Title: "Looking for Longing : The Story of Christian & Simon Part 2"
Part: 5/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1
Notes: AU, shounen-ai, yaoi, name switching, time difference, some out of characterness and death. EXTRA NOTE: Heero is extremely out of character in these next few installments. The Christian & Simon stories will be told in they're own seperate parts due to the fact that I love these two characters. Don't get confused, this is the 2nd part to the Christian & Simon story for the 5th part for Looking for Longing. Get it? Got it. Good.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Gundam Boys, 'specially not Heero and Duo. Nope, don't own them, don't claim them as mine, don't sue me and we'll get along fine.
~*~ :Indicates dream sequence

Christian chalked up another mark on the stone wall, a wide smile making his cheeks burn. He dropped the chalk and danced around the room, his arms spread out and his face filled with glee.

"Two months, two wonderful months." He placed his balled up hands over his heart and stared into the mirror. He brushed back his chestnut colored locks and felt the silky strands fall over on his bare back. His long arms reached behind him and began to braid the long hair he felt a pair of strong hands intertwine at his waist, he leaned back with a sigh and felt the cold nose of his lover nuzzle him on the neck.

"Leave it down.." Simon whispered into the boys ear, causing a slight blush to appear in Christian's cheeks. Simon's calloused hands rubbed the bare skin of the tight stomach and placed a trail of tender kisses along the soft skin of Christian's neck.

"Ohhh Simon, do not get me started. I have to be at my father's banquet in a few moments..." Christian's body was screaming with pleasure from the gentle touches.

"Tis a shame.. I was hoping to spend some more private time alone with you my prince." His hands slid down the strands of leather holding the velvety slacks on, he pulled one strand causing the others to loosen. With a small groan Christian regretably slipped through Simon's hands, throwing him a flirty grin as he retied the strings.

"You are so naughty sometimes Simon." He giggled, sliding his arms around the thin waist. "But you know how to make me feel special." Christian's pouty lips connected with those of Simon and the two pressed their bodies together in a bone crushing embrace, their lips and tounges connecting with one anothers, both quickly becoming lost in one another. A loud rapping at the wooden door caused both to fall back in surprise.

"WHO IS IT?!" Christian coughed to knock the sound of passion that filled his throat, loose.

"It is Henry sire. The king is asking for your presence." The guard studdered a bit and stepped away from the door. "He wishes you to be down in less then twenty minutes."

A sigh escaped from both Simon and Christian, their eyes connected and both were thrown into fits of insane giggling.

"I suppose we should start preparing for the banquet, your highness?"

"Simon..." Christian stated with a glare, placing his hands on his hips. "What have I told you about calling me that?" Simon only smiled and admired the boys half naked torso a bit longer.

"Christian..must I really be present at this dinner? The king's banquets are always so bland, the people are so closeminded.."

"I'm so very sorry Simon, but Father always requests that his knights be at the banquets."

Simon only shook his head and reached out, taking Christian's right hand in his. "But I am not his knight, I live only for you."

Christian's eyes softened and he pulled the blue eyed boy into his arms, laying his head on the strong shoulders.

"I feel so at ease with you by my side. Now please come to dinner..for me?"

"As you wish. I shall be there..but only for you Christian."


"EVERYONE!!! Thank you so much for joining me this glorious spring evening! I have a rather eventful night planned out for every single one of you." The king turned his excited grin towards his son, his smile bright enough to light up any room. "And for you Christian, an extra special surprise at the end of the banquet."

Christian's eyebrows furrowed forward, his violet eyes traveled across the table to Simon, his feet reaching out and resting again's Simon's. The banquet continued on and on, the same chatter and the king's obnoxious laughter every five minutes. Princess Anna looked as equally bored as she spied on to the two secret lovers, throwing each one of them a grin every so often so as not to make them nervous. As the dinner started to draw to a close and the guests became restless, the king, in his large booming voice stood with an exasperated grin plastered against his face.

"My good friends and followers, before I dismiss the rest of you for the evening I have one more thing I would love to discuss with yee. Sir Bryson, will you please bring her in.." As the knight exited the building, Christian kept his gaze tightly on Simon's. Reappearing with a lovely young girl about Christian's age, with shoulder length blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her dress was a lavish pink color and two small braids fell to the side of her ears.

"Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to introduce Princess Milia, she comes from far across the land, farther than I can remember." He said with a loud chuckle. "However, the young princess will now be residing here, as she will be the one to carry on the name. Christian..I would like you to meet your fiancee.. Princess Milia."

Christian stood, his face was covered with shock, his eyes started to sting as the tears couldn't control themselves. Anna, did an equal number, staring blankly at her father but quickly comforting her brother.

