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Title: "The Kyoki Saga"
Part: 4/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1, 4x3
Notes: Angst (who saw that coming?), Yaoi, shounen ai, psychology, language, possible confusion ^^;
Disclaimer: None of these are mine. I don't claim the Gundam Boys, they belong to other people who have more money.

The cobalt eyes were slowly lulled to a deep sleep like trance, his body went from stiff to absolute relaxation in a matter of minutes. Duo's violet eyes watched with an almost fearless curiosity, finally he was going to figure out the source of Heero's deepest turmoils. The doctor began with simple questions, asking Heero who he was and how hold he actually is. Duo was expecting some kind of real name to actually present itself in the current situation, his hope was quickly shot down as Heero repeated his name. "Heero Yuy."

"Alright son, my name is Dr. Marson, I am here to retrieve some vital information. Do you wish to proceed?"


"Good. Let us begin. Heero Yuy, please describe for me the earliest memory of your actual birth parents."

Duo watched as Heero's body tensed at the question, his eyes seemed to squeeze slightly, as if trying to keep the image from coming through.

"Mother..she was singing, her long.. dark brown hair was pulled tightly into a tail. She sat me down in the bathwater, smiling..singing."

Heero's arms slowly started to rise from their limp position at his sides into the air, as if he was reaching out for something to grasp onto.

"She was smiling at me, Okasa.. The front door slams..."

Heero's arms retract, curling themselves up on his chest, his legs also curl up slightly, his body forming the fetal position.

"Otosan.. he's angry..his dark blue eyes are like fire.. he screams out mother's name. His fists pound against the door to the bathroom.. Okasa.. she..she isn't smiling any longer.."

Heero's voice seemed to grow smaller and smaller with each word, the doctor refused Duo any contact with the curled up boy. Duo was to sit by and helplessly watch his lover suffer.

"He finally.. finally knocks the door open, Okasa sets me down again. Her hands are trembling slightly..he stalks over to her.. his hands..ball up.."

His lips quivered slightly as the tears managed their way through the closed slits, his body trembled slightly in reaction to the terrible memory.

"Doc..you can't make him keep doing this! He's.. he's going to have a fucking nervous breakdown or something.." Duo motioned towards the trembling mass of what was a normally emotionally strong Gundam pilot.

"If I don't, Mr. Maxwell, your friend or whatever he is to you will surely be lost to you forever. Unless you want to live with Heero and his many personalities I suggest you allow him to continue."

Duo fell silent back into his chair, nervously toying with the end of his braid. Heero's trembling words slowly began again, his body stretched out slightly only to pull itself back into it's fetal position.

"Otosan.. such words and descriptions he uses for Okasa.. horrible words. She cries and screams at him, begging him not to hurt me.. A loud smack and mother falls to the floor, her head impacting with the bathtub. Otosan grumbles slightly and kicks her.. he leans over picking me up. He screams at me.. yelling at me for crying."

The scribbles of the pen against paper combined with Heero's sobs are enough to drive Duo into the brink of insanity and back. Heero's body jerks slightly, causing him to sit up perfectly. His arms are crossed tightly against his chest, his eyes pop open in alarm. He scans his surroundings and turns towards Duo. The look of panic on his face is enough to kill him, Duo throws out his arms and Heero all but falls into the embrace. The doctor moves to stop the tender moment, but the combined look he recieves from Duo and Heero is more than enough to stop him.

"Well Mr. Yuy, now that you seemed to have awakened yourself. I'd like to say that your parents are rather interesting." His older, professional eyes searched through the paper.

"P..parents?" Heero studdered, as if not expecting anything about his actual parents to come into play. Duo runs his hands soothingly up and down the strong back, trying to calm the poor boys shattered nerves. "I don't remember my parents.."

"OH but you do Mr. Yuy, and I'm sure there is more to the story then what you revealed to us today."

Heero shuttered slightly and ran his fingers through his russet colored hair, his eyes closing tightly. He felt the reassuring fingers of his lover traveling up and down his back.

"Neh, I think it would be best if we stopped for the day.." Duo murmered.

"No, Mr. Yuy has a good thirty minutes left of his session. I'm curious to hear some more of his past."

"You bastard! He's a shaking bundle of nerves and you insist on hearing more?!" Duo stood, his hands closing into two tight fists, turning his knuckles a deep white. Heero grabbed onto his lover's fists and pulled him back down into a sitting position.

"Stop it Duo."

"Heero! I'm only concerned about you.."

