Warnings: Strong language, some sick biology stuff, sex scene (Het? It explains itself, really). NCS is implied, so is Ai shonen. Quite a bit of OOC. (Sorry) Oh, it's not very happy. It's sort of angst-filled.

Some Relena bashing and overall strangeness. Pairings: 1x2, (Very mild)3x4, and Wu-fei does cameos.

I don't own Gundam Wing, they are the property of Bandai and Sotsu entertainment, and U2 wrote "Peace on Earth."

This came out of a conversation about the Gundams, an old story I wrote and the fact that practically all of my friends are having kids now. Oh, and I know the guys don't smoke, but I do. Especially when I'm stressed out. It's a first attempt, so don't laugh too hard. Email me if you want.

// flashback

* emphasis.

Italics are thoughts.


The Future Shinigami and Perfect Soldier? By Jim Morrison.


- "Shit!!! Double Shit!!!" Duo thought to himself as he stood naked and shivering in front of the scientists and fellow prisoners. They had been brought here for some experiment and Duo was plain scared. Even the Oz jails were a better alternative than having Lord knows what done to you. Right now, he'd rather be in one of those cells. Hell, a beating sounded good right now.

He'd heard things, like everyone else. That whoever had come into these little experimentations hadn't come out feeling or looking or even acting human. God! Was he bloody scared. Even the thought of Heero and the others rescuing him didn't comfort him much. Especially since he was as naked as a jailbird, gagged and manacled to boot. Shit, they had even checked his hair for weapons. He was utterly defenceless now.

"You're probably wondering why you are here." One of the scientists said in a bored, casual manner.

"No kidding!"Duo thought sourly. He was cold and in no mood for long speeches. Whatever they wanted to with him, they'd better do it fast. Before he either froze to death or chewed through his gag.

"The reason why you were chosen is because we know you are all fags." Most of the men turned beet red. Not Duo. Hell, He'd been in a committed relationship with Heero Yuy for almost three months now. If their attraction was obvious to Relena, it probably was obvious to everyone in the entire galaxy. And he'd be damned if he was ashamed of it. He didn't care. It wasn't anyone's choice but his own. He was happy. Heero was happy and that counted more than the opinions of all those fools.

"The fact that you're naturally attractive to men will make the transition a hell of a lot smoother for you than regular men. You see, the war has taken its toll on the population. Most of the men are without partners since many of the women have volunteered to fight. As a result of this, we are going to try and make you into women to even the odds. Our birthrate needs a boost and you will be able to provide it. So that's why you're here."

"Me? A girl?" No way!! No Bloody way!!!! I tried to scream, but the tape is too thick for them to hear my protests. So I ran. Gods help me. But I ran. Not far though. I had forgotten about the chains around my legs. So I fell. Hard. I felt my head crack against the hard cement and stars clouded my vision for several seconds. That was all the time they needed.

I found myself lying on a cold, aluminum table with my arms, legs and middle tightly restrained.

" This one's a lively one." I heard someone say. "He'll be the first one."

"NO!!" I screamed as they tore the tape off my mouth. "Noooo!!" I tried thrashing about, But all I could do was jerk my neck about.

Someone grabbed my head and kept it still while someone else put something in my mouth that prevented me from either closing or opening it even further. I nearly gagged as they stuck a tube down my throat, but I couldn't do anything else to swallow it.

"Okay. Start it." A woman came and poured something into the tube. It didn't smell too good. Kinda like rotted monkey brains or something. (Great analogy Duo, my mind jeered). I don't recall if I answered back. As soon as that thought was completed, my entire world faded to black.

- I came to lying on a soft hospital bed. ( This must be a first) I tired to get up, But as soon as I raised my head, I felt like I had just taken a swan dive off Deathscythe. While still in the atmosphere. Bad Idea Duo, I chided myself.

I then started to experiment with moving my arms and legs, but they were very uncooperative. The best I could do was flop my arms around my chest. I shouldn't have done that. Instead of the smooth, flat expanse I had been used to, I was now cradling a set of breasts that felt very tender and totally out of place. Was this some kind of joke? I asked myself, making the effort to lift the sheet that covered me. Oh shit, oh shit oh shit. Those were part of me. They didn't feel fake. These were mine. Oh Christ.

I swallowed back the nausea I could feel building in my stomach. I really wasn't looking forward to looking down. I had to do it though. I had to see.

I ripped off the sheet and sat up. I passed out again promptly.

Looking back, it wasn't so much that my outdoor plumbing was gone. It was the blood that freaked me out. I thought I was internally bleeding to death or something. But then I recalled that some of the older girls at Maxwell Church had spoken of it in whispers while they thought the boys were asleep. Oh Fuck. I was really a woman now. What the hell would Heero think? Would he still care?.......

- "He has to be here." Heero muttered to himself as he and Trowa combed the prison section, cell by cell. They had been doing it for half an hour and still no Duo.

"You know what will happen if we stay here any longer, Heero" Trowa spoke quietly as he looked into another cell. Heero paused and looked at the unibanged boy.

"I know, Trowa. But I also know that if it was Quatre we were looking for that you wouldn't leave this place without combing it with a fine-tooth comb. Besides, We can always blow it up if we get caught." Trowa's one eye widened, but he didn't say anything. Heero was right and he knew it. But the time was running out....

"Found him!!" He cried out when he saw the familiar glint of violet eyes and the long, thick chestnut braid sitting in the cell directly in front of him.

"Duo? Hey Duo?" Heero whispered as he busily picked at the lock. Duo didn't respond. All he did was look up at them and promptly burst into tears.

Heero rushed into the cell, ready to comfort him, but Duo turned away from him.

"Duo? What's wrong? Did they do anything to you?" Heero demanded as he tilted the other boys face up to his. But Duo shook his head before drawing his blanket closer to his body.

"No. Yes. I-I-I- Just get me outta here, Please. Get me out. I'll explain when we get home."

Heero looked at Trowa, a confused look on his face. Duo sounded...strange. Like he had a cold or something. His voice wasn't right. Nor were his actions. Usually, spending a few hours or days in a cell didn't faze him. He also didn't remember Duo ever crying after they had found him. Or crying over anything else for that matter.

Trowa only shrugged and walked over to Duo. Looking down, he could see that something wasn't right. But he'd worry about it later, once they got the whole story out of Duo.

"Can you walk? Or do you want me to carry you?" Heero looked annoyed, but Trowa shook his head at him. Heero caught the message and stepped back, despite feeling very hurt and rejected.

"I-I can't walk. I hurt. " Duo answered as he choked back the tears that were threatening to spill over. Trowa then put his arms around Duo and hauled him up, settling him for the ride.

"Funny." He thought as he felt the swelling on Duo's hips. "I don't remember Duo having much padding in this area." Duo had always been bony. "Maybe they broke his hips or something. Maybe that's why he can't walk." Satisfied with that, Trowa nodded to Heero and they were off.

-The ride back to the safe house was somewhat tame. Tame if you call blowing up a car full of guards and an electric fence. But it was a long ride. Heero found himself falling asleep as the car kept on moving. It was soothing to his keyed up nerves...

"He's out cold." Trowa nodded to Duo, who was lying in a scrunched up ball on the backseat.

"What the hell did they do to you?" Trowa asked. Ouch! Duo flinched. Trowa had always been direct and blunt. He didn't waste time or words in a conversation. He got to the point with a few words and expected everyone to do the same. Duo sighed. He had to tell. He promised.

"They...umm...did an experiment on me." Duo whispered as he clutched the blanket closer, hoping that no one would notice the bloodstains on it or on the seat.

"What kind of an experiment?" Trowa prodded, unsure if he wanted to hear about it.

"You know how the population has been declining all over the place?" Trowa nodded.

"They took a bunch of us fags and decided that because we already were into guys, it wouldn't matter if we ended up being girls." Duo said, his voice barely above a whisper.

Trowa looked back at Duo. His face was both incredulous and shocked.

"So what you're telling me is that..." Duo nodded grimly as he finally pulled back the blanket to reveal what Trowa suspected.

"Yes. I am a fully-capable woman that can breed. To raise the population" Duo whispered bitterly. Trowa couldn't think of anything to say. And Duo began to cry again.

- "He's asleep." Quatre announced as he came out of Duo's room. Trowa looked at hin and pointed to the study. Quatre nodded and walked past an unconscious Heero and down the hallway into the study where he and Trowa often played their duets.

"How is.." Trowa paused. He? She? What the hell were they gonna call Duo?

"Duo's fine. " Quatre assured his lover. "Physically at least. He's just a bit emotional because of all the hormones his body's producing right now." Quatre replied before looking at the floor.

"What do you mean?" Trowa asked, his voice sounding very suspicious. Quatre looked up.

"Didn't Catherine ever explain it to you?" Trowa shook his head. He was getting annoyed.

"Duo's having...umm...his time of the month." Quatre replied as he helplessly waved his hands around in order to make his point. Trowa's eyes widened at this word.

"So that's why there was blood." He muttered as Quatre nodded.

"Yeah. I sort of had to explain it to him. He knew about it, but it didn't really click until I told him that was part of the reason why he couldn't stop crying." Quatre looked worried now.

"That's why he also doesn't want to see or be near Heero." Trowa frowned.

"Why doesn't Duo want to see me?" Heero demanded as he walked in the room. His eyes were red-rimmed and Trowa and Quatre wondered if he had been crying before he came to the study.

Trowa and Quatre looked each other. This was really going to suck.

"Rock, paper, scissors?" Quatre whispered to Trowa as Heero looked at them with murder in his statement. Trowa shook his head. "Group effort." He replied as they looked at Yuy.

"Heero. Well..it's bit hard to explain." Trowa started before looking at Quatre for help.

"Well? Are you gonna tell me or not?" Heero growled at them, his hand going to his shorts.

"When he was at the Oz jail, Duo was chosen as a test subject for an experiment." Quatre then took a deep breath and let it out noisily. "They turned him into a woman. I mean a real woman. Oz has been doing that to all of the homosexual prisoners they are capturing so that they can elevate the birth rate. Duo was the first one."

