I was reading about Pierre Trudeau last night. He was our most kick-ass PM Canada has had. To him, we owe our bilingualism. Sadly, he passed away last year. I was re-reading his sons eulogy to him and it brought tears to my eyes. This poem was born. It's kind of a eulogy for Heero, by his sons and by Duo as he lays dying.

The Forest Of the Twilight By Jim Morrison

(Liam Speaking)
Father, Your time is near.
I never believed that it would be this way.
I always thought that you were indestructible.
You, who survived so much and always came through unscathed.
Now, you are lying in that bed, looking so weak and pale.
I try to hold back my tears when I come to your bedside.
I don't want you to see me cry.
I want to be strong for your sake.
The woods are drawing closer and the twilight is slowly dimming to night.
Oh, Father. Good-bye.

(Solo speaking)
Your eyes are darkening, Father.
They aren't Prussian anymore.
Midnight is being reflected in your eyes as your strength is ebbing away.
You were our pillar and our wonderwall.
I don't want you to go.
But I know it is futile to want you to stay.
Your eyes are closing as you fight the inevitable.
(Rage, Rage against the dying of the light. Do not go gently into that good night)

(Jude speaking)
You are leaving right before us.
It doesn't feel right.
I know you have to go.
The winter sleet and the crashing of the waves is telling us so.
I wish that you could stay longer.
Make Da happy once more.
Wipe his tears from the faded violet eyes.
Make him smile once again.
But I can feel the angle of death hovering near.
The woods are beckoning you, though.
And I know you must obey.

(Duo speaking)
We shared so many years together.
Fought in wars, raised our children and loved each other.
I see you liying in that bed, fighting to hold on
And my heart is breaking to see you.
I know that you will never give up.
That you will fight until the bitter end.
The end is coming, my dear.
Mortua is sitting by your bed now, holding your hand.
I feel your skin getting colder.
Your eyes slowly dulling
I know I have to say farewell.
Is it selfish to want you to stay?
You are my life and my love.
No one made me love you so much. Or feel so much and so deeply.
Please don't rage against the night.
I can't bear to see you in so much pain.
The twilight has descended upon us and you have drawn your last breath.
The woods are dark and deep and you have earned your rest.
I love you Heero. I love you my dear.