"I SAID STOP IT DUO!!" Heero's face suddenly changed, his fists balling up as they slung into action. He growled and let his fists impact roughly with the soft flesh of Duo's heart shaped face. A cry of pain came from the surprised lips of Duo as his body was thrown back from the force of the punch.


"Stupid BASTARD! I HATE YOU! I wish you would leave me alone! And don't call me that.. " Heero's arms wrapped around his knees, he rocked back and forth gently, tears streaming down his face. "I hate you.. I hate you.."

The doctor smiled to himself as he jotted down notes.

"Excellent Mr. Maxwell, you sent him into one of his personalities.. excuse me sir, may I ask your name?"

"Shouzo. [1]"

"Ah, is that all, just Shouzo."

"I said Shouzo you stupid prick, why don't you fucking pay attention." Heero's eyes had glazed over into an amberish color [2], causing them to have an eerie glow.

"Ah, I see." The doctor watched with fascination as Duo slowly picked himself off the floor, moving to sit on the opposite side of his deranged lover. He rubbed at his swollen jaw with a tear filled face. "So, what can you tell me about your life, Shouzo?"

"I live with an assassin."


"Yes. He is a good father to me. My real father hated me, he was always yelling at my mother. Mother was a whore, father always said." Heero's insistant rocking grew faster and faster, almost to a nauseating pace.

"Shouzo, who is this man over here?" The doctor smiled to himself as he pointed to the braided pilot sitting in the corner nursing his wounds. Heero's eyes narrowed with anger as he stared upon the boy with disgust.

"That is Heero's weakness. He's what makes Heero so damn weak!!!"

The angry words poured from Heero's lips, Duo's ears connected with every word and his heart skipped a beat.

"And why do you think Mr. Maxwell is Mr. Yuy's weakness, Shouzo?"

"Because, Heero lets his emotions stand in his way."

The doctor jotted down a few more choice notes before closing the small tablet. Reaching across his desk, he grasped a small silver bell in his hand. Holding it up, he slung it back and forth in his palm, causing it to ring loudly. Heero's eyes twitched slightly at the sudden noise and his arms fell limp. Duo sighed and turned his gaze down to the floor, ignoring the situation.

"Mr. Yuy, your session is over for the day, I think you've had enough."

Heero sat up slowly, his palm rested across his forehead as he tried to focus on the voice.

"Duo?" He muttered, looking around with weary eyes. "Duo..where..where are you?" Duo sighed and slowly made his way over to his lover. He couldn't resist, the boy sounded so lost, so helpless. Yet Duo didn't want to be the cause of another one of the boy's personality attacks.

"I'm right here Heero." Duo held out his hand to the trembling boy and took the calloused hand in his. "Let's go home, we'll figure things out from there."

"Oh before you go, I think Mr. Yuy will need a double strength medicine. He slips so easily into another personality he could be a threat to others. Take this perscription and make sure he takes it every morning and every night."

Duo nodded and peered down at the cloudy cobalt eyes staring back at him. "Let's go."


The couple walked hand in hand down the emptied street. Duo was mildly surprised at the amount of affection that was coming from his normally quiet and collect boyfriend. Maybe this whole problem was starting to change Heero into a completely different human being. Shaking his head free of the thoughts, Duo helped Heero to bed, making sure he took the right amount of pills and curling up next to him in the large bed. With arms wrapped around one another, Heero laid in silence, enjoying the sound of the faint heartbeat coming from Duo's chest.

"Duo, I said something horrible earlier didn't I?"

"Don't worry about it Heero, it wasn't you."

"What did I say...?" His voice suddenly lowered.

With a reassuring squeeze, Duo kissed him softly on his warm forehead.

"It's okay Heero, I won't leave you. That's what you're worried about isn't it..?"


Duo smiled and sighed, happy to recieve a familar response from his lover.

"Don't worry, I won't abandon you, not for all the money in the world!"

"Good." Heero murmered, burying his head in Duo's soft chestnut strands. "Gomen."


"For turning out like this."

"Well get through it.." Duo whispered, closing his eyes softly. "Just a few more trips to the good ol' doctor and you'll be cured."



"Duo...?" Heero whispered so softly, Duo was amazed he ever heard him.


"Can we listen to Frank Sinatra[3]?"

Duo held back his chuckle and blinked in a confused manner. Leaning over to the CD player he blindly hit the CD 3 button. The soothing sounds of Frankie filled the silent room. With a content sigh Heero dozed off to sleep.

"Things will get better Heero..I promise."


[1] - Rurouni Kenshin reference
[2] - Another Kenshin reference
[3] - My best friend Jenny loves Sinatra, I just had to put it in! ^^