Title: "Looking for Longing : The Return"
Part: 1/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1
Notes: AU, shounen-ai, yaoi, name switching, time difference, some out of characterness and death.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Gundam Boys, 'specially not Heero and Duo. Nope, don't own them, don't claim them as mine, don't sue me and we'll get along fine.
~*~ :Indicates dream sequence

Spinning around in a huge cloud of thoughts, images flashed by at high speeds. As if a merry-go-round was stuck on high, pushing everything faster and faster. His eyes twitched in frustration as he slept, his hands eagerly clawing at his satin sheets, causing them to rip and shread. Pieces of his long hair clung to his face, the sweat poured from his perfect face as his head thrashed back and forth. His feet kicked violently, shoving the blankets onto the floor, his naked flesh was exposed to the cold night air and the sudden chill awoke him from his deep slumber. His eyes blinked open in confusion, his breathing heavy and irregular. His arms and legs spread wide open, his body taking up every inch of the bed. He sat up slowly, a dizzy feeling over taking his head as he did so.

"Not again." He muttered angrily as he climbed out of the sweat soaked bed sheets. He inspected the rips and tears in the satin and peered down at his fingernails. "Doshite.." His eyes wandered over to his alarm clock that sat halfway across the room, he sighed at it's reading. "Only 3:30am...and already the dreams are in full force." With a heavy sigh he cracked the door open to his room and let his eyes adjust to the blinding light of the hallways. He shook slightly with each step, discovering just how cold a hard wood floor can be in the dead of winter. Only clad in his black sweatpants and red tank top he wandered down stairs and into the kitchen, trying to find something to help him cope with his insomnia. He sat down with a glass of milk and a few homemade chocolate chip cookies. His usually bright cheerful violet eyes had turned a light gray color from lack of sleep, heavy black circles were starting to encase the surroundings of his eyes. He grumbled and continuted to munch on the cookie as he heard light footsteps pitter down the hallway. A somewhat taller figure appeared, perfectly accented by narrowed cobalt eyes and a mop of russet brown hair.

"Hn. Duo. What are you doing up this early?" He questioned, seeming to be a bit caught off guard by the braided pilots presence.

"It's a horrible story, I'm sure you'd rather not hear it." he replied with a snap, chomping down the rest of his cookie. Heero's eyebrows furrowed and his lips parted slightly.

"Oh?" He asked, trying not to sound too concerned about the welfare of his loudmouth comrade.

"I've just been having terrible dreams lately is all." Duo replied, laying his head down on his arms, his eyes trying to flutter to sleep.

"If you sleep there Trowa will be pissed you drooled on his kitchen table."

"Bah..." Duo returned, sticking his tounge out slightly. He peered up at Heero, his eyes narrowing a bit, as if trying to focus on his friend's features. A flash of red light was all he saw, Heero encased in a brilliance of white and red light. His friend now stood in full body armor, his russet hair blowing back gently, his usually harsh blue eyes were gentle and his long arms seemed to reach out to Duo...crying for him.

"HEERO!" He screamed, jumping up from the table. Heero's actions were frozen as the braided boy seemed to jump right out of his skin. Duo's breathing once again became erratic and quick, he seemed to be gasping for air as he stared into the eyes of his companion.

"Duo..daijobu?" Heero asked quietly, taking a seat next to the nervous reck of a Deathscythe pilot.

"H..hai.." He breathed out barely, still staring at Heero blankly. "Wern't you just..in..body armor?"

Dark brown eyesbrows seemed to jump right off of Heero's forehead as he peered over at Duo. "Nani?"

The violet eyed pilot only shook his head and slammed it into the hard table. "I don't understand..I don't understand.." he muttered over and over again.

"Duo.." Heero began. "Perhaps you should take some sleeping pills and take a few days off. You're no use to us as long as you're in this condition." He rose to his feet, taking one last glance at the insomniatic pilot and exited back into his room.

Duo grumbled to himself. "Che..Mr. Yuy always so perfect.." Taking another sip of milk he turned his head towards the direction of Heero's room, his eyes softening gently and with a small smile on his face he giggled. "I need to find out what these dreams mean." He got up and stretched out his long body, scratching his stomach slightly. "But for now..perhaps I can catch some of those much needed Zs." He popped a couple of green pills into his large mouth and doused them with the rest of his milk, trampeling up the stairs he collapsed onto his bed spread and buried his head into the soft pillows.


~*~The walls of the castle burned and charred themselves as the fire continuted to consume every inch of the palace. The young prince raced down the decending staircase, determined to reach the dungeon before the flames, his long hair flowing backwards like cape of brown tresses. His eyes filled with tears and his voice deep with worry and concern.

"Oh please still be alive..oh god don't let him be dead."

Barging into the heavy doors, the prince searched around endlessly, checking every cell and compartment.

"Simon! Simon where are you?!! Simon!!!" His voice called out, continued only by the small whimpers of other prisoners. Determination filled his eyes, he could smell the smoke and feel it's heavy affects already infecting his lungs.

"Simon... Dammit.."

His tiredsom search was stopped briefly by a prison guard.

