Title: "The Reduction of Duo"
Pairings: 1x2, 4x3
Notes: Shounen ai, some yaoi, angst, and drug abuse.
Disclaimer: None of these are mine, except the made up minor characters I'm gonna use. I don't claim the Gundam Boys, they belong to other people who have more money.

One bright flash of light. The last image the pair of violet eyes saw before emmense pain over took his senses. The cries and screams of those around him didn't reach his already failing mind. Feeling his body being dragged along the hard ground he looked up only for a quick moment to see a pair of Oz solidiers, each one with a manical smile cemented on his face. Duo could feel his eyes growing heavier and heavier, his lips pursed in one last effort to talk before he lost complete conciousness.



"KUSO!! This is all your fault Quatre, you were supposed to be backing him up!" Heero's voice was rather out of character, his loud screaming and cussing caught everyone off guard. Even the usually staid Trowa seemed a bit taken back.

"Heero there was nothing I could do!!" Quatre's light blue eyes were quivering with tears, already feeling completely responsible for what had happened to their comrade, Heero's words weren't much help.

"Dammit, I knew I should have been there." Heero's fist clenched tightly, turning his knuckles a sheet white color, his face trying to keep itself in a angry glare.

"As if there was anything you could have done Yuy?" Wufei stepped out from the corner, his arms crossed and his face nothing but serious. Heero's eyes turned and faced the chinese boy, the sparks flew between the two as they both glared evilly at one another.

"What the fuck are you talking about Wufei? You're just as pathetic as anyone, not listening to orders, doing whatever you damn well please! Don't you even start about Duo."

"True he might have listened to you better than the three of us, but you wern't there Yuy. So don't put all this blame on Quatre."

Heero only snorted and walked out of the room, punching a good sized hole in the wall as he did so. Cuss words filled the large hallway as he made his way up the staircase, his heavy footsteps thunking all the way.

"I hope he doesn't tear the house down.." Quatre said with a sigh. Trowa only nodded at the smaller boy and wrapped his arms lovingly around the small blonde's frame. Wufei rolled his eyes and headed out into the large dining room.

"First Maxwell and Yuy and now you two..will it never end?"

Quatre turned to retaliate, but Trowa's hunter green eyes froze him in his tracks.

"Let him go. He's just as upset as Heero. Yet he doesn't express it as loudly as Heero did."

"I should have stopped him, I should have been able to tell what he was thinking when he hit that button. Trowa I feel so responsible."

The taller pilot brought the blue eyed boy into his arms and embraced him in a tender kiss.

"Do not worry yourself. I am almost certain that our braided friend made it through.."

With a sigh Quatre melted into his koibito's arms and sighed, listening to the soft heartbeat that he adored so much.

"I hope your right..for both ours and Heero's sake."


A small groan escaped his lips as he attempted to sit up. "Jesus christ..what the hell..." He muttered to himself and anyone else that just might happen to be around. He sat up slowly, trying not to let all the blood rush to his head at one time. Every part of his body felt as if it had been detached and sewn back together with fishing line. He sat up against the cold wall of the prison and blinked his violet eyes into taking in the change in lighting.

"Dammit. I guess I didn't die after all." He said with a soft chuckle. The clanking of the door caused him to look up in alarm, his eyes cringed at the sight of the bright light pouring into the room.

"Ah, so you're finally awake are you? Good." A taller, light haired guard walked into the room, a sadistic smile crept across his chapped lips. Duo only glared at him, warning him to stay away.

"What do you want?" Duo's voice was angry and protective, backing up against the wall for better support.

"Oh nothing, it's just that my strict orders were to make sure you have a nice stay..and believe me.. I don't think you'll find this present that I have for you that bad." The guard pulled a small paper bag out from behind his bag and tossed it in front of the pilot, only laughing a tad as he stood in the door way. Duo glared at it confusingly and pulled it closer with his cuffed hands.

"Go ahead Gundam Pilot, open it. I'm sure you'll find it quite.. appealing. After all you're probably gonna want that back."

Duo only grumbled and pulled the tops of the bag down, peering inside. His eyebrows furrowed as he reached his hand inside the bag. His eyes widened as he felt the soft texture coming from inside, he quickly pulled it out, his face contorting into a terrified shape. His long beautiful braid now sat in his hands, each long..silky strand had been removed from his head. With short choking breath he felt on the back of his head, feeling nothing but his bare neck and a few stray hairs that fell down. His eyes started to shake uncontrollably as he held the hair in his hands. His gaze shot up at the guard..



