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The Huntress Part 2.
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The Huntress pt. 2. By Jim Morrison.


She smiled again, but this time, her smile was wide enough to reveal very sharp incisors that made her look feral and dangerous.

=Even more dangerous than spandex boy over there.= Duo thought as he looked over at Heero, who looked like he thought that everyone in the room was a figment of his imagination and he would wake up soon. Duo swallowed when he saw Pilar's features change rapidly.=What the hell was that?=

Pilar shook her head and frowned as if she was in deep thought. <She's near.> She looked up and winced to herself as she plotted what to do next. <Damn. I'm still messed up. The blood only helped enough. I need my sword to make it complete. I need to get it before she comes near. And she is coming closer and closer.> "So how long has she been wanting to kill Duo's ancestors?" Heero asked, since Quatre was busy getting Trowa to wake up from his forced unconsciousness. "I think around 1400 C.E." Pilar replied as she began looking around the room.

"I think that was when she was made into a vampire. Now where are my clothes?" She asked as she began pulling drawers and closets open in quick, jerky movements.

"Why would she make it her life's work to kill a family line, so what if I'm the Scion. I don't care about killing vampires, why the hell should she target me?" Duo asked as he watched Pilar's finally get frustrated and sink down on the bed petulantly. "I don't think you really want to know. Not now anyways. Now where are my clothes? I can't stick around for long." Pilar said in a fairly pissy voice.

"You're not leaving until you answer our questions." Quatre spoke up after finally getting Trowa to open his eyes and join the world of the living again. Pilar rolled her eyes at the little blond, whose delicate features were set in stone as he looked at her.

"Ulfric, that's not gonna work on me. I have to leave and I have to leave now before Oz gets on my trail. You guys are Gundam pilots, for God's sake! You should know how much like hunting dogs those guys are! Besides, she's near and I have to go deal with her before she strikes out at the Scion. Now, shove off!" She snarled at Quatre, who snarled back in return, making Duo pale slightly and Heero smile coldly. Pilar looked stunned for a couple of seconds before letting out a shaky laugh. But she still looked like she was fairly angry at Quatre. "Fine. I'll answer your questions. All of them. But we have to get out of here. I'm a little nervous about Oz and Relena. She's close." Heero rolled his eyes at Pilar's words.

"She's a pacifist. What is she going to do? Talk us to death?" Heero said quietly.

Pilar's face paled slightly, but her anger was still shimmering strongly under the surface.

"You still don't believe me, do you?" She asked in a soft voice as he walked up to him until she was only a foot away from him. Heero didn't even blink.

"No. I don't. She may be a complete twit, but she wouldn't hurt anyone willingly." Heero replied, making Duo bite his lip to stop the words that were on the tip of his tongue and Quatre and Trowa to practically gape at Heero in shock and surprise. Pilar's face went pale at this statement. "You really believe she's a sweet and nice and virginal and the embodiement of purity, don't you?" She asked as her hands automatically went up to the neckline of her hospital gown. Heero nodded slightly. Pilar smiled wryly before she ripped the gown and bandages away from her right shoulder. Heero's eyes narrowed at the sight while the others gasped in shock.

"Would you believe it if I told you she did this to me?" Pilar asked quietly as she pulled more of the bandages away to fully reveal the extent of the old wound. She had no actual skin left on her shoulder. It was just a mound of thick scar tissue. The tissue was dark brown in colour and extended from her shoulder down to the top of her breast.

"She impaled me on a tree after she hadn't found the Scion." Pilar said softly as she pulled the torn fabric back to cover the wound. "She left me to hang there until the weight of my body tore my shoulder from the spear of Ash she had used. It took four days. She didn't leave me alone either." She shook her head as she looked at the ground.

"Ash harms vampires. Any wood does, but Ash is the worst. She endured the pain to impale me and watch me squirm. Then she would come and pour holy water on my wound until I was begging her to end my life." Pilar sighed.

"You know, I frankly wouldn't care if you believed me or not. But your fate is tied with the Scion's and if you make a mistake, it could mean the end of his life. So think about that for a while. I don't want to have to kill you at the final battle, but if I have to, I will."

Pilar then turned to Quatre and Trowa, who were watching her with sympathy. "Don't do that. It's part of the job." She told them tersely. <And it'll make me cry. I don't want to remember. Not that one, or any of the others. Don't feel sorry for me. Please.>

"Can we leave now? I don't want to stay any longer than I have to." Quatre nodded.