"YOU HIGHNESS?! What in the world are you doing down here?! You should be outside, good lord your father will be hysterical."

"Quickly! You must tell me where Simon Durber is being kept!"

"You're majesty..I can not release such information..your father would have my head!"

The princes eager and anxious hands clenched down on the neck of the guard as the heat from the fire started spilling into the hallway.

"Tell me where he is NOW DAMMIT!" The princes orders were quickly recognized and a pair of keys were laid in the palm of his hand.

"He's on the south wall, being kept up for a thrashing. By order of your father the king." The guard replied, rubbing his neck as the prince released his death hold.

"Thank you, you shall be rewarded for your help." The prince shouted as he sped down the hallway, his shoes clomping down heavily each time he stepped. The air was turning cloudy from the smoke and his breathing was become heavy.

"Simon!!!" He called out one last time.

"Eh... Ch...Christian.." a small voice was heard coming from the last door, the prince hearing his name dashed into the room. The sight was unbelievable, Simon hung on the wall, his arms being lifted up by two heavy chains, his legs plastered against the wall with restraints and his neck wrapped tightly in a collar.


He rushed over, fumbling with the keys, trying to decipher which was the correct key. He slid the key into the keyhole and turned it sharply, with a loud clang the chains fell to the floor, undoing each lock and chain, the prince coughed and wheezed as the air around them became almost unbearable. Simon's limp body fell upon the young prince as the last restraint was unlocked.

"Christian..you...you came for me."

The prince did nothing but smile and caress the soft tresses of his secret lover.

"Of course I did..."~*~


The following morning Duo's eyes heavily opened, meeting with the face of a rather cheerful Quatre.

"OHAYO DUO!" He squeaked happily as he laid a tray of food over the still snoozing boy's waist. "Happy birthday!"

"Nani?!" Duo sat up quickly, catching the tray before it spilled all over his sheets and bed. He gazed around the room, Quatre had retreated into the arms of Trowa, they both smiled at him lovingly. Wufei sat in the corner, his arms crossed and with a small box sitting in his lap. His ebony eyes were locked on Duo and with a crooked smile he mouthed the words "Happy Birthday". Heero stood at the foot of the bed, his face as passive and calm as ever, his hands stuck in his back pockets, his intense blue eyes focusing on Duo's.

"It's about time you woke up, we thought you had died in your sleep."

Duo blinked back at Heero, as if trying to figure out who Heero really was, he shook his head gently and flicked the thought from his head. He smiled up at his friends and with a yawn he eagerly began chowing down on his lovely breakfast.

"Oh but that's not the only thing Duo! Heero got you a special present, show him Heero." Quatre offered graciously, with a cute, irresitable smile spread across his cheeks.

Heero only snorted and tossed an envelope in Duo's direction, which in turn landed square in his eggs. With a chuckle Duo licked the eggs off the envelope, much to the dismay of those around him. He eagerly tore the envelope open and held up the small piece of paper presented in it.

"Eh?" he questioned. "What's this...*blink* a free psychic reading?! Are you guys serious?!" He said, unable to control his laughter.

Trowa only nodded as Quatre excitedly took a seat next to Duo.

"Of course! Come on it'll be great! You can learn what's going to happen in a year or she can tell you about your personality or even more!" Quatre's giddyness was starting to get to the rest of the pilots, all with the exception of Trowa who stared at the blonde with a brilliant "Trowa" smile. Duo shrugged his shoulder slightly and smiled.

"Ahhhh what could it hurt? Alright! I'll head out after I finish this delicious breakfast!!!" he squealed as he dug back into his wonderous breakfast.


Duo left the house directly after breakfast..well after he had gotten dressed and gotten passed Quatre and his "Birthday Committee" which consisted of a not to thrilled Wufei and Heero, and a very silent Trowa. He only smiled and recieved his gifts graciously. He was somewhat anxious to get to the psychic to see what this "psycho" would have to say about his life. He came up on the building and with a slight chuckled headed on in, the ding of the bell made him jump slightly and he smiled widely at the lady sitting at the purple clothed table.

"Konnichiwa!" he spurted out cheerfully, she only nodded and smiled, motioning him to take a seat.

"Good afternoon Mr. Maxwell." She welcomed him with a smug grin. Duo's mouth dropped open and he laughed.

"Well, you've got me believing you already..unless my pals put you up to this."

She onl nodded. "Trust me young man, the things I tell you will amaze you..and since your friends already paid for you I'm sure you'll find this experience most intrigueing." She smiled softly and took his hand. "Now listen to me and you shall experience things you have long since forgotten. He closed his eyes slowly as she did with hers, her mind was filled with painful memories of a childhood that he would loved to have forgotten and buried, she moved past that..in the very back of his mind. Trying to find the answer to his dismay.

"I feel you are very uneasy about something.. it comes to you at only one time during the day..wait..at night. Dreams.. Duo Maxwell you are filled with deep dreams, ones that you know no meaning of."

Duo only nodded in response, his lips quivering as she spoke word after word of truth.

"Let's see if we can't find the problem..let us visit one of your so called 'dreams'."

end part one.