Heero's chest heaved upward and he sat up quickly in bed, sweat dripping off every pore of his body. His breaths were short and weak, feeling as if there wasn't enough air to fill his lungs. He reached over the large empty spot in the bed where Duo normally slept and grabbed a glass of water, swallowing it all completely. He laid back down reluctantly and stared at the empty space, his eyes softened slightly as he did so. Slowly reaching out to the spot with his right arm he felt around the left side of the bed, sighing in the moment. He missed his koibito more than anything else in the world, but he tried his hardest not to let it show too much. His comrades had already detected a change in him and he wasn't going to let that weaken his senses.

"Duo..I could have sworn I heard you screaming.." He muttered to himself. Deep inside of his heart he knew his koibito still had to be alive, Duo was stronger than he looked and Heero had every hope in the world riding on his lover.


Duo Maxwell had become nothing but a horrible mass of tears, sitting lonely in the darkest corner of the prison. His body shook violently from the stress and lack of sleep. His still cuffed hands clutched the long strand of hair protectively, lovingly. His whole childhood memories rested in this long braid of hair, his wonderful foster family that took him in and cared for him even though he was nothing but a rat from the street. With clouded gray eyes he stood shakily in the corner, still holding onto his prized possession. The guard sneered at him from in between the bars, enjoying every moment of this young boys torture.

"Well look on the bright side son, at least now you won't be mistaken for a girl. Fucking pretty boy."

Duo's eyes shot up, an emotionless glare stained on his face. He charged at the guard, his voice screaming out as loudly as he could, his face letting the tears roll back like small rivers. The guard merely laughed and stepped back from the bars, letting the smaller boy collide with hard steel, knocking him out on contact.

"Fucking moron."


Quatre walked on cat's feet as he approaced Heero and Duo's room, with a soft knock he opened the door. With a relieved sigh Heero was already out of bed, putting the finishing touches on his clothing. As he pulled the red sweatshirt over his perfect chest he turned to question Quatre.

"Ano Heero.."


"There is a message downstairs for you.."

"Eh?" Heero said, with a curious tone decorating his voice.

"Hai, I believe it's from Prof. G.."

"NANI?! Oh shit. He's probably looking for Duo."

Quatre only shook his head with a lopsided grin. "He asked for you."

"Hn. I'll be right down."

Quatre exited the room with a relieved smile and trotted down the stairs, telling Trowa to hold the message. Heero finished fixing his clothes and slipped into his shoes, running his fingers through his russet hair he slipped out the door and practically ran down the stairs. He approached the main computer and nodded to Trowa, his only way of really thanking people. Heero hit the small button and the horrible image of the large nosed, horrid man appreared before him.

"Heero Yuy. It's about time, how dare you keep me waiting."

Heero only growled and showed his appreciation with his middle finger.

"I see, I'm not your guardian so you don't have to worry what I say. Very well but I have some very interesting information about Duo."

"Nani?!" Heero was practically jumping out of his chair. "He's alive?"

The Professor nodded and with a sleek smile tapped a key on his computer.

"Take this information I'm sending you to go get him. I don't know what kind of condition he will be in but this is a personal mission for you only Yuy. Don't let me down."

With that the communication line was shut down and a small paper printed itself from the printer. Heero slid the paper into his grasped and read over the information carefully. He stood and exited the room, giving only a quick glance at the other three pilots.

"Don't follow me. I'm going to get Duo."

A shivering mass sat piled in a corner, a trail of silver tears lined his heartshaped, pale white face. His hands shook violently as he rubbed them together over and over again, causing them to turn into a blood red color from the vigorous rubbing action. His gaze sat, staring intently on his once proud possession. His beautiful, incredibly long braid laid itself out infront of him. His fingers traced over every contour and texture, sighing as he did so.

"Gomen nasai.. Father..Sister.. I am a failure." His muttering went unnoticed by his door guards.

"He's been like that for a two days now. Do you think we went to far?" The taller guard questioned as he peered into the dark cell, his eyes narrowing at the smaller Gundam pilot.

"Of course we didn't. The little shit got what he deserved. In fact I wish we could have done more." The other responded, smiling eagerly.

"You're a fucking pig."

"Ah fuck off, what do you know. Anyways let the little shit rot, what do I care about a waste of human flesh."

Duo's ears perked at the insults, they absorbed every single syllable and phrase. With a blink a few more tears managed to trickle into the growing ocean of sadness.

