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Part 3.


Heero sat crouched in the darkness with his forehead resting on his knees. The apple blossom scent he remembered from before still lingered in the air. Before it had smelled sweet and delicate to him. Now, as he sniffed at the air, the scent had changed to something putrid and cloying at the same time.

\\Why did it change?\\ He asked himself, not really bothering to raise his head and examine the cause or reason for it. He didn't really care. He was exhausted, both physically and mentally. He hadn't had that dream in years. He had always done his best to keep it buried under as many mental layers as possible. It usually had worked before.

Even when he could sense the other ness of Quatre and Trowa, he hadn't had the dreams. Not until she showed up and brought it all to light.

"It wasn't just her, Ulfric" He raised his head at the voice. His eyes widened a fraction when he saw who had spoken to him. The apple blossom scent was back.

"What do you mean?" He asked, his voice low as he rested his chin on his knees and looked up at the blonde girl that had just spoken to him. Relena knelt down and smiled at Heero as she reached out and stroked his hair with feather-light movements.

"I had a part in bringing it out too." She said, smiling widely to reveal the sharp-eyeteeth that he had only seen on Pilar. He shook his head and looked away from her.

"So she wasn't lying about anything, was she?" Relena shook her head and laughed.

"No. She was right. I want to kill him and make myself immortal." She confided to him.

"What do you want from me? You know I will try to stop you from doing it." He told her, his eyes narrowing as he spoke the words. She shook her head.

"Not anymore. You're my servant now." Heero smiled coldly at this statement.

"I've never been a servant. Nor will I ever be a servant. Especially not yours."

Relena shook her head in silent denial before she reached out and traced the small puncture marks on his neck with deliberate movements that made him shiver slightly.

"You didn't have much of a choice in that matter, Iohan." Heero froze at the mention of the name he hadn't heard spoken out loud since he was a very small child.

Relena laughed as she continued on stroking Heero's neck. "Surprised, Iohan?" She asked, her voice lowering itself to a purr that sounded like the warning of a big lion out for the kill. Heero didn't reply to her question. She laughed again before grabbing his chin and tilting his face up to hers. Heero was surprised at what he saw.

Relena's girlish features were replaced by sharp, womanish ones that reminded him of sharply carved statues on the churches that Duo would sometimes drag him into during mission lulls. But although the statues had a serene, almost ethereal look to them, Relena's features looked wolfish and almost demonic. Heero swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat when he saw her face. \\I think if I were smarter, I'd be scared.\\

But, he wasn't, really. \\Maybe I've been hanging around Duo for too long.\\

She was gloating as she looked down at him. Many lesser mortals had been cowed and awed whenever she had chosen to display her true form. They had become quite compliant until she hadn't any more use for them and ended their miserable lives.

Heero's eyes glittered and she thought that the boy would cry. It would have been amusing, really, to see such a hardened and calloused soul weep like a child for her. She had underestimated his will, she realized when his words washed over her exultation like a cold shower in the middle of winter.

"How the fuck did you find out my name?" He spat out as he slapped her hand away.

She raised an eyebrow before she backhanded him across the face. Blood spurted out of his nose and covered the sleeve of what had once been a spotless blouse. Heero didn't say anything. He only wiped the blood from his nose and looked at her expectantly.

"You will regret ever challenging me, Iohan." She hissed at him, her anger vivid on her pale vulpine face as she glared at him. Heero shrugged.

"I doubt it." He replied in his monotone as he watched the light play over her features.


"He's bleeding." Duo noted as he came up to the table to get a closer look. Pilar frowned as she too noticed the blood that had come out of Heero's nose.

"Fucken Hell!" She exclaimed, as she shoved Duo out of the way. "She's already starting to use him to track you down." She looked at the vial of holy water and put it away. Duo frowned at her before he looked at Trowa and Quatre, who were watching with taut looks on their faces. He turned back to Pilar.

"Aren't you going to purify him with the holy water now?" She shook her head.

