Title: A Present from the Past
Part: 5/?
Author: Jess
Pairing: 1x2/2x1, 2x?
Notes: Yaoi, shounen-ai, flashbacks, some angst, some comedy, some sap, it's just a big crock pot of lovin'. Ya'll know how I am bout finishing multi-part stories, so please bear with me. ^-^
Dislclaimer: I do not own Heero, Duo or any of the Gundam boys. I just use them for my dirty little pawns! However, Dae (pronounced Day) Kitsume is my own personal creation. He's such a lovely man. So he belongs to me.
~*~ Indicates a flashback.

[0] The bright sunlight illuminated the room, Dae's eyes slowly fluttered open, a groan escaping his lips. A horribly sleepless night, listening in on Heero and Duo's conversation which eventually turned into a full scale argument which quickly turned into make up sex. How wonderful for Dae. Just the thing he wanted to hear all night long, his long haired angel screaming out someone else's name. He grumbled and pulled the covers back over his head, trying to block out the mental image of Heero's sneer that he would most likely see when he decided to descend downstairs.

A soft rapping at his door cause him to stir slightly, his blue eyes peered out from underneath the blanket, glaring his way at the door. He climbed out of bed slowly, adjusting his boxers back in place and made his way to the door, pulling it to slowly. Behind the wooden frame stood Duo with the biggest, most idiotic grin that he had ever seen on anyone. Had it been on any other human being it would have been disgusting, but Duo just innocent and sincere.

"MOOOOORNING SLEEPY HEAD!" Duo leaned forward and fluffed Dae's hair, stepping inside of the room. Dae stepped back, tripping slightly, a bit surprised by Duo's forwardness and bright cheery morning attitude.

"Ah.. good morning." Dae turned and walked over to his pack, shuffling through it searching for some more clothes. "I take it you slept well.."

Duo's face lit up with a bright christmas red and he intertwined his fingers nervously.

"Well.." he laughed slightly. "You could say that.."

"Hn. Yeah, no need to explain I suppose. Heero mad?"

"Nah.. Hee-chan's not one to be so.. possessive.." Duo noted in a sarcastic tone. "Okay so he was pissed as hell..but there are worse things."

"I see." Dae threw a glance over his shoulder as he pulled the black t-shirt over his head, grabbing a pair of dark denim jeans and sliding them over his slender form. Duo watched him with morbid curiosity, throwing his glance to the side when Dae glanced at him.

'Ah.. so he was watching..' Dae noted to himself, grinning slightly.

"Duo.." He began, turning to face the boy as he slowly pulled the zipper of his pants all the way, seeming to intice the boy. "You know what.."

Duo swallowed the obvious lump that had arisen and tried to smile it off.


Dae casually walked up to the boy and slipped an arm around Duo's waist, pressing himself against the violet eyed beauty. Duo gasped slightly, keeping his hands against Dae's chest, able to push himself back at any given moment. Dae licked his lips intently and leaned over, running his tounge along the soft skin of Duo's ear.

"I bet I can make you scream louder than he can.." He whispered, nibbling at the ear softly. Duo closed his eyes and pushed back on Dae, throwing himself free from the embrace.

"Quatre's making breakfast! Why don't you come down and join us! JA!" Duo dashed out the door without a second glance, his hands covering his mouth. Dae only smiled to himself and shoved his hands deep inside of his pockets.

"Oh I'll join you.."


Everyone shuffled about busily after breakfast had been extinguished and put away. Duo had taken the moment to slip out the door before Dae or Heero noticed. Walking silently he could feel the wind pressing against him, sending a cold chill down his spine. He sighed as he came to the lake, taking a seat next to the sparking blue water in the soft grass. He leaned back and let the rays of the sun hit his body, enjoying the warm feeling that had suddenly washed over him. His eyes scanned over the water, reflecting on his past and especially the past few years that he had spent with Heero and the other pilots.

Even though the war had ended long ago, and all five of them were either nineteen or twenty, it didn't change anything between them. They had all grown, some more ways than one, and changed in their own mannerisms, but none of them could point out what had happened. Heero had actually turned into a someone normal human being, learning how to open himself up more and become a more trusting companion. The other three pilots credited that to Duo's influence and their devoted relationship. Duo had always smiled upon Heero no matter what mood the Wing pilot had been in, and he had never given up on making that boy smile.

But not even Duo Maxwell could hide from his past, and that had been proven in the last two days. With Dae around the nature of his life had been disrupted, making the smallest task seem a hundred times more difficult. Dae was someone Duo had never intended on forgetting, but he wasn't someone he had planned on seeing ever again as well. Especially not after the promise that they had made. In the past, Duo and Dae had a wonderful relationship, one that even themselves, couldn't believe.

The past was in the past, or at least that's how Duo had viewed it. And now Dae had throw himself head first back into Duo's life and strewn everything about. The soft patter of footsteps cause Duo to turn slightly, his eyes glancing over the figure.


The brown haired boy nodded and took a seat next to his lover, pulling his knees up to his chest and holding them with his arms. He looked incredibly childish, with that unbearably perfect pout of lips and serious eyebrows. Both of them sat staring out into the bright horizon, the wind chapping at their lips.

"Bury Dae's body in the front yard?"

"Hn." Heero replied, barely even blinking. Duo smiled to himself.

"I hope he's not bothering Quatre too much."


"Thought we solved this problem last night.."


Heero slammed the door behind them, his eyes staring possessively over his lover.