"That's right Duo..that's all you are. A waste. A dissapointment."


Heero's thin frame slithered through the small opening as easily as a snake. His dark suit hid him easily in the dark reaches of the area. He smiled to himself and raced down the hallway, pushing himself up against a wall everytime a small noise was detected. He snorted as two Oz soliders casually waltzed by, each one carrying a steaming cup of coffee and chattering like there was no tommorow.

"Baka." Heero muttered to himself as he slipped around the corner. He laid his hands at rest next to his side and walked serenly down the hallway, not wanting to attract any attention.

"Duo.." He sighed slightly. "Where would they keep your noisy self..?"

His cobalt gaze surveyed around the corner, making sure the path was clear for the taking. His cat like feet barely made a sound as he peered into each room, looking..searching..determined to find his lover. The sound of footsteps trotting down the hallway caught Heero a little off guard, pretty surprising from a guy who is usually right on top of things. He stopped in his tracks and quickly threw himself into a plan of action. He stared into the nearest cell and turned to face the form turning the corner. Both eyes connected and Heero froze.

"Ah you, what are you doing here?" The soldier asked, a little confused by the boys abnormal appearance.

"Gomen nasai. I was looking for the Gundam pilot, I was sent here to do a DNA test as well as a pyschology test."

With a raised, yet confused eyebrow the guard only nodded and pointed in the right direction.

"He's being kept in safe quarters, we don't want that little fuck to escape. Now that we've actually got one of those bastard pilots, we can figure out their true motives."

Heero's teeth clenched together at the insults, keeping himself from lunging at the disrespectful guard. He nodded to him as a gesture of his appreciation and started down the long, narrow hallway. His eyes began to adjust in the sudden change of lighting and he only grumbled to himself.

"Kuso. Duo better be alright.."


Duo's pale hands fumbled with the short edges of his now shortened hair. He felt like screaming out, pretending that it was all just a horrible dream. Everything from his childhood had been woven into that long lucious hair, every small memory of his family and friends. Without it..he felt empty, as if he had been emptied and drained of all his emotions. He laid his head back against the cold, dirty stained walls and sighed deeply.

"How am I ever going to face Heero now." With all of his confidence gone, he felt as if he were nothing, as if he meant nothing to noone. "Heero loved my hair.. he'll never want me again."

The guards watched from the sides with a laughter that was torture to Duo's ears. They taunted him and threw small objects at him, calling him horrid names and making obscene gestures. If he even had the energy to retaliate he had lost all interest in anything but the missing piece of himself.


Heero crept around the corner, still keeping his calm and collect composure. Nearing the entrance he casually laid his hands behind his back, keeping his aleart senses prepared and ready just in case he needed to draw his weapon. Another corner and Heero was face to face with two tall, somewhat built guards, laughing and cussing into a large cell. The taller of the two took a used battery from his phone and pelted it inside the imprisoned body. Heero's eyes narrowed as he approached the two. Each turned with a certain look between terror and surprise.

"Nani? Who are you?!" They both reached for their guns, Heero only drew his and stared back at the two.

"Don't even think about it, I'm here to run some tests on your prisoner there."

"You mean the little shit Gundam pilot?"


"Fine, you look harmless enough." The smaller one brought out the large collection of keys and started fumbling through each one. Heero walked closer to the two and peered into the darkened cell. He could see the faint outline of Duo pressed against a corner. As the guard finally got the door to slowly creak open Heero drew out his gun and glared evilly at the two. Each one froze, their eyes widening.

"Oh you little pig fucker.." One whispered as Heero pulled the trigger on both of them, directly sending the bullet into their foreheads. With a loud thump each one crashed into the floor, their blood starting to ooze from their now fatal wounds.

"Bastards." Heero whispered to himself as he pulled the door open a bit more, slipping inside the cell, slowly walking over to the figure in the corner. As the light reflected off the skin of the smaller pilot Heero smiled to himself to see that the boy was practically unharmed in any fashion.


A pair of glazed over violet eyes glared up in the direction of the familar voice. Heero's lips parted slightly and he crouched down beside the quivering boy, his eyes narrowing into a light of full concern.

"Heero... Heero... " Duo's words were flat and nervous, his fingers outstretched towards the beautiful sight standing in front of him. Those incredible cobalt eyes staring back at him, accented by the gorgeous flop of russet brown hair. As Heero's body became closer to his, Duo launched himself at the stronger Wing pilot, his arms wrapping themselves around Heero's neck in almost a death grip. A little off guard, Heero stumbled back and caught the boy, clutching him protectively, rubbing the soft back and holding him in his arms.

