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The Huntress By Jim Morrison.
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Pairings: 1+2, 3+4. Original character.
Warnings: Language, violence, eventual lemons, Evil Relena.
A twist on the old legends, if you will. On with the show. (Finally.)

Grenada, Spain, 1491...

The castle was engulfed in flames as people ran away. The war was lost. The Ardenne family was done for an no one wanted to stay behind. Not even the nurse of Diego Ardenne, the family’s ten year old scion. Only one person wanted to stay behind.

Guileless cornflower blue eyes looked up at Serrano Del Sol Castle. Her objective was sitting at the window watching the madness and chaos below him, not understanding why the people were all running around like the whole world had collapsed on their heads. “This is too easy.” She chuckled to herself as she headed toward the little boy. “Too easy”.


The girl ran up the stairs, the heavy sword thumping her back with every step that she took. Although it was annoying, and it hurt, she had to ignore the pain. The Scion had been left in the burning Castle and she could sense HER coming closer. Relena couldn’t have him. If she did, the hope for all of them would be lost. And humanity would suffer severely for it. She ran down the hallway, ignoring the smoke and flames as she searched room after room.

“Ah! Pilar!” Pilar’s black eyes widened, then narrowed when she saw Relena holding the little boy close to her breast as if to nurse him. Pilar’s lips curled into an angry sneer.

“Let him go, Relena. Or I shall have to kill you.” Pilar told the blonde girl in a low, furious voice as she pulled out the sword from its scabbard. Relena laughed at her.

“Do you seriously think I’m afraid of you and that stupid sword of yours, little Templar?” She asked, her voice dripping with both poison and scorn, making the boy squirm against her.

“If you aren’t, then you’re stupider and more arrogant than I thought.”Pilar replied.

“Hand over the Scion, Relena, and I swear I’ll give you a swift death.” Pilar promised.

Relena laughed again. But the laugh was metallic and feral, making the little boy cry out.

“You are mouthy for a Templar, Pilar. I shall have to correct that.” Relena said as she threw the boy from her and lunged at the girl.

“NO! Diego!” Pilar cried out as she ran towards the little boy, who was lying in a sobbing heap in the corner. She had only taken two steps when she felt a stinging pain in her neck.

“NAUGH!” She got out as she stumbled about with Relena hanging off her neck, feeding at her throat. She couldn’t die! The Scion! He had to be Saved! Had to be taken away from her...

Pilar swallowed as the scene above her swam and began to fade. <Not much longer. She’s gonna kill me for sure. I gotta do something..> Pilar thought as one of Relena’s arms brushed her mouth as the vampire pumped her neck to get more blood out. <See how she likes this.>

Pilar thought as she grabbed the arm and bit until she could feel the bone with her tongue.

<God, forgive me. I, Pilar Amparo Victoria De Lyon, your servant commend my soul in your hands. Amen.> She thought as she greedily began to drink the blood dripping from the angry vampire who was now doing her best to get away from the Templar.

But Pilar wouldn’t let her go until Relena reached out and smacked her a blow that made Pilar stagger back from the arm that she had mangled.

Pilar took a deep breath and hefted the sword that she still held in her left hand. Relena was angry, but her eyes widened when she saw the sword.

“You...” She breathed out, completely afraid now. Pilar advanced, the sword held at waist level in front of her as she came closer to the fleeing Relena.

“What’s the matter, Relena? Afraid of me now?” Pilar taunted as she followed the vampire who was quickly heading to the window.

“You are the One.” Relena whispered as she gripped the edge of the window tightly.

‘The One? What are you talking about?” Pilar asked, ignoring the heat that was coming from her sword handle. Relena looked behind her before replying. “The half one that will destroy us all!” She exclaimed as she leapt onto the ledge.

“What the hell are you talking about? Hey! Hey!” Pilar exclaimed as Relena prepared to jump.

“Oh no, you don’t!” She hissed as she pulled out a flask of holy water from her satchel and threw it at Relena the moment she jumped. The flask exploded on impact, showering both Pilar and the vampire with Holy Water. Pilar flinched as the water hit her. It felt like someone had just doused her scrapes with alcohol.

<Shit! That had never happened before!>

“Mama! Mama!” Diego’s weak voice pulled her out of her thoughts and she ran to the scion that was lying on the floor trying to breathe.