"Heero, what the hell was that for?"

"Hn." Heero's fists balled up slowly as he stalked over to the bed. "I hate the way he looks at you."

Duo raised a curious eyebrow and took a seat next to the staid boy.

"The way his eyes scan over every inch of your body. The way his lips purse out in your direction as if he wants to just take you and kiss you. I can't stand it."

Duo silently laid his head on the pilots shoulder, closing his eyes as he did so.

"You worry too much."

Heero stood, letting Duo fall onto the bed. He calmly walked over to the wall, slamming his right fist into it, making a good sized hole. Pulling it back out he glared down at it and rubbed his knuckles. Duo stared at him in shock, his hands griping at the comforter.

"Duo you know just as well as I do that he wants to take you away. No.. he won't I won't allow this to happen."

"Do you not trust me at all?!"

Heero turned to stare angrily at his lover.


Duo stood, walking on the opposite side of the room.

"You just don't trust me around him..that's what this is all about!"

"I never said that."

"If this was just about Dae you wouldn't be having such a huge problem with it! But what it really is..that you can't stand the fact that just because I had an old flame that I would never consider being with again! Well that's just bullshit Heero!"


"Oh great, you're reverting back to that 'I'm not going to talk to anyone' thing.. great..just what I need right now. An old boyfriend and my lover glaring at me and not saying a damn word."


"Ya know, if I were in your shoes, I would just completely erase the fact that Dae exsists! But noooo you gotta drag it on, acting as if I'm gonna do something behind your back. Well that just ain't happening here mister! I've been with you too damn long to screw it up over something like this!"


Heero growled angrily. "Let's not talk about last night.."

"Not even the incredible sex?" Duo smirked and winked at him. Heero only sighed and laid his head on his arms.

"Just because we made love doesn't mean that our problems are solved." Heero stood without making another sound, glancing back slightly at his lover before heading back into the house. Duo only sighed and fell back into the grass, letting the aroma fill his senses.

"I hate my life sometimes."

A shadow casts itself over the braided boy's position, Duo's violet eyes blinked open and were met with the angelic vision of Dae leaning over looking at him. The sunlight behind him cast a perfect halo of light, making him look almost angelic.

"DAE!" Duo sat up quickly, ramming their heads into one another. With a yelp of pain Dae took a seat next to the boy, rubbing his damaged forhead.

"Did you have to do that? Spaz.."

"Don't call me that.. I wasn't expecting to see you there.."

"Hm.. I wonder if Heero noticed, I watched you two from the bushes over there. Frankly, I was expecting better from him, figured he would have heard me a long time ago. I guess even perfect soldiers have to lose their glory figure after a while neh?"

"Heero is perfect."

"Is that so? Then why is he so angry?"

"He's worried of course."

"Ah, of course. Duo lemme be straight out and honest with you. I didn't come here expecting to find you with someone new. But just because you have a boyfriend doesn't mean I'm going to stop pursuing you.. in fact.." Dae leaned in closer to Duo, their noses bumping each other clumsily. Duo inhaled sharply, putting his fists up between himself and the stronger boy.

"Oh no no no Duo.. Don't you even try to push me away this time.. I came prepared.." Dae pulled a rag out from his pocket, Duo's eyes widened as Dae's grip became almost inescapable, Duo struggled relentless, tossing his head to and fro as Dae tried to press the rag to his nose and lips.

"Dae.. what are you.. doing.. NO... HEERO...." Duo tried to scream louder but the rag was tightly placed against his mouth and nose, making it impossible to breath anything but the chlorform. Duo felt his head begin to spin slightly, his eyes drooped at the hint of his slow succession into unconciousness.

"Heero.." he whispered as his body went limp. Dae smiled to himself and hoisted the smaller framed boy onto his shoulder, discarding the rag onto the ground.

"Well let's see if your precious Heero comes for you now.. Like I said Duo, I'm not willing to give you up.. not just yet.."


Heero stalked around the house fuming, trying to release all the pent up anger. It was doing no good for him, the house or Quatre's floorboard, which was ready to give out due to Heero's angry stomping.

"Damn him. Where is he, he should come in now.."

"Heero you shouldn't be so rough on this situation. You could end up making it worse than better." Quatre glanced up from his book to examine his nervous friend..and his thin wearing floor board.

"Hn. Duo should have just sent that boy away. He had no right coming back and demanding Duo back."

Quatre sighed and set the book down on the coffee table. "You're overreacting.."

"Shut up Quatre.. I'm sick of hearing you're voice of reason."

Quatre glared and picked up his book, quietly leaving the room. "Heero, just don't push Duo away.. "

Heero's angry eyes glared as he watched Quatre exit the room. He sighed and pulled the curtains from the window. He nervously looked about for his lover, who had suddenly dissapeared from sight. "Duo...?"


A pair of violet eyes blinked open slowly, the brown roof above him suddenly coming into focus. "Where.."

"Duo, you're awake."

Duo felt his head spin slightly as he felt the weight of another human climbing onto his body. He felt soft lips press against his gently and he groaned loudly, trying to push the intruder off of him, only to realize that his hands and feet were cuffed to the railings of the bed. A panic stricken look came over his face. The figure above him pulled back and sneered.

"I told you.. you're mine."

"Dae.. what have you done..?"

Sorry it took me so long to get this part finished and out. I've been doing alot with work and christmas..so I'm kinda lacking on time. ^-^ Anyways, I hope ya'll are still interested in this fic!