"Is this some kind of joke?" Heero demanded, his face turning pale at the information.

"No joke, Yuy. He really is a woman. I mean he's crying and having a hissy fit about you being near him because he's having his time of the month. He also is very worried that you will leave him because he's a girl." Quatre explained softly. Heero went even whiter.

"This isn't happening. This isn't happening." Heero whispered before he passed out onto the hardwood floor of the study.

"Well, that wasn't too hard." Trowa commented as he looked at the fallen pilot at their feet.

"We still have to tell Wu-fei." Quatre reminded him. Trowa only groaned. Shit.

-"Do I really have to wear this thing?" Duo whined as he held up the bra that Quatre's sister had sent along with other clothes and things that she thought Duo might now need.

"Yes." Quatre explained patiently. "Because if you don't, they'll hurt. Especially when you get punched. That was what Irina said." Quatre told him. Duo looked sceptical, but sighed and finally gave in. Quatre watched. But finally, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Here." He said as he helped Duo untangle the garment and put it on properly. He then looked at Duo. If he had been that type of guy, he'd definitely want to get into Duo's pants.

"Thanks. But it feels weird." Duo commented as he looked down at it. Sighing, he reached for his priest's outfit. Quatre rolled his eyes when Duo began crying again.

"What the*hell am I going to wear?" He wailed. "It's doesn't fit me anymore!!!" He cried as he gestured to the gaping buttons of his shirt and the pants that looked like they were painted onto his body. Tearing them off, he threw himself on his bed and pulled the covers over his head.

Quatre rubbed his forehead. This was going to be a long morning.

- "What the hell are they doing up there?" Wu-fei asked as he heard the almost constant crescendo of Duo's wails and Quatre's voice patiently talking in between wails.

"Getting dressed." Heero mumbled as he slurped his cereal. Wu-fei looked at him.

"You're joking, right?" He asked. Trowa and Heero shook their heads in unison.

"Was Duo badly injured? Is that why he needs help from Quatre in getting dressed?"

Trowa and Heero looked at each other. They still hadn't told Wu-fei and they weren't looking forward to seeing the copious amounts of blood that would shoot out of the Chinese boy's nose when he was finally told. Trowa nodded to Heero. Oh Hell.

Heero opened his mouth and was saved by Duo running into the kitchen, dressed in a filmy, blue flowered dress and Quatre running after him with a brush and hair ribbons. Duo ran behind Heero and used him as a shield against Quatre.

"NO QUATRE! NO! " Duo yelled. "You are NOT putting RIBBONS in my HAIR!!"

"Duo!!!!Please be reasonable!!! You HATE having your hair in your face and this is the best way to do it. NOW hold still!!!" Quatre yelled as he tried to get closer to Duo. Duo held him off by putting a stunned Heero between them and moving from left to right to find an escape. The chase was abruptly stopped by Wu-fei's startled exclamation.

"Duo? What the Hell are you dressed in?" Wu -fei asked, his face turning pink in an effort to suppress his laughter. "Did you send the priest's outfit to the cleaners and forgot to get it back?"

Quatre looked Bloody murder at Wu-fei. Even Heero was shocked at the statement.

Quatre sighed and rolled his eyes as he then looked at his watch. "Six..five..four..three..two..one" As soon as he stopped counting, Duo let go of Heero, buried his face in his hands and began to weep as if someone had just killed his dog.

"What the hells' going on here?" Wu-fei asked, completely flabbergasted. Quatre sighed again before marching to Duo's side and brushing his hair back with the hairbrush he was holding.

" His priest's out fit doesn't fit him anymore and he's been an emotional wreck since last night." Quatre explained as he fixed up the chestnut hair with a couple of ribbons.

"Why?" Wu-fei asked, confused. "He doesn't look any different."

Heero rolled his eyes at Trowa. Sometimes Wu-fei was a little too clueless sometimes.

"Because I have a pair of BOOBS and I have HIPS." Duo himself growled before he stalked off to the living room. Everyone else was left blinking in shell-shock.

Quatre gave Wu-fei another icy glare. "Great. Just Great. Now I'm going to have to spend ANOTHER HALF-HOUR CALMING DUO DOWN!" He yelled as he hurled his brush at Wu-fei. Wu-fei ducked, but his mouth was wide open in shock. Heero shook his head and got up to put his bowl in the sink. He had to step in now before it was too late.

"Don't worry, Quatre. I'll do it. You've done a hell of a lot already. I think I should deal with Duo now. After all, I am his boyfriend." He told the little blonde pilot who nodded in relief, but still kept glaring at Wu-fei.,While Trowa rubbed his back.

"Besides, I think telling Wu-fei would be easier than calming Duo down."

Heero said as he walked out of the room with Wu-fei's splutters following him.

Duo was sitting on the couch with his arms around his middle. He had stopped crying, but he had a pained look on his face. He also looked very lost and afraid. Afraid of me?

He sat down carefully on the couch, making sure that there was some space between them, before he turned to look at Duo. Duo looked at him in shock and the violet eyes misted again.

"Duo, ah..can you stop the waterworks for a couple of minutes? I gotta talk to you, if it's alright?" Heero knew it was the bad thing to say when Duo opened his mouth and let out a wail that was so loud, that Heero thought he was now permanently deaf in that particular ear.

"HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT?" Duo screamed as tears poured down his face. "IF YOU REALLY LOVED ME YOU WOULDN'T HAVE SAID THAT!!!!!"

Quatre came running out of the kitchen at the sound of Duo's screeching.

"What did you do to Duo?" He asked, his eyes accusing as Duo held himself tightly and kept on crying. Heero looked utterly stunned at the scene before him.

"I don't know. I just asked him to stop crying for a second." Heero replied confusedly.

"And if I know you, you probably did it in a very tactful way, Yuy style." Quatre sighed.

"Duo? Duo?" Quatre asked in a soft voice as he lightly rubbed Duo's lower back.

Duo looked up after awhile and wiped the tears out of his eyes. "Yes Quatre?"

"Why don't you go upstairs and take a bath? It might help with your pain." Quatre suggested. Duo's back was very tense and he guessed that might be part of the problem with his moodiness.

"O-okay. " Duo sniffled. "Will you come upstairs later on?" Quatre nodded.

Duo then left without a second glance at Heero and in a couple of minutes a "click" was heard as the bathroom door closed and water was heard running in the house.

"What the hell was that?" Heero asked angrily. Quatre shook his head. May the saints preserve me from these two before I go crazy and kill them.

"Heero? Plain and simple: You messed up." Heero looked offended at Quatre's words.

"It's not easy to talk to girls. Especially when they're in the hormonal overload like that. But you have to be both patient and understanding. That means.." The little pilot glared at Heero.

"If Duo wants to cry, you let him. If he's crying, you hold him. If you're going to talk to him, be very gentle and subtle. Got that?" Heero shook his head.

"How am I going to deal with him being like that?" Heero then asked Quatre miserably. "It was hard when we were both guys. But now? I don't know... I don't even know if I WANT to be with him now that he's a girl" Heero said, the misery plain on his face.

"Heero Yuy, If you say that to him right now, you'll break not just his heart but yours as well. Do you know why he's been carrying on like that? Yes, I know it's mostly hormones. But it's also because he's worried that you will leave him. That's what he was crying about upstairs. Not his stupid outfit, or his hair. He's deathly afraid of losing you, Heero. Besides, the main thing we have to remember is that girl is still Duo, the long-haired loudmouth you fell in love with. He's physically different, but he's still Duo. And do you not love him?"

There was silence before Heero mumbled and nodded his head in agreement.

"How will I tell him? Do you think he'll believe me?" Quatre grinned at him like an idiot.

"If you do it right, Duo will be eating out of your hands. Come on, you need to get started."

"Do we have enough time? I mean, you are supposed to meet Duo upstairs."

"Trust me, Heero. If I know girls, Duo will be there for at least a couple of hours at the least."

When Duo came out of the bathroom, he felt much better. His back had stopped hurting and he wasn't sore at Heero any longer. He was almost feeling like himself again. It didn't even matter that he was wearing girly clothes. They fit nicely and made him feel...pretty.

"Oh God, Maxwell." He groaned at himself. "Snap out of it. This is only temporary. Once I get to Sally's office tomorrow I'll be back to being another guy and back in my own clothes."

With that thought, He went into his room and rubbed his hair dry with the towel he had been carrying. Usually, he wouldn't care and walk out naked as he let the air dry his skin. But he figured that now he should get dressed in the bathroom lest he flash Trowa or Wu-fei.

The thought made him grin wickedly. He wouldn't mind the humiliation if he could see the looks on their faces. Nah, he thought. Wu-fei might start bleeding all over the place and he would have to take another shower again. But he still wouldn't seeing Trowa's face...

He was so busy thinking about the shock he would see on Trowa's face that he didn't really see Heero sitting on his bed, with a huge bouquet of wild burgundy roses and a letter in his teeth.

"AAAAUUUGH!!!" Heero winced. Did all girls have sonic pitch screams when they're startled? Well.. Relena didn't. Maybe it was just Maxwell's whine tuned to a girly level.

"Heero? What are you doing here?" Duo demanded angrily. He was ready to give him a piece of his mind. But he saw the roses and the hastily scrawled letter that read "I love you, Duo Maxwell. With all my heart. Whoever and wherever you are. Heero Yuy", Duo simply broke down and began to cry. Again. Heero noted sourly.

"Oh Heero!" Duo sobbed as he threw himself into his lover's arms. "Oh Heero! That's so sweet! I'm so relieved! I thought you wouldn't want me anymore-" Duo sobbed into Heero's neck. Quatre walked by the open doorway and looked at Heero, who gave him the thumbs up sign despite getting his shirt utterly soaked with Duo's weeping. Quatre smiled and headed to his room. He himself needed to spend a little quality time with Trowa....

