Title: A Present from the Past
Part: 4/?
Author: Jess
Pairing: 1x2/2x1, 2x?
Notes: Yaoi, shounen-ai, flashbacks, some angst, some comedy, some sap, it's just a big crock pot of lovin'. Ya'll know how I am bout finishing multi-part stories, so please bear with me. ^-^
Dislclaimer: I do not own Heero, Duo or any of the Gundam boys. I just use them for my dirty little pawns! However, Dae (pronounced Day) Kitsume is my own personal creation. He's such a lovely man. So he belongs to me.
~*~ Indicates a flashback.

Duo finally took his stance in between the two young men, his eyes turning back and forth between them. Neither had said another word to one another and neither had made a movement to excuse himself.

"I need to have a talk with you.." Duo's voice was low and shaky. His hand reached out and took a hold of Heero's, pulling him towards the billiard room. Heero's face practically screaming in a taunting way at Dae as he followed the deathscythe pilot into the room. The door slamming behind him. Duo leaned against the door, breathing out a sigh of relief.

"Oh god this is not a situation I want to be in.."

"Hn." Heero sat himself against the billiard table, crossing his arms and staring at his koi, begging for questions to be answered.

"I guess.."

"I guess you need to let me talk to him." Heero interrupted.

"I can't let you do that. He's still an old friend if anything.. I should invite him to stay a while."

"Nani?" The cobalt eyed boy practically growled.

"If I don't spend time with him he won't leave Heero. And don't worry.." Duo paced himself over to his lover, cupping Heero's face in his hands. "I will let him know I'm taken." Heero's hands wrapped themselves around Duo's wrists, squeezing them slightly, reminding Duo just who his lover was.


Duo excused himself from the presence of Heero and made his way back into the main quarters, he flattened his clothes and fiddled with his hair, nerbovously apporaching Dae. The boy turned and smiled at him brightly, noticing that he was alone.

"Duo, I was worried you had left me here to fend for myself."

"I don't think Quatre would have agreed with that.." Duo smiled sheepishly. "Well where do we start.."

"I think.."

"MAXWELL.." a loud voice boomed from the top of the stairs. Wufei came running down the stairs, skipping every other one. His face was practically glowing with a bright red color and in his hand he held onto his white tank top..or well it was white..until Duo had washed it with his favorite red shirt.

"Wufei?!" Duo blinked confusingly.

"Baka! Look what you did!" Wufei chunked the shirt in his direction, wapping him in the face. "I refuse to wear pink! It's dishonerable!"

Duo rolled his eyes and pulled the shirt from his face, glaring at the chinese boy.

"Wu-man, if you don't mind.."

"DON'T CALL ME WU-MAN!!" Wufei's ebony eyes jerked over to Dae and glared in return to him. "Who is this?!"

"None of your business if I can help it.." Duo muttered, heading toward the front door. "Come on Dae.. let's go someplace quieter.." Dae smirked to himself and followed the braided boy, nodding his head slightly at Wufei. The chinese pilot watched the two exit the room and slam the door behind them. His mouth pratically dropped open when he saw Heero emerge from the billiard room.



"I thought Maxwell was your boyfriend?"


"Then why did he just leave with that other guy?" Wufei's thumb pointed to the door as he retrieve his vibrant pink shirt. Heero's eyes only narrowed slightly and his fists balled up at the thought.

"He's having a talk with him."

Wufei snorted as he walked past. "Is that what they call it now?"


"Am I allowed to say anything pertaining to that gentleman with the blue eyes?" Dae asked, face staring straight ahead.

"You mean Heero?"

"Ah. If that's his name. So tell me about him Duo."

"I met him when I first came to Earth.. I saved him from this pink horrid creature with blonde hair. I had to shoot him to do it..but it got him away from her."

"Are you sure that's what he wanted."

"I'm sure now."

Dae nodded, sticking his hands deep inside of his pockets, warming his hands.

"I'm an author now, thanks to you."

"That's what you said inside."

"That's why I broke our promise and came to see you.."

"Because you finally decided to become a writer?"

"No..because I realized how stupid our promise was."

Duo stopped dead in his tracks, his heart was pounding against his chest as he listened to Dae's words.

"It was a stupid thing to promise..and I know even you realize that. Maybe it was because we were so young, or maybe it was because you thought you were going to die.. whatever your reason was for it Duo. I'm asking you to take it back." He turned towards him, reaching out for Duo's hands. "You ended something before you truely understood the importance of it."


"Do you realize how many opportunities I've turned down because of you? I could have had these incredible relationships.. good learning experiences..but I passed them all up because they couldn't give me what you did."

