Title: "The Wrong Day"
Author: JessChan
Pairing: 1+2
Notes: shounen-ai, angered Heero, battered Duo, & depressing
Disclaimer: I do not own Gundam Wing or Duo and Heero. They belong to rich people who could sue my poor ass.

His long nimble fingers ran over the shivering blue tainted face. Tears rolling down the fragile, bruised cheeks. Purple welts encircled the perfect glowing purple eyes. Bloody scratches trailed up and down the pale, pink stained arms and legs. He stood in disbelief watching the quivering mass beneath him, running his fingers through the long masses of blood caked chesnut hair and singing soothing words to calm the battered boy's nerves. Every inch of his heart was pounding, the showing of his partner's bloodied body was overwhelming.

"Duo." He spoke softly, as if trying to whisper into his ear.

"Hee-ch..a..n." The battered body beneath him replied with a violent crack and gasp in his breath. A wheezing noise and a spat of blood running down the boy's chin. Heero wiped it away gently, careful not to run his fingers into one of the many bruises. He easily lifted up the limber form and carried him into the house a few feet away. The blood making small dripping noises against the hard floor as he carried him throughout the household. Duo's face was embodied into Heero's strong shoulder as he lifted him up the stairs and laid him gently into the soft bed. Brushing his bangs back he took a hold of Duo's hand and squeezed it softly.

"I'm going to get some bandages to clean you up." Duo reluctantly released Heero's hand and breathed in heavily, coughing up blood slightly and the horrible wheezing was heard again. Heero crouched down in the bathroom, searching beneath the pipes for the first aid kit. He drug it out and searched through it, making sure he had everything he was going to need to bandage Duo up properly. He sighed to himself and carried it in one hand, peering into the lighted room he cringed at the condition his koi was in.Broken bones, internal bleeding, cuts, bruises and numerous other wounds. He shook his head only once and walked back into the room, his dark blue eyes filled to the brim with tears. He placed the small white box on the floor and knelt down next to the bed.


"Heero?" He responded with a raspy voice. Convinced that he wouldn't loose conciousness anytime soon, Heero began pulling out all sorts of small splints, bandages, antibacterial cremes and cotton balls.

"This is going to hurt a bit." He whispered as he began applying the creme to Duo's huge gash on his left arm. Duo only cringed and bit his lip to keep him from screaming out in massive pain.

"Duo, do you mind telling me what happened?" Duo's face fell and he turned his gaze from Heero's. Heero only sighed and nodded.

"I see. You went back again didn't you? Duo..what did I tell you about him? You just never listen to me."

Duo's eyes closed painfully as the words spilled into his mind, Heero's hurtful words, Heero's hurt soul. Duo should have known better but never did.

"I was afraid you'd get angry.." Duo sounded out carefully as Heero wrapped the gash up.

"Duo, you know I would have taken you out myself. Why do you always turn to him? What is it that you can't stay away from." Heero said more to himself then to Duo.

"Gomen nasai." Duo muttered.

"That's what you always say." Heero replied angrily, tightening the brace on Duo's leg a bit too tightly. Duo yelped in agony and went to sit up only to be met with Heero's forceful palm as he pushed him back into the bed. "Stay."

Duo fell back defeated and sighed, he deserved this, he knew he did. He couldn't control himself. Even though he was with Heero and had an incredible relationship with Heero, he always felt the need to run.

"Always running back to him aren't you Duo? You run to him so he can hold you in his arms then turn around and beat the shit out of you the next minute. You only return to me when you need bandaging up and a quick fuck." Heero spurted out his angry words thoughtlessly as he patched and sewed Duo's torn side. Duo groaned and grunted in pain and plain fear as he watched Heero's sadness quickly turn into hurt and anger.

"I messed up." Duo replied softly.

"You messed up?! YOU MESSED UP?! Fuck Duo, what do you want me to do?" Heero's voice was screaming, his angry fists throwing down first aid supplies left and right.

"I..I..don't know.." Duo replied quivering slightly.

"I can't do this anymore." Heero finally threw his hands up in the air and tossed the remaining supplies on the bed.

"Since you want him so badly you go to him and make him fix those fucking wounds he caused! I will not undo what he has done anymore. I'm not here for your amusement Duo. And I'm not here just to be a fuck buddy. I was ready to give up everything for you. But now it looks like I was fooling myself." Heero angrily packed his small backpack, stuffing clothes and his few belongings in with the rest of his stuff. His dark blue eyes ready to fall with tears as he did so.

