Title: "Looking for Longing : The Story of Christian & Simon Part 1"
Part: 4/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1
Notes: AU, shounen-ai, yaoi, name switching, time difference, some out of characterness and death. EXTRA NOTE: Heero is extremely out of character in these next few installments. The Christian & Simon stories will be told in they're own seperate parts due to the fact that I love these two characters. Don't get confused, this is the 1st part to the Christian & Simon story for the 4th part for Looking for Longing. Get it? Got it. Good.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Gundam Boys, 'specially not Heero and Duo. Nope, don't own them, don't claim them as mine, don't sue me and we'll get along fine.
~*~ :Indicates dream sequence

The smell of wild flowers in the morning air brought Duo's morning giddiness to a new level. He skipped down the road while whisteling a tune and kicking a small can down the path. His eyes, which were still heavy from the lack of sleep from the night before, were starting to shine their brilliant violet again. He was in town before he knew it, he waved to people on the street like he normally did and greeted everyone with a warm smile. Even though Duo's insides felt as if they were melting, he didn't let it show on the outside. He ran up the stairs of the psychic's office and practically jumped into the room, sort of like he was doing a stage enterance.

"I'm HEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEE!!" His feet slid across the hard wood floor, causing him to tumble down the remaining bit of the hallway. After recovering himself and a good bit of pretending like he didn't just bust his ass, he took a seat in front of the psychic.

"Welcome back young Maxwell. I see you're still having those unruly dreams of your's.

With an enthusiastic nod, Duo shot his palm out to the woman and grabbed a hold of her hand.

"Let's get started, I'm really starting to get sick of these nightmares."

"You do realize Duo that maybe these dreams are trying to tell you something."

"Sure sure whatever, I just want them gone."

"As you wish [1]." She replied with a quick sigh. She took ahold of the hyperactive boy's hand and closed her eyes shut, making sure Duo did the same.

"Alright Duo, let's see what's troubling you."

Duo could feel the dizzy feeling return to him as his body became relaxed and his mind went at ease. He tried to open his eyes in a moment of panic but made him keep them sealed shut.

With another bright flash of light Duo found himself inside a tall stone castle, torches lit the hallways and velvet decorated every inch of the space. He stood up from his seat, which in turn, was made from gold and silver. Purple velvet traced along the edges and frail pieces of lace drapped over the edges. With a quick gasp he turned and gazed at the beings surrounding him.

~*~"Prince Christian, how are you feeling this morning? Last I heard your father had placed you in quarentine." A funny little man with a staff asked with a crooked grin on his face. Christian only snorted and nodded.

"I am fine now, just a bit taken back."

"Oh yes I forgot, you're not used to your father not being by your side. No matter, the King will return shortly." With a bow the small man quickly walked across the large room, his feet clicking at every step. Christian fell back into his throne, a sigh escaping his lips.

"Could life be any more dull?" He said, poking at his long braided lock of hair. "I grow tired of this life. Mother, when shall father be returning."

An aged woman appeared from the remote darkness of the room, her clothing was bright and extravagent, lace accented every corner and her brow was fashioned with a gorgeous sparkling tiara.

"My dear son, will you not be the least bit paitient?" Her voice was gentle, yet stern. Her bright blue eyes captured her kindness. Her heartshaped face made her appear as the most beautiful woman in the world.

"Mother, palace life is so boring." He replied with a flick of his tounge. "I wish father would return with the new knights. I'm anxious to find out which ones actually made the list."

The Queen merely nodded and pointed towards the large gardens.

"Christian, why not go have a walk through the garden? I'm sure you'll enjoy it." With an irritated groan, Christian took his mother's advice and headed out to the large garden. Surrounded by flowers in the spring time was normally a very invigorating experience for young Christian, but now he was just plain bored all the time. Even being the prince of england has it's draw backs. With a sigh he lowered his crown from his brow and tossed it to one of the side garderners.

