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The Huntress PArt 5.
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Part 5.


Duo nodded. Pilar swore again before turning back to the room where she had presumably emerged from. She stopped at the entrance and looked inside.

"Quatre, come. In your real form please." Duo frowned at this odd command, but didn't question it. She turned back to Duo and looked at him closely. "Get some clothes on and stay with Trowa at all costs. Iohan, Quatre and I will fight her until the time comes for you to do your part." She told him, her voice distant and cold.

"No." Duo found himself saying. Pilar's black eyes narrowed until they were nothing but black slits in her smooth golden face.

"Why not?" She asked him. Her voice was calm and composed, but Duo could tell she was seething inside at his refusal to cooperate with her orders.

"I can't leave him to fight alone. We've always fought together whenever we could. Even if it meant death for both of us. I want to fight with him."

Pilar shook her head. "I can't allow it. You can't imagine how much is at stake here. I can't have you putting your life in danger like that. This isn't a game Duo, this is the entire fate of the human race that we are talking about, not some skirmish with a couple of Oz mobile suits."

"I can handle it." Duo insisted. Pilar shook her head.

"I'm sorry Duo, but I don't have the time. As noble as your actions are, I can't allow this to drag on any longer than it already has. I'm sorry and I hope you understand later."

She whispered, her features hard as she looked at Duo and used her other power.

"Sleep" She hissed into his mind.

Duo's eyes fluttered as he tried to fight the hypnotic suggestion.

=No. Must...Stay..=

Pilar could feel him fighting it, but knew that despite being the Scion and having powers of his own, he was no match for a thousand -year old half vampire.

"What happened?" Trowa asked as he appeared on the scene clad only in a pair of track pants and his hair an unholy mess. He had heard the commotion in the kitchen and decided to investigate in case it was a squadron of Oz soldiers coming to attack them. He was utterly surprised to see Pilar standing in the hallway with her clothes rumpled and a naked Duo sprawled at her feet. A questioning growl then drew his attention to the large, grey timber wolf that was, Trowa saw, practically glomping Pilar's leg.

"Relena's in the kitchen fighting Heero." The wolf answered him in a deep, growling sort of voice that made Trowa almost jump out of skin when he heard it.

"Yes. Armageddon has arrived." Pilar quipped, making Trowa look at her in shock.

"Look, we don't have much time left. I want you to take Duo into your room, get some clothes on him and guard him until his presence is needed." Trowa nodded. Pilar sighed. "I really wish the bitch could have waited at least a day before coming back for him." She shook her head and looked at Trowa sharply.

"Take care of him well. Or else we're all doomed." She looked down at the wolf at her feet and smiled a pale, fleeting ghost of a smile before she headed to the living room.

"Come, Quatre." She called at the wolf, making Trowa utterly facevault in shock.


In the kitchen, Heero and Relena struggled against each other with such fury that the air around them crackled with both their anger and the power that they were pouring into attempting to destroy each other.

Every single glass object in the room had been destroyed. The wooden cupboards had their doors torn off their hinges and the doors themselves had been reduced to a pile of splinters. All in all, the kitchen was now a battlefield and nothing more.

"You won't defeat me, Iohan." Relena snarled as she punched him squarely in the jaw. "Never." She repeated, kneeing him in the stomach and throwing him away from herself.

Heero gagged and cradled his sore stomach briefly before he lunged at her and brought her down onto a thick carpet of broken glass, smiling grimly when he heard her snarl.

"Let me go." She ordered coldly, kicking him in the chest with such force that it made him wince when he felt a couple of his ribs give way. Heero growled.

"Not a chance in hell." He answered, his voice low as he grabbed a hold of her flailing foot and squeezed it until he could feel the bones turning into individual shards.

She howled and hurled herself away from her, her hands clapping themselves protectively around her shattered ankle, her eyes promising him severe pain. But another expression was visible in her face as she stared at him. It was respect and fear at the same time. This small sign of vulnerability made Heero feel a trifle smug.

So she obviously hadn't expected him to be able to hold his own when it came to an actual physical fight? He laughed softly as he got to his feet quickly and stood in front of her. She flinched a little, but said nothing as he stood there.