"NO.." Duo pulled his hands from Dae's, holding them protectivly. Both searched each other's eyes, looking for a proper explanation. Duo could feel his stomach churning and his heart about to pop from his chest. Dae's words were doing somersaults inside of his head, replaying over and over again.

Dae watched his old lover intently as Duo wrapped his arms around himself, sighing loudly.

"Dae.. Heero and I..are.."

"Lovers? Yes I know.." The taller boy stood behind Duo's shaking form, wrapping his arms around the long haired boy's waist. "Do you really think I care.." Dae could hear the boy inhale sharply as he felt the pressure against him. Dae's soft, familar touch sent Duo's body into instant relaxation and he leaned back against his supporter. He remembered how good it felt to have Dae's arms wrapped around him.

"You should care.. " Duo latched his hands onto Dae's arms and released himself from the embrace, that he so regrettably let himself fall back into. "We should head back to the house. I'm sure Trowa made a scrumptious dinner!" Duo smiled back at the boy and trotted a few steps infront of him, only turning to look back at him once before dissapearing into the house.

Dae sighed and reached for the door, before he could open the creaky door completely he felt a cold hand on his arm. He turned and was face to face with Heero Yuy himself.

"You.." Dae's eyes narrowed slightly.

"Yes. We need to talk as well."

"I have nothing to say to you." Dae snatched his arm free from Heero's strong grasp, surprising the both of them.

"Good I won't have to listen to your excuses. You can just listen as I speak."

"I'd rather not." Dae hissed in response, his face showing off his own jealously.

"I feel there should be somethings cleared up."

"I know about Duo and yourself. I don't need to know the details."


"But I will tell you one thing Mr. Yuy.."


"That beauty.. right inside this door.. is this close to falling in love with me again." Dae pinched his fingers tightly together, leaving a very small margin. "If I were you, I'd be careful where you tread." Dae's face curled up into a smirk as he dissapeared into the house, leaving Heero utterly speechless.


Duo bounded around the kitchen, annoying Wufei, annoying Quatre and definietly annoying Trowa. Heero and Dae sat on opposites ends of the table, both with their heads in their hands, watching Duo possessively. Every so often they would turn to glare at one another. Quatre had noticed the tension between the two and had decided to be the moderator between them.

"So Dae.. tell us a little about yourself while we finish setting the table."

Dae's eyes lit up at the opportunity to indulge Duo in his travels and experiences.

"Well I started out by leaving behind the Professor and traveling to France, learning how to speak french and german fluently as I travled around Europe. I apprenticed with a master potter while I was staying in England and picked up a hobby of writing poetry while traveling around the small towns. Lately, I've been sending in submissions of my poetry and other writings to small papers and author publishers. Been trying to get my stuff published.. it's been an interesting journey."

All eyes, with the exception of Heero's, were all focused on Dae, amazed at how the young boy had done almost as much as they had in such a small amount of time.

"I would inquiry bout what you five have been up to, but it's pretty obvious by the news and the history books. Eh Duo?" He smiled brightly, winking at the violet eyed boy. Heero growled lowly in his throat, watching as Duo took his seat next to him.

"Well there were things that happened during the war that the books don't know about! Right guys?!" Duo raised his glass of wine, looking over at his comrades.

"HAI HAI!" Quatre happily joined in the charades.

The others reluctantly joined in, each one finally learning how to talk and converse with one another. Duo would talk between Heero and Dae, trying to keep both of them happy.

As dinner finally came to an end, much to Duo's delight, each person and/or couple decided to head off and do their own thing. Dae was invited to stay as long as he liked and would be a guest under Quatre's name. As Heero ascended the stairs, holding onto Duo's hand tightly, Dae exited to the room opposite of theirs... the only available room. Heero growled as he pulled the braided pilot into their room, closing and locking the door behind them. Dae sighed to himself and threw his suitcase down onto his guestbed. Popping it open, he revealed the framed picture of Duo and himself..back before Duo left to be a Gundam pilot. Both of their images reflected their innocent, teenage relationship. Duo had his arms wrapped tightly around Dae's neck as the blonde haired boy kissed Duo lovingly on the cheek.

"No matter what I have to do.. Duo.. I will make you see that this never ended." he stood and made his way over to the opposing wall, pressing his ear against it, trying to listen in on Heero and Duo. "And I don't care who stands in my way."

Wai! I'm actually breezing through this one! Which is good cause it shows how much I like this story. I was getting a little discouraged but I picked myself up! I wanted to thank everyone who has commented on this fic so far and given me the motivation to finish it! Thanks so much you guys!! *glomps*