Pilar smiled at him in gratitude and Quatre returned it, but his heart still ached.


Relena watched as the car sped off and swore softly. It didn't matter. She didn't want to fight them in the hospital anyways. Too many witnesses. She would have had to destroy the place and it would look too suspicious if a hospital in a fairly peaceful and secure area were to suddenly be reduced to rubble. "Oh well." She shrugged as she leapt down from her perch on the neighbouring building to gracefully land on the lawn below. "It's not like I don't have the time." She chuckled to herself as she walked away, her skirt swinging merrily as she walked. "All I have to do is to kill this Scion. I'm sure she'll thank me. Considering that there WON'T be another Scion!" She laughed, but her laugh sounded false and metallic.

"I'll be looking forward to it. Especially this time." Relena laughed again. "Especially this time." She thought before she broke her thoughts off and began to hum an ancient ballad as she merrily skipped to her lair.


"Home sweet home." Duo said when they entered the house and herded themselves over to the living room to have a long night of conversations and explanation.

"I'll go make some tea." Quatre offered as he immediately went into the kitchen. Pilar didn't reply, instead, she possessively clutched at her sword and her beat-up pack.

"Thank God." She breathed out as she lovingly stroked the aged metal and rested her cheek against it. The other three people in the room watched her curiously.

"Sheesh. Even Heero isn't that obsessed about his gun." Duo muttered before getting a thwap across the head from Heero.

"OWW! Heero! Did you have to hit me so hard?" Duo complained. Pilar laughed.

"You haven't changed." She said as she finally laid her sword down beside her on the loveseat she was sitting at and began to search through her pack. "Ah!" She exclaimed as she pulled out a long shirt, a pair of pants and shoes and put them all on. She now felt quite human again, even if her hair wasn't braided.

"Will you tell us what is going on now?" Trowa asked her after she had buttoned the shirt up and settled back with the sword in her hands once again.

"Wait for Ulfric, Cat. If I have all of you well informed, the better chance we have against her when the time for the battle comes." Pilar replied.

"Why?" Duo asked as he kept on rubbing his abused head and glaring at silent Heero.

"I've nearly lost Scions because my helpers weren't prepared. Ulfrics and Cats have died needlessly because of shoddy planning. I've seen too many of my friends die. I don't want it to happen ever again." She sighed as she tightened her grip on her sword. "And also because I intend it to be the last time that I fight her."

"Sorry it took so long." Quatre said as he came into the room with a tray of fragrant tea and a plate of cookies that Duo dug into as soon as Quatre had put the tray down.

"Fine. He's here. Now spill." Heero ordered her brusquely as he accepted a cup of tea from Quatre, who was busy pouring everyone tea to chide Heero for his sharpness.

"What do you want to know, exactly?" Pilar asked as she sipped her cup of tea.

"Why is Duo so important to Relena, for instance?" Trowa asked. Pilar sighed tiredly.

"As far I know, when she was made, a prophecy came into effect. Apparently, what this prophecy stated was that a child born from the Ardenne Templar line would have some kind of undefined power. I think that this power referred to immunity from death. I don't know, the documents were already destroyed by the time I came of age."

"Why would a vampire care about death? Aren't they immortal?" Quatre asked.

"For the most part, yes. But fire, wooden stakes, silver and holy objects can finish them off. Since I'm a half-blood, I'm partially immune to those threats. They still hurt me, but not as badly as they would to full-bloods. But I don't heal as rapidly as real vampires would." She said as she motioned to the cast on her arm." Hence the interest in the child. "A vampire that can live forever can wreak havoc of unimaginable proportions on the world. Relena's goal is to rule the world and make all the inhabitants on it slaves for herself and the other vampires that live in the shadows."

"Now you see why it is so important to keep Duo out of her hands?" Pilar asked them.

"So we have to keep her from killing Duo until you finish the job." Quatre noted.

"Not necessarily. You have to keep her far AWAY from him. She's terribly mean and desperate to get her hands on his power. You have to guard him from her as much as possible, or else we're all shot." Pilar restated as she took a sip from her tea.

"What would she do to me?" Duo asked as he swallowed a cookie. Pilar winced.

"Are you sure you want to know?" She asked in quietly. Heero rolled his eyes.