"Hey! Hey! Duo-" Heero whispered, trying to pull Duo off of his neck. But Duo held on and Heero had to restrain himself from pulling him off and hurling him against the wall. It wouldn't do. He would probably make things ten times worse if he did. Screw it. I'll just talk to...His thoughts got stunted a bit when he felt the ripe flesh of Duo's breasts rub against his chest. Hmmm that feels good, actually. But then Duo's body also made me feel this way. This shouldn't be too hard to get used to...Duo God! I can't leave you. It's not the sex. Or your body. God.

"You make me feel alive. Only you Duo. I love you." Duo's eyes widened at the words he heard Heero say. Heero himself looked stunned. He had been thinking the words. He really hadn't meant to say them. But he kept his mouth shut. The look on Duo's face was worth it.

To his credit, Duo didn't start bawling again. He only looked at Heero and smiled his beautiful joker's smile. The same one that he often dreamed about. Wordlessly, Duo reached over to the night-table, picked up his brush and put it in Heero's hands.

"Do you want me to stay the night?" Heero asked as he settled Duo on his lap and began brushing the hair out with careful, deliberate strokes.

"Of course. Sleeping alone is no fun, Yuy." Duo replied, his voice throaty and so sexy that it made Heero drop the brush and get it entangled in Duo's hair.

-Heero went downstairs to get himself some breakfast. God, He felt like death warmed over. For some reason, Duo's head had grown even heavier than before and his arm was feeling it this morning. He groaned when he heard that familiar chatter being delivered at a girly level. He didn't know if he could take anymore of that voice...

"It'll pass. My sisters say its just mood swings. Since Duo's body is getting used to all the hormones, it's more extreme with him. But would you rather have him chattering your ear off or crying all over the place? Be honest now, Heero." Quatre told him as they shared the bathroom.

"I guess. I just hope that Sally can do something about Duo though. And soon. I don't know if I can be patient any longer. I swear, I feel like I'm walking on eggshells."

"Believe me, Heero. We ALL feel that way. I think Duo does too. Maybe that's why he's all excited this morning." Quatre said as he pointed down to the dinning area where all the chatter was coming from. Heero groaned. He couldn't win. He might as well just throw in the towel.

- "Are we going? Are we-MEEP!" Duo squeaked as a chloroform soaked cloth was shoved in his face. In several minutes, he was blissfully sleeping on Heero's lap.

"Wasn't that kind of mean, Quatre?" Heero asked, his lips twitching a bit as he saw the little pilot stash the cloth into a jar and chuck it out the window. Trowa only shook his head.

"I love him, you love him, we all love him, but I swear, If he hadn't shut up, I would have strangled him." Quatre replied with vehemence not seen since the Zero Gundam episode.

"I Just hope Sally can do something. And fast. Before Duo gets on my nerves even more." Wu-fei growled. He wasn't comfortable with Duo before. And now that he was a girl, He literally ran away from him. Much to his fellow pilots secret amusement.

"Amen to that." Trowa muttered as he pulled the jeep in gear and sped off. The sooner it was done, the better for all of them.

-SLAM!! STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! SLAM! And the tears started again. Heero rubbed his forehead and Trowa rolled his eyes at the ceiling while Quatre was developing a twitch in his left eye. Wu-fei had run off as soon as the appointment was over and the rest of the pilots knew better than to expect to see him anytime soon. Heero looked at his fellow pilots before he went to the liquor cabinet and pulled out several bottles. One of Russian Vodka, Wild Turkey and Gin. Opening the Gin, he then handed the others to Trowa and Quatre. They then opened the bottle that they each had and simultaneously took a long swill each.

"What in the hell are we going to do?" Trowa asked as couple of minutes later.

"I don't know. How are we going to pull off our missions now?" Heero asked.

"How are we going to deal with Duo being a girl for A WHOLE YEAR?"Quatre moaned.

They all then shut up and took another long swill of booze again as they recalled the day at Sally's office.....

// Sally looked incredulous as Duo walked up to her. He had been wearing a pretty violet dress that was empire waisted and cut low enough to show his breasts. Heero had scowled at Wu-fei for looking at Duo's breasts. He was starting to get jealous of any man that looked at Duo and he was kind of feeling weird for doing it. Besides, he knew Duo was exceptionally pretty. As a guy and a girl. Funny how he had always wondered what Duo would look like as a girl. Big irony.

"Is this some kind of Joke?" Sally had managed to ask. Duo smiled at her bitterly.

"Sally, believe me. I sincerely wish it wasn't joke. NO ONE else in this galaxy could wish for this to be a bad joke more than I do." Duo had hissed through his teeth. Sally was taken aback at Duo's behaviour. Duo HAD never been this nasty before, even when he had been utterly sick or riddled with shrapnel and injuries. She looked at the others for support.

"Ignore it. Duo's just PMS-ing right now." Heero had whispered as they walked into the building with Duo acting all giddy and hanging off of Quatre's arm, pissing Trowa off something awful. Sally looked even more confused.

"What the hell is going on?" She finally asked once she had put Duo in an examination room and had gone out to speak to the other four pilots at her desk.

"Duo was captured about four days ago. When we found him...let's just say it was Duo. Missing the outdoor plumbing, if you get my drift." Heero told her, unsure of how else to say it.

Sally blinked. "What did they do to him? Castrate him?" The others shook their heads.

"They did some kind of experiment on him to turn him into a girl. Apparently Oz is capturing the gay soldiers and turning them into women to boost the population." Sally shook her head.

"And you guys are here because you want me to turn Duo back into a guy?" Four heads bobbed in unison. Sally rubbed her head. It was too early in the morning....

-"Duo's just resting in the examination room. She'll
wake up in a few minutes." Sally announced as she
lugged a file with Duo's
name on it and put it on her desk.

"Did you have to knock Duo out?" Heero asked. He was starting to feel guilty about doping his lover up because she...damn!! Now he was doing it too!

Sally nodded as she then opened the file. " Yes. I had to do all these tests on her that would have both scared and caused pain for her. I figured it would be easier this way."

"Well?" Heero pushed a bit impatiently. "Can you do it?" The other three held their breaths and waited expectantly for Sally's answer. But Sally shook her head.

"I'm sorry boys, I can't do anything for at least a year." Heero actually blanched at this.

"Why not? Isn't there some kind of reversal thing you could do?" He asked desperately.

"No. I can't. You see, this experiment that Oz has done on Duo is so traumatic to the body that it needs time to heal all the scars from the removal of the male sex organs and the implantation of the female sex organs. If I tried to anything right now, I could seriously damage Duo's body and possibly even kill him. After that, I don't even know if reversal is even possible. We'll just have to wait and see." The four pilots looked at each other. Oh SHIT!!!!!

"I'm outta here." Wu-fei muttered as he took off. Trowa and Quatre looked at Heero.

"We'll go start the car." Then they too took off. Heero was left staring at Sally.

"Nice friends, Huh?" He said as he nodded to his high-tailing fellow pilots. Sally smiled.

"Actually, I told them to do that while you were in the Loo." Sally told him, making him feel relieved that he wasn't being deserted in his dealings with Duo.

"The reason why I wanted to talk to you is because ... Will you be intimate with her during this time?" Heero looked like someone had run a hot wire up his ass.

"Yeah. Of course!! Duo's my lover!! Why would you ask?" Heero queried a bit suspiciously.

"Why I'm asking is because if you are, you need to use protection. Condoms or some kind of pill for Duo." Heero looked utterly stunned. Condoms? Pill?

"But..Duo's a man! He can't have children, Sally!!" Heero protested. Sally shook her head.

"Duo is biologically a woman right now, Heero. She is also capable of conceiving. Unless you want a child to raise in the middle of the war, be my guest. But if not, Here's a prescription for some birth control pills. It's your choice, Heero." Sally told him before she had gone to fetch a woozy Duo and tell her the news.

"Besides, it'll help with the PMS." Sally had told him as she handed him a limp Duo and sent them on their way.//

-"Thank God for small blessings." Trowa had muttered when he had heard the story. Heero shot him a look before taking himself and his Gin bottle out of the living room.

"Where are you going, Heero?" Quatre asked tiredly as he gently caressed Trowa's thigh.

"To seduce my girlfriend." Heero said before climbing up the stairs.

"You know, that's something I would have never believed I would have heard coming from him." Trowa remarked to Quatre, who only giggled before he plunged into Trowa's mouth.

-I Lie on my bed and I stare at the ceiling, feeling like my world has been torn apart and is all upside down. I'm a girl. A girl. I don't want to believe it, but I guess I have to accept it. Just like I accepted my missions, my life, my love for a certain Japanese blockhead. Well, he's not really a block head. I guess I'm just saying that because I don't feel comfortable in my own skin.

"I think I'm still traumatized over bleeding for three days and not dying." I mutter to myself as I roll over onto my side and start tracing the pattern on the bedspread. I feel weird. Everyone is treating me like some...freak case or something. Trowa barely looks at me, Quatre treats me like his 30th sister and Wu-fei runs away from me. At least Heero is still the same. But for how long?

I'm also worried that he won't want to have sex with me anymore. Sally says I can have a baby. Me? A mother? I find the idea utterly ridiculous....yet awfully appealing at the same time. I shake my head. I need to get over myself. Still...it would be interesting to see how Relena would react to Heero and I having a child together. I laugh at the mental image of her face as I present her with Heero jr. I laugh again, this time in anger. I still can't forget what she said to me...

//"You CAN'T give him all he needs, Maxwell!" She had shouted at me, her anger making her cry and turn her face, for a second, into the face of a monster.

"I give himself and my LOVE, Relena. That's all that matters to us!!" I yell back at her.

"Yeah? But you can't give him children to carry his name on. But I can, and that's what counts." She smirked as she walked away, leaving me to pull out the knife of grief outta my chest//.

"Serve you right if I did have a baby with Heero." I mutter as I look up at the blue sky peeking in through the open window. It looked nice and peaceful. So peaceful that it made me sleep.