"I hate that he does this to you. I hate watching you suffer." Heero blew Duo one last kiss and slammed the door. Duo sat up slowly, his matted hair sticking to his face slightly, his eyes wide in disbelief.

"He..Hee..." His lips quivered and shook, they were cracked and bloody from his encounter earlier. His hands tried desperately to remove the covers from his body but he failed miserably. He brought one wounded and battered hand up to his face and he screamed. His blood curling scream could be heard throughout the city, Heero's heavy footsteps trampeling his heart.

"I deserve this." Duo muttered to himself over and over again. "I ruined this." His purple eyes landed upon a picture of Duo and Heero at Quatre's winter estate when he took all of the skiing. Heero had pulled Duo into his lap during their camp fire songs and kissed him lovingly on the lips. Quatre had just happened to snap a perfect kodak [1] moment. Duo fell back on his bed and cried himself to sleep.

The bright sunlight flooded the room and Duo awoke with a start, sweat pouring down his skin. He coughed violently and laid back down.

"I deserved this." He curled back up and covered his body to keep his warmth from escaping.

"The wrong day..it was the wrong day Duo.." He repeated to himself as he silently fell back into a deep slumber.


The stone skipped across the dark pavement, reflecting the bright moonlight. Heero's heavy feet inched it along with each light kick, the night air was thick and cold, the wind chilling every part of Heero's already unmasked soul. Climbing up the stairs to a bright red door he fumbled with the keys and opened the creaky door. The main room was light with only one light, a small folded sheet of paper layed next to the telephone next to the sofa. Heero threw the keys down on the stand and tossed his coat on the rack, picking up the note he read.

"Heero, there's food in the oven and Trowa left fresh towels for a shower on your bed. Try to come home earlier so we can actually see you.


Heero smiled to himself and made his way to his room, a rather large guestroom that Quatre and Trowa had lent out to him until he found himself a new place. He threw his shoes down against the carpeted floor and fell onto his bed, burying his face into the pillow. With a heavy sigh he turned his head toward the lamp and clicked the light off and quickly fell into a deep sleep.


Duo tossed and turned in his bed violently, his eyes twitched in fright and his hands were thrown about. He sat up quickly and brought his palm to his forehead, emmersing himself in a reality.


He slowly climbed out of bed, with a few painful groans he made his way to the kitchen and plopped down in the chair.

"3 weeks." He marked on the calendar that had been plastered to the table top. "3 weeks..." A sigh. He folded his arms up and laid his head down upon them, his eyes scanning the room and finally focused on the phone. He crept over to the small phone stand and picked up the reciever, dialing the familar digits. A tired voice answered and Duo smiled to himself.

"Hi, it's me again. Can we talk?" Duo asked reluctantly.

"Not right now Duo, I'm tired and not in the mood for your childish behavior." was all he got in a reply.

"I..I know..demo.."

"No buts Duo, I'm not in the mood for you. Call me tommorow. *CLICK*"

Duo's eyes closed and he dropped the phone, not even bothering about hanging it up. He fell to the floor and stared at the patterns of the tile.

"3 weeks."


Heero's blue eyes awoke to the sound of a rather loud vaccume cleaner passing his bedroom about fifty times. He grumbled to himself and climbed out of the bed, pulling on a pair of boxers and sweat pants he pulled the door open angrily. Quatre stood there, dressed in a blue apron, pushing the vaccume back and forth with a cheery smile on his face as he did so. Heero raised his eyebrow in confusion and slipped past Quatre as quickly as he could.

"GOOD MORNING HEERO!!" Quatre yelled above the cleaner. "TROWA MADE BREAKFAST, IT'S ON THE TABLE!"

Heero nodded and with a quick giggle to himself he descended down the stair case. His barefeet patted against the floor as he entered the kitchen, met with a magnificent aroma of assorted breakfast foods. Trowa turned from his morning chore of washing the dishes to welcome his friend.

"Your awake."

"Can't you ever just say good morning like Quatre?" Heero asked stealing a peice of toast from the pile.

"Hm, I suppose I could. But he's the cheerful one."


"Heero mind if I ask you something?" Trowa asked, wiping his hands off with a towel.

