaches the ground by sliding down face first and tumbling head over heels into the sand. He finally gets to his feet and I have to hide the smile that is tugging at my lips. He reminds me so much of a puppy when he plays! But I try not to let him see me grin because it hurts his feelings, since it proves how different he is from other children and he hates that.

That is the main reason why I have been thinking about his father more and more recently. I don't have much to offer him if I keep him hidden with me as I run from both his father and his friends. They are looking for me and I fear that they are getting closer. I don't want them to find me. Not just because we left on bad terms, but because I really don't have the guts to face Gabriel's father after I left.

Also, if they don't stop their search, they will tip off the Council and they will send squads to kill me and Gabriel. Breeding between Shape shifters and Vampires is strictly forbidden. Even though I was only a half-Vampire and have lost what little power I had kept when Gabriel was born, I would still be killed. Just like Iohan Von Ulrich would be. So I have to decide. Whether to keep on running. Or to give it up to him.

"Shit." I whisper as I ungracefully slump into a park bench and keep an eye on Gabriel. I'm pretty much between the sword and the wall here. I guess that I will have to decide who is the lesser evil and fast, since I can sense one of my ex-lover's friends in the area.I knew that I couldn't have avoided making the decision indefinitely, but I wish that I had some more time for a decision to be reached.

I ponder the options I have as I watch Gabriel play to his heart's content. Both my thoughts and the sight of my son enjoying myself serve to distract my attention and my powers. Which is why I end up with a knife at my throat as I am roughly pushed down onto the bench while someone straddles my hips and pins me down with their weight.

"I've been looking for you." The man on top of me whispers as he leans forward until our noses are practically touching. He's got short, black hair and pale eyes the color of yellow clay. Shit.

"Ornean!" I exclaim in shock and surprise. No wonder why I was ambushed! Orneans are capable of cloaking themselves against the supernatural, making them impervious to the powers of Vamps, Shape shifters, Witches and Slayers. They also the most ruthless and depraved living weapons utilized by the Gangerli Council.

"What the hell do you want?' I ask as I try to get him off of me. But he doesn't budge. My mouth suddenly goes as dry as a dusty road when I see this. Shit. I'm fucked.

"First, your body." He emphasizes this by slowly running the knife down to the neck of my T-shirt. Hearing that makes me buckle my body in an effort to get him away. All that happens is that he gives a sleazy moan and grinds his groin into me. Damn. He's already hard. The night is definitely not looking good for me at all.

"Then I'm going to kill that little bastard of yours." He says this in a calm and amused voice, as if he is simply telling me a joke that I do not approve of instead of killing my son.

"You can't." I say as I try yet again to struggle against him and hopefully save my son even if I can't save myself from my fate. The Ornean laughs at me and proceeds to grind himself even more into me. I get one hand free and aim a blow at his head.

"You don't want to do that." He says to me in a bantering tone as he grabs my wrist before I can even graze his head. My eyes widen involuntarily at this show of speed. He smiles at me before he easily crushes my wrist in his hand.

I scream. A high-pitched sound of pain that carries in the night. He slaps me to make me stop and all I can see for several minutes is stars swirling in a black void behind my eyes.

"Ma?" Gabriel's small mental whisper cuts through the pain and confusion, bringing me back to myself. Gabriel! Oh my God! I have to get him out of here!

"Gabriel. Run. Run to Mary's house, honey. Run." I tell him in a calm voice that won't startle him and make him freeze when he should be fleeing.

"Will you come?" He asks. I sigh in relief as I sense him on his way to his baby-sitter's house. Good. I have always counted on the animal instincts to take over his human ones.

"Yes. Later. Now run." I close my eyes. The Ornean laugh as he puts his mouth close to my ear. I flinch, but I do nothing. It is not use to fight anymore. He has proven to me that he can destroy me easily, so I don't give him the satisfaction of seeing how much he revolts me. Nor do I give him an excuse to hit me again.

"You know that I will kill him." He says as he licks the inside of my ear. I shudder.