-Heero tiptoed up the stairs and went into the room that he and Duo were sharing. He wanted him. He had gone too long without him. He needed him. He also didn't want to startle him or freak him out. He knew he seemed like a pig, but he couldn't help it. He had been away from Duo's body so long that he knew would explode from the frustration.

"I shouldn't have worried." He told himself as he walked in and saw Duo sprawled out on the bed, his dress and limbs all over the place. It made him laugh. Quatre had been right. You could take the boy out of Duo, but you couldn't take Duo out of the boy. He was also murmuring in his sleep. He didn't really catch it. He thought he heard him mutter something about kids and Relena.

"Must be having a nightmare?." Heero asked himself as he took of his coat. "I guess I was right on time after all." He then turned and lay down on the bed beside Duo. Duo immediately responded by curling closer to Heero, making his erection suddenly stand to full glory in a matter of seconds. Heero was shocked at his body's reaction. Whoa! But it is Duo! He's the only one that could have that effect on me. But jeez, that was fast.

Duo opened his eyes. His hand was caressing a smooth, muscled chest that hadn't been there before. Funny. He then opened his eyes and found himself looking into Heero's deep blue eyes, which looked like deep pools of ocean. The look he got only when he was extremely turned on.

Duo sat up and looked at him. He felt the arousal too, like a warm blanked between his legs. He also knew that Heero was here for one thing and one thing only. And he was damned if he would withhold it.

Smiling, Duo reached up and pulled the hair band out of his long, long hair and shook it forward onto Heero's chest. He smiled when he heard the deep breath Heero took as he inhaled the fragrance in his thick hair. He pulled back though and with slow motions, untied the ribbon that held the dress together. Heero's eyes nearly bulged out when he saw Duo's naked chest.

"You've seen the goods. Now come and get them." Duo purred out. Heero's eyes only narrowed before he reached over and pulled the dress off completely.

"Damned right I'll get them." He growled as he ripped off his own clothes and pushed Duo down on the bed before him. He swallowed as he looked at the expanse of Duo's alabaster flesh and the utter perfection of the breasts and hips that met his gaze. If he hadn't known what they had done to him, he would have sworn that Duo had been born a woman.

"God!" Duo heard Heero whispers as he looked down at his new body. "So perfect..Duo" He groaned as he made Duo lick his fingers. Duo sighed with pleasure as he complied with the request. Nothing else mattered. I thought to myself. Except that he wants me. Even as a girl.

Once his fingers were moist enough, Heero carefully began to ease them into the vaginal opening that confronted him. Duo moaned and panted as he ground himself into Heero's hand.

"Is that good?" He asked, recalling the other adviceSally had given him.

// "Also, Heero?" Sally told him as she gave him the prescription. "Be careful. She's a virgin."//

"Yes! YES! Heero! HEERO!" Duo screamed out my name. Oh God!! I hope I don't hurt her..him. Whatever. I just hope that I don't do too much damage.

"Relax. It'll happen" Heero said as he moved his fingers slowly, trying to feel the walls of the orifice, trying to find the sweet spot that would make Duo writhe some more.

"Please, Heero. Please. I need you inside me now." Duo begged Heero.

"Okay then, hold on tight." Heero growled as he took out his fingers and placed the tips of himself at his hot and humid entrance. Praying it wouldn't hurt, he then thrust in as fast as he could. Duo screamed and jerked as he felt himself being torn and bruised as Heero's largeness entered his body. He felt like crying. It really hurt. Really hurt. It had never felt like this before. He felt like Heero was tearing him apart from the inside out.

"Heero, It hurts. Heero." Duo whimpered as Heero tried to calm Duo down.

"Shhh. It'll get better. Don't worry. Just let yourself relax. It won't hurt as much. Trust me."

Heero kissed his lips and stroked his hair as he fought to find a rhythm that wouldn't hurt Duo too much. His body relaxed and he began to ignore the pain as the pleasure began to bring waves of euphoria and a pool of warmth under his ass and onto the bed sheets. He was feeling as if he was being keyed up and wound up too tightly. The delicious feeling in his groin increased with each stroke, leaving him mindless with pleasure. The wave was cresting..He could feel it coming..Slowly..Slowly..Coming..Coming..until it reached the fever pitch and Duo couldn't...

"HEERO!! HEERO!! HEERO!!" Duo screamed with all his might as his hips jerked forwards to meet Heero's strokes, making him cry out his release in a hoarse yell that turned into a shout when he and Duo landed on the floor with a loud "THUMP".

-" What the hell was that?" Wu-fei asked as a chunk of plaster fell off the ceiling and onto the dining room table were and Trowa were playing cards. Trowa's lips twitched, but he didn't answer. He had a very good idea what that was, but he didn't want Wu-fei to bleed on the table.

Suddenly, Quatre came in, a radiant look on his face as he went up to Trowa.

"Isn't it so romantic?" He asked. Wu-fei's eyes widened and he just barely had enough time to get a napkin to stop his nose from bleeding onto the table. Trowa nodded his agreement.

"I just hope they don't wreck the house, that's all." Trowa replied as he pointed to the ceiling.

Quatre shrugged. "As long as Duo's not crying, I don't care if they raze the house to the ground"


Three months later.....

-"Is Duo still in the can, Heero?" Duo heard Trowa ask through the flimsy bathroom door.

"Yeah, I think so. He woke up early this morning and ran for it like a bat out of hell." Heero said. The doorknob rattled as someone tried it.

"Duo? Dammit, Duo! Are you going to be out of there soon or what?" Trowa asked.

Duo only groaned as he tried to get up from the uncomfortable kneeling position he had been in since six that morning. He had thrown everything in his stomach up and he still felt like shit. To top things off, his legs were so weak that he knew he wouldn't walk out of the bathroom without help. Chances were, he'd probably be dragged out. By his braid. Duo groaned at the thought.

The doorknob clicked a couple of times before the door flew open to reveal an annoyed Trowa, a surprised Heero and a concerned and worried Quatre. Duo raised his head from the toilet and smiled weakly at them before falling into an inglorious heap onto the floor.

"Duo? Duo? Are you alright?" Heero asked as he knelt down beside his lover and began to stroke the sweat-dampened bangs away from the pale face. Duo's eyes were glassed over, but he managed to smile up at Heero and the others again. It seemed that was all he could really do.

"Yeah, I just need some rest. I must be getting the flu or something." Duo mumbled as he tried to sit up. Heero looked at the others. Trowa shrugged and Quatre bit his lip. Something wasn't right. He'd have to call up Sally or one of his sisters. Duo's condition was not normal.

"Okay, Duo. Just hang onto me, alright?" Heero asked as he picked up the limp pilot and half-dragged, half-carried him back to their room. God, Duo weighed more than he remembered. Or was he getting weak himself? Heero shook his head and put all of his attention towards arranging Duo's body onto the bed. Duo didn't mutter a word as Heero worked, which was very strange.

"Duo? Hey Duo? Are you sure you're fine?" Heero asked as he wiped the sweat off from Duo's pasty and clammy forehead. Duo groaned as he tried to avoid Heero's hand.

"I feel like shit, Heero. For the past two months, I feel like hell when I wake up in the morning. Most of the time, I wake up and have to throw up. I don't know what the hell's going on." Duo replied as his eyes closed. "Ever since the last mission, I've been feeling like this. I just hope I don't get a mission right now or I'm screwed. I'd sincerely would hate to throw up in my Gundam. Yeaugh." Duo commented, completely unaware of the startled look on Heero's face.

"Duo? If I let you rest right now, do you think you'd be fine enough to go Sally's later on?"

Heero asked, keeping his voice carefully neutral as his mind raced.

"Uh-hu. I usually feel better in the afternoon anyways." Duo replied before promptly falling asleep. Heero watched him for awhile before he left to get fixed up, eat breakfast and call Sally.

- "What? Yeah, Eleven o'clock sounds good. Thanks Sally, I appreciate it. Bye." Heero cut off the vid-phone connection and went back into the kitchen were the other three pilots were eating.

"Whom did you call?" Quatre asked as he took a sip of his morning tea. Heero sat down.

"Sally. I'm taking Duo to her office at eleven. That sickness of his is kind of worrying me." Heero then turned to Quatre. "Do you suppose it could have something to do with the experiment his body has gone through? He told me he's been feeling unwell since his last mission."

"I think it may have to do with whatever you are doing to Duo's body." Trowa acerbically commented as he looked at Heero, who blinked back at Trowa.

"Do you think that's why he's been feeling that way? I knew it! I knew it! I should have just let him be.." Wu-fei looked at Heero in disgust, but refused to comment on anything.

Quatre was about to open his mouth, but Trowa reached out and shook his head. If he was right, it would be better for them to stay out of it for awhile.

-When Duo and Heero came back from Sally's office, it was hard to say who looked more shell-shocked. Duo had tell-tale tear stains on his face and Heero looked like had eaten broken glass and nails for breakfast and they weren't agreeing with him. The other pilots only watched as Heero got a bottle of vodka out of the liquor cabinet and sat down on the couch. Duo sat down next to him and watched as Heero tilted the bottle and took a long swill. Duo nudged him, but Heero shook his head and put the bottle on the floor away from Duo. To the other's surprise, Duo only sat back on the couch and stared off into the distance.

"So...How did it go?" Quatre asked in a careful tone while Wu-fei and Trowa watched. Heero looked at Quatre and something between a grimace and a smile crossed his face.

"Well..." Heero began, but he gave up and looked at Duo for help. Duo turned to him.

"You want me to tell them?" Duo asked in an uncertain and incredulous voice. Heero squirmed.

"You had a hand in it too! Why should I tell them?" Duo asked a little heatedly.

"Well, you're the one who's pregnant!" Heero exclaimed. Silence. Duo and Heero looked at each other with shock on their faces. Well, at least they had told them.

"Excuse me. Did you say Duo's pregnant?" Wu-fei asked as he stanched the flow of blood from his nose with the front of his usually immaculate white shirt. Trowa's eye widened and Quatre looked like he had just gotten a hard punch in the gut.