"Christian my boy, whatever is the matter, cat got your tounge? Speak up to your new lady."


"CHRISTIAN..you will not disobey me, welcome your new fiancee."

Christian let his eyes fall to the ground, he suddenly felt light headed and he plummeted to the ground. Simon, reacting immediately lept across the table and landed under him to break his fall. "Your majest, I do believe Christian will need some rest." He stated with a bow, picking up the smaller boy, the same look of hurt and shock enveloped deep in his blue eyes. The king merely nodded and dropped Milia's hand.

"Take him to his room Sir. Simon." He ordered with a wave of his hand, dissapointingly sititng back in his throne.

Simon carried the young prince up to his room, followed quickly by Anna, both of them silent the whole way up. As soon as they were in the room, with the door locked securly they both lost it. Simon placed Christian down on the bed and fell onto the floor. His knees buckled and he lost it, his hands covered his face.

"Oh god. That was the last thing I expected him to say..Anna what am I going to do?"

"Simon, oh if only I had known. There is nothing you can do, you must be strong, perhaps even give him up."

"NEVER!!!" He suddenly looked up at the princess, his eyes covered in hurt and uncontrollable emotion. "I will never give him up.. it.. it would destroy me." His eyes suddenly released the tears he had been so desperately trying to hide. "I cannot let him go.." He sobbed onto the bed side, staring at the beautiful youth who still remained asleep. Anna only sighed and exited the room, giving the two some much needed time alone. As the door creaked shut, Christian's eyes fluttered open, awakening to the lovely site of his enchanting lover.


"Simon, I am so incredibly sorr.." His words were cut off by the massive flow of tears that unexpectidely began to trickle down his cheeks. With a heavy sigh he pulled the sheets over his face and sobbed quietly, not wanting to connect with Simon at the moment.

"Christian, please do not do this to yourself, tis not your fault at all."

"Simon I can't do it, I cannot marry that...that..creature! Why does father expect me to do things such as this. Tis not fair to me! I cannot spend eternity with her... that is why you are here."

With a sigh Simong pulled the emotionally weak boy into his lap and rocked him back and forth gently, kissing him on the brow every so often and singing sweet lullabys in his ear. "Shh.. Christian, I swear to you everything will turn out alright. Please do not be so saddened." As the two shared they're tender moment, both of them becoming more relaxed and trusting. Christian reached up and planted a tender kiss on the dry lips of Simon, who responded happily, pulling him closer.

The door slowly opened, barely making a creaking noise, the two boys were completely lost in one another. The booming voice caught the both of them off guard.


Simon's eyes opened widely and he jumped from the bed, releasing Christian instantly. "Your majesty!" His voice was loud as he quickly bowed to the king and fell to the floor on one knee. His teeth grinding together. Christian regained his composure and stood tall on the bed, staring down at his father.

"CHRISTIAN! This is unacceptable behavior! No son of mine will be no.. no.. freak! How dare you allow this to happen?! Being the son of a respectable man... you are a shame to this family!!!"

"FATHER!!! Why won't you listen to me?! Perhaps I allowed this to happen because I LOVE HIM!!"

Simon's ears perked at the words, it was honestly the first time he had ever heard his Christian proclaim of his feelings. He couldn't help but smile as the warm feeling spread throughout his body.

"Christian..you are mistaken, you shall NOT love a man!! Not in this lifetime, not ever! Not as long as you are a son of mine!"

"Then release me from my royalties! I'd rather live as a poor beggar than without Simon."

A quick hand connected with the soft flesh of Christian's cheek, he fell to the floor, landing in the arms of Simon. Both pairs of eyes stared up at the king in surprise.


"SIMON..you release him this instant! As for you..you horrible piece of human flesh you shall be banished in three days!! For now.. GUARDS!!!"

A large sum of guards came barreling into the room, Christian's eyes filled again with the salty tears, he clutched Simon's hand.

"Don't leave me Simon.." His whisper was barely even noticable to Simon himself.

"TAKE this poor excuse of a knight down to the prison and hang him on the wall! Twenty lashings if he gives you any trouble."

At the command of the king, Simon was drug by his arms out of the room, with a hysterical Christian trailing after them. The kings strong arms caught the boy as he ran by and slammed him into the post of the bed.

"Now you listen to me young prince, you will marry that girl, and you are not to see that...that poor excuse of a human being ever again!!!" With an angry hand he once again struck the prince and threw him to the floor. He slammed the door and locked it shut, making sure Christian didn't depart in the night. The weakened prince stood on wobbly legs and propped himself up on the banister, he felt the huge welt starting to appear on his cheeks. With a sharp gasp he fell to the floor, clutching his chest, crying his eyes out.

"Simon..I am so sorry. I will save you.."