"She has to perform a ritual to get your power. It isn't a nice ritual either. She has to skin you alive first, then tear out your eyes and tongue, eat them while she is performing the ritual and then tear out your heart and sprinkle the blood on the ground." Duo's face turned the colour of paper when he heard that. Heero blinked and Quatre turned green.

"I'm sorry I asked." Duo said in a faint voice several minutes later. Pilar nodded.

"So what do you propose we do?" Heero asked in a dead voice.

"We wait for her to attack. I can't get close to her in this time. She has done well for herself. There's no possible way to fight her unless she chooses to meet us head on."

"Then after you kill her, what will you do?" Heero asked in his monotone.

"Ah, I don't-" Pilar tried to say something, but was cut off by Heero's angry glare.

"You haven't thought of it have you? Duo's already in danger. He courts it everyday." Heero snorted as he stood up and walked up to her." You don't realize that if you kill her, you damn us to a never-ending war." Heero told her softly. \\But if what you say is true, you damn us to eternal hell. A hell without him.\\

"She represents the peace for the whole world. You kill her, you destroy the chances we have of ever obtaining peace." Pilar looked down at the carpet.

"I have to do my duty." She repeated, but her voice was dull and dead as she spoke. She then looked up at Heero and spoke again. "I have no choice. Your peace is a small price to pay for him being safe. Your peace will become meaningless if he dies, since Relena will twist and manipulate her position to obtain her means. His life is more important than your peace." Heero's fists clenched. Without warning, he struck out at the girl on the couch. Trowa jumped when flesh met flesh, but Pilar didn't move. She only looked at Heero with fathomless eyes.

"I have no choice." Pilar repeated as Heero stepped away from her.

"But I do. And I choose not to be part of this foolish scheme." Heero said as he moved towards the door. Duo stood up as well, his eyes bright with anger and fear.

"What are you going to do, Heero?" Pilar asked cooly as she finally stood up and was standing next to Heero without anyone having seen her move. Heero blinked.

"I'm going OUT." He snarled, pissed at himself from getting startled.

He looked at Trowa and Quatre, who were watching him with awed looks on their faces. He knew that he was acting irrationally, but the memories were threatening to overwhelm him. He didn't want to be in the room with them or with her. They were dangerous. Much more dangerous than he would ever be. He knew that bitter lesson all too well.

\\She's not human. She's a fucken monster. Just like they were. Don't listen to her\\.

"Heero." Quatre tried to re-assure him. He knew that the Japanese boy was fighting, struggling with something that was making him lash out at Pilar. Heero looked at him with wildly dilated eyes that made the Arab blanch slightly.

(Trowa. He's getting hysterical. I can't understand why. He won't let me in).

Trowa looked at Heero and called his name in a low voice, hoping that would help him get back to his senses somewhat. Heero looked at him and shook his head in sharp, jerky movements that the Spanish boy had seen in prey before they ran away.

\\You can't trust them. None of them. Can't trust those bastards. They're like those ones that destroyed you. Get away. Get away. Get away from them. Run.\\

He told himself as he studied the golden-skinned face with those black, bottom-less eyes that revealed nor hid anything from him. She raised her hand, but Heero backed away from her. She sighed.<Who has hurt you? You were never like this. Who did this?>

"I don't do this because I enjoy it, Heero. I'm just trying to make sure no one gets killed this time around." She told him, her voice suddenly old and tired. "A thousand years of watching you die over and over again isn't what I call fun. A thousand years of wandering, taking care of a child who doesn't understand why his parents have just been killed isn't exactly the easiest job in the whole world."

She shook her head. "Don't you think that I'm trying to make this as painless as possible? I don't want to cause anymore problems if I can help it. But my duty lies in protecting him and I have to put that before anything else." Heero inhaled sharply at this. \\Her eyes\\. He swallowed.

\\She's just like me\\. He shook his head. \\She's not human!\\

"NO!" He cried out. "No! I don't believe you!" He cried out before he ran out of the room. Trowa and Quatre stood up and watched helplessly as Heero shot out of the room. Duo pressed his hands to his eyes and violently shook his head. "I don't want this to happen!" He cried out. "I don't want this! I DON'T want it!" He sobbed out as he tried to run after Heero.

"Let him go." Duo jumped when he heard Pilar's voice right in his ear. Duo bit his lip.

"No. He's hurt. You did something to him!" Duo cried out as he backed away from her.