"Too late for that. Once she's invaded his mind, there's no point in trying to turn him back. It'll kill him. It would be the equivalent of pouring acid into the wound. His humanity, or what remained of it wouldn't be enough to withstand the holy water" Quatre frowned and looked at Pilar, who was chewing on her lip.

(So what are you going to do to him, then? Are you going to kill him? You know if you don't so something soon he will wake and then your mission will be over before it actually ever started.)

She didn't bat an eye at having received that message from Quatre. She was, in fact, expecting it. After all, she wasn't really used to relaying information with others and she figured that the boys were probably getting upset at having bits and pieces thrown at them with no rhyme and reason in the bigger picture. She rubbed the bridge of her nose as she looked at the blonde Ulfric across the way from her.

<No, I won't kill him, Ulfric. I'm afraid I will have to do the next thing to murder.>

(What will that be? Maiming or imprisoning him until you can kill her?)

<Neither. But after all of this is over, he'll wish that I would have done it.>

(I wish you weren't so cryptic, Pilar. Why must you always talk in circles?)

<Just wait and see, Quatre. But I promised you that I wouldn't do this unless I had another option that wasn't as drastic as the ones you suggested.>

(Good. But keep your word, or else Duo will come after you if you hurt Heero. He cares for him, you know.) Pilar smiled wryly at this statement.

<Don't worry, I'll try to be as careful as possible. But just in case, be ready to catch him if he springs at me. I won't be able to do anything when I complete my task.>

Quatre shrugged and stepped back beside Trowa, who looked at him curiously, but didn't say anything mentally or verbally. Duo frowned. =What the hell just happened? Why aren't they telling me anything?=

Pilar said as she leaned over the still boy and turned his head to expose his neck. The puncture wounds were jagged and caked with blood from the earlier feeding. <Poor boy. He's probably gonna have a scar after all this is over.> She thought to herself before picking him up and holding him against her chest as if they were lovers.

"What are you going to do to him?" Duo asked her, not liking the way that she held him. It seemed like a parody of intimacy, the way that she was looking down into Heero's still face. =Like she really loves him, even though she's only known him for a day.=

Pilar didn't reply. She didn't have any more time to waste.< Forgive me for this, Heero>

"NO!!" Duo screamed when Pilar plunged her fangs into Heero's neck. Trowa winced and put his hand to his own neck in remembered pain, but didn't object.

Heero jerked spasmodically as the sharp teeth pierced his flesh, and his eyes fluttered once or twice, but he didn't wake. =Heero! Why won't you do something?=

Duo asked as he gave a mindless scream of frustration and moved forward to tear him out of Pilar's arms. He didn't get very far in his attempts due to Quatre pulling him away.

"Let me go, Quatre! Let me GO! She's fucken killing him!" Duo shrieked as the girl clutched at Heero tightly with one hand while she stroked his neck with the other, almost as if she were milking him for all he was worth.

"She's not killing him, Duo." Quatre said in a quiet voice as he held onto the struggling American. "She won't kill him, Duo." Quatre assured him quietly.

"No! She's sucking out all his blood! Quatre, come on, she's gonna kill him!"

Pilar pulled away from Heero and looked at Duo, who flinched as he saw the blood dripping down her mouth onto her chin and the shirt that she wore.

Swallowing the last of the blood down, she placed a hand behind Heero's limp head before she bit hard at her other wrist and released a fount of blood that made Duo ill. Looking at the flow critically, she then pressed it to Heero's mouth and firmly wedged it in, letting the blood flow into the boy's mouth.

At first, Pilar thought that her plan had failed. That Relena had already carved out his soul for her own use through the blood bonding, mind control and terror. The boy wasn't responding to the blood at all. <Maybe I did hasten his death.> She thought guiltily as the blood flowed into Heero's slack mouth. She looked up at Duo and Quatre, her eyes smarting with tears. Duo screamed when he saw the look on her bloody face.

"You bitch! You fucken killed him! You killed him!" He yelled out as he fought like a crazed beast to get at her. Quatre sighed, but didn't let Duo go.