“Oh Shit!” She exclaimed when she heard the raspy, bubbly noises that the boy was making as he struggled to breathe. He didn’t have much time left. And he was the last Scion until he grew old enough to sire the next one. Pilar looked down into the pure emerald eyes that marked the Scions. She couldn’t let him die. By all the gods, she couldn’t let him die.

#Use the blood, stupid. The blood.# Pilar shook her head. <Who the fuck was that?>

#It doesn’t matter now! The boy’s dying! Use your blood to heal him!#

<What the hell do you mean? Only vampires can do that!> Pilar thought angrily.

# What the hell do you think you are? You’re a half-blood now. When you drank Relena’s blood, you became a half-blood. But enough! You have to save him! Do it!#

Pilar took a deep breath and looked down at the boy, who was staring at her with wide, trusting eyes as he struggled to draw breath despite all of his broken ribs.

“Confio en ti.” He mouthed out as he closed his eyes. Pilar pulled out her knife and held it to her wrist. Closing her eyes, she sliced her wrist open as she screamed out her agony.

“Dios mio. Perdoname por todo lo que ise hoy. Perdona me.” She sobbed out as she pressed her bloody wrist to the boy’s mouth and made him swallow her blood.



The emerald eyes closed and a tear leaked out from between the long, sooty lashes.

“You realize we had to corrupt her to save the boy.” The blonde shape shifter pointed out.

The emerald eyed one nodded before turning around to face his companion.

“I still wish we didn’t have to. She was too young for this, Raberba. Too young.”

“I know. But We had no choice, Tristano. She had to be the sacrifice. The Scion had to live. Besides, she did take the first step herself.” Raberba pointed out.

“I know. But I still will carry that sin with me to my grave.” Tristano replied.

Earth, A.C.195

Heero Yuy locked himself into the house and leaned against the door to catch his breath.

“Relena was after you, right?” Heero turned and found Duo Maxwell snickering softly to himself as he sat on the stairs with an open comic book in his lap and a slurpee beside him.

“How did you know?” Heero asked as he came over to the American, who shrugged.

“Just know. You don’t get that look of pure fear unless she’s in the general area. I’ve never seen you behave that way even when we’re facing fifty mobile suits each.” Duo said as he looked up at Heero and smiled. Heero unconsciously backed away when the other boy smiled.

“Hey guys, what’s up?” Heero spun around to see Quatre come into the foyer, a cup of tea in his delicate hand as he came up to Heero and Duo.

“Nothing much. Heero’s getting stalked by Relena again.” Duo replied breezily.”How about you, Quatre?”Duo asked as he carelessly flipped a page of his comic book and took a gulp of slurpee.

“Just having some tea. And waiting for Trowa to come home.” Quatre replied softly.

Duo shook his head. “Dude! He’s only been gone for a day! You can’t miss him already!”

“I know, but I still worry about him.” Quatre replied before taking a sip of tea.

=I wonder what it would be like to have someone worry about me like that.= Duo wondered as he furtively looked at the silent Japanese in front of him. Heero only looked at Quatre carefully as the blonde boy drank his tea. There was something that he couldn’t quite place about Quatre that made him nervous. Quatre’s eyes, would sometimes gleam with a tinge of yellow whenever he looked at Duo. He also couldn’t understand it, but Quatre and Trowa would never let Duo out of sight if they could help it. They did it subtly, but he could still tell that they were...watching him? Protecting him? He really didn’t know.

But he didn’t like it. Especially when he was trying to get close enough to the braided boy to tell him that he was in love with him.

Quatre was about to say something else when a loud banging on the front door stopped him.

“What the hell?” Duo asked as he got up and pulled out a gun. Heero’s gun was already in his hand as he then approached the door carefully and motioned for Duo to pull Quatre into a safe spot in case whomever it was wanted to waste the Winner heir. Nodding to Duo, he then pulled the door open and pointed the gun at the person standing there.

“Heero, put the gun away!” Quatre yelled when they got a good look at their visitor.

“What the hell?” Duo exclaimed while Heero slowly lowered his gun.