Pilar flinched at his words and turned her face away. "You're right. He was hurt." Duo looked at her in surprise before he mindlessly lunged at her.

"You hurt him? You bitch! When did you hurt him? Why can't you go away! We have enough with the war! We don't need this! Leave!" Duo yelled mindlessly as he hit her.

"Duo, don't." Quatre ordered him while Trowa pulled him away from the half-vampire, who had stood there the entire time and took his blows without comment.

"Hey, are you allright?" Quatre asked her as he came up to her and placed a hand on her face, which was wet with silent tears. Pilar didn't respond to his touches. She looked at Duo, who was still struggling against Trowa and spoke.

"I didn't hurt him, Duo. I didn't want to hurt you either." She replied in a quiet voice.

"I'm only trying to help the only way I know how. I'm sorry." Duo shook his head.

"It doesn't help us. You have brought this into our lives. There's no way to take it back."

He told her bitterly. Pilar closed her eyes in pain and Quatre gasped out loud.

"So much pain!" He cried out as he clutched his heart.

"Duo..Did you mean that?"

"Yes. I did." Duo replied. "I wish you would have never shown up." He hissed at the girl.

Pilar nodded and closed her eyes. "I'll leave then. I have caused too many problems."

"Wait. What about Oz?" Quatre asked her worriedly. Pilar smiled sadly at the boy.

"Don't worry. I'll be more careful this time around. They won't catch me twice."

She picked up her back-pack and slung it over her shoulder before she headed toward the main entrance. Quatre closed his eyes when they heard the door click shut.

"Why did you hurt her so badly, Duo? Why?" He asked the American pilot.

"She hurt Heero." He answered in a stony voice as Trowa released him. He headed to the door, but Quatre rushed over and grabbed his arm. Duo looked surprised at this.

"Heero needs to be alone, Duo. Don't rush him." Quatre told him. Duo frowned.

"But" Quatre shook his head, his soft blonde hair moving slightly with the movement.

"If you rush him, Duo, he may not return. He`s confused and scared right now. Not just of Pilar, but of all of us. He needs time alone." Quatre explained apologetically.

"Maybe I can help him." Duo protested again as he tried to yank his arm from Quatre's grasp and go and find Heero.=Why can't you turn to me? I can help you? Please, Heero. You need a friend. I can help you. Let me help you.= Quatre's face darkened and he tightened his grip on the American's arm, making him gasp out in surprise at the display of strength that the little Sandrock pilot was displaying.=Quatre can't be that strong!= He exclaimed to himself as he kept on struggling.

"Don't fight anymore, Duo." Trowa finally spoke up. Duo turned to the stoic boy. "He's ten times stronger than Heero is. You'll tire yourself out before you free yourself."

"What the fuck are you?" He hissed at Quatre, who only watched him struggle.

"Are you like her? Some hidden monster?" He asked, his voice becoming high suddenly.

"You could say that." Quatre returned, a smile on his pretty little face. "That's if you consider a werewolf a `hidden monster', as you so put it." Duo shook his head.

"That's a fucken myth! There aren't such things!" He exclaimed through cold lips. Quatre's smile widened to reveal very sharp, decidedly canine set of teeth. A cold pit of fear settled itself in his stomach when he saw the teeth. Even though he spoke the words of denial, he knew that he was standing next to the real deal. Trowa chuckled at the words and came close to a now still Duo. Pushing his hair away from his face, he then looked deep into the other boy's eyes. Duo shuddered at the bright green eyes in front of him. At first glance, the eyes were still the same emerald shade that they always had been. But at a closer inspection, he could see that the pupils were now slitted. =Cat eyes= He thought as he turned away from the Heavy arms pilot.

"I believe you." He told them. There was no point in denying it when he had the evidence before him. But he still wanted to go and comfort Heero.

"Why aren't you letting me find him?" He asked Quatre in a low voice.

"He might hurt you, Duo." Quatre answered him sincerely.

"He's mad with pain right now. Pilar's arrival snapped something in him and he has to deal with it. I don't know what it is, since he is shutting me out firmly, but it involves Pilar and us indirectly."

Trowa nodded, his hair back in its usual place. "Something in his past has been triggered. He knows what Quatre and I are. Pilar mentioned our species names, plus he saw the little showdown Quatre and Pilar had. I think that we are a link to what happened in his past and that's why he's running. He needs to kill his pain, Duo. Respect that."