"If you must." Heero replied, fixing the rest of his breakfast with a staid appearance. Trowa took a seat next to Heero and stared at him blankly.

"What do you think Duo is doing?"

Heero dropped his spoon at the mention of the braided pilot's name. He shook his head and picked up the reminants of his silverware.

"I have no idea." He replied with a studder in his voice.

"I see. Would you care to?" Trowa asked picking up a peice of fresh fruit from the table.

"Not necissarily." He replied unconvienced. "Probably just has something to do with Wufei." He muttered under his breath.

"It's been three weeks Heero."

"It was his decision Trowa."

"Your miserable."

"I'll live." He responded quickly, gnawing on a piece of orange.

"Do you think he still sees him?" Trowa asked, keeping an eye on Heero's reactions.

Heero clentched his fists and threw down his napkin. "He's probably over there right now in fact, letting himself get taken advantage of and beaten." He answered the question and fled from the room. Trowa sighed to himself.

"Perhaps I should pay a visit to Mr. Maxwell."


Letting the water streams beat on his face, Duo could feel the hot water basting against his scarred and bruised skin. His once perfectly beautiful, pale white body had turned into a miniature battle zone all it's own. A pounding knock came from the outside and an angered voice.

"Dammit Maxwell, it's time for you to get your worthless ass out of that shower."

Duo cringed and did as he was told, he turned off the scalding hot water and climbed out. Wrapping a large towel around his small frame, picking up his garments that he had discarded on the floor. He came out of the bathroom, his hair drenched and tangled in the middle, his body a bright pink color from the hot, scalding water. He made eye contact with his partner only quickly and moved out of his path, making his way over to the bed. Duo held up his hairbrush and turned to his partner.

"Wu..Wufei, do you think you could brush my hair for me?" He asked in a quiet, very quiet voice. Wufei scoweled to himself and walked over to the boy.

"Sure, anything to shut your mouth." He grabbed the brush from Duo's hands and roughly started brushing the long masses of hair. Duo cringed as he heard hair after hair rip from his scalp. Wufei pushed the brush against Duo's head and brushed all the way down, leaving marks with the brush against his tender back. Duo's mind went into overdrive as he felt the pain, blocking it out with tender memories.


A bright eyed Duo bounded into the room with a huge grin across his cheeks, a small towel barely wrapped around his waist.

"HEE-CHAN! Would you brush my hair for me?!"

With a small smile on his face, Heero took the brush from Duo's grasp and gently began brushing the long silky strands of brown hair. Duo purred like a little kitten at the gentle, soft, loving touches from his Hee-chan.

~~end flashback~~

Duo gasped as he felt his head being tugged back.

"Damn knots. I swear Duo, why don't you just chop off this moppy hair? It's such a waste."

Duo brought his knees up to his chest.

"Three weeks."


Trowa's fists rapped lightly at the black door, hoping to awaken the person inside.

"Duo." Trowa said in a calm, eager voice. "Open up." Trowa heard the pitter of padded feet walk across the hard wood floor and the creaky door slipped open. Trowa's green eyes widened in amazement. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. Duo's face was practically black from the bruises, his right eye was swollen shut, his lips were split wide open and his legs stood barely held him up.

"Trowa.." Duo mumbled before he collapsed onto the unexpecting pilot. Trowa carefully picked up the limber figure, amazed at how light the shorter pilot was. Duo's arms fell limply and swung back and forth as Trowa lowered his body onto the couch and propped Duo's head up with a pillow.

"Duo?" He asked feeling Duo's forehead. "Fever." Trowa stated and began looking for anything to clean Duo up with. He tore tourniquets with sheets and boiled some hot water to sterilze the cuts. He made ice packs out of Ziploc(c) bags and used a pair of scissors to cut Duo's shirt off to better reach the scratches across the chest.

"Dammit." was all he could manage as he bandaged up the battered pilot, tipping Duo's head back he poured some asprin down his throat to bring his fever down. "Now I see why Heero left." Trowa thew a thick blanket over Duo and made himself at home in the chair next to him, to make sure he made it through the night. He called Quatre at about midnight, just to hear the sweet angel's voice, to keep his spirits up.

"He's a mess Quatre, busted up everywhere. I'm amazed he's even alive at this point. His fever is outrageous and I can't even believe that a human did this to him." Trowa explained the situation thoroughly.

