Disclaimer: I don't own Duo, Heero, Quatre, Trowa or Wufei. I wish but ya know..that'll never happen. I also don't own the song or BSB.
Pairings: 2+1, 3+4/4+3
Song: "The One"
Artist: The Backstreet Boys (I know what your thinking..)
Type: Shounen-ai, angst, sap.
Author: JessChan
"The One"

Duo's footsteps were heavy through the household, goosebumps rose up on his skin caused by the drafty night air. His loose gray tank top and boxers wern't the best atire suitable for the weather. The darkness of the house nearly consumed him, stumbling over inanimate objects left and right, cussing his way through. Yet always loud as ever, Duo made sure not to disturb even a mouse as he paraded through the house. What had caused Duo's midnight rendevouz? A trip to the bathroom and a missing Heero is what. As he awoke for a quick trip to the facilities, he had noticed upon his return that his cobalt eyed friend had dissapeared from his bed. Being the ever caring and faithful friend that he was, Duo had decided best the he go look for his quiet companion. Searching room after room in Quatre's huge mansion wasn't an easy task either, first checking all the bedrooms, the only thing he found was a quite comfy looking Trowa and Quatre snuggling together. With a blush he quickly and quietly closed the door and dashed down the hallway. Searching for any signs of the brown haired Wing pilot. With a sigh he peeked into Wufei's room. No luck, no Yuy. He cursed himself for being so caring as he slid down the banister attached next to the stairs and landed with a silent plop on the hardwood floor. He started his search on the last story of the house..the basement. He peeked in each door, only to be dissapointed each time. He came upon a door marked "No Admittance" he knew damn well what was behind the doors as he slid them open. Five Gundams stood in the dim light, all their glory open for showing. Duo placed his hands on his hips and waved up to Deathscythe.

"Hey ol' buddy, you wouldn't have happened to see a Mr. Yuy around here have you?" Duo only smirked to himself. "Didn't think so." He turned sharply on his heels, intending to head back to bed, he was tired and becoming very aggrivated with the issue that Heero had just upped and dissolved into thin air.

"I'll talk with him when he gets back." He mumbled and walked slumped over toward the door. A small whimpering noise caused him to jump back, he peered around the corner, ears all attentive hoping to catch the noise again. Again, a small whimper. He carefully clung to the side of the building and made his way over to a very dark, desolate corner of the hanger. His violet eyes were wide as he peered cautiously around the corner. His gaze met with a pair of very surprised cobalt blues. Heero, dressed in only a pair of black boxers and a red tank top, sat with his knees pulled up to his chest, salty tears rolling gently down his flushed cheeks. Duo emerged himself from the corner, coming into clear view of the pilot. He was a bit taken back, he had never seen Heero lose control before..never. Seeing him crying was a sight Duo couldn't have possibly prepared himself for. Heero only sniffled to himself and turned his frightened, teary gaze into an icy, death glare.

~*~I'll be the one...

I guess you were lost when I met you
Still there were tears in your eyes
So out of trust and I knew
No more than mysteries and lies~*~

"What the hell do you think you are doing Duo?" Heero's words were raspy with tears as he attempted to stand. His legs gave way to the emmense pressure and he fell back with pain. He grumbled and buried his head in his arms, not wanting anyone to see him like this. Duo crouched down next to him, his eyes soft with worry and astonishment. He attempted to place his hand on the pilots shoulder, only to have it knocked off violently.

"Don't touch me Duo." He growled, his eyes showing his firey temper that normally he could and would control. Tonight something had set him off, into something Duo had never witnessed. Duo frowned to himself and breathed out a heavy sigh. His warm hand found it's way to Heero's back. He jumped back at the inital touch, but softened as he gazed up at Duo, who rubbed his hand in circles on the frightened boy's back in a soothing pattern. Duo examined the boy's current state, Heero's exhausted body shook uncontrollably, both with heavy tears..and heavy fears.