Duo sighed and went limp, the look on his face signalling a graceless resignation.

"Fine, Barton. I will." He replied dully. =Heero. You don't have to suffer alone. Why do you insist on running away from yourself and your pain?=


Heero ran mindlessly, not knowing or caring where he was going. He had to get away from her. She was evil. She was dangerous. Just like they had been. The ones that-

"Don't think of it, Lowe." He hissed, his feet pounding the pavement as he ran and ran. He ran until he found himself at a park on the outskirts of the city that they were staying at. He didn't want to stop. He wanted to keep on running until he was away from her and Trowa and Quatre. They were fucken animals. They would hurt him just like the ones that had hurt him so badly on L1, before he was given to Odin Lowe.

"Stop thinking about it." He ordered himself through clenched teeth as he tried to push himself for another run. He managed a couple of steps before his legs told him where to go and made him collapse on the grassy ground in an unceremonious heap of legs and arms. He was too tired to make good on his decision to bugger off. The grass was soft under his thin denim jacket and jeans. It was almost as good as lying in bed. The sun shone of his face and he put his arm over his eyes. \\Fuck it. I'll just nap here until..\\ The thought was left unfinished as his tired nerves gave out and he passed out.


She watched him relax on the grass. Relena smiled to herself. This certainly was a piece of luck. She would get a nice meal and finish her objective without the interference of that nosy Templar. Heero would be the key to destroying her and that little brat. This was definitely a great piece of luck.

She was about to approach him, but he began to immediately toss and turn in his sleep. He was dreaming. She knew that it wouldn't be a wise idea to approach him right now. Humans dreaming could be powerful adversaries if startled, she had found out in the past. She had been warned about it before, but she hadn't believed it until a Scion had slammed a crucifix into her chest. She growled deep in her throat. She had enjoyed killing Gabriel. She shook her head and watched as the human struggled through his dreams or nightmares. Then she'd pounce.


## He was thirsty. His throat was sore too. He would have gotten out of bed and either gotten the drink himself, or gone to Anthony's or Rei's room. But he was too weak and ill to do it. He hated being sick. Even when mommy and Rei and Anthony fussed over him, he hated being laid up in bed.

His throat was starting to get worse. He tried swallowing a couple of times, but nothing seemed to get past his swollen throat. This wasn't good. He started to panic now. He wanted mommy. Had to go get mommy. She'd know what to do. He smiled to himself as he pushed the futon cover away with effort. It would be better soon.

He paused though, to gain his strength. The small movement made him tired. He lay back and counted to ten. A small scraping noise was heard.What was that? He closed his eyes and listened hard and carefully. It wasn't repeated. He rolled over.

Scrape. Scrape. His eyes opened. It sounded like someone was in the house. Scrape. Scrape. Scrape. He was scared now. Very scared. The sounds were coming from Anthony's room. He had to go past Anthony's room to go to Rei's and mommy's.

Maybe he should stay put and worry about his throat tomorrow. He tried swallowing again. It still hurt and was more painful than when he first woke up. He had to go.

Wearily, he pushed his legs to the edge of the futon and paused. No noises. He shook his head gently at his earlier fear. He shrugged and sat up. No noises still. He got to his feet and began the long journey to mommy's room. Anthony's door was closed, he noted. He walked on. Rei's door was open and he could make out her hand hanging over the side of her bed. He breathed a little easier. All was good in the world tonight. He reached his mommy's room. He smiled in the darkness. Success.

"Mommy?" He called out. No answer. He frowned. She was a light sleeper. She'd always woken up whenever he called out to her in the middle of the night.

"Mommy?" He tried again as he began to feel for the light switch on the wall. He was getting worried now. He hoped she wouldn't be mad when he turned on the light.

"Oh." He whispered, his eyes widening at the mangled and bloody corpse that lay on a red and bloody futon in the middle of the small room. "Oh" He backed away. That wasn't his mommy. Couldn't have been his mommy. Couldn't have been. Her hair hadn't been red in life. It was brown, like his. Not red. Not red. Not red.

He ran to Rei's room and turned on the light in there. His sister was in pieces all over the room. Her head was sitting on her desk. Her statement is what he would later remember. She looked like she was having a very nice dream. A beautiful dream. He hoped that she had been deeply asleep and was now living her dream. He couldn't speak.