A girl, or maybe a young woman, stood on the porch of their safe house. She had a large sword and a knapsack strapped to her back. She was wearing what possibly could have been denim clothing at one point, but the clothing was now so dirty and caked with blood it was impossible to tell. Her long hair was matted and soaked in blood. Her face was caked with blood and she was favouring her right arm. One eye was swollen shut and the other was bloodshot and smudged with bruises underneath it.

"May I help you?” Quatre inquired politely while his fellow Gundam Pilots gawked on.

“Raberba! I need help! They’re after me!” She whispered urgently. Quatre frowned.

“That’s one of my names. Who’s after you?”Quatre acknowledged, puzzled at the girl’s behaviour.

“Good, you are Raberba. Oz is after me. Please, you have to help me.” She pleaded as she tried to come closer to him, but was stopped by Heero aiming his gun at her chest.

“Who sent you here, lady?” He asked as he aimed the gun at her chest. “Oz?”

She shook her head and began to cough violently, spitting up blood on the cement.

Heero stepped back and put his gun down when he saw the red liquid.

“What’s going on here?” Duo asked, making the girl’s eyes widen. <That voice.>

She turned her head and smiled in relief when she saw the familiar eyes.

“The Scion! I have found you!” The girl exclaimed before she collapsed into Duo’s arms.

“Does anyone mind explaining what’s going on here?” Quatre asked calmly.

“What are we going to do with her?” Duo asked as he gently touched the dirty hair.

“Take her to the hospital and leave her there.” Heero proposed as he put his gun away.

“I normally would agree with you, but she’s really in no shape to be moved. Plus, Oz is after her.” Duo said as he began to examine the girl’s head. Heero turned to him.

“Come on, Duo, she walked here. And I don’t see any Oz soldiers behind her.” Heero pointed out reasonably.

“True, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t be after her anytime soon. Besides, take a look at this” Duo said, motioning the Wing pilot over.

Heero winced when he looked at the girl’s head. The scalp was split wide open, revealing a cracked skull underneath. He looked up and saw Quatre was turning slightly green.

“So what are we going to do?” He asked as he hastily backed away.

“Let’s call Sally over. She should be able to help us with this.” Duo suggested.

“Well, let’s take her inside, then. No point in standing out here.” Heero said.


“Where did you find her?” Sally asked half an hour later as she looked down at the limp form of the girl lying on the couch as she prepared to examine her.

“She just showed up on out doorstep. We don’t know were she came from or if she’s with anyone. She just told us that Oz was after her.” Duo told her as he twirled his braid around his hand.

“She also said a couple of strange things apart from that.” Quatre added.

“Oh? Such as what?” Sally asked as she pulled out a pair of scissors and eyes the girl’s hair.

“You’re not going to cut her hair off, are you Sally?” Duo asked as he eyed the scissors.

“I have to. She’s got a massive-“ Sally stopped when she noticed the girl’s eye had opened and she sat up. She looked at all of them before her gaze zoomed to where her sword had been propped up against a chair by Quatre. Without any warning, she stood up and tried to run to it.

“Whoah, Hey, what are you doing?” Duo asked her as he stepped in front of her.

“My sword. I can-“ She let out a sharp cry of pain before falling into Duo’s arms.

“Hey, look, why don’t you lie down. You’re not in any kind of shape to be walking around.” Duo told her as he held her up and placed her back onto the couch again. Once down, she tried to sit up and go to her sword, but she was too weak to resist Duo.

“Hey, listen, you’re really hurt, okay? You gotta rest. When you’ve rested we’ll get you your sword, all right? Ehm.. What’s your name again?” The girl smiled before she coughed hard.

“I haven’t told you yet.” She whispered as she reached up and wiped the blood from her lips.

“It’s Pilar.” She wheezed out before another coughing fit took hold and left her drained.

“Okay, Pilar. Why do you need your sword?” Duo asked as he watched Pilar struggle to breathe.

“She’s near. I can’t let her hurt him.” She answered, her voice a weak whisper.

“Who is she?” He asked as he motioned Quatre to fetch the sword.

“Relena.” She answered before her eye fluttered and she passed out again.

Sally put her scissors away and moved to the couch, shaking her head as she did so.

“Is she a cousin of yours, Heero?” Sally asked as she displaced Duo and began to check her over quickly and efficiently. Heero frowned at Sally’s back.