"Not in a nun's house you won't." I answer back sweetly. His eyes widen in surprise when he hears this. It looks like I've got a shot in, no matter how cheap.

"You shall pay." He declares as his eyes begin to glow with a yellow-light that is briefly tinged with green. Okay, now I'm afraid for myself. Before I was only afraid for my son. Btu I know that Sister Mary will take care of him and that an Ornean cannot harm anyone that is clergy of the church. Or under their protection. They do and they immediately end up in hell. The lowest circle of it.

I am now afraid for both my body and my soul. Orneans aren't nice at the best of times, since they are trained killers that have had their souls fused with the essence of demons to make them ruthless and very hard to kill. Even though they have the element of surprise over most supernatural beings, we can still kill them by impaling them on crosses. Don't ask me how the logic works, I don't know.

But they are even more fearsome when they are pissed off and let their demon essence control their actions. I have met several people that have had the misfortune to have been tortured by an Ornean. The woman clawed her own face off before willingly jumping into a fire. One man tore his own eyes and tongue out before impaling himself on a sword. The other skinned himself alive.

They don't just hurt you physically. They also wound your soul and mind. Sometimes so severely that you will willingly go through the worst pain imaginable on earth to escape the crippling that you have experienced at their hands.

"I will make sure that you will suffer the worst pain imaginable, Guardian." He hissed at me as his eyes glowed with their strange light. I didn't reply.I knew he would be able to do it. And quite willing as well. Orneans don't take disappointment or defeat too well. So I was betting that he would take his frustrations out on me gladly.


The Winner Estate- L4 Colony. October, A.C. 197.


Duo stood up abruptly, letting the magazine that he was reading flop down onto the floor unheeded as he walked to the large picture window in the living room and looked outside. It was night and the darkness engulfed everything outside.

"I feel her." He whispered as he reached out and put his hand on the cold glass. He stroked the glass almost absent-mindedly as he tried to recall the image that he only had a flash of.

"Her eyes were wide and afraid." He muttered as his eyes narrowed at the window as if he was trying to look through the darkness to see her.

A pain suddenly hit him, making him cry out and clutch his chest with both hands as he fell to the ground. "God! It hurts! So much!" He thought as he rolled around on the ground in an effort to escape the pain that was assaulting every part of him.

"What are they doing to you, Pilar?" He whispered, his violet eyes tearing up with the pain that tore at him in great lapping waves. "What?"


Quatre woke up with a start as he was suddenly swept up in waves of pain. He groaned and put his hand over his heart as he tried to focus on where the pain was coming from.

"It's awful!" He thought as he forced himself to sit up and not give into the pain.

"Who could be feeling such pain?" He asked as he closed his eyes and focused.

"Duo?" He asked, his eyes widening in shock as he finally managed to isolate the unique silvery thread that was Duo's soul. Who could be hurting him so badly? He thought as he made his way down to the living room of the large house that they all shared.

When he reached Duo, he saw that the other boy was holding himself tightly and was crying as he rocked back and forth on the living room carpet.

"Duo? What happened?" Quatre asked as he ran up to his friend and embraced him tightly. Duo didn't answer him though. He only kept on crying as he buried his face into Quatre's warm chest. "So cold." He thought. "So cold."

"Duo? What happened? You're freezing!" Quatre yelped as Duo buried his cold face into his chest. Duo didn't reply right away to this exclamation either. His main concern was to get warm as quickly as possible then go out and hunt the fucker that had hurt his Guardian.

"Duo! Please! Tell me!" Quatre pleaded as he stroked Duo's long, chestnut plait.

"Someone hurt her." Duo finally said, his voice hardly above a whisper as he looked into Quatre's aquamarine eyes. Quatre paled when he heard the words, unsure of what Duo meant with his terse reply.

"Who was hurt?" He asked calmly. Duo angrily brushed the tears away from his eyes.




More notes: The Gangerli Council is the ruling council made up of Witches, Shapes shifters and Vampires. They weed out rogues and abnormalities. Orneans are almost like Zombies, but bloody evil and dangerous. Yes, the kid has a tail and ears.