"You didn't expect that I could be as strong as you did you?" He asked softly, grabbing her neck and picking her up. She hissed at him and clawed at his hand in an effort to get loose from his grasp. He smiled again and bared his fangs at her.

She didn't reply, she only lashed out again. This time, she curled her fingers and raked her hand against his eyes, making him snarl at her, but not lose his grip on her neck. He returned the favor by slamming her against the wall, making her see stars as the back of her skull connected against the hard cement of the wall. The fact that she had been physically injured against a mere mortal and half-Ulfric made Relena think that for the first time, she could very well lose the battle this time around.

"Nora! Alba! Fenris!" She screamed out, calling her faithful aides to her.

Heero raised his hand, intending to give her yet another blow when the discordant growling of some very large, and very angry wolves made the hair on the back of his neck stand up in both fright and anger at being disturbed in the middle of his task.

Letting Relena fall like a sack of potato, he turned around and glared at the newcomers.

Behind him stood a trio of the biggest wolves that he had ever seen in his lifetime. One was a light blonde, almost silvery in color with pale, pale blue eyes.

The one standing next to it was a deep, pure sable color, with darker markings on its body and dark-blue eyes that matched the darkness of its body. The last wolf was a warm, amber brown color with light blue eyes and an expression on its face that made it look vaguely amused to be there. Heero gulped. The wolves moved forward, following an unspoken command given, no doubt, by the sniggering girl behind him. "Did you think I was going to give up so easily, Iohan Von Ulrich?" She taunted him.

In response, Heero spun around and glared at her with all he was worth. "Do. Not. Ever. Use. That. Name." HE ground out between his teeth as a ripple of what felt like heat coursed through his tightly wound-up body. She laughed at his anger.

"Or else what?" She purred out, her eyes turning that incandescent blue of before.

"What are you going to do to me, Ioahn?" She asked, her voice turning as warm as the Arctic Ocean in the middle of January. "You know that I will kill you to get to him. Nothing is ever going to change that. Especially now that I have my wolves."

"Fuck you." Heero said, his voice low as he spoke, the ripple of heat coming back again, this time ten-fold. It was so powerful, that it made him fall to his knees and arch his back.

"Nora! Alba! Fenris! Destroy him!" Relena yelled out at the wolves.

The wolves nodded and quickly surrounded Heero in a small circle, intending to tear him apart piece by piece in order to prolong his suffering and their pleasure. Heero didn't react to being surrounded. He only curled himself up in a ball and groaned as the waves of heat suddenly turned into pain that began assaulting his joints and muscles in sharp spears of agony. He was helpless and at the mercy of his own body.

"NOW!" Relena screamed. The wolves jumped in at her orders, covering the shivering Heero in a mass of brown, black and white fur. The mass of fur writhed about the boy, and an assorted cacophony of sounds could be heard coming from it. But no screams. Relena frowned at this peculiarity. Most humans that had been attacked in this manner would be screaming to the high heavens as their limbs were being torn from their bodies. The wolves would be howling with pleasure at having tasted human blood and flesh.

She shrugged and turned away. It didn't matter. She would examine what was left later. She had a Scion to kill right now. Turning out of the wreck that had been the kitchen, she intended to search out the rooms when she was brought short by the sight of a huge timber-wolf standing in the exact middle of the hall way, snarling at her. And Pilar standing right behind it, the sword naked and pointed directly at her. Relena frowned.

"Out of my way!" She ordered angrily, moving forward and kicking the wolf in the side.

The wolf growled angrily and lunged at her, pinning her down with his massive weight as he then snapped at her arms and shoulders. Relena shrieked as she hit the beast and jerked and buckled her body in an effort to get the heavy beast off of her.

The wolf resisted her efforts for a good five minutes until Relena got a grip on his muzzle and neck and hurled him away from her as far as she could possibly throw it. The wolf hit the wall with a thud and wobbled about on its legs once it got back to his feet. Relena gave it a positively murderous look and ran to it, intending to crush its skull between her hands when she was felled by a hard blow across her shoulders.

