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Our Little Girl Jim Morrison
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Maxwell-Yuy household, October 31st...

"I hate weddings." Heero proclaimed as he fought to subdue the stupid bow-tie that wouldn't give in.

"You always say that." Duo soothed him as he took over the situation and made Heero's tie submit into its proper position.

"Hn." Heero grunted as he brushed his husband's bangs out of his face and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

Duo smiled, his eyes going a little misty.

"I can't believe our little girl is getting married." He whispered as he looked down at the somber charcoal tuxes that he and Heero were both wearing.

"It just seems like yesterday..." He smiled. Damn. He was getting way too emotional and the wedding hadn't even started yet. Shit.

"Da! DA!" Rei Maxwell-Yuy ran into the room, her voice frantic as she called out to Duo.

"What is it, Rei?" Heero asked, giving Duo sometime to compose himself.

"My dress is lost! And I just heard Gilly say that she left my veil at her Aunt's house and my bouquet just fell apart..."

Rei's voice trailed off, as her violet eyes filed with tears at the sudden problems that had just arisen.

"See, this is why I hate weddings." Heero told Duo as he let his frantic daughter jump into his arms before he went off and straightened everything out.

Duo laughed softly as he watched them go.

"I wonder how Quatre and Trowa are taking it.."


The Winner-Barton household...

"Dad! Dad!" Esteban Barton-Winner ran into his parent's bedroom, his visible green eye frantic as he rushed to them.

"What is it, Esteban?" Quatre asked as he ran a comb through his golden hair and turned to face his son.

"Gabriel locked himself in the bathroom and he says he's not coming out and he changed his mind about getting married to Rei."

Trowa's mouth tightened at this statement.

That kids' nervousness was going to become legend, he just knew it. He sighed.

"Has Pilar talked to him?" He asked as he stood up.

"Yes I have. But he's refusing to come out at all." Pilar replied as she came into the room followed by Simon Trowa, Gabriel's little brother.

"He won't listen to Simon or me at all." She rubbed her forehead.

"I think that Quatre is going to have to talk to him. and if that doesn't work, we'll try other methods."

Trowa frowned. He didn't really like the sound of that one.


The Church...St. Joseph's Cathedral

"So this it." Duo murmured as he and Heero stood with their daughter in the vast sandstone foyer of the cavernous cathedral.

Heero shot him a sharp look.

"We aren't going to bury her, Duo." Heero stated as he glanced over at Rei, who was fiddling with the newly-repaired bouquet and was biting her lip as she looked into the church itself.

"I know that, but still. She's grown up now." Duo stated softly as he looked at his daughter.

"She's so different. And so beautiful."

Rei was wearing a dress that was such a light blue that it was nearly white. It had a square-neck and was sleeveless, despite the frigid autumn. It fell into a straight column to the floor, where the back pooled into a train that splashed behind her on the marble floor.

Her long hair was braided into a coronet, and a tiara sat on it, holding her veil in place, making her look, Duo thought, like an angel.

"I know." Heero replied as he squeezed Duo's hand.
"But she's still our little girl, and nothing's going to change that."

The moment was broken by the music starting and Rei turning to flee her own wedding.

"I don't want to go." Rei proclaimed as Duo and Heero took her arms and literally dragged her to the aisle.

"Gabriel's crying.I don't want to get married." She whispered, but she didn't struggled as she was forced to walk down the aisle.

True enough, the young man ( Who was being held in place by his step-father, Trowa.) was looking at Rei with tears pouring down his face.

Heero caught Pilar's eye and she shook her head slowly.

"I definitely hate weddings." Heero whispered to Duo as they delivered Rei to her groom-to-be and took their seats.


The reception hall...

"So the wedding went well, don't you think?" Duo asked Quatre as they sat at the table watching the kids go wild on the dance floor.

"I don't know. YOU didn't have to break the bathroom door down to get your child to go to his own wedding." Quatre replied as he swirled his drink around.

"Oh yeah? Well, at least you didn't have to drag your kid down the aisle." Duo shot back. He then noticed that Pilar was shaking her head and laughing at both of them.

"What's so funny?" Both men asked in unison.

"I've been alive for a long time and I have been to so many weddings and hearing you talk reminds me that no matter how time passes, things always stay the same."

She replied before taking a sip of her wine.

"So weddings always have something like that happen?" Heero asked while Trowa watched Gabriel and Rei Winner dance.

"Oh yeah. No wedding in history, as far as I know, has ever gone perfectly. If it does, then it is definitely cursed."

Heero shook his head. "I still hate weddings."




The mishaps all come from family weddings, I kid you not.

My sister locked herself in the bathroom before her wedding and we had to pick the lock to get her out.

My brother tried to run away from his wedding and my parents had to literally drag him down the aisle.

The bride's veil was left somewhere and the dress got put in the attic by mistake... And my dad always says that he hates weddings...