“Not that I know .” He replied as he came closer.

“Why would you ask?”

“Because with all the injuries that she has, she should be lying comatose in a hospital, not walking around and trying to get a sword back.” She turned to Quatre. “ How much do you suppose that thing weighs?” She asked him. Quatre picked up and hefted it.

“About thirty pounds, I’d say.” He answered as he carefully put it down.

“And you guys said she had that strapped to her back when she got here, right?” They nodded. “So explain this: She’s about Duo’s size, she’s got massive head injuries that would leave any of us brain dead, at least nine broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken arm and she was carrying a sword that I couldn’t even lift and she was walking around as if nothing was out of the ordinary.” Sally looked around the room at the stunned faces around her. “Well?”

“She’s not human. She can’t be!” Duo replied, his voice low. “Those types of injuries would kill even Heero. Sally’s right. This is fucked.” The others nodded in agreement.

“Well? What are we going to do?” Heero asked.

“We’re going to get her medical aid first. Human or not, she needs to be looked after.”

“I wonder why she mentioned Relena’s name?” Quatre asked as Sally called an ambulance for Pilar. Duo and the other’s shrugged.

“Do you think she’s a spy?” Heero asked.

“I doubt it. I can’t feel any evil intent in her.” Quatre replied as he looked at Pilar again.

“All I got from her is that she wants to desperately protect Duo from Relena, and she’ll do it by any means necessary.” The others looked at him.

“Why Duo? What’s so special about him?” Heero asked suspiciously.

“I don’t know. But she seems to think that he is very important. Crucial to our existence, even.”

The silence in the room was broken by Duo’s loud sigh. “So much for a boring day.”


“How does she know me ?” Duo asked as they sat around in the waiting room of the hospital. The others shrugged. He then turned to Trowa, who had arrived awhile back and was now deep in thought.

“Do you think she saw me when Oz captured me?” Trowa looked up and shrugged.

Duo sighed. “This is really fucked up.” He fell quiet for about second.

“Do you think she’s okay? She’s been in there for a while.” The other pilots shrugged.

“Maybe we should go home.” Duo said. The whole ordeal was wierding him out. Especially since he had a vague feeling of knowing the girl from somewhere, yet not knowing exactly from where or when. “We’ve been here for three hours and no one has told us anything.”

“Yeah, maybe we should. But we need answers. And we sure as hell aren’t going to get them if we go home. Plus, if Oz is really after her, she really isn’t in any shape to be left alone” Heero pointed out reasonably. The others murmured their agreement.

“I wonder where she got that sword.” Trowa commented thought fully.

“Don’t you mean when?” Quatre asked as he turned to his lover. Trowa blinked. “Huh?”

“That thing is ancient. I couldn’t read the inscription, but it had a date on it as well.”

“What was the date?” Duo asked, utterly intrigued now.

“Would you believe if I said 1195 C.E.?” Quatre nodded at the shocked looks on the boy’s faces.

“Do you think she stole it out of a museum or something?” Duo asked thoughtfully.

Quatre was about to reply when Sally stepped into the waiting area.

“How is she?” Quatre was the first to ask. The connection he had felt with Pilar had been broken abruptly and he couldn’t even get an inkling of the girl to know if she was alive or not.

“She’s resting right now. She’s not really doing too well, though. It seems that her injuries caught up with her.” Sally replied as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“I might as well tell you right now. She’s probably not going to make it. She’s comatose and her vitals are highly unstable.” She sighed . “Unless some kind of miracle happens, she’s probably going to last a couple of days, if we’re lucky.” Duo swallowed hard when he heard this.

“Can we at least see her?”He asked as his hand tightened around his crucifix.

“Sure. I’ll take you to her room.” Sally said. The others looked at each other.

“This is really fucked. Really fucked.” Duo whispered as they followed Sally to the ICU ward.

They entered the room and just stared at the form on the bed that was surrounded by monitors and other machines. Duo shuddered and Quatre bit his lip as they edged closer to the bed.

“Oh man.” Duo whispered as he looked down at Pilar. Almost her whole body, apart from the cast on her arm, was covered in layers and layers of bandages and gauze. A thick respirator tube snaked out from between her swollen lips and numerous other tubes and I.V.’s were attached to various places on her body. The sight of her so still and almost dead made them all shudder.

