Title: A Present from the Past
Part: 2/?
Author: Jess
Pairing: 1x2/2x1, 2x?
Notes: Yaoi, shounen-ai, flashbacks, some angst, some comedy, some sap, it's just a big crock pot of lovin'. Ya'll know how I am bout finishing multi-part stories, so please bear with me. ^-^
Disclaimer: I do not own Heero, Duo or any of the Gundam boys. I just use them for my dirty little pawns! However, Dae (pronounced Day) Kitsume is my own personal creation. He's such a lovely man. So he belongs to me.
~*~ Indicates a flashback.

The sunlight peeked into the darkened room, Duo groaned slightly and snuggled into Heero's chest, trying to keep the bright shining out of his eyes. Heero yawned loudly and stretched his arms high above his head, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He glanced down at Duo and kissed his forehead gently.

"Duo.." He shook the boy slightly, trying to wake him. "It's time to get up.."

A loud groan and the long haired boy rolling over, was all he received in response. Heero glared at the back of his lover's head, slipping his cold hands underneath the sheets. He traced his index finger along the back of Duo's naked spine. A hissing sound managed to escape through Duo's dry lips.

"Hee-chan.. lemme 'lone.. tired.."

"It's time to get up.. breakfast.. pancakes.. nasty American food."

"You're mean.." Duo mumbled in response, rolling back to face his lover. Heero planted a tender kiss on the boy's lips and tumbled out of bed, stretching his long limbs.

"Come on, we can shower." Heero smirked at him brilliantly. Duo giggled and pulled the covers off his body, watching Heero disappeared into the bathroom. Duo yawned and stretched out his own tired limbs, climbing out of bed. He paced over to the large window, pulling the shutters open, allowing the sunlight to illuminate the entire room. He stared out into the large yard, the sparkling water of the lake in the distance. He sighed to himself, recalling the letter he had received yesterday.

"I wonder why he's coming to see me.. after all it's been so long.." Duo mumbled outloud to himself. Biting at his thumbnail nervously.

"Who's coming to see you?" A curious voice came from behind him. Duo gasped in surprise and turned to face his lover. Heero's eyes were narrowed in an angry glare as he leaned against the door frame.

"Well... Duo?"

"Heero.. ahh..no one..I was just sorta talking to myself..well not really. Dammit." His eyes glanced away, knowing that he couldn't lie to his Heero. "An old friend is coming to visit me.."

"Old friend?"

"Yeah.. old friend.."

"Hn. You've never spoken of old friends besides Solo.. mind sharing?" Heero paced over to the bed, sitting on the edge, starting at Duo intenently.

"Eh.. I don't think you wanna hear about this old friend.."

"Try me." Heero patted the seat next to him, inviting Duo to sit with him. Duo's feet seemed to reluctantly trudge to the seat offered. He sighed inwardly and faced the wall, not wanting to watch Heero's reactions as his story began.

"Are you sure you want to hear this..?"

"Duo.." Heero glared and growled at the same time, crossing his arms to show his frustration.

"OKay, fine.."


Duo yawned slightly, running a hand through his dirty and floppy bangs.

"Geez.. will I ever get done." He dropped the wrench to his side and strode across the room, picking up his bottled water as he did so. For being a fifteen year old boy, he sure was starting to feel about twenty times older than he should have.

"Duo.." A creepy voice came from behind him, inwardly he cringed and turned, offering his best forced smile.

"Professor?" He managed as he swallowed another gulp of his water.

"I have someone for you to meet."

"Oh?" The braided boy turned from his superior, choosing to ignore him rather than indulge in meeting his pet of the week.

"Duo don't be so rude. I think you'll find this one more to your liking."

With a snort Duo whipped around, prepared to retaliate to defend his sexuality. His breath was stopped short as he connected with the baby blue eyes of a boy the same height as him. Duo's eyes widened slowly as he examined the new figure. A strong build for a fifteen year old, broad shoulders, an amazing set of blue eyes and shoulder length, hazy blonde hair. The boy was amazing.