"Do you think we should tell Heero?" Quatre asked on the other line, concern filled his voice, his mind clouded with a decision. "Trowa, Duo's just letting himself be beaten over and over again and he doesn't have Heero to take care of him anymore. This will turn out bad. He's hurting to much."

"Quatre, I can't make Duo come back with me, nor can I change Heero's mind about leaving him."

Duo's one good eye fluttered open, the bright light causing his eyes to shiver in pain and he turned his bruised face in the direction of the voice coming from the corner. Trowa stood pacing back and forth, talking in massive sentences to someone on the other end.

'Trowa's talking..wonder what happened..' Duo thought to himself. Duo made a motion to sit up but a screech of pain eased through his lips and he slowly laid back down. Trowa turned with a start and quickly told Quatre he'd call him back. Slamming the phone down Trowa rushed over to Duo and dropped to his knees, pulling the blanket back up to Duo's chin.

"Don't move." He instructed, reaching for the glass of water and spilling some into Duo's dry mouth.

"What happened? Why are you here?" Duo muttered, coughing slightly as he swallowed the water rapidly.

"I came to see how things were going with you. By the looks of your body, things aren't as well as they should be." Trowa answered, bandaging up another cut.

"It's nothing, Wufei and I just had a dissagreement." Duo answered in an angry tone.

"Do your agruments always end up this way?" Trowa inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"Only when he feels the need for them too. I deserved it."

"What did you do Duo?"

"I told him not to yank on my hair so hard.." He murmered.

"Soka." Trowa replied sadly.


Heero stalked around the large dining room, his heavy feet making loud thumping noises each time he walked. Quatre watched from the table, hidden behind a blue and white tea cup, his blue eyes filled with worry.

"When the hell is Trowa coming back from Duo's?" Heero asked angrily.

"Hopefully soon Heero, he said Duo was in pretty bad shape."

"Figures." Heero snorted in response. Quatre sighed to himself and gently laid the antique cut back on the saucer.

"Your worried?"

"Don't be ridiculous Quatre, why should I worry about Trowa?"

Quatre smiled to himself and nodded in the dark haired pilots direction.

"Not about Trowa...Heero, your worried about Duo aren't you?"

All the blue eyed pilot recieved was that famous Yuy glare, the dark blue eyes focused on Quatre and didn't move.

"I don't have to worry anymore. Duo made his decision." Heero replied, anger soaking through his voice, slamming his fists onto the table and retreating into his room. The door slamming made the house shake and Quatre sighed in defeat. Quatre's thoughts were distrubed by the loud rapping of the door. He grumbled to himself and put on his smiling face as he trotted to the door. Pulling the massive front door open his jaw dropped in surprise.

"WUFEI!?!" He squeaked out. Wufei nodded and gave Quatre a faint smile.

"Where's Yuy?"


Heero sat solemnly on his bed, his knees pulled up to his chest, his arms wrapped around his knees and his chin placed against his arms. With a sigh he fell backwards, letting his head hit the pillow, his arms spread out and his feet dangling slightly off the bed. The rapping at the front door had not disturbed his thoughts. His mind was completely focused on Duo...Duo. He covered his face with his hands to keep his feelings inside. He heard footsteps heading in his direction.

"God not now Quatre.." He muttered waiting for the gentle tapping of Quatre's fist. Instead he heard a loud wham against the door as it swung open, slamming into the wall. He jumped up quickly, preparing himself for the instrusion. His eyes widened at his unexpected visitor.

"Heero Yuy." the chinese boy breathed angrily. Heero's eyes narrowed.



Duo's eyes moved back and forth, following Trowa's finger as it moved from side to side.

"Good sign." Trowa's experiment proved to have a good result. He stuck a cloth into a large tub of ice water, Duo watched him with interest as he rung the cloth out watching the water drip back into the tub. He took the cold towel and placed it upon Duo's warm forehead. Duo sighed happily at the cool feeling seeping into his hot skin. Trowa pulled the blanket back up to Duo's chin to keep him warm, hoping to break the fever. Trowa had only been there for a little while but it was nice to have someone to take care of him again. Duo only smiled to himself and turned his head toward the couch, keeping his bruised face from making eye contact with the green eyed pilot. Trowa mumbled to himself as the phone rang loudly in the background. As he stood, Duo listened to his knees pop loudly from sitting too long as he made his way to the phone. Picking up the reciever he smiled as he heard Quatre's sweet voice on the other line.