"Let me go, Quatre! Let me go! She killed him! You killed Heero!"


Heero and Relena looked at each other as Duo's scream's pierced the blackness of Heero's mind. Relena laughed and pulled Heero to his feet.

"She has killed your physical self." Relena gloated as she looked straight into Heero's cobalt eyes. "Now you truly are mine. She has finished the task without intending to." She laughed again in glee, and pulled him even closer to herself.

Heero turned his head and closed his eyes and ignored the way that Relena was grinding herself against him. He knew that she was trying to use lust to manipulate him and he wasn't about to give in to her demands. Even though his body was responding against his commands, he wouldn't give her the only untainted piece of him that he had left.

"Heero! Heero! Why did you have to die?!" His eyes opened out of their own volition at the anguish and heart-felt sorrow that the cry brought with it.

"Heero!" His name. Spoken by the one that he loved. \\Is he crying for me?\\ He asked himself as the coil of emotions wound itself in his chest.

<Heero?> Her voice! He looked at Relena to see if she had heard the quiet query Pilar had voiced. She didn't notice. She was busy digging her nails into his back to get a cry, a yell, a moan, anything to show her endeavours weren't in vain. He wouldn't give her the satisfaction. He turned his face away and made a quiet reply to Pilar. \\I'm here. What do you want?\\ He asked as he ignored Relena and her hands.

<Suck on the blood I'm giving you. It'll help you get away from her. Hurry! You're slipping away on me and if you do, there'll be hell to pay.>

\\Will do. But you'd better explain all of this crap when I wake up.\\. He answered as he turned his attention to his inert body to do what she had just suggested. His head snapped back at the force of the blow that Relena dealt him.

"I'm not letting you go that easily!" She hissed at him, her eyes glowing incandescent blue as she looked at him. Heero swallowed the cold lump he suddenly felt in his dry throat. She didn't smile this time. Her face was deadly serious, and glowing with the odd light he had seen earlier when she had first began her pissing contest with him.

<Don't listen to her!> Pilar's voice hissed urgently. <Concentrate on the blood.>

"I'm not going to let you go, Iohan. No matter how hard you try. I will have you."

She hit him again, but this time she had curled her hand into a claw and scraped her fingernails across his face, leaving four bloody gouges on his cheek.


"What the fuck?" Duo whispered when he saw the faint pulsing of Heero's throat as he began to feebly suck at Pilar's wrist. Pilar turned pale at the motion and stiffened when she felt warm blood on her chest from the wound that Relena had inflicted on him. She looked down and shook her head, baring her bloody fangs in challenge at a foe that the others couldn't see. <You won't get him this time. Not this one.>

"You know I will. He's got *nothing* inside holding him back. He's a shell. No love, no joy, no hope. Nothing resides in him that shows he is human. He doesn't understand anything except war and death. Nothing else touches him. Pain comes close, but it isn't enough. If I hurt him, make him feel *just* enough pain, he won't remember he's actually got a body and die." Relena mocked her as another wound appeared on Heero's forehead, the rivulets of blood dripping down and staining the boy's bronzed flesh.

<No. No. That isn't true. There's more inside him than you actually realize, Relena.>

Pilar argued when she felt Heero's mouth slacken slightly against her wrist again.

<Duo loves him. The Ulfric and the cat care for him. I've loved him.>


Heero's eyes widened at this admission. \\Duo loves me? You love me?\\

<Yes. We love you.> Pilar whispered in his mind. He wiped the blood away from his face as he turned to Relena, who shook her head slowly.

"Your love for him doesn't matter. He's a shell. All emotions died in him when he was a child. War and Death are all that he has inside. I thrive upon those elements." She smiled cruelly at Heero as she caressed his bloody face with her sharp fingertips.

"Those are the only things that make him feel and react, so they have created a bond between us already. Nothing can break that bond. Not even your declarations of love because he isn't capable of ever giving love back."

<That isn't true! He's human still! He's got the capacity to love. Inside of himself, he does.> Pilar replied hotly. Heero was surprised when he heard her say that.