"Not on your bloody life." She heard the hissed command before the hot sharpness entered her back. She screamed, but this time, another scream joined hers. The sword was quickly removed from her back and thrown far away, she could tell by the hollow, pling that metal made when it bounced against a hard surface.

Rolling onto her back, she saw that Pilar had hurled the sword away and was now looking at her hands, which she could see, were covered in deep, painful looking welts. Relena could also see that the girl had an utterly shocked look on her face as she clenched her hands and willed the pain and injuries to go away. She began to laugh as she too, willed the wound on her back to close. Oh, this was too perfect, she laughed.

"You're defenseless. Aren't you, my little guardian?" Relena purred as she came up to the girl who was still standing there with her still blistered hands.

"I don't understand." Pilar whispered as she looked at the sword that was lying on the floor, looking completely harmless.

"I don't understand." She whispered once again. "Why?" Relena laughed.

"It doesn't matter. You will die soon. And your little dog too!" She hissed as she flew towards the distraught girl, her hands clamping themselves around Pilar's neck. She brought the girl down onto the floor with a resounding thud that made Pilar's vision waver. She gasped and brought her knee against Relena's chest. With a loud grunt of effort, she pushed Relena away and rolled onto her feet. Relena raised an eyebrow.

"Nice. But you won't be able to finish me off that easily." She coolly noted before rushing the girl. Pilar jumped back before Relena could get a hold of her and kicked out, sending the other vampire hurtling backward onto her ass. Pilar laughed softly.

"You want to bet?" Pilar asked softly, making Relena's face darken. Relena hissed and flew towards the girl, her hands outstretched and curled into claws as she made her way toward a calm Pilar and the wolf who was now standing next to her.

Pilar smiled and waited for the furious woman to come to her. When she was mere inches away, Pilar reached out with both hands and grabbed her wrists. With minimal effort, she spun around and slammed Relena into the unyielding wood of the heavy oak door of one of the bedrooms in the hallway. The wolf howled and got out of the way of the two vampires.

The door gave a shriek as it gave way to reveal a tawny leopard standing guard over the now-awake figure of Duo Maxwell.

"No problems here?" Pilar asked as she picked herself up. The leopard nodded.

"Good. Excuse me." Pilar politely withdrew and dragged A shrieking Relena behind her, not noticing the mess that she left behind.

"Alba! Fenris! Nora!" Relena shouted out as Pilar slammed her against the wall yet again. Pilar frowned when she heard the names.

"You couldn't fight by yourself, could you Brynhild?" She spat out as she got another blow in. Relena laughed triumphantly and returned the favor, hitting Pilar in the stomach. "Ooooh." Pilar wheezed and let go of her. Relena took the advantage of Pilar's distraction and kicked her down, leaving her helpless onto the floor.

Pilar winced and fought to get to her feet and pay Relena back for those particular hits when she was slammed down onto the floor.

Her vision was clouded by stars for a minute and when she got wind knocked out again by a heavy, furry object that was slobbering on her neck. Her mind was about to wander when a low, deep growl brought her back to earth with a sick mental thud.

"Holy Sweet Mary Mother of God!" Pilar yelled out when she saw the sharp muzzle full of teeth just mere centimeters away from her face. She punched out at the furry hide and was only rewarded by a grunt and by the wolf snapping at her face.

"Oh SHIT!" She yelled out as the wolf ‘s teeth got closer to her face.

<I wonder if they're going to recognize me when this puppy's done with me.> She tried to push the wolf away, but the wolf stayed on her like a furry bag of bricks.

<Oh yeah, I'm definitely screwed this time around.>

She closed her eyes and willed herself not to scream out loud too much when the time came. She didn't want for Quatre to worry about her.

To her surprise, instead of feeling sharp teeth tearing into her flesh, she was bathed by a shower of warm blood all over her face and the pain-filled howls of an injured wolf filling her ears. She opened her eyes and was met by the sight of Duo's eyes glowing with and unholy green light and her sword held aloft in his hands, dripping blood and glowing with a silver light that she had never believed it could have ever done. The wolf had run away and was now being dragged away by the silver wolf that was Quatre.

"Du-Duo?" Pilar asked weakly. Duo looked down at her and pulled her to her feet.

