Title: "Looking for Longing : The Beginning"
Part: 3/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1
Notes: AU, shounen-ai, yaoi, name switching, time difference, some out of characterness and death.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Gundam Boys, 'specially not Heero and Duo. Nope, don't own them, don't claim them as mine, don't sue me and we'll get along fine.
~*~ :Indicates dream sequence

The images of the vision haunted Duo for the rest of the day, his own bloody hands softly carressing the cheek of Heero's...well Marcus' but it was so much like Heero. As he sat behind the dinner table, stirring his coffee in a staid fashion, Quatre took notice.

"Duo, did you not have a good birthday?" The blonde pilot questioned with a radiant smile spread across his cheeks. Duo only grunted and continuted to stare into the depths of the coffee. "Anoooo... Duo Maxwell.." Quatre tried to sing him out of his trance, but gave up as the normally chipper boy had been turned into a sitting zombie. With a shrug of his small shoulders he exited the room, grabbing Trowa's hand in the process and dragging him away. A semi-concerned Wufei peered in on Duo, his ebony eyes staring at the back of the long braid trailing down his back. With an inconspicusous sigh he entered the room and took a seat next to the dazed out boy.

"Duo. What the hell are you doing?"

Duo's eyes lifted for just a brief moment, blinking a few times at Wufei as if trying to decide on who this person actually was.

"Look Maxwell, I don't know what your problem is. Ever since you got back from that psychic you've been weirded out..well more than usual. What exactly did she say to you?"

Duo's lips parted, preparing to explain himself. His words were abruptly cut off by the enterance of a dark haired silent boy.

"Heero.." He mouthed to himself, taking one quick glance at Wufei and motioned him to leave. Wufei, complete with a scowl of injustice, exited the room, afraid of what might happen next. Duo's knees quivered a bit as he stood and made his way towards Heero, who eagerly washed off the dishes in the sink. As Duo came closer and closer he could smell the somewhat metallic smell of his comrade, inhaling deeply he memorized it almost instantaneously. He tapped the blue eyed soldier on the shoulder and met the gaze with an adoring smile.

"Nani?" He asked flatly, only raising his eyebrow slightly.

"A..ano..Heero..I was just wondering..ya know.. if you ever have strange dreams..?"

A quick blink. "Duo?"

"Ya know anything that might tell you what or who *snicker* you did in a past life?"

His question was met with another blank, confused stare. A rarity, especially coming from Heero Yuy. "What the hell are you babbling about now Duo?"

With nervous fingers, he let his hand trail down the strong arm of Heero, keeping his nervous eyes locked on his partner. Trying to catch a glance of any emotional changes. Once again, the blue eyes only stared at him with confusion and a tad bit of frustration.

"Aaaahhhh! Gomen Heero! Just being silly weird, absolutely normal me neh?! Bah..I think this coffee is getting to me, I'll just be heading to bed, that is if I can actually get to bed without killing myself." His words came out in a nervous jumble, he stumbled over two chairs and the door before Duo could actually get himself physically out of the room.

"Dammit." He sighed as he leaned against the cold paneling of the wall. He intertwined his fingers together and pressed the fist against his chest, his lips kissing the top of his hand. "Dammit Duo, get yourself together." As he heard the footsteps walk across the hardwood floor, Duo prepared himself to face Heero and tell him of the events of the day, but instead as the door slowly began to open his face contorted and he hauled ass into his room. The door made a loud slam as it shut and Duo instantly collided with his bed, burying his face into the black pillow case. "When it comes to a battle I can solve any confrontation..but when Heero's involved, I might as well be a helpless kitten." He sat up and pulled his shirts off his body to prepare himself for bed. He grumbled as he fumbled with his pants, finally discarding them on a chair. He collapsed into the bed and smiled up at the ceiling. "Perhaps now I'll finally get some peaceful sleep." His large violet eyes finally gave into the temptation of a good night's sleep and he dozed off quickly.


~*~His eyes felt heavy as the salty tears started to flood his beautiful colored lenses. The wind swept his hair over his shoulder, pushing the long tresses out in a long flowing rainbow of chestnut. He pushed back the purple cape that started to encircle itself around his right leg, he sighed as he watched from the distance. With a wipe of his eyes he turned and headed back for the palace, his hands trembling and his heart breaking.