"Duo..are you alright?"

Duo couldn't even answer, he was too busy coughing back tears and clutching his sweet lover that he missed so much. Heero couldn't understand why Duo was reacting the way he was, shaking violently in his arms and crying uncontrollably.

"Duo what did they do to you.." His eyes widened at the thought. "Did they.. Duo please tell me they didn't touch you.."

Duo shook his head, sobbing into Heero's ears.

"Duo what is it?" For the first time Heero's hand brushed against the the quivering back, searching for that long silky braid to hold onto. With a confused grimace he searched up and down the contours of the back. With a gasp he moved up the small of the neck and felt for the attached weave of hair, only to be met with a small trickle of stray hairs.

"Duo.." Heero could feel his own voice start to waver. "They.."

Duo's arms retracted and covered his own body, his face diving into his knees to keep Heero from looking at him. Heero sat back on his knees, he was lost, lost for words, lost for actions, completely and utterly lost. He scanned his eyes across the holding pad, looking for nothing in particular but at the same time looking for everything. Laying next to Duo, wrapped up in a small ball, was the reminants of his long beautiful braid. Heero reached over and picked it up slowly, feeling the weight of the hair roll out across his palms. With an exasperated sigh he laid it into the thrown paper bag laying behind him and stuffed it into the interior of his uniform.

"Duo.. come here.." Heero's shaky hands fumbled across the shivering shoulders, trying to pull the boy into his embrace. Duo responded with a quick shrugging of the shoulders and a quiet scream.

"Don't touch me! You won't want me anymore.. you won't want me anymore.." He sobbed softly.

"What.. Do you think I would just abandon you?" Heero could feel his heart sink deep inside of his stomach, he suddenly felt nauseous and ill. "Duo.. I would nev.."

"I'm not beautiful for you anymore. You won't want me if I'm not beautiful for you. I am a dissapointment."

As the words drained the energy from Duo's already wounded body, Heero could only sit back and listen to every painful word after another. Absorbing it and feeling the sickening feeling that came with it. Duo's body seemed to be rocking itself back and forth in a comforting motion, it took Heero a moment to comprehend he was shaking violently. With a soft, gentle hand he pulled Duo's fraile form into his embrace, almost crushing the boy against his strong chest.

"I'm taking you home Duo."

Duo struggled relentlessly, trying with what little strenght he had left to free himself from the strong grips of his friend.

"Iie. Let me go.. stop it Heero.."

Duo's pleas went unheard as Heero scooped the boy into his arms, clutching him like he would a small child. Duo's pale, balled up hands thrashed into his captors chest over and over again, trying like mad to escape but containing no energy to do so. With a defeated sigh he leaned his head quietly next to Heero's heart, quickly falling asleep to the soft drumming noise of Heero's rhythmic heartbeat. Heero flashed a sympathetic frown in the boys direction and walked through the hallway, giving the deceased guards a quick run through with a few more bullets.



"HEERO!!!!!!!!" Quatre's shrill voice filled the household as the staid appearance of Heero Yuy silently drited throughout the house. Heero only threw the blonde a quick glance and hurried up the winding stair case. Quatre turned his bright blue eyes towards Trowa who almost lost it with that gaze.

"Quatre.. don't give me that look.."

"Trowa.. *sniffle* Duo's.. Duo's.."

The taller pilot quickly grabbed the smaller frame into his arms. Running his hands through the soft blonde hair.

"Quiet Angel, he'll be fine."

Wufei made his appearance, his eyes a tad wide and his mouth hanging open in a gaping fashion. Green and blue eyes both focused on him, a bit embarrassed by the tender moment that had just been interrupted.

"Wufei?" Quatre's voice inquired, taking a step toward the chinese pilot.

"Did you see... when he walked by..?"

Both could only respond with a small shaking of their heads, both confused by the usually calm boy's actions. Wufei could barely speak, his hands were clasped together around his mouth, trying to keep himself from completely losing it.

"Duo's hair.. it's...it's gone."


With one strong arm and a determined look, Heero practically ripped the sheets off the large bed that him and Duo shared. Slowly placing the sleeping pilot into his regular spot and tucking him in gently. He pulled the paper bag out from the interior of his uniform and with a slight cringe he placed it on the dresser. He turned his blue gaze back on his small koibito, sleeping soundly under the covers. He climbed into the bed, allowing the weight of the bed to shift slowly, so as not to wake the exhausted Deathscythe pilot. With a calloused hand he gently stroked the tear stained cheeks of his lover, his eyes softened and filled with fear.