"TROWA!" Quatre screamed out. "You have to get over here right away, Wufei is here.. looking for Heero.."

Trowa's eyes widened and he threw a glance back over at Duo.

"I'll be there in a minute Quatre. Whatever you do...don't get in the middle of it. I'm bringing Duo."

Duo turned at the mention of his name and threw Trowa an insane glance. Trowa nodded once more and dropped the phone, not bothering to place it on the cradle. He walked over to Duo, his face serious and filled with concern and worry. He threw the blanket off the battered body and pulled the towel from Duo's forehead.

"Trowa.. wha..what are you doing?"

Trowa dissapeared into Duo's room for a quick moment and returned with a pair of black jeans and blue tank top. Tossing the shirt at Duo he nodded with a motion to put it on and he'd help him into his jeans. Duo did as he was told with little resistance, only a few painful groans and yelps every now and then as he pulled the fabric over his head onto his bruised chest. He stood wearily, Trowa placed a strong hand on his shoulder to help him keep his balance. Duo stepped into the jeans and with an unsturdy hand on Trowa's back, he stood still as Trowa pulled the denim up over the once strong and healthy body. He buttoned it up and zipped him up, placing an arm behind Duo's knees and letting him wrap one arm around his shoulder, he scooped up the light body and carried him out to the car. Ignoring the cat calls and whistles coming from their closeminded neighbors, Trowa placed Duo into the passenger side and carefully snapped the seatbelt over his shoulder and hips. Duo groaned in pain and glared up at the tall pilot.

"Where the hell are you taking me..I don't feel like going anywhere.."

Trowa scowled at the statement and climbed in the driver's side, starting the car and tuning the radio down.

"We're going to save your koi."


"I don't want to see your ugly face right now Wufei. Just leave." Heero grumbled and threw him that infamous Yuy "I don't give a shit" look.

"Your one to talk Yuy. I have something to discuss with you."

"If it concerns a certain braided boy I'd rather not." Heero replied angrily, still standing defensively on his bed.

"Oh but I think you'd be most interested in what I have to say. He called me the night you left him, pity really..bawling his pretty little eyes out..begging if he could come stay in MY bed." Wufei stated with a very confident smirk on his face.

Heero's teeth ground together, his face contourting into a hideous jealous filled scowl. He watched Wufei with anger intense eyes as the chinese boy took a seat across the room from the brunette pilot.

"Don't be so tense Yuy, of course I refused him. Why should I take in your rejection? I would only see him after a week had past, you should have seen it. He was so pale and thin, his eyes bloodshot from lack of sleep. It was a magnificent sight. I never thought I could have so much power over one human being."

Wufei's words dug deep into Heero's already torn heart, his eyes filled with jealousy and rage, his stomach turning over at the cruel words that poured from Wufei's smirky lips. His fists clentched tightly, blood dripping down his arm from where his fingernails dug into his already calloused skin.


Quatre pressed himself up against the tall windows over looking the driveway and dirt road. His eyes wide with fear, his lips quivering slightly and his hands shook violently. His heart was aching, he could feel Duo and Trowa approaching closer and closer.

"Hurry...hurry..hurry.." He mouthed over and over again. Quatre alone could not take both Wufei and Heero, it would be too much for much smaller pilot. His eyes scanned the road, waiting for the appearance of Trowa's dark blue car.

"Trowa.... please.. *gasp*" his words were caught off as the dark blue car he had been so desperate to see had finally pulled into the drive way. With a hurried dash he hit the door, turning the doorknob frantically. Trowa picked up the fragile Duo and carried him up the walk, Duo muttered choice cuss words all along the way, his arms swinging limply beside him. Both of their eyes locked on the door as it was almost ripped from it's hinges to display a rather frantic Quatre. Trowa nodded to his koibito and motioned to drop the braided pilot into Quatre's arms.

"Trowa, you know I can't hold him!" Quatre argued with the silent one as he put the light Duo into Quatre's careful arms. Trowa pushed passed the two and dissapeared into the house. Quatre stared at the unbelievable sight of the beaten Duo and amazed at how light he had grown.

"Oh Duo.." He whispered.

"Wufei's here isn't he?" Duo asked with a slight cough forming in his throat. Quatre sighed and pulled the door to with his foot, making his way over to the couch, he placed Duo carefully down in the chair and sat next to him on the coffee table.