\\Do I really? Can I really love anyone? Or have my emotions been destroyed from all those years of fighting and killing? Can I really feel? Or are my emotions just pale shadows of what real emotions are? Is what I feel for Duo love? Or am I just fooling myself into thinking that it is?\\ He asked himself, doubt coiling in him.

<You listened to Duo when he cried for you. Isn't that enough proof for you?>

Heero frowned. \\But is that enough?\\


Pilar's eyes widened as she felt Heero's new fangs sink through her wrist. Quatre gasped and clutched at his chest when he felt the flood of emotions that Heero was experiencing as he examined his feelings. Duo looked at them worriedly.

"Is there anything I can do?" He asked concernedly, his animosity forgotten when he noticed the pain in Pilar's face as Heero continued to drink from him.

"Talk to Heero." Pilar whispered to him. Duo's eyes narrowed at her request.

"What do you want me to say to him?" He asked cautiously.

"Tell him how you feel about him." Pilar suggested. Duo frowned at this.

"I like him." Quatre's space heart relaxed slightly at this admission. Pilar sighed.

"That's all? You just like him?" She asked, exasperated at the boy' reply. "Duo, I know you feel quite strongly towards Heero. Like is a cop-out on your part." She told him as she brushed the Japanese pilot's hair out of his face. Duo turned red.

"We-e-ell. I care about him." Duo admitted after several moments of silence.

"Ouch!" Pilar cried out as Heero's grip became more tenacious on her wrist.


Heero's doubts were greatly diminished by the hesitant words Duo had spoken.

"It isn't enough to bring you back, Heero." Relena told him sourly. He glared at her.

"Shut up." He told her as he turned back to the small trickle of light that had been steadily but surely coming in ever since Pilar had been giving him her blood and Duo had spoken the words that he had never believed he would ever hear anyone say about him.

"Care is a step towards love, Relena." Heero replied softly as he turned away from her.

"You can't feel!" She sneered at him. "You have no feelings. They are dead within you."

He shook his head. She was losing whatever small grip she had ever had on him. "No. They aren't I should know whether they would be or not." She laughed at him, but her laughter had an undercurrent of fear and frustration underneath it.

"Oh please, Iohan. You wouldn't know because you aren't human any more than I am."

Heero shook his head and closed his eyes against the bright light before him. "You can't tell whether I feel or not, Relena, cause you don't know what love is."

Relena hissed at him before she replied to that statement. "And you do?" She asked in a taunting tone. He nodded before he stepped forward.


He opened his eyes and pulled away from Pilar's wrist carefully. He sat up with slow, deliberate movements and looked around the kitchen. Trowa was smiling slightly. Quatre looked utterly relieved and his hand had fallen to his side. Pilar was exhaustedly happy. And Duo... Duo was staring at him with no statement on his face at all.

"Hi?" Heero asked as he got off of Pilar's lap and went to Duo. Duo blinked.

"Hi." He returned his voice cracking as he spoke. They stood in silence until Duo Flung himself into the startled Japanese boy's arms and began to sob his relief into Heero's neck. Heero was stunned and stood still until his arms moved out of their own will.

Pilar turned to Trowa and Quatre, a small grin on her face as she did so.

<I think it's time to leave the two lovers alone.> Trowa and Quatre nodded and they made their exit as quietly and unobtrusively as they possibly could.


Heero let Duo cry for as long as he needed to. Although he didn't understand the intensity of the emotions that Duo was experiencing, he let him cry himself out.

"Shit man." Duo finally said after his sobs had quieted down to shuddering breaths.

"What?" Heero asked as he pulled back and tilted the American's face up to his. Duo's eyes were bright with tears and they looked like weeping violets as they looked at him.

"I thought Pilar had killed you there." He replied as he raised his hand to wipe his tears.

"Why?" He didn't know how she had brought him back. Or how she had gotten into his mind like Relena had. He shuddered as he thought of that name. He owed that psycho-bitch from hell. Owed her big-time. He didn't appreciate how she had plowed in his mind and made him feel naked and *helpless*! In his own mind! Nor was he particularly happy that she had dredged his first name out of the depths of his memories. "She drank your blood." He felt himself go slightly cold at this answer.