"Whatever will you do Duo?"


The screaming, the terrifying screaming.

Duo's eyes shot open in alarm, his stiff body shooting up into a sitting position, his chest heaving heavily and his eyes over flowing with crystal like tears.

"Yume..? [1]" His cold voice seemed to be asking only himself, he reached behind his back, feeling for his security. With an empty hand he shivered and choked back tears, for fear of losing it again. He looked over his side and peered at his sleeping koibito. Pulling his knees up to his chest he stared at the sound boy.

"Heero still sleeps beside me. Even though I'm not beautiful anymore." His feet swung over the side of the bed and with aching feet he made his way into the brightly lit bathroom. With a soft groan he leaned against the sink, staring into the bright white object.

"Kirei? [2]" Building up all his courage he lifted his head to meet with his reflection. His eyes widened in horror at the agony expressed deeply across his youthful appearance. His eyes were bloodshot and swollen from his excessive crying, his face was pale and his lips trembled slightly on their own. His hair..tickled the back of his neck, the small reminants of his hair showed off his now more masculine features. A shaking hand ran the nimble fingers through the still silky fine short strands as he felt his anger beginning to build. Balling up a fist he glared back at his reflection, all his emotions clouding over his senses as he rammed his right fist into the glass, shattering it on impact. The loud crash could be heard all through the household, Heero's ears perked and he nearly fell out of bed at the sudden noise.


He was on his feet in an instant, pulling his sweatpants on and dashing towards the crashing. His blue eyes scanned the scene in the bathroom as Duo sat, perched on his heels, beating his already bloody fists into the broken shards of glass. Heero's mouth motioned to speak but he could only stand in amazement. A small puddle of blood started collecting around the violet eyed pilot, every part that was touching glass was bleeding profusely, his knees, his feet, his hands, and his fists.


Heero raced over to his lover and pulled him up by the small waist, lifting the tired body out of the river of blood and broken glass. Duo's arms and legs thrashed around violently, his voice screaming at a super sonic pitch, his struggling hitting and kicking every part of Heero's body.

"Duo.. yameru.." His teeth were tightly clenched and his grip on the smaller pilot was tight, yet it did no good from the emotionally distraught Duo.

"Heero?!" Quatre's voice caused both struggling pilots to turn, Trowa and Wufei also accompanied him, their eyes wide in fear. "What..what's going on?" Quatre latched onto Trowa for comfort, the taller stoic pilot rubbing the small back of the blonde.

Heero continued to struggle with Duo until he eventually went limp from excessive struggling. Heero held him strongly in his arms, pulling the tired face towards his chest.


"Heero, let go of me. Don't touch me. I'm not.."

He motioned to move again but fell back in his sad attempt. Heero only sighed and with a brave move, pulled the boy into a cradle position and carried him back to their bed. The other three could only watch with sad expressions as Heero placed his lover back to bed, pulling the dark covers back up to the boys's shoulders. Trowa motioned to leave, followed by Wufei. Quatre tried to move his feet, feeling like they were locked in place. The bathroom was in shatters, blood and broken shards of jagged glass danced around the entire room, making it gleam with an evilish tint. His bright eyes turned and gazed upon Heero, who sat with one leg tucked underneath his body, leaned over the weakend body of his koibito. With gentle hands he brushed back the long bangs of Duo's hair and whispered soft words to him, trying to calm the boy's alreay tattered nerves. Quatre was in sheer awe at the actions of the usually quiet, calm and collect Heero. He wasn't used to seeing much emotion eminating from the boy and now it was almost overwhelming.

"Heero..are you okay?" His feet took a small step forward, his arms seemed to reach out towards the couple.

"I'm fine." Was the only reply Quatre recieved. With a bow Quatre walked silently from the room, closing the door slowly behind him. His eyes wavering back and forth with tears.

Heero stroked the side of the boys face, his own eyes locked in a soft motion.

"Duo, what can I say, what can I do?" Heero felt utterly lost, lost within his own relationship. Duo was turning into a torn piece of human soul right before his eyes and he felt helpless to stop it. Duo's breathing had steadied itself and he was now sleeping somewhat soundly. Heero sighed to himself and pulled himself from the bed, walking towards the horrific scene of the bathroom. His eyes gazed over the scene and he shuddered slightly.