"Hai, Wufei's here."


"Oh Yuy, your so quick to assume that I came here to deliver bad news."
Wufei smiled slyly at the still alert pilot. "After all why should I be
the least bit concerned that Duo misses you?"

"Na..nani?!" Heero replied, his voice cracking and studdering, trying to
swallow the heavy words.

"Ah yes, not really worried, or jealous mind you...just a little concerned.
He calls to you in his sleep, he cries like a sullen little baby because
you left him. Jesus it's pathetic, he's pratically grown and he's sobbing
like a little bitch because he can't have the one thing he wants. Oh boo
hoo, cry me a river so I can build who gives a damn." Wufei took a step
closer to Heero, his eyes reveling in the situation, the power he held over
both Heero and Duo at this point. He controlled they're relationship, he
controlled how they felt at this moment...he controlled them. Heero bit
down hard on his lip, blood oozing inbetween his white teeth, dripping off
his dark skin and onto the bed. He sneered as Wufei came closer and
silently began to laugh.


"Duo, I just don't know what to do with him. Heero mopes constantly. I
think he misses you more then he's letting on actually.." Quatre kept his
voice still and unwavering trying to calm Duo's already jolted nerves.

"I fucked up Quatre.. *sigh* so bad.."


"Every morning I wake up with this regret swimming in my stomach, it makes
me sick just thinking about it. Horrible feelings of rejection and
distrust, but they're not mine..they're his. All his. We were so
wonderful together Quatre *small smile* everything was perfect. He finally
learned how to open up to me, he became dependant upon my emotions...he
became that missing part of my soul that had been lost for so very long."

Quatre sat in awe, listening to the beautiful lyrical words pouring from
Duo's busted lips. His own eyes began to tear, his heart felt as if it was
burning...and being ripped apart.

"Lost love Quatre, always heard of it but never quite understood. Why I
felt the need to run to Wufei I will never know. He was just so demanding,
I felt like if I didn't go back..he'd kill me..or worse..take away Heero."

"Duo, but in going back you've only pushed Heero away from you. Now
they're back there fighting over all of this."

"Heero deserves better than me Quatre. He gave me every part of him and I
threw it away.."

"Such lonely words you speak Duo Maxwell."


Trowa peered into the door crack, his green eyes fixing upon the situation
in the bed room. Heero sat on the bed, blood running from his chin. Wufei
stood in front, hands in his pockets and a smug look on his face.

"Dammit." He breathed as he stepped inside. Both pairs of eyes turned and
focused onto the tall pilot. Trowa's feet were stopped by the glare, the
intense anger, pain and frustration eminating from both men.


"Trowa. Get. Out. Now." Heero replied, his eyes staring down the pilot,
warning him to back away from this situation before it became instoppable.

"Trowa..why don't you go back to your little prince of a boyfriend and
leave me and Yuy to our business?" Wufei replied with a chuckle, removing
his hands from his pockets to run over the top of his black hair. Trowa's
intense eyes narrowed deeply at the insult to his beloved, walking towards
Wufei on heavy feet he suddenly felt himself being tugged on. All eyes
turn to focus on the figure standing infront of the bright light radiating
from the hallway. Duo's battered and bruised form stood sturdy on his
wounded legs, his hands quivering slightly and tears streamed down his
face. He released Trowa's arm and stood in front of the bigger brunette.
His hair laid ontop of his shoulder and wrapped itself around his hips, his
eyes soft but firm. Wufei reached out and grabbed a tight hold onto one of
Duo's already torn arms. He yelped out in pain and peered up at Wufei.
Duo's free arm shot up to keep Trowa from helping him.

"DUO MAXWELL..how dare you interrupt me when I'm having a discussion?!" He
reared his arm back as to prepare himself to toss Duo's shaking form across
the room. Wufei's anger was present in his eyes and facial expressions as
he slung Duo over to the side and threw him hard into the wall. Heero's
face lit up, his eyes widened in anger as he leapt from the bed to Duo's
side. Blood trickled down the cheek of the braided one, his eyes closed
tightly, his fists balled up and his feet stuck underneath him.

"Duo..chan.." Heero whispered placing a tender kiss atop of the bruised
forehead. He turned his attention on the chinese pilot, clenching his
fists and teeth, Heero Yuy stood strongly. He stared with a blank
expression on his face into the dark eyes of Wufei Chang.