"Take that back to the Queen." He barked out an order with a quick sigh and quickly became loss in the sea of red roses. He leaned over and gently inhaled the beautiful fragrance of the incredibly perfect flower. With a small, lopsided grin on his face, he flicked the sharp thorns off the perfect flower and easily broke the stem. Rather amused with himself he stuck the flower in the back of his braid, enjoying the extra dash of color he had added to his wardrobe. He manervered throughout the garden with extreme ease and percise. Able to find his way through maze after maze, rather pleased with himself at finally achieving this goal after fifteen years of his life. As he turned corner after corner, getting himself emassed in the giant bush maze, he finally found himself starting to feel a little lost. As he rounded the next turn he ran smack into another helpless victim of the bushals. Both tumbled backwards and fell to the ground with a loud thump, both gripeing in pain as they stood.

"I'm terribly sorry, I wasn't really paying attention to where I was heading." Christian apologized, brushing off his clothing free of dirt and leaves. His violet eyes met with the dark blue eyes of another young lad, one about the same age as him but incredibly more toned. The muscles shone through his loose tie up shirt and his clothes fit perfectly against his body, a sword hung from his right side, as a smaller blade hung from the left. His hair was a russet brown color and highly unmanagable, having a messy tone to it. His eyes were a midnight cobalt blue, instantly attracting anything that was caught in it's intense gaze. Christian motioned to speak again but his throat was suddenly sucked dry. The other boy only smiled softly and bowed gracefully.

"You must be Prince Christian. I am Sir Simon Durber as your service..your highness."

Christian stood in a trance, his eyes followed every movement of the beautiful body.

"You..you're a knight?" He studdered with his words until he forced himself to cough them out.

"Yes I am, a newly appointed knight. I arrived here just today. Your father sent me to fetch you. Finding you proved to be a difficult task your highness, you are rather elusive." Simon stated with a rather pleased look on his face, his eyes seemed to sparkle with a certain excitement.

"It is such a pleasure to meet you Simon." The prince replied with a bow. A laugh came from Simon's thin lips as he smiled at the prince.

"No need for you to bow highness! I'm the last person you should be respecting."

"You should not say such things about yourself Simon." Christian instructed, finding it hard to believe this boy though of himself as insuperior to anyone. He let his nervous face fall to a very flirtatious grin and he placed a hand on Simon's shoulder.

"Come, my father will be wondering what happened to me if we don't hurry."

"Of course highness." Simon replied, trying to keep the faint blush from spilling all over his face.


Later that night at dinner, Christian was surrounded at the long banquet table. Sitting to the right of his father and across from his mother he felt much more secure. New faces were all around him, the new faces of the new knights his father had just picked up from they're training. Simon happened to sit himself diagonally from the handsome prince, where he could keep his blue eyes on him.

'Beautiful' Simon thought to himself as he downed another glass of red wine. 'Absolutely spectacular. I never expected to find someone like him.' Simon's eyes had already mentally memorized every aspect of the young prince, from the glowing purple eyes, to the long lucious braid that trailed down his back, Prince Christian was most defintely something he had never seen before. Running a hand through his brown locks his eyes met with Christian's, a shy smile crept across both of their faces and they quickly turned their gazes away. Christian's train of thought was rudely interrupted as his father smacked him on his back, laughing like a rabid Santa.

"Christian my boy! How has the kingdom been doing in my absence? What do the people think of you son?" King Solomon's face was overfilled with joy and pride as he looked down at his young son. Anna, Christian's older sister kicked him gently under the table, knocking him back out of his trance.

"Father is talking to you Christian." She whispered with a faint smile. Christian shook his head and gazed up at his father's face with a wide smile.

"I do believe they liked me Father, everything was well while you were away." He replied, noticing his rather odd tone in his voice he quickly added. "I'm anxious about taking your place someday father."

This comment made the entire table explode with laughter, all except Christian and Simon. Simon studied the boy, Christian did not seem to thrilled about being king at all, instead he kind of looked at his father with false hopes and dreams. Taking another glass of wine he eagerly stood and made his way over to the king.

"You majesty, may I have your permission to borrow Prince Christian?"

"Whatever for Simon? We are in the middle of dinner after all!" The king's eyes narrowed slightly at the young knight.

