Title: A Present from the Past
Part: 3/?
Author: Jess
Pairing: 1x2/2x1, 2x?
Notes: Yaoi, shounen-ai, flashbacks, some angst, some comedy, some sap, it's just a big crock pot of lovin'. Ya'll know how I am bout finishing multi-part stories, so please bear with me. ^-^
Dislclaimer: I do not own Heero, Duo or any of the Gundam boys. I just use them for my dirty little pawns! However, Dae (pronounced Day) Kitsume is my own personal creation. He's such a lovely man. So he belongs to me.
~*~ Indicates a flashback.

Duo stood, frozen in his tracks as the doorbell rang over and over again. Somehow he had managed to get himself dressed and physically down the stairs. And now, with his arm outstretched, his fingers wrapped around the doorknob..he was frozen still.

Quatre came into the room with an angry scowl, quite irritated with the persistent ringing of the door, especially since Duo seemed in no rush to answer it.

"Duo..do you ever plan on actually opening that door?" The blonde asked, the annoyance in his voice quite apparent. Duo turned to face his friend and his arms dropped.

"I..can't.." He slumped over to the couch, walking past Quatre who sighed heavily and yanked on the door. His impatient actions were quickly hushed as his blue green eyes focused on the figure standing on the deck. Quatre's curious eyes scowered over every inch of the person, from his broad shoulders down to his tone legs. The long dirty blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail, a few strands flowing around his face, shaping it perfectly. His eyes were a crystal baby blue color, and his lips were full and a deep shade of peach. Quatre could feel his mouth dropping inch by inch, he quickly regained his composure and smiled brightly at the boy.

"HELLO.." He managed to scream out.. a little more loudly than he had wished. The boy smiled and giggled a bit, covering up his mouth as he did so.

"Hi.. sorry to barge on you like this..but I'm here to see Duo Maxwell. Is this his current address?"

"Duo?" Quatre threw a glance over his shoulder, nervously running his fingers through his hair. Duo was curled up in the chair, a pillow covering up his face. Quatre sighed and turned his attention back to the boy. "Please come in.. I'm sure he'll be thrilled to accept visitors." Quatre stepped aside from the boy, allowing him access into the large entry room. His eyes scanned across the expensive furniture, scupltures, works of art and entertainment pieces. He smirked to himself as his eyes fell on a mass of chestnut hair that had somehow emerged itself almost completely into the velvet chair. Quatre ran over to Duo and yanked the pillow out from his face, smiling at the boy, bowing polietly and retreating to the kitchen.

"I'll leave you two to your privacy!"

"QUATRE.. WAIT!" Duo called out to him, reaching out to him as he ran by. Duo's wide violet eyes watched Quatre's form dissapear into the kitchen. He nervously bit down on his lower lip and turned his gaze upon his visitor. He was greeted with a warm, pleasant smile.




Heero had managed to finally remove every piece of grime he could from his body and now he stood staring in the full length mirror, making sure his hair looked as perfect as it could. Duo's old boyfriend might stop by today, Heero had to look his absolute best. Normally, unless Duo and himself were going out on a personal date, then he really could care less what he looked like. But Heero had never had competition for Duo before.. this was a whole new ballgame..and he was going to be warmed up for it.


Duo pulled his knees up to his chest, his eyes still focused on his old friend. Dae had turned into quite the looker, not that Duo could even remember the boy having one fault to his looks. He had finally grown into everything, he was no longer skinny and lanky. He was strong and well formed, everything on him seemed to stand out to Duo's wandering eyes as he memorized every part of his old lover.

"Are you going to let me sit down.. or shall I just stand?" Dae's voice caught Duo off guard, causing him to jump a bit.

"Please.. sit.." Duo pointed out the sofa on the opposite side of the room. Dae smiled and took the seat next to Duo, staring at him intently.

"You're scared Duo."

"No I'm not.. I'm just curious as to why you are here.."


"Don't you remember what we said the last day we were together.."

Dae's face fell, and he turned in his seat, brushing his hair back behind his ears, Duo could hear the loud sigh that he released.

"I remember.."


"Duo you are simply the biggest asshole I've ever met! How can you just say that to me?!"

"It's the truth! I can't help it if it's the way I feel about something."

"Well.. if you haven't noticed..I'm not a THING."

Dae's face was filled with the incredible hurt and anger of Duo's words. He wiped a tear away that threatened to fall from his eyes. Duo's hands ran themselves down his back, wrapping around his thin waist and pulling him against Duo's stomach.

"Things aren't going to work." The long haired pilot whispered softly into his ear.

"Can't call.. can't write.. can't visit.. these are the terms.." Dae's voice seemed to crack with each word. He could feel his heart pounding against his chest. Deep inside of himself he knew this would be the last time Duo and him would be wrapped up in each other's arms.. coaxing and relaxing one another. True they were young.. very young..but Dae had found something in Duo that he hadn't found in anyone else. He was terrified of losing his support system, and he was terrified that he had allowed himself to fall in love with the violet eyed pilot. Whom.. according to Duo's own words, Dae would never see again. They pressed their lips together softly one last time, Duo slung his pack over his shoulder and silently closed the door behind him. Dae watched his partner walk to his Gundam through the yard, his back was turned the whole way.


Their eyes were locked on one another, neither of them barely making a bit of movement. Duo was the first to stir, shaking his head slightly and running a hand through his bangs.

"Duo.." Dae's body seemed to inch closer with each minute that passed by. Duo's eyes would glance up at the stairs, wondering how long it was going to take Heero.


"I have something that needs to be said.." Dae's eyes shimmered with the tears that were beginning to well up. "I've been a writer ever since you left.. the memories that were made between the two of us..was the fuel that I needed. And in discovering that.. I learned that.. living without you was only hindering me, making my life miserable. I've come to ask you if you would like to try again."

Duo's eyes lit up, his face turned into a ghost white shade, banging from the kitchen sounded off Quatre's eaves dropping. He breathed in heavily and turned his back on his old lover. He covered up his mouth, hiding the look of shock written across his face.

"Duo.." A husky voice called for him. With a sharp turn, Duo's eyes turned towards the bottom of the stairs, where a dignified Heero Yuy stood, one hand on the banister, the other inside of his pocket. His tight blue turtleneck accenting his eyes perfectly and black denim pants making him unbearably sexy. Duo's mouth was quickly frozen as he watched Heero's eyes make contact with those of Dae's.

"Who is this Duo?" Heero asked, his glare formed perfectly into Dae's face.

"Heero Yuy..this is Dae Kitsume.." Duo's voice came out in a gruff whisper, the look on their faces was indescribeable.

"Ah. Then I have something we must discuss." Heero smirked to himself, his eyes traveling over to his lover. "Don't we Duo?"

Ah, short part.. I just really wanted to get the formalities out of the way.. so blah.. there ya go!