"Why would she do that?" He asked in a quiet voice. Duo sniffed. "To save you from Relena. See, Relena fed from you first. Pilar found you in a park and she had a fight with Relena over you. She brought you here and she was going to do something else to you, cause if she didn't, you'd betray us to Relena. But it turned out to be too late, so she took your blood then gave it back to you." He paused as he remembered the tense seconds that they had all went through when Heero wasn't responding to Pilar's blood. He had been positive that Heero was dead at that moment.

Heero nodded as he swallowed the information that Duo had just given him.

"So she saved me." He said in a soft voice as he drew the small wisps of Duo's bangs out of the heart-shaped face before him. Duo nodded, his eyes still teary.

"She said that you love me." Heero whispered. Duo swallowed hard at the unexpected statement that Heero had just made. The Japanese boy sighed. "Is it true?" He paused. "I know I shouldn't have brought it out like that, but I need to know from you whether it is or not." Duo's mouth went dry when he saw the shining iridescence of the cobalt eyes that were both boring into his soul and pleading with him at the same time. He had feelings for Heero, but he didn't know whether they would be construed as *love* for the other boy. He cared deeply for him, that he knew. He had been frantic when Heero had self- destructed, and had been relieved when he had showed up alive and well. He had also been relieved it had been *him* that had rescued him from the Oz cells.

=Is that what loving someone is?= He asked himself as he tried to sort through the memories and the emotions that were assaulting him. =Caring for them, aching for them, wanting them to save you? Wanting to do the same for them?= He asked as he recalled the warmth he had felt when Sister Helen would embrace him after he had been in some sort of turmoil.


"Duo." She asked him, kneeling in front of him, her face understanding as she looked up his flushed face. He didn't want to reply. He was both angry and ashamed at what happened in school earlier and he didn't want her to know it.

"Duo, what did those boys say to you?" She asked him, her voice kind. Duo sniffed as he tried to keep the tears back that were threatening to spill over.

"They said." He stopped, his remembered anger choking him. She waited. "They said I smelled like a sewer." She didn't say anything. Instead, she held out her arms for a hug.

Without hesitation, he had stepped into the welcoming circle of her arms and held her for all he was worth, burying his face into the worn cloth of her habit as she held him.

"See? You're not smelly at all." She had reassured him as she lightly stroked his braid.

"Duo, when they say anything like that, just ignore them, because it's not true."


He returned to the present with a wrench and faced those expectant eyes again.

"Yes. I do love you." He replied, his voice steady as he spoke the words. Heero's eyes glimmered before he embraced Duo tightly, as if he would lose him if he were to ever let go of him. He buried his face into Duo's shoulder and grabbed the braid in a possessive, yet tender gesture as he did so.

"I made the right choice. To come back for you." He said as he held onto the other boy.

"You love me that much, Heero?" Duo asked, his voice quavering as he spoke the hope that he had buried deep in his heart after the Maxwell church had been destroyed. The hope that someone would love him like Sister Helen and Father Maxwell had.

Heero laughed softly before he pulled away to look into Duo's pale face. "I came back from the dead for you, didn't I?" He asked before he touched his lips softly and carefully against Duo's, his touch being as light as the passing breeze.

//You don't have to break your heart
In two my love
You don't have to play a part
It's you I love
You don't have to hide from yourself
You don't have to be someone else again//

Duo closed his eyes as he felt the warmth of Heero's lips pressed against his. He had never imagined that kissing someone would feel so wonderful. It felt right. Like he was meant to be kissed by this particular person at this particular time. He moaned softly as Heero's lips applied more pressure to his and his tongue began to trace the shape of his lips before it began to pry them open to gain entrance into his mouth.

Heero pulled him closer as he explored the warm cavern of Duo's mouth. He wanted to taste him, taste his soul, which had always seemed like sunshine to him. Their tongues met and warred with each other as they sought to savour the flavour of each other.