"It's alright Father! I would be delighted to talk with Simon." Christian jumped in, saving the knight from ultimate destruction. Christian lead him out of the banquet room and onto the outdoor balcony, over looking the kingdom.

"It's amazing your father rules over all of this." Simon stated, swirling his wine around in it's glass container. Christian leaned over on the railing with Simon and stared out into the horizon.

"It is overwhelming." His voice was barely a whisper, Simon's eyes directed themselves at the prince. "So overwhelming. They expect so much from me. I am not what they want."


"Please don't call me that, I cannot stand all the formalities. Besides..there must be something about you if I am speaking so freely."

Simon only sighed and drained the remaining bit of his wine over the edge of the balcony, listening to it splatter on the ground below.

"I'm sorry for your troubles Prince Christian. I am only here to help."

"You are a kind one Simon, I have been enjoying your company immensely. Shall we take a stroll through the garden...since I cannot leave the palace much it is basically our only option." Christian offered with a smile, his cheeks felt as if they were on fire and his heart was pounding. The pair walked quietly down to the gardens and back into the rose feild.

"This is my favorite place to come. Roses are so very graceful and so full of beauty. Perfect in every way." Christian's words spilled out like a poem, catching Simon's imagination and heart.

"I agree.. they are by far the most beautiful things I have seen..with the exception of one..." Simon boldly took a step towards the prince, his fingers tracing along the soft tips of a blood red rose. Christian breathed in deeply as he saw the magnificent knight take a step closer, inhaling that wonderfully erotic smell that only that one boy seemed to posses. Christian laid his hand atop of Simon's and gave him a small smile.

"Oh..what could possibly be more beautiful than a rose?" Christian swallowed the lump in his throat.

"Only you." Simon leaned forward, his thin lips connecting with the pouty lips of the prince, to his surprise Christian eagerly kissed back, wrapping his arms around the boy's strong neck. Simon, caught up in the moment, unraveled the long tresses of hair from their constrictive braid and ran his fingers through the silky strands.

"You are so incredible your highness." Simon breathed in between kisses, Christian only stared back at him with intense, excited eyes.

"Christian..just call me Christian." He stated, moving in to steal another kiss.

"How could I have ever dreamed someone like you would ever be fawning for somone like me.."

"Simon.. I do not think this is fawning." Christian's words caused another heartwrenching smile from the blue eyed knight.

"I will remember this night forever.." Simon breathed on the sweet neck of his prince.

"Neither will I."

Their lips met again, mixed with adoration and intense emotion the kisses became longer and more drawn out, each boy getting mixed into the other's world. A rustle in the bushes was not enough to disturb the incredible exchange taking place. Anna stepped out into plain view, her jaw fell open and her sea green eyes went large.

"Christian! Oh my lord! Father will kill you and him both!"

The pair stopped and peered over their shoulders, Christian's eyes clouded over into fear as he started at his sister.

"A..Anna..what are you doing out here? Are you following me?" He questioned, untangeling himself from Simon's embrace.

"No. Of course I'm not. I was sent to fetch you two, how am I going to explain this?!" Her voice was practically screaming, the panic was starting to set in and she stared at her brother. "Father is going to be heartbroken."

Grabbing onto her hands, Christian looked deeply into his sister's eyes. "That is why you must not tell.. please sister I beg of you. He is all that I have left to keep me alive. Do not say a word to father."

She peered over at the young knight and only bowed. "M'lady." He respectfully said and lowered to one knee. With a sigh she threw her arms into the air and shook her head.

"Fine, I shant tell father, but Christian becareful..I want you to be happy baby brother, but not a length that will cost you your life." She kissed her brother on the cheek and nodded to the knight, stalking off muttering to herself. Christian breathed a sigh of relief and turned back to face Simon.


"It is alright, I know this is too much risk for you to involve yourself in." The cobalt eyes flashed a sigh of pain as he started pass the Prince. Christian only held his arm out and caught the boy in his arms.

"I need you. Please do not leave me."

Simon's face only smiled and turned a light pink color once again as he dropped the training act and wrapped his arms around the prince.

"I shall stay.. for as long as you want me to."

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