"I can't belive Duo did this." He leaned over and quietly started to pick up the larger pieces of glass, carefully avoiding each little prick that could be sticking up. Tossing it all into the garbage and being satisfied for at least the moment he stumbled back to bed. Duo had turned towards him and now rested with his hands underneath his head, his face appearing as a little angel. Heero planted a tender kiss on the pale cheek and curled himself up underneath the covers, his heavy eyes slowly closing.


Quatre reluctantly climbed under the covers with his lover and stared at the opposite side of the room, his light blue eyes wide with worry and pain. Trowa wrapped his strong arms around the smaller boy and pulled him closer, letting the blonde relax in the warm embrace.

"You are worried little one."

"Hai.. Duo was just, unbelievable."

With a soft hand Quatre intertwined his fingers with Trowa's larger ones, recieving a small smile from the quiet pilot.

"Do you think Heero will be able to get through to Duo?" Quatre's voice sounded like a small child asking about his dead father. Trowa only sighed and kissed the sweet temple of his koibito.

"I have no doubt in him."


The bright sunlight flooded the room, lighting a small path across the eyes of a certain long haired pilot. His eyes eagerly blinked open, almost blinded by the bright shining light. Duo's feet felt like jello and his head pounded in sync with his heartbeat. He sat up slowly, letting the blood adjust to his sudden movements. Peering down at his hands he saw bandages tightly woven around the red stained hands, appearing as if he had on bright red gloves.

"Nani..?" He blinked, turning his gaze towards the bathroom, spotting the reminants of last nights rage. "Soka.." He mumbled, climbing out of the bed and towards the bahtroom, careful not to wake the soundly sleeping Heero Yuy who looked like he had lived through a mutiny. The crunching sound of broken glass against bare feet didnt phase the distraught pilot one bit as he made his way to the cabinet.

"I've let everyone down. They will never love me again." His bloody hands slowly pulled the medicine cabinet open, his cloudy eyes staring over all the assortment of medicine lined up on the shelves.

"The end."

His nimble fingers traced over the lables of each bottle, searching. Finally landing on perscriped to Quatre Winner, what it was doing in his and Heero's cabinet Duo would never know..nor care. Flipping the top off and staring into the mirror he threw his head back and dumped the pills into his mouth, his teeth baring down on the bitter substance. Turning the faucet on he stuck his mouth under the running water, swallowing the nasty taste, as well as the medicine. He smiled to himself and waved back to his reflection, his legs began to grow heavy and his eyes started to feel as if they were spinning. Placing a hand down on the sink he took one last look at the beautiful sleeping image of Heero, his long legs tucked up to his chest, his mouth slightly parted, his ruesset brown hair falling over his eyes in a boyish manner. As the lights started to dim and Duo's stomach began to react in horrible pain he doubled over, his knees crashing into the tile. His eyes filled with desperate tears. Soft tunes could be heard playing in the background as Duo felt himself drift in and out of conciousness, his emotions quivering and causing his body to tremble slightly.

"Please remember...Please remember
I was there for you and you were there for me
Please remember, our time together
the time is yours and mine and we were wild and free.
Please remember...please remember me.

Goodbye, there's just no sadder word to say, and it's sad to walk away with just the memories.
Who's to know what might have been, we leave behind a life and time we'll never know again.

Please remember, please remember
I was there for you and you were there for me
and remember, please remember me."

Heero's eyes fluttered open slowly, his mouth stretching out in an exasperated yawn, his arms reaching out above his head. He reached over, searching for the warm body he was so used to waking up beside. His gaze turned and he was met with nothing, his mouth dropped and he jumped out of bed, running to the bathroom.


His horrid screaming could be heard all over the world, his grief filled screech surrounding every emotion. Running over a combination of broken glass and blood Heero dove at his lover, his arms encircling themselves around the limp figure. He shook him slightly, calling his name over and over again, his hands reached over the beautiful face and the bluish lips.

"Duo no.. I won't let you.."

Lifting the small body into his arms, he dashed down the stairs, calling out for anyone that might be around, praying to god that Duo was going to pull through. Quatre and Wufei came dashing into the room, each one panic stricken and panting.

"Yuy! What happened?!" Wufei's eyes met angrily with the blue shades of Heero, who only growled in response.

"He swallowed some pills. We have to get him to the doctor. NOW!" Heero tossed the bottle to Quatre and headed outside. Quatre peered down at the bottle and gasped, his own medicine had nearly been the destruction of one of his closet friends. The tears began to trickle freely, only small trickles at first but quickly growing into small rivers traveling down the small boys face. He fell to his knees, chunking the bottle across the room, screaming in sheer agony.