//You don't have to rescue me
You don't have to watch me drown
You don't have to give to me
All I want is you//

Duo groaned as he ran his hands over Heero's chest. He was getting highly aroused by the kiss that seemed to touch every part of him. He wanted Heero. Wanted him badly. He had never felt this type of attraction with anyone else. =God, Heero. What spell have you cast over me? = He thought as he melted against the strong body in front of him. =Whatever it is, I don't want it to ever stop. Oh, God. Is this how it feels?= He asked as Heero pulled away and began to stroke the hair at the nape of his neck. Duo purred.

//Be there, my love
Be there, tonight
Be there, my love
Be there, tonight//

"Duo." The hand pulled away and Duo looked at Heero with surprise and regret that the wonderful sensation was suddenly gone. He felt a pang of fear at Heero's pained statement. =Why did he stop?= Duo asked silently, wondering if it had been too fast.

"What's the matter? Why did you stop? Did you change your mind?" He asked, his words coming in an almost breathless rush as he tried to figure out what had gone wrong.

Heero shook his head. "No." Duo's forehead creased as he tried to think of another reason why Heero would suddenly stop cold.

"It isn't anything you have done, Duo." Heero reassured him. Duo's face brightened.

"I'm concerned about what we are going to do." He bit his lip. "I don't want to rush this, and make it something that we might regret doing later on. I don't want to take advantage of you and make you hate me later on." He raised his hand and caressed Duo's face. "I want this to be special for you. I don't want it to be tainted." He looked away.

"I don't want to destroy your light, or change you in any way, And I'm afraid that if we just rushed into it without really knowing our minds, that it could happen."

// You don't have to dress yourself up
Or stay the same
You don't have to smile
If I say smile//

Duo put his own hand over Heero's and smiled a wistful little smile as he looked into his lover's eyes. He put his other hand on Heero's face and gently drew his thumb over the swollen lips. Once, Twice before he gave the Japanese boy a reply.

"I won't regret it, Heero. Not this time or any other time that may come after. You have my word on it that I will never look back on this time with any emotions other than joy." Duo said before drawing the other boy into another deep and searing kiss that made Heero's head spin wildly with all the passion that the kiss ignited in him.

//You don't have to be the best
You don't have to give me rest
All I want is all you have
Nothing else

They sank onto the kitchen floor and began to strip each other of the clothes that had suddenly seemed to be superfluous as their desire burned hotly. Hands moved over flesh with tender precision, as if they were memorizing the terrain of the flesh underneath them. There was no conscious thought between them. They only wanted to get into each other's souls and be joined as one for one brief moment in the time of the world. They kissed each other with a hungry, devouring madness that left their lips throbbing and sore from the contact. But it didn't matter.

//Be there, my love
Just be there, my love//

Heero found the tie at the end of Duo's braid and snapped it off. Using both hands, he then freed the shining masses of chestnut hair and draped them on the floor above Duo's head. He smiled at the picture that the naked, fey boy made with his hair lying over the white linoleum in the kitchen. Just looking at his pale, delicate limbs spread out in wild abandon made his erection ache in anticipation. Lord knew how much he wanted to take him right then. To bury himself up to the hilt in the creamy flesh and let himself explode with the raging need he felt building up by the second. He was yanked out of his thoughts when he felt Duo's own erection rub against his inner thigh. He would attend to his lover's needs first, he promised himself as he lowered himself until his face was right above the engorged organ that was twitching in readiness.

Duo's eyes widened as much as they possibly could when he felt the warmth of Heero's mouth engulf his entire length in one fell swoop. He let out a strangled yelp and dug his hands into the other boy's hair to anchor himself before he was swept away.