"What are you doing here?" A low, guttural voice asked him. The hair on his neck stood on end at the sound of the voice. It was pure evil. Evil emanated from it like a bank of dense fog. He shuddered at the feeling. He was facing pure evil. He couldn't reply.

A hand seized him roughly and turned him around. His eyes widened at what he saw.

A man. No, a wolf. No both was staring down at him, his yellow eyes shining with hunger despite the blood that was drying on his muzzle and chest. He bared bloodied fangs at him. He didn't move, only stared at the beast in front of him.

"What do you have there?" Another guttural voice asked. The creature turned slightly to his companion. His eyes widened when he saw Anthony standing there in his usual rumpled shorts and T-shirt. But his eyes were different. They weren't Prussian blue like his were.

They were a deep gold that shone with hunger, but were still human. They went completely flat when he saw him standing there. He swore softly.

"Iohan!" He moved towards the boy, but he backed away from him.

Anthony swore again as he came after his little brother. He didn't want to hurt him. He wanted to keep him away from the maddened Ulfric that had been their father. Before he was killed for not being an Ulfric and feeding his father's appetite.

"Iohan! Please! Iohan!" Iohan didn't wait to see what would happen. He had seen enough. He had to get away. He was in danger, he could tell. He had to run. Forgetting his sickness, he headed towards his mother's room. He moved as fast as he could, since he could feel Anthony right behind him. They were both fast runners, but Anthony was older and could cover more ground. The window. That was the only way out, Iohan decided as he quickly scanned the bloody room.

"Iohan! Wait! Wait!" He could hear Anthony, but he ignored him as he rushed to the window and looked down. A couple of stories wouldn't hurt. Especially not now that he was in danger. Iohan pushed the window open and balanced on the ledge.

"Where is he? I want him! He isn't an Ulfric!" he heard what could have been a yell, but was a baying sound echo through the house. He looked back and saw the creature snapping at Anthony, who was now turning into an animal at that moment.

"No! Let him go! He is one! It'll take time! Let him go!" Anthony yelled back as he blocked the bigger Ulfric's attempts to get inside.

The other Ulfric roared. Iohan jumped.

He should have landed onto hard cement and have a shattering pain shoot up his right arm. He should have gotten a claw swipe down his back as he ran away to the hospital ten blocks away. He should have felt all of these things.##


Instead, he felt a pair of arms smelling of apple blossoms envelop him. He felt a soft, warm mouth over his. A silken tongue gently parting his lips to explore the insides of his mouth. He moaned in pleasure. He felts hands caressing his body now. Every inch of it. He arched his back to receive more of those skilful touches. His clothes disappeared.

His skin felt over heated at the soft fingertips that moved over his entire body. He moaned again when a warm, soft, tightness enveloped his cock and began to give him pleasure that he had never known before. Not even by his own hand. A supernova invaded his head as the sensations coursed through his body as a white light began to build up inside of him. It was becoming brighter with every single second that passed and that tightness worked his cock. It was threatening to make his head explode from so much pleasure. He felt the orgasm build up from the pit of being and rise and rise with every motion, every thrust that his hips made out of their own accord. Closer...

He cried out as the light died. In it's place, a sharp red one appeared. He knew what this one meant. Pain. Lots of Pain. He couldn't cry out. It hurt too much. His neck hurt. It felt like someone was ripping his flesh apart, fibre by fibre. He opened his mouth to scream, but his mouth didn't obey. A laugh. Silver bells and brass. Silver bells...

Relena laughed as she wiped the blood from her mouth. Who knew Heero Yuy would be such a treat? Both as a fuck and a meal. She laughed again as she got off the boy she had just recently ridden until an orgasm had rocked them to heaven and beyond. She really didn't have to take so much blood, she reminded herself as she dressed herself, all the while keeping her eyes on the boy's shallow breathing and pale skin. It didn't matter. She really didn't want to drink form him. All she wanted was a link to let her know what the little Scion fucker was up to. And a fuck, she told herself as she put the finishing touches on the little girl costume she had chosen to hide herself in. She giggled.

Oh, that was good blood. Ulfric blood. Who knew the boy was half-Ulfric? She laughed agin. Shape-shifter blood always made her giddy. She stiffened. Someone was here. She could feel the anger and hurt pouring out of them like tears. She smiled as she detected the human aura. Maybe she'd be lucky and have a double share tonight.