“God, Oz is getting really nasty nowadays, huh?” He asked the others.

Quatre didn’t reply. Instead, he reached out and loosely clasped the hand that lay limply on the bed. His eyes widened, then rolled into the back of his head as he then fell to his knees.

(Oh. Oh. I understand now. Why you need your sword. Why you need to protect him. You also know what Trowa and I are? How? We never-I see. She did this to you? Why? When will you let me know? I will keep him safe until you can protect him again. I understand. I’ll tell them. You need to rest now. I know you’re a half-blood, but she did a number on you. Rest.)

“Quatre?” Trowa asked, rushing forward to his love, who was rocking back and forth and letting out squeaks of pain every few seconds.

“Wait. I’ll*pant* be*pant* okay.” Quatre managed to say before he gently let Pilar’s hand go. He collected himself and with Trowa’s help, stood up and faced the others.

“We need to get Pilar’s sword to her as soon as possible.” He announced to them.

“Why?” Heero asked, curious despite himself.

"Because if she doesn’t get it, she’s going to die. And so will Duo.” Duo’s eyes widened.

“Excuse me? Why would I die?” Quatre turned to look at his friend.

“Because you, Duo Maxwell are both the last Templar Scion and the last Vampire Hunter and the Human world’s existence depends on you. And there are many out there that would rather have you dead than have you achieve your destiny” He nodded to Pilar.

“And if she doesn’t get better soon, one of them will be coming to make sure you don’t achieve your destiny.” Quatre eyes gleamed a deep, ocean blue before he continued.

“And her name is Relena Dorlian.” He finished off, making the others gape at him.

“Are you going around the bend, Quatre?” Heero asked in disbelief. Trowa pursed his lips.

+Quatre wouldn’t lie about something like that. But I don’t know about the girl.+

Trowa sighed and pushed Quatre and Duo away from the girl. Duo looked at him funny.

“What are you doing, Trowa?” He asked as Trowa began to yank bandages away from the girl’s chest and her upper shoulders. Trowa ignored him and continued to search the girl’s body.

“Trowa! What the hell do you think you’re doing to her? She’s injured!” Quatre squeaked out.

“Finding out whether she’s telling the truth or not.” Trowa replied as he pulled off a section from her upper left arm, revealing a couple of tattoos. He smiled in relief.

“She’s not lying. We gotta help her.” Trowa announced to the others.

“How do you know?” Quatre asked him. (You heard her the first time. Why did you do it?)

+It’s not for my benefit, wolf-boy. It’s for them. They need to know more than we do+

“The girl is a Templar. The highest and purest order of the church. Warrior monks, if you will. She can’t tell a lie no matter how she tries. She’s bound to the order.” Trowa explained.

“You see this?” He asked as he pointed to the first tattoo, which showed a cross and an eagle.

“That’s the sign that she is nearly a nun. The one on the outside symbolizes a break from the order. I guess she must have gotten thrown out at one point for something or other.” Trowa then lay his fingers lightly on the golden skin.

“She’s not lying. And if we don’t help her, we may regret it.” Heero shook his head.

“Why would we regret not helping her? I mean, this is so utterly far-fetched already.”

“It’s true that is really odd, but Trowa is right, Heero. If we don’t help her, humans will suffer. Severely and at great length.” Quatre told him as he looked at the scowling Japanese boy.

“Why? Why should we help her? She just showed up out of the blue and bleeding at our safe house. Are you crazy, Or careless Quatre?” Heero asked the Arabian boy.

“No. Not careless. Concerned. What I saw in her mind convinced me that we have to help her.”

Quatre replied, his brow furrowed as he rifled through the memories that he had pulled from her.

“As far as I can tell, she’s been protecting Duo’s line for centuries from Relena.”

“Why does she factor in that equation? If this girl is as old as that damned sword, why would Relena be a threat to Duo?” Heero asked impatiently.

Quatre rolled his eyes as he looked at Trowa, who shrugged in return.

“She’s a vampire. She’s been around for ages.” Heero’s mouth thinned when he heard this.

“She’s only fifteen years old? You expect me to believe that?” Heero nearly shouted.