"You have served my family well." He said to her, his voice low and otherworldly.

Pilar nodded and was about to step back and let destiny to take its appointed course when she saw Relena flying toward Duo, her hands bloody and outstretched; Reaching out to the Scion's chest. Pilar's eyes widened as she realized what Relena was intending to do. <I won't let you kill him. Not when we're this close!>

"NO!" Pilar screamed out as she shoved Duo away and intercepted Relena before she could even do more than brush the boy's shoulder.

"You bitch!" Relena howled her frustration, digging her clawed hands into Pilar's shoulders, making the girl scream.

"Let me go!" She yelled out as she struggled to get out of Pilar's grasp.

"No!" Pilar answered wrapping her arms around Relena, holding her tightly against her.

Pilar turned her head and saw Duo was on his feet, hie eyes narrowed as he debated whether he should kill Relena now or wait until his Guardian was out of the way. <Duo. Do it. My sacrifice will mean both your survival and the survival of the human race. I will happily give my half-life for all of that. Don't worry about me. Do it.> Duo shook his head at her, but Pilar wasn't going to give up so easily.

"DUO! DO IT! DO IT NOW!" Pilar yelled out, holding Relena as still as she could. Duo's mouth fell open, and his eyes widened at both the courage and the willingness of Pilar to die for her cause.

=Just like Heero would do. Just like I would do. I don't want to hurt her... but I must.=

"Very well." He whispered as he ran up to them and impaling them onto the sword to the hilt.

Relena shrieked long and loud, clawing at the sword as it burned through her body. Pilar let go of her and was sagging against the other vampire. Her mouth open in silent agony. The sword was burning her badly, but it wasn't killing her as quickly as it was with Relena. She could feel the older vampires life-force waning with every second and that feeling was the only thing that was making her agony somewhat bearable.

<It is worth it. She is finally gone. It is all worth it.>

Relena shriek finally died and the burning feeling finally dissipated. Pilar sighed and closed her eyes. She would finally get her rest. Duo's eyes lost the green light when he saw this and he immediately pulled the sword out of the two vampires.

"Pilar! Pilar!" Quatre yelled out, pushing the dead Relena away from his beloved. Pilar smiled at him as he gathered her up into his lap. "Oh my God!" He cried out when he noticed the gaping, some what charred wound in her abdomen. He covered it with his hand and looked at her face. Pilar smiled.

"Don't worry, Quatre. It is all over." She whispered as she reached up to stroke his face.

"She is gone and I am finally going to get my rest." Quatre shook his head at her words.

"No. Please. Please. Don't die." Quatre begged her. Pilar smiled at him.

"I can't help it, Quatre. If I must die, I must die. There's no choice in that."

Quatre shook his head again, his aqua eyes filling with tears at her words. (But you have a choice. Please take it. Please. I don't want to be alone. I don't want to lose you again!)

Pilar shook her head at him. Quatre tears spilled over as he buried his face into her neck. (Please. Do it. I beg of you. Please..)

"It may not work." She whispered as she caressed his neck. Quatre smiled tearfully.

(Then try it. Just try it.)

Quatre then leant down and pressed his neck to her lips, his breathing ragged as he felt her lips part and the sharp points of her fangs press against his skin.

"What is he doing?" Heero asked as he suddenly appeared behind Duo.

"He's giving her blood." Duo replied, letting the sword drop to the ground as he turned around and looked at Heero with wide eyes.

"He loves her." Heero said in a quiet voice as he watched Pilar cling tightly to Quatre as she drank the blood from him. The blood that Quatre hoped would keep her alive.

After several minutes of Pilar taking blood from Quatre, her back arched and a wordless cry emerged from her throat as she pulled away from a pale and weakened Quatre.

"Quatre!" Trowa cried out, emerging from the shadows to catch the pale boy.

"Did it work?" He asked Trowa before he sank into the edges of oblivion.

Trowa frowned and looked at Heero and Duo for an answer to Quatre's statement.

Duo moved to the still figure of his guardian. He knelt down and placed his fingertips ever so gently on her face. He sighed sadly. "She's dead."