She faced the east and inhaled the sharp, pine scented air. She felt a trifle lonely then. It reminded her of the Black Forests of Germany, her original homeland. Maybe she should travel there soon. Perhaps after the Scion was dead. Her lips curved at that idea.

Her head snapped to the west now. Meal was on its way. She had just completed the thought when she saw the figure appear. She smiled, then hissed in barely reined fury when she saw who it was that had foiled her powers. Yet again in a thousand years.

Maybe this time she would be able to finish the nosy little bitch-nun. Her smile returned as she dropped into a fighting stance. If she managed it, she would call it a day.


Pilar was angry at the sight that met her. The boy was naked and pale. She could tell from the scent of fresh blood that he had been bled. Her eyes narrowed when she saw Relena a few feet away, already in fighting stance as she waited for her. <Damn. I wish the boy wasn't here. He might be vamp for all I know, and try to attack me as well. Fucken bitch!> Pilar rushed forward, her sword in her hands as she literally flew towards Relena. She held it in front of her until she was a foot away from Relena, then she swiped it in an arc. Relena jumped backwards at the last minute, but it still traced a trail across her chest. She lunged forward and swiped a clawed hand at Pilar's face over and over again until her movements were blurs. Blood sprung forward, but Pilar ignored it and used her sword as a club to ward the vampire's blows off. By the shriek she heard and the the cursing, she knew that it had worked. Relena backed away and hissed her fury.

Pilar shook her head and studied the furious vampire, whose features had become more vulpine as her anger got more pronounced. She squinted and calculated the best opening she had that she could exploit for either a kill or a grievous blow. Relena lunged forward as she was plotting this, but Pilar swung her sword in long, sweeping strokes that kept Relena at arms' length, infuriating her further.

<Better do it now, before the gamble backfires on you and you end up being pinned on a tree again.>

In a split second, Pilar charged Relena, who moved out of the way and was going to land a blow on Pilar's back as she went by. But Pilar swerved and spun around at the last minute, surprising Relena, who was facing in the opposite direction that the Templar was. Without superfluous movement, Pilar brought her sword down hard on Relena's left shoulder blade, making it snap with a sickening crack as it clove its way through the bone. Relena's screams of agony filled the night as her flesh smoked against the blade.

"For the love of God, shut up!" Pilar yelled as she placed a foot against the vampire's chest to brace herself. She always hated this part of any fight with the German vamp. Grimacing, she prepared herself and pulled out the sword from the vampire, not feeling in the least bit sorry to hear more bones crunching as the blade came free after much tugging and pulling on her part. Relena sniffed and thankfully shut up.

Pilar looked over and saw Heero stirring slightly. She sighed and looked at Relena.

"You know that you can't kill him, no matter what form he is in." Pilar told her angrily.

"I wasn't going to kill him." Relena whined as she rubbed at the gaping wound on her shoulder. Pilar looked away. The rib cage was visible through the gaping wound.

"Although maybe I should have, for your job's sake." Relena taunted her.

"Shut up. You know he will always persevere. Besides." Pilar smiled coldly. "It won't matter either way. You will be dead this time around, I can guarantee it."

"Why don't you kill me now?" Relena taunted her. Pilar's grip tightened on her sword.

"You know I can't." She replied through gritted teeth. Relena smirked.

"Oh, that's right. The Scion has to do it." She shook her head in silent laughter. "They were all too weak to do it. This one has courage, but he won't be able to do it in the end. And your life and vocation will be over and I would have achieved my goal after

Pilar shook her head as she went over to Heero, who was out cold. She knelt down and gathered him into her arms. She kept her eyes on Relena though and carefully watched her as she held Heero. Relena only watched her sulkily, the blood still on her chest.

"Don't be so sure. Duo is different. Very different." Pilar assured her. "So don't count on your victory until you actually have his heart in your hands."

"I will, Pilar. Then I will make sure to have your heart in my hands as well!" Relena laughed.

"Dream on, Relena. It won't happen. Now leave. This was very stupid of you, to attack the Old Soul like that." Pilar shook her head again. "You knew the rules."

"And you think I actually follow them?" She laughed as she drew herself in the air.

"You'd better, for your sake at least. The Gangerli are nastier than I am in these matters. He's one of them. Remember that when you lick your wounds tonight."

"Fuck you." Relena hissed as she flew off. Pilar shrugged.