"Heero.." Duo began, not quite sure what he was trying to say or to accomplish. He swallowed the huge lump in his throat and sat himself down next to the shivering mass of Heero Yuy. He tried his best first to calm him down, rubbing his arms and back, attempting to give Heero back a little bit of his self control. Heero's gaze was still dead cold upon the braided pilot, tears still falling in uncontrollable masses. His arms tightened around his knees, trying to shut out everything. Duo's warm hands and soothing patterns were calming his nerves a bit, helping him fix what had driven him so far over the edge. He admired the pilots persistant attitute and he leaned his way over onto Duo's shoulder.

~*~There you were, wild and free
Reachin' out like you needed me
A helping hand to make it right
I am holding you all through the night

I'll be the one
Who will make all your sorrows undone
I'll be the light
When you feel like there's nowhere to run
I'll be the one...~*~

Duo was caught off guard as Heero threw his shaking form into Duo's embrace. He instinctively wrapped his arms around the boy, comforting words pouring from his blue tinged lips, whispering in Heero's ear. The boy did nothing but sobbed in return, his body reacting violently, curving itself closer and closer to Duo. Duo finally, in a rather bold manner, pulled the fallen Heero into his lap and cradled him as a baby, kissing him on his sweaty brow and rocking him gently. Trying to comfort him, Heero only hid his face in Duo's chest, his shirt soaking up all the salty tears. Duo brushed his partner's hair back gently, still whispering his words of comfort and support. Heero's sobs slowly, but surely were becoming less and less. Duo pulled the boy away from his tear soaked shirt and peered into his swollen eyes. Brushing away a few excess tears with his fingers he ran his fingers through Heero's hair one last time.

"Heero, please tell me what happened.." He whispered, still rocking the boy gently. Heero brought up a shaking hand and traced the outlines of Duo's face, a small smirk and he leaned back upon the boys chest.

"Nightmares." Was all Heero muttered as he felt the protection of Duo's arms wrapping around him again. So secure..

"What kind of nightmares?"

Damn. Heero thought to himself. Count on Duo to be the ever nosey one.

"What does it matter?" He grumbled, starting to shift uncomfortably in the boys' embrace. Duo held him tightly, placing his chin atop the dark hair.

"It does matter, I've never seen you lose control as you did." He whispered, his voice filled with worry and concern. Heero was amazed at Duo's caring words and loving actions.


"Heero?" He questioned, laying his head down on Heero's shoulder so he could hear his whispers easily.

"I've done so many things Duo." He murmered. "So many things I cannot undo. No matter how I wish."

Duo's eyes immediately filled with the salty warm liquid of his tears. "Guilt." He spoke out, mostly to himself, but partially to where Heero's cold ears could engulf the words.

"Heavy burden, my guilt. Stones upon my shoulders, my heart..darkening my soul. So unclean." Duo could feel Heero start to rock back and forth again, sensing another panic attack, Duo wrapped his arms tightly around the weakend boy and kissed his temple.

"Shh..Hee-chan.." Heero kept himself from losing it, his hands clasping at Duo's intertwining themselves with his and squeezing tightly. Causing both pairs of their knuckles to turn a ghost white color.

"Don't leave me alone Duo.." He whispered, choaking back tears. "Just stay with me for tonight. Onegai."

~*~To hold you and make you sure that you'll be alright
'Cause my faith is gone
And I want to take you from darkness to light
There you were, wild and free
Reachin' out like you needed me
A helping hand to make it right
I am holding you all through the night

I'll be the one
Who will make all your sorrows undone
I'll be the light
When you feel like there's nowhere to run
I'll be the one...~*~

Duo's eyes closed and with a smile he picked up the now fragile form of the wing pilot. Heero fought back and forth with the evil sleep demon before he finally subsided and let the darkness of his dreams dominate him once again. Duo carefully carried him upstairs to their room, quietly sneaking through the house with a disabled Heero had proven a much more difficult task then finding him. Duo layed the physically and mentally abused boy down on his bed and softly crawled in next to him, pulling the blanket over the both of them. Duo's protective arms entangled themselves around Heero's motionless body.

"Don't worry Hee-chan, I'll be here for you when you need me." He buried his face in the nape of Heero's neck and quickly fell into a deep slumber.

