Title: "Looking for Longing : The Story of Antony & Marcus"
Part: 2/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1
Notes: AU, shounen-ai, yaoi, name switching, time difference, some out of characterness and death.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Gundam Boys, 'specially not Heero and Duo. Nope, don't own them, don't claim them as mine, don't sue me and we'll get along fine.
~*~ :Indicates dream sequence

The feeling of extreme relaxation invaded his senses, his eyes rolling into the back of his head, his breathing slowed at an incredible speed. His whole body seem to go limp as the psychic spouted off words of calm and slumber. Her words soon became nothing but a jumble of imageless sounds, echoing in the background. Everything on his body felt as if it weighed twenty pounds heavier, his eyes finally began to blink back open, meeting with a bright flash of white light. White rose petals fell softly into his long hair as the brilliant white light became the backdrop to a spectacular arena, stone seats filled to the brim with anxious spectators and announcers. A strong hand seemed to pound on his back, he turned and with a wide smile he approached his friend.

"Alaris. You're looking mighty chipper today." the bright eyed man stated, laying a friendly hand on the strong shoulder. The taller, more built man, dressed in head to toe in armor and protective gear, only smiled at his small framed friend.

"Antony..you think you would be a little more concerned. After all, you are the main event today..and if you think for one second that Marcus is going to save your ass this time you've got another thing coming."

Antony only smiled sweetly and batted his long eyelashes at his friend, pulling his long braid up and wrapping it around his head, pinning it in place with a small stick.

"If I didn't know any better Alaris, I say thee was jealous of my marvelous skills." He puffed out his small chest and coughed only slightly, trying to be as intimidating as possible.

"Thou art one of the more strangest men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting..however..Antony, be careful in this arena. Things aren't always as they appear."

The bright sun shone down hard, filling the beautiful stone arena with glorious light, blinding the few sitting on the opposite side of the stands. Antony smiled to himself and continued to strap on his body armor, locking each piece into place to secure himself from too much injury. He stared down at his sword, catching a good glimpse of his reflection before the final call, his large purple eyes seemed to shine in the brilliant light, his adrenaline was rushing and his brow began to sweat slightly. With a cough he brushed off his boots and lifted his head up slightly, his eyes connecting with a figure across the room. A slightly taller man stood leaning in the door frame, his golden body armor was blinding in the day sky. His hair was tossed and uncombed, his eyes intense and full of savage excitement, Antony only smiled in his direction and slapped his sword onto the side of his armor.

"Marcus, I had not planned on seeing thee this glorious day. It is..such a pleasant surprise." Antony's words were soft as they're eyes connected, his armored hand reached for those of Marcus who only rejected him and took a step back.

"Of course I am here, it is your final and greatest battle as a Gladiator Antony..I could not leave without seeing thee one last time."

"You act like this is the end."

"It is."


"Antony, please do not make this any more difficult than it already is."

Antony's face fell, his beautiful smile melting into that all to well known pout. His eyes filled with tears that he forced back. He turned his attention out into the arena, staring at the dark ground, stained with blood.

"Antony..be careful." Marcus' hand fell softly on the shoulder of his partner, swallowing the lump that started growing in his throat.

"Why must you leave...Marcus..we have lived together this long. Not a soul will suspect." Antony turned to whisper into Marc's ear. "I do not know how to live without you now."

Marcus released his hand from contact with Antony's already shaking body, the fear was sending immense tremors through the small framed body. His large, wonderous eyes had turned a dark horror filled color. Marc only nodded at the boy and leaned up, kissing him gently on the cheek.

"You know this can never be."

Antony nodded in defeat, swallowing every bit of emotional discomfort into the pit of his stomach. The sounding of the bells called to him as he was summoned into the center of the arena, his gaze fell one last time on his lover and he slid the heavy metal helmet onto his head. The horns blared again and Antony's appearance was demanded by hundred of screaming Romans. With a heavy sigh and a broken heart the famous gladiator took the center of the arena for the last time, his small hands waved around frantically, showing his adoration for his fans. Roses and other assorted flowers and petals were tossed onto the reddish soil, his senses taking over as he inhaled the potent odor of all the lovely fragrences. He glanced over at the gate keeper and nodded his determination, he was ready to take on the last of his fighting days. At the sound of the loud bell the gates were risen to reveal a pair of large men on horseback, each one wielding a variety of weapons. Antony was only clad in armor and carried his small, yet very trustworthy sword. He breathed in quickly as they headed in his direction, time seemed to stop at that moment...the larger of the men came up on his right, hoping to take him out with the ball and chain, while the other one went around in a cirlce coming back around to spear him in the back. Antony was ready for each attack, his moves were quick and his reflexes strong. His hands sprang to life as he unsheathed his sword and stood prepared, his body doing whatever he commanded, he was in perfect control of the situation. He swung his sword high above his head, bringing it down to contact with the horses, each one failing to it's side as their riders were tossed. Antony's hair started falling from it's wrapped position, some of it dangled in his face, causing his nose to tickle and itch. He sighed heavily as the long mass of braided hair fell completely out of his helmet.

