Hate your Neighbors. Jim Morrison.
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Warnings: sillyness, AU, mentions of Drug use.
Pairing: 1+2, 3X6.
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The apartament was nice at first. A bit small, but in a good neighborhood. Duo liked it because it was close to the mall and the cementary, since he had never gotten over his death fixation.

Heero thought that it was a nice place because there was a Mac's nearby and he could get slurpees at 4 in the morning without having to walk twelve blocks and deal with stoned kids.

It was all perfect. Then Trowa and Zechs Merquise moved in.

Although they were nice guys, really sweet and intelligent, there were things about them that set Duo's teeth on edge.

For example, they liked to smoke a lot of pot.

It normally wouldn't have bothered Duo badly, except for the fact that they smoked what probably was the cheapest shit in the market and stunk up the entire building with it.

Plus, got them high by just sniffing the stuff and giving them head-aches and making them write interesting term papers, whcih made their teachers wonder why they couldn't write like this most of the time and gave them high marks.

Not that Duo was opposed to it, but he simply wished that he could hook them up with a better dealer or so, jsut to get the stench out of the building.

The other thing that bothered Duo was the sex.

Again, he wasn't opposed to it. Sex..well..sex is ALWAYS good!

Just not at 4 in the morning when you have a test first thing in the morning. That would explain why Duo failed his mid-term in lingusitics. That and the fact that he was high from the crappy pot.

Heero had just shrugged everything off and had gone on.

Duo had dazedly stumbled in his studies, (Since he too, had discovered the medicinal joys of pot) and was just struggling to end the freaking semester with somewhat decent marks.

On that note, he had finished a paper and was rewarding hismelf with an hour of lying about in bed until it was time to get up and go to school.

He was happily staring at the ceiling and thinking of nothing (Well, maybe what he wanted for christmas..) when IT happened.

Trowa and Zechs were at it again, Duo could tell as the tell-tale sounds of a bed squeaking were heard, along with throaty moans that made Duo groan in despair and anger.

His quiet time was over. But Duo refused to give it up without a decent fight, and so he curled up in his bed and buried his head in his pillow, intent on ignoring the squeaking bed and the moans.

It had been going fine until he heard THE WORDS Trowa yelled out.


That broke Duo's fotitude. With a suppresed howl of rage, anger, disgust and puzzled horror, Duo got off the bed, got dressed, grabbed his stuff and went to school. To sit around for at least two hours before his class would start.

And that is why Duo can't eat syrup or pancakes anymore. And why he tried to murder Trowa and Zechs on several different occasions.




Notes: I hate my neighbors and they do a lot of annoying things. the pancake thing was the latest.

Mac's is akin to a 7-11. But has better slurpess, in my opinion.