"Omae o korosu." He walked quietly up to Wufei. His eyes never blinking,
keeping the same fearless expression on his face. His hand shot out and
wrapped itself around the thin neck of the unsuspecting Wufei.

"Omae..o...KOROSU." He screamed as he tightened his hold on the neck,
feeling the blood pulsing through the veins..struggling to reach the main
organs. "Wufei..you will never..EVER touch him again.." Heero's free hand
shot up to tighten the grasp on the neck, squeezing tighter and tighter.
Trowa and Quatre watched from the doorway, wondering if they should
intervene. Wufei's coughs and hacks were loud enough to wake the dead, his
gasping for air made no pity trip into Heero's angered heart. He loosened
his grasp and pulled Wufei's body back slightly, pulling him closer to make
eye contact.

"You stay the hell away from him...even in battle.. You go anywhere near
Deathscythe with your gundam I swear I will fucking kill you from any
distance!" He slung the shenlong pilot into the glass door of the closet.
Feeling the glass cut deep into his skin, Wufei let out a screech of pain
as he desperately tried to stand up. Only to feel the sharp edges inching
they're way deeper and deeper into his skin, blood trickled out in small
rivers down his legs, chest and arms, his face was sliced into small
trenches and his hair had come undone. His legs were barely managable to
stand, his body shook violently as each piece of glass pierced a nerve or
sliced a pinch of skin. Quatre's eyes were wide with fear, his small hands
had long sinced covered his mouth, and all the color had drained from his
normally dark complextion. Trowa picked him up gently and carried him off,
muttering about how he didn't need to experience such violence.


"Wufei. I suggest you leave..or I really will kill you." Heero replied
monotonely as he picked up the still unconcious Duo and laid him gently
upon the bed. Wufei with one last angry growl, lunched at Heero with a
piece of sharp glass in hand, determined to end this now. Heero easily
caught his wrists and with a quick kick, threw him back into the wall.
Pressing his hands against the chinese boy's shoulders Heero's eyes glared
at the person before him.

"I said. Get out." He replied, gritting his teeth and picking up the
smaller boy by his shirt collar, tossing him up against the window. The
shattering of glass mixed with Wufei's screams could be heard all through
the neighborhood. Wufei's body impacted with the softer bed of grass and
flowers below, only to his luck. He felt for his leg, the bone was
massively destroyed, he could barely even feel it. He stood on his one
good leg and peered up to the window, brushing off the small droplets of
blood still making they're way down his face. Heero peered out of the
broken window, gun in hand.

"Go." He mouthed to the pilot one last time as he set his sights on the
chest area with his gun. Wufei drug his leg and slowly moved away from the
house, his pains could be heard for miles as he did so.

Heero made his way back to the bed and climbed in next to his beloved,
caressing Duo's cheek ever so gently.

"Gomen nasai...Duo..I'm so sorry." He whispered into his koi's ear softly,
nuzzling his neck gently, adoring the smell of him all over again. "I
promise this time..things will be different."


Every muscle in his body ached as he awoke the next morning, the sounds of
birds and loud singing were ringing in his ear. Duo sat up quickly,
surprised by his surroundings, his still wounded eyes focused on the
nearest object, Heero. Tears instantly drained from his eyes, small rivers
forming along his cheeks, dripping onto the light blue sheets that covered
his bandaged body.

"Hee-chan.." He said out softly, his hands reaching up to cover his mouth
in amazement. Heero turned at the calling of his name and smiled softly,
pulling his weight up from the chair and stalking over to the bed side.
Sitting next to Duo and brushing back his bangs, while placing a tender
kiss on his cheek.

"Ohayo Duo-chan." He whispered and patted Duo gently on the thigh. "Get
up and get dressed Duo, Trowa's got a breakfast ready for you that you will
love." Heero replied as he exited the room, carrying bundle of papers and
coffee mug. Duo smiled to himself and climbed out of bed, noticing the
still broken window and broken door, without any knowledge of how it
happened he carefully began his descent down the stair case, welcomed to
the breakfast table with a kiss from his Heero and a cheeful "OHAYO" from
both Quatre and Trowa. As he sat down to prepare his breakfast, Heero
slipped his hand under the table and patted him softly on the knee.
Leaning over to whisper to him, Duo could feel the soft lips against his

"Everything is fine koibito..it was just the wrong day for us."