Title: A Present from the Past
Part: 1/?
Author: Jess
Pairing: 1x2/2x1, 2x?
Notes: Yaoi, shounen-ai, flashbacks, some angst, some comedy, some sap, it's just a big crock pot of lovin'. Ya'll know how I am bout finishing multi-part stories, so please bear with me. ^-^
Dislclaimer: I do not own Heero, Duo or any of the Gundam boys. I just use them for my dirty little pawns! However, Dae Kitsume is my own personal creation. He's such a lovely man. So he belongs to me.

The brown mop of hair dissapeared under the crystal clear water, the bubbles showing his path as he moved along the lake bottom. A pair of violet eyes scanned across the skim of the water, searching nervously about for the vanished form.

"I know you're around here somewhere..." He muttered to himself, his long hair waving slightly in the water. Suddenly he felt a pair of strong hands wrap around his ankles and his thin frame was drug under the chilly water. With barely a scream he dissapeared completely, only to re-emerge a few inches away, spattering and coughing up the water that had invaded his mouth.

"Dammit Heero!" His voice rang out loudly as he pushed his hair out of his eyes. A small snicker came from behind him and he turned quickly at the sound. His lover stood with a smirk planted across his chisled face, droplets of water dripping off of his russet colored hair. His arms were crossed against his strong chest, and his hips leaned slightly to the left, supporting his weight in the water.

"Nani? You look like a drowned rat Duo." He smiled softly, making his way through the water towards his koi.

"Yeah, well no thanks you to.." The long haired boy snapped in return, he grumbled slightly as he felt Heero's hands encircle themselves around his waist and pull him back against him.

"You can't stay mad." Heero purred in his ear, nipping at it gently. Duo giggled at the sensation and relaxed against the stronger boy.

"And once again..you're right. Even though you don't have to drown me to who show your affection."


"Besides, don't you think we should be heading back to the house, Trowa's making a special dinner tonight."

Heero growled slightly as he kissed at the neck of Duo, adoring the sweet taste of his lover's skin. "I'd rather stay out here."

Duo slipped out of the embrace and grabbed a hold of Heero's hand, tugging him along gently. "Come on..I'm hungry.." He whined slightly, his feet digging into the sand of the lake. Heero smirked to himself at the double meaning of Duo's innocent plea.

"I have something you can eat.." Heero's cobalt eyes flashed with a sense of sadistic nature. Duo's face filled with a bright pink color and his slim hands dropped Heero's.

"HEERO YOU HENTAI!!" He screamed and took off for the house, giggling like a love sick school girl. He glanced back to see Heero quick on his trail, with a loud meep he dashed off into the house, slamming the door behind him. Panting loudly and dripping massive amounts of water onto the floor, he snuck into the kitchen. Trowa was busily throwing vegetables into the huge pot, the aroma of the stew filling the kitchen. Duo almost forgot where he was as his mouth began to drool at the delicious smell. Heero came into the doorway, a towel wrapped tightly around his strong waist. He smiled as his lover was distracted. He snuck up behind the long haired boy and wrapped his arms around his so as to keep his arms from wiggling free. Duo squealed out loudly, causing Trowa to drop the huge wooden spoon. The green eyed pilot turned to face the two, a glare planted on his normally calm and collect face.

"What are you two doing." He muttered, sounding more like a demand then a

"Playing." Heero responded with a possessive glare.

"Well do it somewhere else. Duo, you're dripping on the floor."

"AW MAN YOU CAN TELL?! I was trying to hide it but Heero just kinda does that to me.."

"DUO I WAS TALKING ABOUT THE WATER!!" Trowa practically screamed, closing his eyes tightly as if trying to flush out the mental image he had just so unexpectedly recieved. With a burst of laughter and a slight blush Duo tried to slip out of the kitchen.


With a grunt of amusement, Heero lifted Duo over his shoulder and carried him up the large staircase, making his way to their room. Duo hung his head down and let his arms dangle, his eyes enjoying the eye candy that was so graciously provided.

"Heero.. nice ass." He mumbled to himself, looking at the back of his lover's head.

"I could say the same." Heero slapped the flat of his palm against Duo's firm ass that was practically in his face. Kicking the door open with his right foot, Heero barged into their room, setting his lover down gently on the floor, the water still dripping from the long hair.

"Stay. I'm going to get you a towel." Heero dissapered into the bathroom and Duo quickly stripped out of his wet clothes. Besides..he was starting to feel a little chilly anyways. Dancing his naked form over to the bed he shivered slightly, anxiously waiting for the towel. Heero's footsteps could be heard clomping into the room, Duo grinned to himself, keeping his arms wrapped tightly around his shaking body. Heero's finger fumbled with the soft cotton of the towel, his eyes lifting to meet with Duo's..only to stop and admire the beauty that was displayed in front of him. His mouth motioned to speak, only to allow the sigh of absolute pleasure escape his pouty lips.