Heero paid no mind to the squealing blonde boy he had abandoned in the house, his mind was focused on the dying violet eyed lover he held close in his arms. Wufei piled into the back seat of the car, holding onto Duo as Heero drove, drove like a bat out of hell to the hospital. Wufei studied the look in Heero's eyes intently as he brushed the long silky strands of precious hair off of Duo's face.

"You surprise me Yuy."

Heero's eyes shot up into the rearview mirror, glaring back at his comrade, his eyes making sure Duo was still breathing.


"You really care about this boy."

"Hn." Heero broke his eye contact with Wufei, concentrating on the road and the difficult task at hand at getting through the traffic in record time. With screeching tires and a worried heart, Heero darted in and out of traffic, his eyes determined.

"Duo will not die on me."

[1] - "yume" means "dream"
[2] - "kirei" means "beautiful"
[3] - "kudaranai" means "worthless"


Heavy footsteps paced back and forth in the long corridor, a pair of strong hands wrapped together behind a strong back. Two dark blue eyes shined worriedly behind a mop of russet brown hair.

"Yuy, you're wearing a hole in the floor."

Heero peered up at his comrade, his eyes seemed to dance in a nervous motion and he was barely able to speak. Not that he would have anyways. Heero pressed his body up against the cold walls of the hospital, a sigh escaping through the small gap in his lips. He folded his arms across his chest and kept his gaze locked on the doorways. Waiting.

"Why don't you sit down?"

"Must you be so intolerable of my pacing?"

"Che, like I'm tolerable of you anyways."

"Hn. Agreed."

Heero's strong frame took a seat next to the chinese pilot, each one avoiding eye contact with one another. Both sat quietly, one paitiently the other, was ready to rip down the entire building.

"Duo no baka." Heero seemed to whisper outloud, his eyes closing as he laid his head in his hands. Obviously hiding his emotion from Wufei.

"Quatre and Trowa should be here soon Yuy, then you'll have someone to comfort you."

Ignoring the rude remark, Heero seemed to stare down at the white floor, studying every mark made. Probably the footsteps of another anxious and nervous person, waiting on news of their loved one. Hearing the clipping noise of shoes against the tile, Heero stood at attention, ready and willing to accept any news that could be presented. A taller, blonde haired man carrying a small pad of paper and a large metal folder quietly walked up to the young blue eyed pilot. Heero studied the emotion on the doctors face, the eyes were narrowed slightly, his mouth seemed to be hanging open just a bit and his eyebrows seemed to point upward in a comforting manner.

"Heero Yuy I presume?"


"Duo Maxwell is your partner? Correct?"

"Hai." Heero could feel his hands automatically roll up into fists.

The doctor flipped through his charts and started blankly at the boy.

"Mr. Maxwell swallowed an aweful amount of anti-depressants, it could have done severe damage to his brain as well as the rest of his body. As for right now he's in stable yet serious condition."

"H...hai.." Heero's words stumbled as he began to lose it, his face contorting as the tears silently began to tumble down his cheeks. Wufei turned his gaze from the two, not wanting to witness a sobbing Heero Yuy.

"You may seem him if you like Mr. Yuy, but in his comatosed state he won't be able to respond. Talk to him all you like, sometimes that helps bring them around. I will inform you on any new developments."

Shaking knees caused Heero to collapse onto the floor. His hands covering his face as he tried to stand, only to fall back again in defeat. Wufei sighed to himself and stood over the weakend pilot.



Taking a hold of the normally strong arm, Wufei slung one of Heero's arms over his shoulder and escorted him to the room, both silent as he did so.


"Trowa! We've got to hurry! Heero's probably having a nervous breakdown and you know how Wufei is about even looking at him!"

The green eyed boy only nodded and stepped on the gas, the car reacted studdering a bit.

"I'm so worried Trowa, I can't believe Duo took all those anti-depressants."

"He feels as if he's let down everyone he's cared for."

"I don't understand."

Trowa pulled the smaller boy towards him and kept a strong arm wrapped around the boy.

"That hair was his connection to his past. He feels as if he's nothing to them if he lost it."


He was frozen, absolutely frozen. He could remember the last time he felt this way, it was the first time he ever saw Duo. The long braid of hair flowing behind him, those bright violet eyes sparkling, that wide grin, smiling at him like a fool behind a black hat. Heero could feel his body began to tremble as he approached the bed, Wufei exited the room, keeping his own emotions completely under control.