Heero continued to toss and turn in his sleep, sweat dripping out of every pore on his body. His fists and feet lashed around uncontrollably, kicking and abusing the poor unsuspecting Duo. He sat up quickly and grabbed a hold of Heero's shoulders, shaking him gently. Heero's voice had now turned into a lethal weapon. He screamed and bellowed out into the heavens, begging for mercy and asking for forgiveness. Duo finally, in aggrivation, pulled the sleeping boy into a sitting position and shook him violently. Heero's eyes wavered and popped open, wide in fear and shock. The cobalt in his eyes had clouded over into a dark gray. Duo pulled him into his embrace and felt the shivering after effects of the horrible dream. Footsteps caused Duo's senses to attain themselves toward the door as Quatre stepped in. His eyes wide with concern, Trowa was not far behind him. Duo only nodded at the two of them and pointed towards Heero.

"Hai.." Was all Quatre could comply with and quietly latched the door shut.

Duo's eyes flinches in pain as he felt the sharp nails of Heero dig into his back. Heero's grasp had become deathly. The dark haired pilot clung to Duo with all his life and body could.

"Heero, it's okay.."

"Duo, so much...blood, so much blood and pain. Tainted hands and souls, forbidden from paradise. Methinks the lady does protest too much. [1]" Heero's babble had turned for the worse.

"I'm here Heero, don't let go of me and I shall not let anything harm you. Even your dreams cannot harm you while you trust in me. Please tell me everything."

~*~You need me
I need you
We can share our dreams comin' true
I can show you what true love means
Just take my hand, baby please

I'll be the one
I'll be the light
Where you can run
I'll be the one
I'll be the light
Where you can run~*~

Heero's words came out in massive pools of his past experiences, everything that he had been subjected too and everything in between. The training, the missions, the mistakes. Everything had finally came caving into Heero's mind, causing his nightmares as the only form of release for his guilty mind. Dr. J had pushed his pilot to the limits, beyond the limits of human possibility. All the pilots had been through hell to become what they had, but none of them had endured what Heero had felt in his short lifetime. Always a solider, never a boy. Always the assasin, the merciless, the weakless. Never did he have the time to reflect upon his life, never to cry over his loss, never a chance to fill his heart with his needs. Duo felt the pang that screamed at his partner's heart. Heero's dark blue eyes stared up softly at Duo's bright purple eyes.

"Why are you here Duo?"

"Because Hee-chan, I feel the sadness you feel, I can't bare to see you in such pain."

"Duo.." Heero's words were small and sharp, his breathing was ratty and short. He tightened his grasp around the braided one's waist and innocently drifted back into his deep slumber.

"Also because.. I love you." Duo whispered into the sleeping boy's ear, gently laying him down again. Duo squirmed around a bit before situating himself and drifting back off again.

The morning sun drank itself in full glory, spreading across the panes of the windows. The household slowly came to life, as everyone arose from their sleeping status to begin a new day. Maids drifted in and out of every room, worrying about what needed cleaning and what didn't. Duo stretched out, feeling the bones in his back pop in irritation of the sudden movement. His violet eyes fluttered open and his sleepy stare was met with a dark blue fixated smile.

"Ohayo." Heero's words were silent as his light pink lips made the movement. Duo sat up and stared down upon the beauty that lay before him. Heero's eyes were bright and dancing, as if nothing bad had ever once come across his path.

"Your okay..Heero?"

Heero nodded gently and sat up, wrapping his arms around Duo's thin frame, burying his head into his companion's warm chest once again. Smiling to himself and inhaling the exotic smell of Duo.

"Arigatou." Heero whispered softly.

"Anything for you Heero." Duo wrapped his arms around the once again strong frame, pulling the boy closer to him. The two arose to start the day a little bit better then they had started their night.



1. A famous quote from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet" Gertrude is
speaking of the play in which the player queen speaks of remarrying and
murder. If you'd read the play it does fit with what Heero is trying to
say, he thinks he's confessing to much to Duo. ^-^