"Y-ye-yes." Duo replied hesitantly as he examined his lap intently. Quatre came up to Duo and put his arms around him in order to comfort him.

"How long?" Trowa asked. Heero pulled the bottle out and drank some before speaking.

" The baby's due around December." Heero replied a little wearily. Trowa scratched his head.

"That means we have seven months of juggling our missions about." Trowa commented.

"Hey, wait a minute. What do you mean by that, Barton?" Duo asked, his voice high.

"I'm still going on my assigned missions! I can't take an extended vacation right now!" He exclaimed, the tears in his eyes making them glow unbearably bright.

"You're going to have to, Duo." Heero spoke up. "Remember what Sally said. You go into battle and you could possibly have a miscarriage and end up bleeding to death." Heero said softly, reaching out and taking Duo's hand gently into his own.

"You can't stop me." Duo knew that was utterly childish, but he couldn't help it. His world had just crashed around his ears again and he still needed time to absorb the shock.

"Oh yes, I will, Maxwell. I'm not going to let you risk your life for a stubborn whim. I'll do everything in my power to stop you from throwing your life away. And that includes tying you to the bed if necessary, got that? I care too much for you. Like it or not."

Duo jumped off of the couch and faced a morose Heero, his face crumpling as he stood there.

"Do you care about the baby too?" Duo asked, his eyes heated and shining with tears.

"Why would you ask me that?" Heero asked, not liking where this was going at all.

"Well.. .if it doesn't matter...we...ah...could get rid of it." Quatre gasped in shock.

"Duo! You can't mean that! Isn't that against the teachings of your church?" He asked Duo.

"It doesn't matter. Having this baby is going to ruin my life! Don't you see Quatre? I can't raise a child in these times! I'd rather get rid of it before it becomes a bigger problem!"

"Would you keep it if I told you I wanted it?" Heero asked softly. Trowa's mouth actually fell open when he heard the quietly spoken words. Wu-fei's nose bled even more profusely.

Duo looked at Heero with open shock and was unable to speak for several minutes. Heero only stared back at his lover, his eyes and statement giving nothing away.

"Why did you say that, Heero? Why?" Duo asked, his voice hardly above a whisper.

"Because I want this child. I want to have a baby with you, Duo. The person I love." Heero replied as he stood up and went to Duo, who didn't move.

"I know how much Relena's words hurt you, about never being able to give me children. I know the circumstances aren't ideal, but when are they? I want this child." Heero whispered.

Duo took a step away from him as Heero tried to reach out to him. He kept backing away from him until he stumbled into Quatre and collapsed into the blond pilot's arms.

"Are you serious, Heero?" Quatre asked as he gently placed Duo on the couch. Heero looked down at the pretty, heart-shaped face before giving him a nod that was nearly imperceptible.

"We are so dead!" Wu-fei groaned as another fount of blood came out of his nose.


Five Months Later....

-Relena was walking down the hallway of the hospital, feeling particularly awful. The early fall cold that she had caught was doing a number on her head and she had just gotten some antibiotics from the doctor. Hopefully that would take most of her symptoms away. She palmed the prescription and was heading out the door when she caught sight of her favourite pilot.

"Heero! Hi! What are you doing here?" She asked him, a trifle concerned. Heero was almost like a machine. He never got sick and he usually fixed up all of the injuries he got by himself. Seeing him in the hospital was like hearing the sun didn't set in the west.

"Oh. Relena." Heero replied non-committedly as he kept on walking to his destination.

"Why are you here? Is someone sick? Are you sick?" Heero rolled his eyes as he stopped.

"It's Duo. He had a doctor's appointment and I'm just picking him up from it." Heero replied as he then went on his way. Before he could get any farther, Relena grabbed his arm.

"Look, Relena. I have to go. Duo's probably waiting for me right now and he gets bitchy If I don't get there fast. Whatever it is, please, don't bother me with it right now."

"I just wanted to know what was wrong with Duo and if I could do something to help him."

Relena finally whispered, her face a flaming red as she let go of Heero's arm.

"There's nothing you can do for him, Relena. Excuse me." Heero said curtly before he took off, leaving Relena standing there with a forlorn statement on her face.

- "You're a bit late." Heero commented as Duo walked out of the doctor's office. Duo put his hand on his back and groaned. The pressure on his back was killing him. And he still had two more months to go. He certainly wasn't looking forward to them, that was for sure.

"Yeah. Check-up took longer than usual" Duo replied as he put his long coat on. One thing he was glad off was that at least he could wear a coat now that he was getting big.

"Everything all right?"Heero asked, feeling guilty at not being there with Duo. The mission had taken longer than he had anticipated, and even though Duo hadn't explicitly asked him to come, he still felt like a weasel for missing out on the appointment.

"Yeah, it's all going smoothly. Two more months, then I'm back to normal. Well, not really."Duo smiled briefly as he buttoned his coat. Damn. It was getting a little tight.

"That's good, I guess. Come on, I'll get you some chocolate milk and tuna and peanut butter sandwiches." Heero said as he gave Duo's hand a little squeeze before they began walking outside. Duo laughed in reply.

- Quatre was reading a magazine when the doorbell rang. He frowned as he looked at his watch.

"Odd. I wonder if Heero or Duo forgot their keys." He murmured as he went to open the door.

"Oh, Hello." He said, a small frown furrowing his brow as he saw Relena standing on the step.

"Oh .Hi, Quatre. May I come in?" Relena asked in a quiet voice. Quatre nodded, unsure of what it was that Relena wanted. He led her to the living room and offered her a seat.

"Um..I know I really shouldn't be asking you this, Quatre, But I just wanted to know if anything is wrong with Duo? I saw Heero at the hospital earlier today and he just brushed me off."

Quatre felt like he had swallowed a handful of dust. How was he going to tell Relena to shove off and mind her business? There was no way on earth that he would tell her about Duo's condition and the circumstances of it. They all had decided that it would be better to keep quiet about the pregnancy until the child was born. They all figured that if anyone else knew, they would be in even bigger trouble than they already were in.

"Ah, I think that Duo has a..cold. A really nasty one. Heero just took him to the hospital to make sure that he was all right, nothing more." He really hoped that he wasn't turning red. He was a terrible liar. Relena only looked at him with surprise. Was Quatre telling the truth?

"Oh, Hey Quatre! Oh!" Duo walked into the living room and nearly dropped the kid then and there. Relena was sitting there with Quatre and both of them were looking at him with open mouths. Duo then ran out of the room as fast as he could and a door was heard slamming shut.

"Hey, Where's Duo?" Heero asked as he walked into the living room. His face hardened when he saw Relena sitting on the couch, still in a state of shock.

"Was that Duo?" Relena asked, not quite believing her eyes. Quatre looked at Heero helplessly.

"No. It was my girlfriend, Diane." Quatre had to grab the magazine and quickly hide his face in it so that he wouldn't give the lie away. Man, was Heero utterly smooth.

"Diane? Then where's Duo?" Relena asked, feeling utterly crushed as she was told of a girlfriend. Make that a pregnant girlfriend. Heero looked at her impassively.

"Duo's at the movies. They're having a kung-fu night over at the cineplex and the idiot decided that he wanted to go and watch movies rather than come home with me."

Relena stood up, her eyes burning and her throat raw. "Oh. All right. In that case, I guess I should just get going. I guess Duo's fine and you probably want to spend time with your girlfriend." She looked at him steadily before brushing off imaginary lint off her skirt.

"I guess I should congratulate you?" She asked, her voice trembling a bit.

"If you want to. The baby is due around December 23rd. You can also congratulate me then."

"I guess I will. I can see myself out, Quatre, thanks." She whispered before she gracefully exited the room and then the house.

"You've got balls of steel, Yuy." Quatre commented as he finally put down his magazine to reveal his flushed and twitching face. Heero shrugged as he walked to the foyer.

"Duo! It's safe to come out now! Duo!" Heero yelled down the hall before going back to Quatre, who was practically busting a gut laughing.

"Diane! Diane! How creative, Heero! I could have never come up with that. Brilliant!" He chortled as Heero came in and calmly sat down to wait for Duo to come out. After several moments, Duo came out, his face pale as he slowly made his way to the couch.

"What did you tell her to make her leave so fast?" Duo asked as he carefully sat down next to Heero and looked at his boyfriend in mock disapproval.

"I just told her you're my girlfriend, Diane and that "Duo" went to see the Kung-Fu festival going on at the cineplex." Duo perked up at hearing the words "Kung-fu".

"Is there really a festival?" Duo asked brightly. Heero snorted as Quatre whooped louder.

"Nah. It just sounds like something you would watch, though. And she believed it." Duo pouted a bit, but started laughing helplessly as he pictured Relena's face at being told such news.

" I can't believe she swallowed it up." Quatre commented as he tried to get himself under control, but failed miserably as he pictured the shock on her face again.

"She wanted to believe it. She'd rather accept me not wanting her because I fathered a child with a woman rather than accept the fact that I'm in love with Duo Maxwell. The weird little boy pilot that I room with." Heero replied in a moody voice. Duo shook his head as he gently put a hand on Heero's shoulder to comfort him.

"It's true, I guess. She wants you so bad she can't see that you're already taken." Duo said, thinking back to the taunts Relena had hurled at him. His fists clenched involuntarily as he recalled the issue of his and Heero's childlessness. I guess I won that one hands down, Eh?

"She's going to have to accept it, sooner or later. Hopefully the baby will serve as a wake-up call for her. I don't want to be mean, but the constant pursuit is really getting annoying."

Heero then looked at Duo and gently put his hand on his swollen front.

"Especially now that the babies are coming. I don't want anything spoiling it for us."


Three weeks later...

"I wish you didn't have to leave for that mission." Duo muttered as he watched Heero get ready for a mission he and Trowa had to undertake. Heero shrugged as he tormented the keyboard of his laptop before he looked up at Duo's translucent face.

