For some bizarre reason, Barq's rootbeer has prompted this little fic. Enjoy. I guess.
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Warnings: Really stupid use of words and dialects differences.
Pairings: None really.


Wu-fei came into the kitchen with a huge smile on his face which really amde the other pilots nervous. More nervous than when Heero got completely drunk and sang NIN's "Closer" at Karaoke Thursday. Quatre still winced whenever someone said the word "fuck". Let's just say that Heero's rendition of the song left quite an impression on the bar patrons. Quatre was sure that no one had ever heard the word "fuck" being uttered like a death threat before.

"So what's up, Wu-fei?" Duo ventured to ask as he took a sip of the atomic sludge of death as the others called his own particular blend of coffee. Wu-fei's smile grew wider as he sat down and looked at his fellow pilots.

"I don't know, I just feel quite gay today." Duo's prompt reaction was to spray coffee allover Trowa and Heero, who were sitting across from him. Quatre looked like a bomb had exploded behind him.

"Excuse me, Wu-fei. But did you just say that you feel gay?" Quatre asked while Duo whooped in helpless laughter and Trowa and Heero cleaned themselves up and waited for Wu-fei's reason for his electrifying statement.

"Yeah, I said I feel gay. What's wrong with that?" Wu-fei asked. Trowa and Heero looked at each other while Maxwell pounded the table in barely contained laughter that was now coming out in hoarse choking sounds. Quatre bit his lip.

"So you mean you're happy?" Quatre asked him quietly.

"Yes. I mean that I am in a gay mood. May ask why you guys are acting so strangely about me using that particular word?"

The three fell silent and Maxwell just fell off the table.

"Um, Wu-fei, nowadays, gay means being homosexual. It doesn't mean happy any longer." Trowa explained simply. Wu-fei blinked, then scowled a few times as he realized what exactly the other pilots thought he meant when he had uttered that word.

"Well, that's stupid! Why did they have to ruin a perfectly good word and attach two variedly different meanings to it?" Wu-fei asked.

"What do you mean, Wu-fei?" Quatre asked while Heero picked up an out of breath Maxwell and sat him on his lap.

"Well, I don't see why "gay" had to be used to descrive homosexuals. I mean, it was a perfectly good word used to describe how you felt,or whether you were having a good time or were wearing nice clothes." He paused for breath and continued.

"I mean, it was a widely used word. Why couldn't they have used a word like...Indeed?" The other pilots eyes widened at this suggestion.

"Why Indeed?" Quatre asked, genuienly puzzled.

"Well, think about it. How many people actually use the word "Indeed"? Besides, wouldn't it have be simple just to say for example: Hey, just out of curiosity, are you? Yes, Indeed."

"Twisted logic, but true." Trowa muttered while Duo snickered.

With that, Wu-fei rose from the table and headed to the door. "Well, no matter. I have to get going. Sally wants to borrow a rubber and a couple of fags from me when I knock her up this morning and if I don't hurry up, she'll think that I'm just fucking around. See ya later."