Duo didn't look like Duo, tubes and IV's were stuck all over the place, a mask was placed around his mouth to help with his breathing and his heart monitor beeped an eerie sound, echoing in the room. His calloused hands reached out and brushed against the soft cheek of his lover, his face softened as he kneeled down, grabbing a hold of the bruised and sliced hand. Pulling it to his lips he placed a tender kiss on the familar hand, holding it against his cheek.

"Duo.. why.."

Unable to control his emotions any longer, Heero began to sob uncontrollably, his eyes drowning the rest of his world in salty tears as he held onto this barely breathing koi.

"Look what you've done to me Duo, made me open up and become an emotional human being again. You've made me weak everytime I see you, or touch you. I don't know how to live without you anymore..."

He shook his head violently, as if trying to erase every thought and emotion he had ever felt towards this bouncy violet eyed boy. A small figure made it's way into the roomm, on very quiet feet. Heero turned slowly.


The small blonde gasped at the sight of his comrade, Heero's face looked like it had be laid in a pan of boiling hot water for hours.

"Daijobu?" Quatre's small voice asked, all the concern in the world coming from those shaking lips.


Quatre motioned to move again, but slowly took a step back, not wanting to intrude on Heero's emotional barrier right now. With shaking arms, Heero pulled himself up into the bed, curling up next to Duo. With one huge sigh he drifted off to sleep, keeping one arm securely around Duo.


Hours passed. Still no change in Duo. The young pilots were starting to get worn down, Quatre had long sinced stretched out with his head laying in Trowa's lap, sleeping peacefully. Wufei was quite the opposite, he sat arms crossed and legs underneath him, staring blankly at the wall in front of him. Seeming to keep his mind off anything too terribly distracting. Heero was still firmly attached to Duo, his head gently laying across the swollen chest, listening to the faint heartbeat. He slowly sat up, his eyed adjusting slightly as he stared down upon his koi.

"Duo no baka." He whispered slightly, kissing Duo's sweaty brow.

Almost as a miracle had passed through Heero Yuy's lips, Duo's mouth quivered slightly.

"Hai, Duo no baka.." Duo's raspy voice mouthed out, his violet eyes slowly blinking open, focusing on his tired lover.

"DUO!" Heero's scream could have probably been heard all around the city as he smiled down upon the boy, grasping onto his hand.

Duo's body shook as he coughed violently, his eyes squeezing shut.

"Gomen nasai Hee-chan.." His fingers slowly intertwined with Heero's, both of them smiling back at one another with secret smiles. "I didn't mean to make you worry.."


"I had to Hee-chan, I... I.. I'm nothing anymore.. I've let everyone down." His gaze turned toward the side as he coughed a bit more.

"Duo, you didn.."

"Hai, I did. I promised..I would never cut that hair, so as I could remember them and make them proud.. but now.." He sighed in deeply, trying to keep back the tears welling in his eyes. "Besides.. I wouldn't be beautiful for you anymore."

Heero's eyes widened slightly, his mouth almost dropping open.

"NANI?!" His voice seemed to rise, his hands clenched at the sheets.

"I can't be beautiful for you.."

Heero, forgetting himself, brought the boy into his embrace, holding onto him. His tender lips kissed at the bruised neck, his hands rubbing at the soft back.

"You are still the most beautiful creature that god ever created." His lips whispered against the pale ears, making sure he heard every word. Duo's face lit up gently, his arms wrapping around his boy.


Duo had been released from the hospital a few days later, only under the circumstances that he would see a therapist at least once a week and take a certain kind of medication once a day. Slowly but surely the once long haired pilot returned to his normal self, running around, yelling, screaming, laughing, playing jokes and just totally overwhelming everyone in the household. But as the days went on, Duo and Heero's relationship only grew more with time. Every morning Duo would find himself lost in Heero's embrace as the blue eyed boy told him how much he adored him and how utterly breathtaking he was. The long braid of hair now sat in a black velvet pouch, sitting on the couples shelf. Wufei, every now and then, cracked jokes about how it was going to come alive and eat everyone in the household. Usually at the end of those jokes he would find himself chewing on the end of Heero's gun, but Duo always took it in stride. He learned day by day that no matter how long his hair was, that everyone that ever loved him in the past are looking down upon him with nothing but pride and love. That including his current love.. Heero.


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