"I wish I didn't either. But I will be back in time. Don't worry. I will see our child when he's born, Duo. I promise you that much." Heero whispered as he gently put his hand on Duo's face and stroked the delicate and smooth flesh. Duo smiled briefly before lying down on his back.

Heero put his laptop away and turned his attention to Duo, kissing him gently and slowly rubbing his back. He winced as he realized how tight the muscles were in that area.

"Does it hurt?" He whispered, feeling guilty for the thousandth time. If he had gotten the pills sooner...If the condom hadn't broken that night...Duo wouldn't be in such discomfort and mental agony as they waited on pins and needles for the child to be born. And then what? How were they going to raise a child if they were constantly running and fighting? What if they got killed?

Duo groaned in reply. "Yes. But I 've gotten used to it. Keep on doing that, though. It feels good." He replied as he arched his back against Heero's tough, battle scarred hands.

Heero smiled and kept on rubbing Duo's back until the muscles felt looser and Duo himself was utterly lax with complete bliss and relaxation. He got up off the bed then and turned off his laptop. Duo only watched him through slitted eyes.

"I hope you come home soon." The chestnut haired pilot whispered, the tears close to the surface as he spoke. Heero smiled in a reassuring way as he then dropped a kiss on Duo's forehead.

"I swear I will. I promise it, Duo. I love you." He whispered before he slipped out the door.

-"Where's Duo?" Quatre asked as he too, bid farewell to the man that he loved.

"He's lying down. He's not feeling too well." Quatre's eyebrows shot up. "Is he all right?"

"Yes. It's mostly fatigue. The baby's due in what? A couple more weeks?" Heero asked as he checked his watch. December 21. "Shit. Christmas is coming up soon." Heero muttered.

"Boy, You certainly sound different, Heero. Like a family man, almost." Quatre commented. "I don't think I've heard you say Omae o korosu in months." Heero shook his head.

"You haven't seen how scary Duo got when he was having mood swings. I didn't know if he was going to cry, laugh or scream and in what order. If I had dared to say it, I know I would have gotten my balls served to me on a platter." Quatre laughed and Trowa raised an eyebrow when he heard this comment. Amazing.

"Quatre, before we go. I gotta ask you a favour." Heero said in a quiet voice as the laughter died.

"Uh sure. What is it?" He asked, wondering what it was that Heero wanted from him.

"Take care of Duo while I'm gone." Heero said, his voice low. " I'm worried about him. If anything happens to me, please, just take care of him and the child." Trowa looked at his boyfriend, then at Heero before he put his hand on the other pilot's shoulder.

"Heero, you shouldn't worry." Trowa said. He wanted to say more, but he kept silent.

"I'll take care of him, Heero. If the baby's born early, I'll take care of it as well."

"Good. You can't imagine how much it means to hear it." Heero whispered. "Let's go then."


-Three days later...

Heero lay on the stone floor of his cell in the fetal position with his knees up to his chest and his arms locked tightly around them. But that still didn't ease the pain in his gut or the ache in his heart. Trowa sat beside him, his thin arms locked around his taller frame as he too, tried to dispel the demons in his mind. Neither had spoken for days now. Both had given up hope. They were just gathering up their courage to either escape or kill themselves.

"Do you think they will come to rescue us?" Trowa said, breaking the silence with his rusty voice. Heero twitched as he thought the question over carefully.

"Maybe." He whispered in a quiet, broken voice that made Trowa shiver. It wasn't right. That voice belonged to Duo and Quatre, not Heero. But then, getting gang-raped for a couple of days could do that to you. Trowa began to weep quietly as he recalled his own ordeal. He usually could take care of anything that was thrown at him, but the dislocated shoulder he had gotten during a nasty hit had made him helpless. It had been easy for them then, to rape him. The beatings didn't help any. He felt extremely dirty. Like he had felt before he met Quatre.

He felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking up from his misery, he saw that Heero was looking at him with dead blue eyes and his hand was on Trowa's own knee.

"We'll pay them back double." Heero whispered quietly as he unfurled himself. "You'll see."

"You'll see what?" Wu-fei's voice asked as the picking of a lock could be heard.

"Wu-fei? What are you doing here?" Trowa asked as he slowly and painfully stood up. Heero was already standing, but his face was a total mask of impassiveness.

"Getting your sorry asses out of here." He replied shortly. "Duo decoded some Oz reports about a couple of pilots being captured and Quatre sent me out to get you guys home. Nothing broken?" Wu-fei asked. Both of the pilots shook their heads. Nothing on the outside at least.

"Where are Quatre and Duo?" Heero asked neutrally. He didn't want to talk about Duo. He knew if he let himself feel at that moment, he would lose it completely. Trowa squeezed his hand in a painful grip, hoping the pain would help Heero keep his composure.

"Duo's in the hospital. Quatre and Sally are with him. I don't know if anything has happened yet. But " He looked at Heero carefully before he spoke."The sooner we get out of here, the sooner we'll know if anything has changed." The other pilots nodded and began getting a move on. The escape wasn't that difficult. And although they hated to admit it later, they had enjoyed killing those guards as they hotfooted it out of there. For good measure, they blew up that area.

Somewhat sensing the pain that they had gone through, Wu-fei forebode to make any comment on their behaviour. They'd have something else to worry about soon enough.

-Quatre sat by Duo's bedside gripping the chestnut haired pilot's hand tightly in his own. Duo was nearly out of his mind with worry and pain. Ever since he had decoded the messages about Heero's and Trowa's capture, He had been in a constant state of worry that had brought on his labour earlier today. But the labour was long and pain-filled, but so far, nothing had been brought forth. They had also discovered that Duo was carrying two children instead of one and that one was in the wrong position, creating the long delay in his labour.

"Do you think Wu-fei has got them out yet?" Duo whispered to Quatre in a voice not even above a whisper.

Quatre looked at Duo and bit his lip in worry and in reluctance to say anything to upset him.

Duo's face was the colour of paper and was sweaty and clammy to touch. His hair was drenched in perspiration and he looked like he was desperately fighting to stay awake despite the drugs and pain. Quatre opened his mouth to reply, but kept silent. He sincerely hoped he had, since his own love had been captured, but for all he knew, Wu-fei could have gotten captured himself. Duo didn't wait for the answer, another contraction had hit him. And this one hurt like hell. So much that Duo screamed out.

Quatre flinched as he felt Duo's grip tighten. The pain must have been a bad one, since it sent Sally Po and the other doctor's running in to check on Duo. They had to work around Quatre, since Duo had a death grip on him and wouldn't let go of him.

"She's ready to give birth. The baby's in the right position." Sally was told by one of the doctors. Sally nodded and looked at Quatre, who was carefully disentangling himself from Duo's now-slack grip. Quatre saw the question in Sally's eyes and shook his head. She nodded in return, hoping that Heero and Trowa would be able to make it soon.

-When they got there, Sally was pacing the hallway outside of Duo's room, her statement one of worry and sorrow. Heero's heart nearly dropped into his stomach as he saw Sally's face.

"Sally? Sally? Is he-" Sally's face brightened considerably when she saw who had spoken.

"No. He's not. But the babies are about to be born. Get inside, Quatre will tell you everything"

Sally replied quickly as she shoved Heero into the room without any delays.

"Babies?" Trowa and Wu-fei asked in complete shock and surprise. Sally nodded.

"We just discovered that Duo's pregnant with twins. That's why the labour was long."

Trowa slid to the floor and Wu-fei held his shirt up to his nose. What a day.

-Heero and Quatre sat out side the room smoking a cigarette between them while Wu-fei and Trowa watched them in silence. A nurse walked by and frowned, but they ignored her.

"You kids know you can't smoke here?" she finally asked as Heero took a long drag.

"Yeah" He said as he passed the cigarette to Quatre, who took a deep drag as well.

"Then why are you smoking?" She asked them pointedly. Heero only looked at her coldly.

"'Cause I just feel like it." Heero replied quietly, the undercurrent of anger and danger strong in his voice despite the quietness of it. The nurse frowned and walked away. She didn't like that.

"Was it that bad?" Trowa's asked as he watched the cigarette be passed around between them.

Heero shrugged and looked away. He was too distanced from his feelings to want or need to talk about it right now. He was utterly drained and exhausted and he needed the quiet and the nicotine to slowly come together into his own again. He only wanted to be quiet until he could see Duo.

Quatre looked at Heero, who nodded almost imperceptibly as he fished out another cigarette, lit it and took a drag all in the space of a couple of seconds.

"No. Just-Trippy. Painful. It's really hard to explain. It's weird because life is coming into the world, but it's strange because it's so violent. So much blood and pain. You almost forget that it's an act of creation. It's like..." He trailed off as he looked for a fitting metaphor to describe it.

"It's kind of like war for us. That dreamy kind of state that you fall into after the fighting has been going on and you can't leave until you or they die. It seemed like that when Duo was giving birth. It couldn't be over until he died or he brought the children forth." Quatre fell quiet and the others knew it was because he was thinking of his own mother. Heero gave him the cigarette and patted him on the shoulder gingerly. He didn't want to touch anyone that much just yet.

"Well, what's happening right now?" Wu-fei asked, breaking the silence between them.

"War wounds are getting taken care of and the kids are being checked over to see that they're fine. We're just here because it was too charged to stay." Heero said in a cryptic tone that didn't fool the others at all. But they accepted it without question. Trowa had told the other two what had happened to them in short, bitter sentences, so they understood Heero's mood swings.

"What did Duo have?" Trowa asked, feeling curious despite the bone-weariness and heart ache that was assaulting him as he watched Quatre and Heero smoke.

"Boys." Heero replied, his eyes gleaming slightly before dulling to black pools again.

"Cute little tykes, too. One of the boys looks like Duo and the other one looks like his father." Quatre added.

"Funny. I've always wondered how Heero looked like when he was younger." Wu-fei mused.