"Father how could you?!" His voice rang throughout the hollowed hallways of the large stone castle. "I hate you for this!!!" He turned quickly and pounded his fists into the stone over and over again, his voice becoming louder. He was filled with hatred...with loathing...with sorrow.

"CHRISTIAN! What in God's name are you doing?!" The female voice came from behind, he turned his head slightly and peered over his shoulder. The tears ran freely down his face, they're beautiful color had diminished until all that was left was a blood shot red stain across the violet eyes.

"Go away..Milia I'm not in the mood for one of your talks."

"Christian..you must talk with me, after all I am your fiancee now." She reminded him with a quick smile. A scowl crept across his face as he faced her.

"You. Are not. MY FIANCEE! Do you get that? I don't love you, I don't even want to look at you! This is your fault..this is all your fault!!!" She flinched as he punched the wall behind her, nearly missing her pale face.

"Just stay away from me Milia." He turned on his heels and dashed up the stairs into his main chambers, the door slamming made the whole bottom level shake. Her soft blue eyes gazed up at the stair well, wondering if she should go after him.

"No Milia, you stay right there." A voice from the corner caught her off guard, causing her to jump slightly. Her eyes widened at the appearance of the princess. With a bow she smiled up at the older girl.

"Princess Anna. Forgive me, I did not see you there."

"Tis why I hid in the corner, that argument between you and Christian was astounding. Are you not the least bit hurt?"

"By your brother's comments? Why should I? He knows what he must do, no matter what happens, he will marry me."

"You're such a fool Milia. Even if our father says he must marry you, I know him much better than that."

"It's not that difficult winning over a boy like him."

"You're right. And you're not that person." ~*~


Duo's breath was heavy and fast, he stared up at the ceiling and covered his face once agian. "Dammit...Dammit.. DAMMMIT!!!!!!!" His screams could have woken the dead, he kicked the sheets off and stood on his bed, picking up the pillows and throwing them against the wall, cursing his horrible dreams.

"Why won't they go away?!"

The click of his doorknob stopped his ranting, he turned and faced the intruder, a very irritated Heero Yuy stood with a stern look plastered across his face.

"Duo. What are you doing?" The braided pilot sighed and folded his legs under himself, causing him to fall indian style on the bed.

"Nothing Heero. Leave me alone."

The wing pilot only stared back at Duo, with what seemed like concerned eyes. He stepped into the room, closing the door he let the darkness of the room over take him.

"Leave me alone Heero!"

The moonlight shone through the large pane window, casting a weary shadow on Heero's beautiful facial features. Duo was a little taken back as his eyes met with those of Heero. He swallowed the lump in his throat and pushed his body back against the headboard of the bed.

"Onegai. Leave me alone." Duo's words seemed to become less and less demanding and more like the cries of a small child.


"Look Heero it's alright..I don't need anyone's help." Duo nearly smacked himself in the head, he must have sounded like a complete moron. With a small chuckle he turned his gaze out the window, adoring the moon. "I'm starting to sound like you Heero. I wonder..do bad dreams keep you up late at night."

"Iie." Was Heero's only reply. He silently took a seat at the end of Duo's bed, keeping both feet planted on the ground. "Why won't you tell me about your nightmares."

Duo only laughed and smiled at Heero with a certain air of arrogance. "You wouldn't like the ideas expressed."


"Please leave Heero."


"I'll go back to your psychic tommorow and figure this out." Duo's long arms reached over the side of his matress and fetched his large comforter, he pulled the blanket back over him and stared blankly as his head fell flat onto the mattress. He grumbled and sat back up, going to retrieve his pillow. As his body sat straight up a pillow smacked him in the face, he grumbled and looked up at Heero. The cobalt eyed pilot only nodded to him and slowly exited the room, quiet as a mouse. Duo groaned to himself and shoved the pillow back under his head, smacking into it for a nice comfy feeling.

"Damn him. Tommorow I'm going to find out what all this means."

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