"That shall slow me down.." He muttered to himself as the two men came charging at him, both with spears longer then themselves. His eyes quickly did a 180 shot around him, one spear headed in the direction of his right thigh, with cat like reflexes he jumped and flipped over. His landing was less than graceful, he came in full compact with the smaller of the two. Both of they're bodies went crashing to the ground, Antony's voice ripping out a side splitting scream. The audience were on they're feet, cheering on the latter of whoever was winning. Antony struggled to stand, his hands fingered with his helmet which he quickly discarded. His eyes wandered, looking for a way out of this situation, the one man was still down, knocked out by the impact. The other, however, had picked up the bow and arrow he had thrown out at the beginning of the match. Antony's eyes grew large, searching around the arena for any sign of help. The twang of the arrow caused his relexes to go into overdrive and he quickly scampered out of the way, slinking his thin body out of the way of every death trap thrown at him. He clutched his sword, letting the tip of it drag across the rocky surface of the field. The two men stalked each other in an animal type mannerism, each one with just a bit of bloody taste in they're mouths, spatting at one another.

"Damn you."

"Ha ha.. please..the marvelous Antony..which I have heard many a stories of is nothing more than a small boy. That long hair you have there will be my prize...my trophy for destroying you."

"You shall have to catch me first!" Antony's words were cocky and sure, his brain could react to every move the warrior made. His eyes were focused and ready. With a small smirk on his beautiful face he charged the larger man, his sword drawn, ready for battle. He could feel a piece of his front tooth chip off as the two men collided, both of them screaming in pain. A splash of blood was launced into the air and both collapsed onto the rough terrain. A quiet hush fell over the spectators. Antony's head was pounding, his heart racing, his blood spilling underneath him in a small lake of crimson.

"Sweet gods..the bastard actually touched me." His hands wandered down the contours of his own body, feeling.. wandering.. finally connecting with a gaping hole through his stomach. His violet eyes turned up towards the sky, gasping he sat up and slowly started to stand up. His sword fell to the earth with a clang as he surveyed his area. The larger warrior had collapsed right next to him, he now drowned in his own pool of blood, his breathing making a gurgling noise each time he breathed in. Antony covered his mouth to prevent himself from vomiting. His vision had started to blur and his depth perception was fading, he groaned loudly and stumbled around blindly. Everything was happening in slow motion, slowly spinning around his bruised mind. He screamed out loudly, trying like mad to reach the sidelines

"I..must.. see... Marcus."

The cobalt blue eyes were wide and slowly turning a light gray color, the color drained from his face, his usually dark complextion was now a deathly pale white. His hands started to rattle and shake, making his armor act in the same manner. He took a step forward, his arms stretched out, reaching for Antony.

"An..ANTONY!" His feet turned and flicked into a run, his breath becoming quicker and quicker as he picked up the pace. He had to reach him.

The usually bright violet eyes had faded and every bit of his personality was gone. He smiled to himself and kept a strong hand over his wound as his gaze met with Marcus. He felt his arms reach out and with a small sigh he collided into the arms of his ex-lover. Each gasping for air, each intertwining they're fingers together.

"Antony.. do not move.." Marcus' words were clumsy and broken, not quite sure what to say or how to act. His whole world was dying in his arms, his heart was breaking into millions of pieces. The bloody hands of his lover slowly traveled up Marcus' facial features, his fingers trembling and stained with blood.

"At least.. I got to see you one last time." A cough escaped the now blue lips of the great Gladiator named Antony. "Can you ever imagine a world.. Marcus..where we can actually be together as one.."

"Antony..no..no, do not give up. You shall be fine..everything shall be fine. You cannot leave me here alone..what ever will I do without your smile.."

"You..Marcus, you will live on, as a human and learn to forget me. Even though you will not be able to see me, or feel me...I will always stand by your side.. Be happy." The life slowly departed from the shell of the beautiful body, all that was left was a cold rememberance of Marcus' lover. His eyes overfilled with salty tears that soon found they're way down his pale cheeks. He held onto the body of Antony and screamed in agony and pain. He took the small dagger from his sheath and stared at it with blurred vision. With a quick gasp he drove the sharp edge across the soft skin of his underarm, carving out the name he would never forget. As the blood dripped down upon the face of the departed Antony, Marcus stood and with eager eyes he turned his arm to face the crowd, showing off to the entire city of Rome that he had once held the mighty gladiator in his arms...as his lover..not just a friend.


Duo's breath once again became nerve racking and he jumped with a start, his eyes popping open to meet with the psychic's.

"What did you see Mr. Maxwell, anything to help you with what you are searching for." She held an eager grin on her face and patted his hand gently. "Come back tommorow..we shall continue then."

With a reluctant push of his feet, Duo was out the door, his hands shoved deep inside of his pockets to keep them from trembling.

"Heero... Heero... that was Heero..as Marcus..wasn't it..?"

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