"Yeah, I know. He has the same eyes and hair as Heero here. It's all messy and sticking up in cowlicks all over the place. But he's beautiful." He whispered trailing off into his own thoughts. Heero and Duo didn't realize how lucky they were to have been granted such a gift, even if it was by a bizarre accident of fate. He then looked at Trowa and wondered how a child of their blood would look like. But he'd never know. Or maybe he would. It was all in the stars.

"Heero Yuy?" A doctor came out of Duo's room and looked at them.

"Yes?" Heero asked as he immediately stood up and put his cigarette out on the wall. The doctor chose to ignore what he had seen and just turned to him. He didn't give a damn about hospital regulations. Besides, the poor kids had been through hell and back with worry.

"You can see them now. Both mother and children are doing fine. They should be able to go in a couple of days." Heero looked at Quatre as he was about to go into the room.

"Do you want to see them too, Quatre?" He asked, his voice low as he spoke.

Quatre shook his head. "You go ahead. We'll come in later." Quatre replied. Heero nodded.

-He found Duo lying in the bed with a child in each arm. At first, he thought Duo was sleeping. But as he came closer, he could hear the husky alto singing a song he hadn't heard in years.

"Heaven on Earth/ We need it now/I'm sick of all of this/Hanging around/Sick of sorrow/Sick of pain/Sick of hearing again and again/That there's gonna be/Peace on earth."

He stood by the door, not wanting to disturb him. Wanting to hear the song, since it was breaking or making something inside of him. The song was as much for the children as for him and his beaten soul.

"Where I grew up/There weren't many trees/Where there was/we'd tear them down/And use them on our enemies/They say what you mock/will surely overtake you/And you become a monster/So the monster will not break you/ It's already gone too far/Who said that if you go in hard/You won't get hurt/"

Heero closed his eyes as the words floated past him. How could he ever face being a father if he himself had been both turned into a monster and hurt so deeply?

"Jesus could you take the time/To throw a drowning man a line?/Peace on earth/Tell the ones who hear no sound/Whose sons are lying in the ground/Peace on earth/ No whos or whys/No-one cries like a mother cries/for peace on earth/She never got to say goodbye/To see the colour in his eyes/Now he's in the dirt/That's peace on earth/"

He then wondered about his own mother and all of the others' mothers. Did they know what they were like? Who they were? Did they have other hopes for them when they had first seen them born? Did they sing to them like Duo was doing?

"They're reading names out over the radio/All the folks the rest of us/won't get to know/Sean and Julia, Gareth, Ann and Breda/ Their lives are bigger, than any big idea/ Jesus can you take the time/To throw a drowning man a line/Peace on earth/Jesus this song you wrote/The words are sticking in my throat/Peace on earth/Hear it every Christmas time/But hope and history won't rhyme/ So what's it worth?/This peace on earth/ Peace on earth/Peace on Earth/ Peace on earth"

Heero came up to Duo's bedside with hesitant steps, unsure whether he should be that close to them. His family. He swallowed hard to keep himself from dissolving into tears . His emotions were still at key pitch and he wasn't sure if he could stand to be so near.

"You don't have to touch me, if you don't want to." Duo told him as he looked up at Heero.

Heero shook his head and came closer to them with tentative steps.

"Why did you sing that song?" Heero whispered, tears standing in his eyes as he carefully touched Duo's face and lips. "I haven't heard you sing it since you lost Deathscythe the first time. It's so utterly sad." He said as a couple of tears fell onto the bedding.

"It's not sad." Duo whispered as he looked up at the face he thought he'd never see again. "It's more like a prayer. Sister Helen sang it once to us, when we were scared and lonely at Christmas. I never understood why she sang it. It was always in the back of my mind and I never realized what an elusive and simple thing peace is. I never really had a reason to sing it until now." He looked down at the perfect sleeping faces of their sons and let out a sob.

"When they put them in my arms and they looked at me, something tore in my chest. I started fighting for peace because I didn't want any other kids to live like I had. I didn't want for other people like Sister Helen and Father Maxwell to die in vain. I wanted the whole galaxy to be at peace so that none of that would ever re-appear. When I looked at their faces, the reason became strengthened. I want to make a better future for our children. One free of sorrow and fear. I think that was why I sang them the song. To remind myself of it." Duo whispered before he began to cry in earnest, his tears falling unheeded on the sleeping children.

Heero put his arms around them and embraced them gently, yet firmly as he buried his face in Duo's hair and cried along with them. The rape was pushed away for the time being as he cried for the loss of yet another part of their innocence.

"Quatre told me what happened to you, Heero." Duo finally whispered in a low voice. Heero only looked at him in silent agony and remorse. If he could have only stopped them...

"It hurts because I was helpless. I couldn't avoid their hands or keep them from touching me or Trowa. We could only watch and wait as they took their pleasure with us. The touching just feels like it will never go away. Or the feel of it on my skin. No matter how hard I scrub, I'd still sense it on me. And I hate that. Feeling helpless and unable to defy your destiny."

"There was nothing you could have done. You can never keep people from touching you in either good or bad ways. When I was in labour, I wanted to die. The pain was agony and I knew that I couldn't do anything to escape it until our sons were born or I died. When it was over, I pushed everyone away. I didn't want to be touched by anyone except my children. They had suffered along with me and I felt like they were my allies in that horrid struggle. Rape feels that way, because you have been touched against your will and you have no allies except your mind and yourself. So you don't let anyone touch you until they can understand." Duo replied in a cold and calm voice as he reached out and wiped the tears in Heero's eyes.

"Some Christmas, Huh?" He asked in a low tone. Heero blinked and looked at his watch.

"They were born on Christmas?" He asked in quiet disbelief as he saw the date confirmed.

"Merry Freaking Christmas, Huh?" Duo asked, keeping his voice carefully neutral.

"Yeah. The first Christmas I ever actually celebrated. I get torn apart and become a father all at once. Still, having them makes it look a dirty gray rather than an actual pitch black." Heero said, a small smile creasing his tear-stained face as he tried to make the mood pass.

"Yeah. Dirty gray is better than pitch black any day." Duo agreed. "Do you want to hold one?"

Heero looked stunned at that offer. "Are you sure? I've never held one before in my life."

Duo gave him an exasperated look as he held out a baby to him. "It's easier than piloting a Gundam, Heero. Just make sure you hold their heads while you're at it, that's all."

"Okay, if you say so." Heero replied doubtfully as he carefully cradled one of his sons as if he were a case of volatile nitroglycerine.

Once he had the small person settled in the crook of his arm, He began to carefully examine this little being that he and Duo had created. The baby looked exactly like a miniature Duo. The large violet eyes, the same mobile mouth and delicate heart-shaped face were all there. The hair colour was slightly different, though. Rather than having Duo's rich chestnut, the baby had a redder, almost auburn version of it.

"He looks just like you. Except for the hair. Wow." Heero whispered in fascination as he traced the soft, downy eyebrows with his finger in careful slow gestures.

" Yeah, I know. I was thinking that when I looked at this one. He looks exactly like you. I was thinking of calling him Heero." Duo joked as he looked down at his son.

"If you don't mind, I think I want to call him Liam Noel " Heero said in a quiet voice. Duo smiled up at him and shook his head.

"No, I wouldn't mind. Liam Noel Maxwell Yuy. Doesn't sound too horrible, does it?" Duo asked worriedly. Heero smiled and assured him that it wasn't so.

"What will we call him then?" Duo asked, his face furrowing as he tried to think of a name.

" What about Solo? I know how much he meant to you." Heero suggested quietly.

"Yeah. I like that. But I think that he should be called after his father first." Duo said in a quiet voice.

A knock interrupted the quiet moment, but they didn't mind. It felt like the time for showing their children was nigh on hand.

"Come in." Heero said. The door opened and revealed Quatre, Wu-fei and Trowa.

"So those are the kids." Wu-fei said as he looked at the sleeping children. "Do they have names yet?"

"Yeah. Meet Liam Noel and Heero Solo." Heero said as he showed Trowa and Quatre little Liam. While Wu-fei looked at Heero Jr..

"Boy, they look exactly like you guys. It proves that you don't stay pretty despite being born that way, huh?" Wu-fei said as Duo laughed at him.

"I could say the same about you, Chang. Your mother must have gotten slapped by the doctor when you were born, eh?" Duo asked sweetly as Trowa and Quatre then looked at little Heero.

"You got me there, Maxwell." Wu-fei said, taking the joke in stride.

"You are so lucky, Duo." Quatre whispered as he carefully stroked the baby's soft face.

"I guess I am." Duo replied softly. "Although I would have killed you if you had said that several months ago."

Heero blinked as he recalled that day. He knew that he had only agreed to have the children to save Duo. He had never once thought of the children inside of him. But now, he saw that if he said something else, he would have lost his sons. His sons. Boy, that felt weird. Never once could he picture himself actually creating life instead of destroying it. And now here he was, a father.


Four months later...

- Duo lay on his bed watching his sons sleep. He was kind of tired from taking care of his sons, so he was happily relishing the peace and quiet that their nap was bringing to him. He needed that quiet to relax and to rehearse the words that he would have to say to Quatre.

"My sons. I hope you will always know that I love you." He whispered as he tried to fight the tears that were threatening to rise in his chest and eyes. He rolled over and looked up the window and to the blue sky outside. They had decided it was the best thing to do for them, and had talked about it even before they had been born, but it still hurt like hell.

// Heero leaned over the crib that Quatre had provided for the babies and watched them as they happily lay in their cribs watching their father.

"Are they asleep yet?" Duo whispered as he came in from his shower. Heero shook his head and turned to watch Duo dry his hair with a towel. God, Duo was perfect. And back to normal.

After his sons were born, Duo's body began to reject all of the female hormones he had been given. It started to go back to its normal state and with Sally's help and expertise, Duo the man was back. To all of the pilots' relief.

"No scars." He said as he looked at Duo's now firm chest again. Duo looked down and grinned.

"Yeah. Oz is sure going to be pissed when they find their experiment didn't really work." Duo said gleefully as he stood up and let the towel fall to reveal his naked body in its full glory again.