"Duo.. what are you doing.."

"Enticing you.." He purred gently, running a finger down his toned stomach. Heero growled slightly and turned his gaze away.


"Aww.. you're no fun koi.." Duo took the towel offered to him and began drying himself off, loving the warm feeling of the large towel. With a sigh and a ringing of his hair, he wrapped the huge fabric around his waist and nuzzled up against his lover.

"Hn.. Duo.." Heero's voice whispered as he wrapped his arms around his koi protectively. "We need to start heading downstairs.."

"Hai hai.. Trowa will be pissed if we miss his wonderful dinner.." Duo rolled his eyes slightly, not really wanting to break himself free from the moment. Heero's eyes scanned over the to the table sitting next to their bedroom door.

"Hn.. mail.." Heero scooped his Duo into his arms and carried him over to the door, smiling at him and giving him a quick kiss. He set the boy down and picked up the stack of letters and other assorted mail articles. He flipped through them impaitiently, tossing anything that was labled with a "YOU COULD WIN.." into the small wastebasket. Coming across a bright blue envelope with no return address Heero's eyes froze. He stared at it, as if trying to burn a hole through the paper. A pair of bright eyes peered over his shoulder and snatched the flimsy envelope free from Heero's vice like grip.

"That one is mine lover.." Duo cooed as he hopped onto the bed, sitting crosslegged, smiling like an idiot. His index finger slipped underneat the flap of the casing and pulled upward, shredding the paper and pulling out the letter contained.

"Dear Duo,
It has been so long.. too long for me my old friend. I have discovered your home at long last, finally I will have the opportunity to see your sparkling eyes again. I hope you will be as excited to see me..and I know I will be thrilled to see your beautiful face again. Till then koi.

With Love,

Duo's eyes widened, his lips dropping open and his throat suddenly feeling scratchy and choking him. He shoved the letter back into the envelope and threw it under the pillows. Hoping to retrieve it later so as Heero wouldn't have to read the words inside.

"Who was that from Duo, it had no return address on it." Heero questioned as he took a seat behind his lover, wrapping one arm around his waist, while reading a letter from his college professor in the other. Duo shook his head slightly and leaned back against Heero.

"Nothing for you to be concerned about.."

Heero laid the letter down into his lap and turned to gaze at his koi.

"Oh really?" His eyebrows raised slightly.

"Hai! So let's get dressed and get ready to have that yummy stew that Tro-chan is preparing!" Duo jumped up from them mattress, attempting to pull Heero with him. "Come on, I'll even let you pick out my clothes!"

Heero licked his lips at the promise, already noting the outfit that he would die to see his koi in once again. "It's a deal."


Heero stalked into the room with an air of grace, the outfit he was decked out in making him feel like a prince. His short sleeve shit laid unbuttoned against his chest, a red turtle neck underneath, accenting his perfect chest and shoulders. A pair of black slacks that fit his hips and firm ass just so, and a pair of shiny pair of loafers that would make a president jealous. He looked incredibly sexy. Wufei, Quatre and Trowa all stared at him with mouths wide open and eyes running all over him.

"Stop it. I'm not your table meat." he growled, standing behind his normal seat, as if waiting for an invitation to sit down.

"What is with this outfit Yuy?" Wufei commented, snorting a bit as he did.

"Quatre said to dress nicely."

The three boys all smiled up at the Perfect Soldier, actually letting go of his military training. Quatre opened his lips to comment on the gorgeous ensemble, when an incredibly beautiful creature made it's way into the kitchen. Duo's long hair was cascading behind him, except for two pieces tied up in glittery strings. His shoulders clung onto a piece of tight casmire sweater, a pair of vinyl black pants showing off his long gorgeous legs, topped off with a pair of ankle high, button up boots. Heero smiled with satisfaction at the attention his lover was recieving. Heero pulled out Duo's seat, offering it to him with a small smile. Duo blushed gently and sat down, ignoring the stares that his friends were throwing his way. Heero cleared his throat and took a seat next to Duo, picking up his spoon and glaring at the others.

"Let's eat."


Duo paced back and forth around the room, a nervous glint in his normally calm eyes. He rubbed his hands together as he stared at the letter laying on the bed. What was he going to do? How was he going to explain to Heero? There was so much that he hadn't told him about his past and this wasn't exactly the best way for Heero to find out about Dae. He was going to have to tell him before the boy's unexpected visit..and Duo was going to have to make it painfully clear that everything that happened between them in their pasts.. were just that... in the past.

End part one.