"The same to you."


Duo woke up in the middle of the night with the severe urge to take a leak. His bladder felt like it was going to burst from the pressure, so he literally ran to the bathroom. He made it after bumping into the wall a couple of times. He didn't bother turning the light on. He could see well enough in the dark. So he did his business and washed his hands.

He looked at his watch after he was finished and groaned. =3.24. And I can't sleep now. What the hell am I going to do now?= He sighed as he pressed the heels of his hands against his forehead and over his eyes. He hated getting up in the middle of the night since he wouldn't be able to go back to sleep once he was up. He scrunched his face and ran his hands down the rats' nest that his hair had become.

=What to do?= His stomach grumbled, making him giggle. =That's an answer. I think we've got noodles lying around the pantry or in the cupboards. I'll just go and make myself some.= He nodded to himself as he carefully made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen, which was lit up. He paused. =The kitchen shouldn't be lit up! Shit!=

Duo's hands went up to his braid. In a couple of seconds, two stilettos were in each hand. He would have preferred a gun, but he wasn't up to being picky at this point. He had a pretty good aim and he was positive he could take at least a few down before he got any back up from the guys.

He took a deep breath and slowly inched his way to the lit room. When he was a foot from the doorway, he pressed himself against the wall and peeked in.

"Pilar?" He squeaked out when he saw the girl bending over the kitchen table. At the sound of his voice, She turned around and her black eyes widened in surprise at seeing him standing there. Duo's eyes widened when he saw what, or more precisely, who was lying on the kitchen table.=Oh my fucken God! She's got Heero on the table!=

His mouth opened as his gaze travelled from Pilar to Heero, who was unconscious and to Pilar, who looked pained and upset. A glass vial of water was in her hand.

"Duo, I can explain." Pilar said quickly as she came up to the shocked boy. Duo didn't reply. Instead, he did the next best thing.

He yelled. Pilar rolled her eyes. <This day just keeps getting and better.> Sighing, she lunged towards him and clamped her hand over his mouth. Unfortunately, Trowa and Quatre had already been awakened.

"What's going on here?" Quatre asked as he was confronted by the sight of Pilar holding Duo, her hand over his mouth and Heero lying unconscious on the kitchen table.

"I can explain everything. I honestly can." Pilar assured them as Duo struggled against her and emitted strangled shrieks. Trowa and Quatre looked at each other.

"I'll make some coffee." Quatre volunteered. Trowa and Pilar nodded.

Duo shrieked again, his face turning red with the effort and the anger of being treated like a little kid.

"Do you think you should let him go?" Trowa asked Pilar in a quiet voice that didn't reveal his emotions. But the quirk at the corner of his mouth gave them away anyway.

"No way." Pilar said vehemently. "I'm going to have to put up with a whole lot of screaming from Heero tonight. I don't think I'd be able to handle him too."

"Why would you have to put up with screaming from Heero?" Trowa asked suddenly.

Everyone in the kitchen was quiet. Even Duo. Pilar sighed and let Duo go. She frowned at her wet hand and wiped it on her jeans, making Duo go red in the face again. He opened his mouth to tell Pilar what he thought when she abruptly shushed him. He fell silent and Pilar smiled at him gratefully. She turned to Trowa and Quatre.

"Relena had him tonight." She rubbed her eyes. Trowa and Quatre looked blank. Duo let out a small noise at the words.=What the hell did she mean by that?=

"I found them in a park outside of the city. When I arrived, she had just finished taking his blood and fucking him." She turned to Duo, who was stone still as the words sunk in.

"Did he do it willingly?" Trowa asked in the silence that fell in the kitchen.

"No. She took him in his sleep, as far as I can tell. We exchanged blows over him and I brought him back here.I was just about to start purifying him when Duo walked in on me. He needs to have it done before he wakes." Duo blinked as he looked at the vial closely.

"What's in that? Holy water?" Pilar nodded. "Why do you need it?"

"She bit him and took more blood than she actually had to. She's really old and doesn't need to feed, really. By doing that, she established a link with him. He'll act sort of like a homing device for her. As long as he's awake, she'll know all of your plans. That's why we need to purify him. We pour holy water on the wound to do it." She smiled grimly. "And I know that it hurts like there's no tomorrow. I don't care how tough you are. You'll scream when it's being done no matter how high your pain threshold is."

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