"Yeah, but you still contributed to the population." Heero said, pointing to the crib.

"Oh well. I didn't mind it. I love those boys." He smiled a sweet smile as he looked at the crib. "Plus, I'm glad they didn't make me into castrati like Sally thought at first." Duo said as he looked down at his cock and balls.

"It's weird. I thought they were gone for sure. But they were there all along. Sally says that I can populate the entire galaxy if I want to." He smiled as he saw Heero's horrified look. "Just kidding" He said as he sat down and began to brush his hair in long, lazy sweeps.

"Speaking of the boys-" Heero broke off, unsure of how to continue. Duo looked up at him and put his hairbrush down before he spoke.

"Has Quatre's sister agreed to take them?" Duo asked in a quiet, heart-broken voice.

"Yes. Serena says that she will take care of them for as long as necessary." Heero whispered.

"Heero-" Duo broke off as sobs began to shake his slender frame. Heero went up to him and put his arms around him, hoping that he could comfort him for a while.

"Heero? After the war..Do you want to take them back? To raise them and be a family?" Duo smiled crookedly behind the veil of his tears.

"That's if you want to." Duo added in a very soft whisper. "I will understand if you don't."

Heero shook his head as he sat down on the bed close, but not beside Duo. The memories were dimming, but he still felt them surfacing whenever he was close to Duo when he was naked.

"Stupid. Of course I want to! I love you! Those boys lying there, they're proof of that. I love you Duo and when this godforsaken war is over, We'll be with them again. I promise."

Duo smiled in relief, but the smile was wiped away as a horrible thought hit him.

"What if we get killed?" Duo asked in a worried whisper as he looked at Heero with wide eyes.

Heero looked at him tenderly as he reached out and pushed a bit of wet hair away from his face.

"We'll just watch each other's backs. Besides." He smiled as he stared at Duo. "You can't kill Death, remember?"

Duo's lips actually twitched as he was reminded of his nickname. He had utterly forgotten.

"Yeah. And You're the Perfect Soldier. So bob's your uncle, eh?"


Two months later...

Duo sat in the bedroom that he and Heero shared at a Winner safe house. Although Heero was beside him, he was actually leaving the Wing pilot alone. Despite the fact that he enjoyed the chance to work without being interrupted, Heero was worried by the other boy's quietness.

"Duo?" He called out as he put his ever-present laptop to the side.

Duo looked up from the picture that he was intently studying, but didn't say anything.

"You miss them?" He asked in a soft voice. He himself felt the dull ache of loss, but he bore it as stoically as he possibly could. It was for the best, they had decided. But the heart didn't understand logic. It still wept for the separation of loved ones sent away.

"I just worry." Duo answered, avoiding the question that they both knew the answer to.

"That they'll forget us. Or that this war will drag on for so long that we will miss them growing up all together." He drew in a breath and laughed shakily as he put the photograph down.

"I never thought that I would feel so maternal. Ever." He whispered as Heero went to him and put his arms around him to ease the severe ache that they both felt.

Heero didn't say anything. He only looked at the photograph on the bedspread that showed him and Duo holding Liam and Jr. on their laps on an ornate metal park bench. He didn't particularly like that one picture, since it reminded him of the confrontation they had with Relena after it had been taken.

// After the roll of pictures had been taken; Duo lay down and began to tease Liam and Jr. with a little stuffed animal as they lay on a blanket on the soft grass. Heero and Trowa sat on the bench and watched as Duo made a fool out of himself. Quatre and Wu-fei had gone for ice-cream and other supplies and would be back soon.

"Good Lord." Heero muttered as he watched as Duo made the little stuffed rabbit dance a silly little dance while singing a tuneless version of the Philosophers' song for his sons' amusement.

"What?" Trowa asked as he watched Duo recite the names of long-dead philosophers.

"I never thought I'd see the day that he'd be amusing kids with Monty Python, for Pete's sake!"

Heero exclaimed with mock despair as he shook his messy head.

"I see. Not standard children's fare, is it?" Trowa replied politely as he tried to hide his smile from Heero. He turned to see if Quatre and Wu-fei had come back with the promised supplies and was met with a sight that all the pilots would have rather avoided. Especially since it was the first time in ages that Heero and Duo had seen their children.

Heero sensed something was wrong and immediately turned to the direction Trowa was looking at. He quickly turned back to Duo and the kids, but it was too late.

"Heero! Heero!" Relena called out as she made her way to were the boys and the babies were.

Duo raised his head and looked at the approaching Relena with a look of sheer anger and ill-will. Trowa flinched at the naked aggression he had seen on Duo's face. He didn't think that he had ever seen that look on Duo's face before. Not even in battle.

Trowa then looked at Heero, who had slipped into Perfect Soldier mode again. Trowa shook his head. He had always known that both Duo and Heero were pretty dangerous. But parenthood had made them ten times more vicious. Especially Duo. Shinigami was a mom now. Too freaky.

"Heero! Ohayo! Nice day isn't it?" Relena asked in her annoyingly cheerful voice.

"Hn." Heero replied as he stubbornly kept his eyes on Duo and the children, who were busy gnawing on plush rabbits while Duo gently stroked their soft, downy hair.

"Are these your children?" She asked, not willing to give it up so easily. Trowa rolled his visible eye to the heavens. The woman was utterly dense! And deluded.

"They're mine and Heero's children." Duo said, his voice trying to be cheerful, but failing as it revealed a cold edge to it that made Heero's eyes widen slightly.

Relena looked at the braided pilot in surprise for several minutes before she started to laugh.

"Gimme a break, Maxwell!" She exclaimed in a loud voice that made both Liam and Junior cry.

"Ooh. Not a very good move, there, Relena!" Trowa thought as he watched Duo's face get an statement of naked rage as he gathered Liam and Heero in his arms and began to calm them down. Heero got up and was about to take a step towards Relena when Trowa reached out and clamped a hand on his thin, wiry arm.

"No Heero." Duo said in a low voice that sounded like the growl of a barely sane lion to Trowa.

"Let me." Heero and Trowa looked at each other in barely concealed worry. Duo was highly vicious when it came to his sons. Relena had made his sons cry. Relena was an enemy.

Heero turned to Relena, who was still snickering softly to herself as she watched Duo stand up.

"Ah, Relena. I think you should get lost." Relena's eyes widened at this statement. Did Heero actually sound nervous? She stopped laughing and looked at Trowa for confirmation. Trowa seemed to look like he wanted to be anywhere but there at that moment.

"Why?" Trowa and Heero looked at each other. Did the girl's stupidity know no bounds?

"Because Duo is getting really pissed off. Ever since he gave birth to Liam and Heero He's been...scary." Heero explained in a low voice as he watched Duo gather his anger around him like a palpable cloak. Relena looked at him with an open-mouthed statement. What the hell was he on? She turned to Trowa, who looked at her coldly.

"Funny you didn't know about the Oz prisoners that were captured and turned in women to raise the population rate." Trowa commented in a last-ditch effort to safely detonate the situation.

Relena's eyes widened as she looed at Duo and the baby in his arms. There was no denying the similarities between the babies and the braided pilot.

"I-I-I -I thought it wasn't possible." She whispered as she looked at the other baby and saw the perfect mixture of Duo's and Heero's features on the baby's face.

So it was true. They weren't lying. She thought as she stupidly stared at them.

"It was. And let me tell you, death is nothing to giving birth." Duo replied through gritted teeth.

"It HURT like HELL!" He hissed as he came up to her and stood right in her face.

"But it was worth it! Every minute of it!" He told her in a low, angry voice. "You want to know what kept me going? The chance to rub this moment in your face!" Trowa and Heero exchanged glances and sweat-dropped. What exactly was taking Quatre and Wu-fei so long?

"Do you recall that day, when you told me giving children was what gave you an edge over me to possess Heero?" Duo asked with such quiet venom that Relena visibly blanched.

"Well, I guess the playing field is even now." Duo smiled a smile so glacial that Heero shivered.

"And he's STILL mine and not YOURS!" Duo hissed as he pushed the startled girl back.

"So go home and never, EVER, bother me or mine again or I SHALL rip your pretty head off with my bare hands and feed it to my dogs, understand me?"

Heero and Trowa and the recently arriving Quatre and Wu-fei watched in utter shock as Relena took off like a bat out of hell as Duo laughed long and hard as he sat down with his sons again.

"What just happened here?" Wu-fei asked as Duo calmly began fussing with his children's clothes and began to sing the philosopher's song again.

"I think we just witnessed Shinigami's maternal instincts come out at full-throttle." Trowa whispered after telling Quatre what had just passed in his abscence. Quatre nodded as he looked at Duo, whose face was still a bit pink from his out burst against Relena.

"I had felt something, but I wasn't sure of what it possibly could have been." He looked at Heero, who was gingerly sitting down next to Duo and the children.

"I hate to say this, but he's really terrifying once he gets going." Trowa said in a low voice as he grabbed a popsicle. "I wouldn't bet that Relena will try to get near Heero any time soon. Duo scared her good and proper. She literally flew in her haste to get away from him."

"You really outdid yourself there." Heero said to Duo in a soft voice.

"I know." Duo replied shortly. "But I owed it to her. I've never forgotten what she has said to me to make me give you up. She didn't care about how I felt. She wanted you and she didn't care how it happened." He smiled icily as he looked out to the horizon.

"She also made my sons cry. I couldn't step back this time."

"Don't worry about it. She's gone now. The day is still young. Enjoy it." Heero replied.//

"The war will be over soon, Duo." Heero re-assured him again. He kissed Duo's forehead and held him tighter, hoping that would convey the meaning of his words much more clearly.

"I hope so, Heero. For the sake of the colonies and our sons." Duo whispered.


End for now. Notes: Philosopher's song is from a Monty Python Routine. It just lists all the philosophers and how they drink.

The Future Shinigami and Perfect Soldier by Jim Morrison.