Quatre was about to reply when a loud beeping noise filled the room. Four heads immediately snapped up to the direction of the noise, which stopped right after it had started.

“Oh.” Quatre managed to get out. The others stood completely still and watched the sight unfold before their eyes.

While they had been arguing, Pilar had disentangled herself from all the equipment she had been hooked up to and was now climbing out of bed. Although her movements were methodical and precise, all the pilots could see that she wasn’t really aware of what she was doing. It was as if she was on auto-pilot and was blindly following directions. She had just gotten both feet on the ground and was slowly heading toward the door when Duo broke the silence.

“Shouldn’t we stop her?” He asked the others, who immediately snapped themselves out of their trance and rushed forward to stop the girl from leaving and possibly injuring herself further.

Trowa had been the closest to the door, so he was the one that grabbed her as her hand clasped the doorknob. He pulled her back from the door and was leading her back to bed when she shook her head and looked at Trowa as if seeing him for the first time. She stared at him for at least ten seconds before she mindlessly lunged at his neck and sank her fangs into the pliable flesh.

“TROWA!” Quatre screamed as Pilar drank the blood from Trowa. Duo looked utterly shocked at the sight before him. Never in a million years would he have believed he would be privy to such a sight as he was witnessing right then and there. Heero did the same thing he would have done when facing any threat. He pulled out his gun and fired a warning shot that clipped Pilar’s head, making her pause in her feeding.

“Let him go.” Heero ordered coldly. Pilar blinked at him, then looked at Trowa, whose eyes had rolled back in his head while his body had gone utterly lax.

“Oh shit! Oh Shit! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!” She apologized as she carefully lay Trowa down.

Putting her ear to his chest, she let out a sigh of relief before she nipped her hand. The others were frozen once again as they watched her spread her blood on the wound that she had made on Trowa’s neck. Once she had smeared the blood to her satisfaction, she then placed her hand up to Trowa’s lips and made sure that some of her blood went down his throat. Sighing in relief, she then licked her hand and looked up at the other pilots, who were staring at her with open horror and fascination written all over their faces. She rose and faced them, a wobbly smile on her face.

“Your friend, the cat, will be all right.” Quatre’s mouth snapped open and shut when he heard these words come out of her mouth. (How had she known Trowa’s animal shape?)

She tilted her head to the side as she studied Duo and Heero carefully.

“You both haven’t changed much.” She commented before straightening her head and sighing.

“I guess you want an explanation for this, am I right?” She asked them. They nodded dumbly.

“Very well. First, I would like to say that I am truly sorry. Most of the time, I can control my vampire nature better than that. I guess the wounds really got to me this..”

“Wait a minute, you’re a vampire?” Duo asked worriedly. Heero scowled at the girl and aimed the gun at her head once again. Pilar sighed in irritation and gave the gun a skeptical glare.

“Look, put that away, will you? I hate guns. Not only do I hate them, they have no effect on me apart from royally pissing me off if I get a slug in me. And believe me, kid, you DON”T want to see me pissed off.” Pilar said as she reached over and pulled the gun out of Heero’s hands in a flurry of movements too fast for him to follow.

Pilar shrugged as she then crushed the gun into useless pieces which she proceeded to drop onto the hospital linoleum. Heero’s eyes widened at this display of strength.

“Yeah, neat huh? I guess being half-vampire and about a thousand years old had its benefits.”

“How did you become a vampire?” Quatre finally decided to ask. If he left the questioning to either Heero or Duo, they’d never get anywhere any time soon.

The girl grimaced as she took the bandages off her head and shook her hair out, which flowed all the way to her knees. Duo’s eyes widened at this sight.

“It happened in 1491 C.E. Relena had managed to destroy the city of Grenada were the Scion was living and was about to make a quick end to the Scion at that time when I interfered. She attacked me and the only thing I could think of to do was to bite her. Hard.” She shook her head again, smiling bitterly at the memory.

“I guess I could have done something else. But I panicked big time and it was the only thing that came to mind. I must have drank some of her blood. When I picked up my sword, my hands got slightly burned. Relena suddenly became afraid and ran away. I threw some holy water at her and didn’t see her again for at least four hundred years, when she tried to annihilate the latest scion.”