//If you want the whole of me
That's all you'll get
I'll sing this song
I'd give my health
Give it all
You don't have to...//

"Hunnnh." Duo moaned out as Heero moved up and down his shaft, expertly teasing the length with practised flicks of his tongue before sucking on it with the slow, careful precision of sucking a popsicle in the summer. His hands tightened his grip on Heero's hair as he felt himself drawing closer and closer to his release. His head jerked and his back arched as Heero's expert mouth did its best to make him lose what little control he had. Heero's hands dug into his hips as he braced himself. Duo let out a caterwaul as Heero increased both his speed and the tightness around his cock. =Whoah! Holy Mother of God!= He screamed his triumph as he felt himself come into Heero's mouth before lying in a contented, boneless heap.

//Ah, he comes on by
He says, I need you, my love
Ah, he says, all I want is you//

Heero smiled as he wiped the last drops of Duo's come from his mouth. Duo looked, for all intents and purposes, like he had just died a happy death. His face was sweaty and flushed, his hair was in wild disarray and his limbs looked utterly boneless in their complete relaxation. The only indication that he wasn't really dead was the slow rise and fall of his chest as he breathed. Heero leaned over and brushed some strands of hair that had draped themselves over Duo's heart-shaped face and smiled down at him.

"How was that?" He asked as he kissed the tip of Duo's nose. Indigo eyes met his. Indigo eyes with the lazy fullness of good sex, he corrected himself, met his.

"Now I know why you like to eat popsicles." Duo murmured as he closed his eyes.

//You don't have to play your little game
If I fall apart
You don't have to work those strings
Or do those things
You're enough in my heart//

Heero laughed softly at the reply he had just gotten. \\Figures he'd says something like that. Little smartass.\\ His mouth curled up at the word. He stroked the length of Duo's torso, making Duo purr once again with pleasure. The purring stopped abruptly when Duo felt Heero's fingers proving his entrance. He stiffened a bit at the intrusion, but Heero leaned over and kissed the nape of his neck, licking it and running his lips down it and into the juncture of his neck and shoulder until he had relaxed again.

"Just relax and trust me." Heero murmured as he placed another finger into Duo's tight entrance and began to probe around, looking for the spot that would make Duo nuts. He knew he had found it when Duo began making growling noises and tried to impale himself further onto Heero's fingers. Heero knew he was ready, but...

He spotted the answer to his problems when he spotted a bottle of olive oil sitting on a low shelf directly in front of him and Duo. Reaching over his lover's body, he grasped the bottle. Duo made a low sound of protest when Heero removed his hand, but the sound was quickly turned into purrs when he felt the slick fingers enter him and begin to drive him wild once again. Heero smiled when he heard the noises Duo made.

Removing his fingers, he rolled Duo onto his back. Hooking the American's legs over his shoulders, he looked down into the other boy's face. Duo's eyes were indigo and begging him to continue his administrations. Gripping Duo's hips, Heero positioned himself at the slick ring of muscle and drove himself into the hilt.

\\Shit!\\ He thought as he made himself stop and enjoy the tightness of Duo's entrance. He had nearly come right then and there.\\God. He's so tight\\. He thought as he forced his head to stop spinning. Duo moaned as he got used to the feeling of Heero inside him. =Christ!= Was his only thought before his mind was blitzed into a surreal world of pleasure and sensuality. Hoarse cries were thrown from their throats as Heero thrust hard and deep, bumping the spot that was making Duo lose all awareness of his surroundings.

//You don't have to hide from yourself
You don't have to be someone else
All I want is all you have
All I want is you//

The rhythm was getting more and more desperate and aggressive as the peak was looming before him. Duo's cries were frantic and high- pitched howls that were urgent in their rawness. He was driving Heero closer and closer to that end. Closer... Then.

Heero threw his head back and let out a triumphant shout as he felt his release flood Duo's body and drip down onto the linoleum underneath him. Duo added his own howl a minute later, puddling his own release on his and Heero's chests.

"Whoah!" Heero murmured as he pulled out of Duo and collapsed onto him. Duo murmured a quiet endearment in reply and wrapped his arms around him, caressing his sweaty mop of brown hair until exhaustion claimed them both.

//Be there, my love
Be there, tonight
Be there, my love
Be there, tonight//

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