"Duo is speechless. How odd.. well allow me to introduce you two then.. Duo Maxwell this is Dae Kitsume. He's the hired help around here, unlike you.. he's actually paying to live here and as long as he does things well, he gets a little extra money in return." Professor G sneered at his pilot, pleased with the look of shock that has pressed itself into Duo's face. "You two behave and get along, I have business to attend to." The professor waved to his proteges and exited the room, his evil cackle could be heard down the hallways.

Duo turned to the boy and smiled nervously, twisting his fingers together.

"H..hi." He managed to sputter out with great difficulty.

"Hello." Dae seemed to be spilling out his words just fine in comparison to Duo.

"What's a guy like you doing in a place like this?" The braided pilot laughed nervously, knowing it really was the worst line he could have used, but hell he couldn't let an opportunity go by.

"Hmm.. I'm not too sure actually.. seems as though I needed a place to stay. He offered one to me if I worked and so here I am.." Dae's eyes seemed to glow with interest as he examined Duo over. He certainly was an attractive lad, a little high strung maybe.. but every problem has a solution.

"Ah, so Prof. lead you in too.. bah.. don't worry..things aren't so bad around here. I work on my pal up there alot so I don't have to worry too much about G bothering the hell out of me. Even though he does just by walking into the room..but eh, what ya gonna do bout some things?"

Dae smiled softly and laughed, Duo was so giddy and open.

"Why are you rambling, do I make you nervous."

Duo blushed slightly at the question, his fingers nervously intertwining with one another.

"That.. and various other emotions.."

He smiled.


Heero's eyes seemed as if they would bulge from his skull at any given moment. Duo looked over him nervously, his fingers intertwining over and over again.

"Ano.. Hee-chan.."

"You had a lover.. before me?"

"Well not exactly a lover.. I mean we never went all the way.. well there was this one time under a cherry tree but it didn't count cause we didn't have anything and I wasn't in the mood for bleeding.. so..."

"DUO! Spare me the details."

"Uh right.. he was more like a boyfriend actually.."

"Why did you never tell me about him."

"Because I didn't find it necessary.."

Heero's eyes were cast towards the floor, his hands folded neatly in his lap, his face seemed to be flushed of it's normal color.


"Hn. Well this is rather interesting."


"So this boy is coming to visit you eh?" Heero stood making his way back to the bathroom, running his hands through his hair to brush the bangs from his face.

"Ha..hai.. or at least.. that's what his letter says."

"Hn. I'll have to have a word with him."

Duo watched as Heero slipped into the bathroom, locking and closing the door behind him. He folded his hands behind his head and layed back against the pillows, his bright violet eyes staring at the white ceiling.


"So.. what's going to happen when you go to Earth?" Dae's eyes shined dimly in the candle light. He laid next to Duo, staring up at the ceiling. Duo's smaller framed body moved closer to Dae's, his face nuzzling against the broad chest.

"I don't know.."

"That's the shortest sentence you've ever said."

"I know.. I just don't want to think about it. I'd rather spend the next three days with you..not even thinking that I'm leaving."

Dae sighed softly and placed his lips upon Duo's forehead, brushing the bangs back with his fingers gently.

"It's our last three days eh.."

"Hm.. I suppose so.. no way we can stay together after this."

"Duo.. I'm glad I met you."

Duo's face lit up slightly with a smile and he nuzzled against the boy, wrapping his arms tighter around his waist.

"Me too."


Duo closed his eyes and buried his face into the pillow, grumbling at the tender note that he and Dae had left on. It would have been a totally different story if the two had split on bad terms. But there was barely even a nasty word spat between the two. His ears perked up as he heard the shower start and the doorbell ring.. at the exact same time.

"Oh.. no.."


Enjoy! I'm working on the third part! C&C Welcome!