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Title: "The Kyoki Saga"
Part: 3/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1, 4x3
Notes: Angst (who saw that coming?), Yaoi, shounen ai, psychology, language, possible confusion ^^;
Disclaimer: None of these are mine. I don't claim the Gundam Boys, they belong to other people who have more money.

The strong cobalt gaze stared at the pavement, watching his footsteps collide with the dark asphalt. His breath was heavy as he could feel the chilly air dipping into his lungs and back again. The noises clouded his brain, the constant rapping and tapping, the same constant dribbles over and over again. The constant feeling of fear and anguish was something he was not used to, nor something he had planned on being accustomed to living with. How could he possibly let them know, his friends.. his lover, how could he spurt out the words to tell them how incredibly terrified he was. The noises never ceased, ongoing, driving him in and out insane. There were moments when he even lost time during the day. One moment he would be working on his laptop the next he'd be out in the back field picking a bouquet of flowers as if he were some small child carrying them back for it's mother. He gazed up slowly at the neon glowing sign, his eyes adjusting to the change in color.

"I'm scaring Duo.." He muttered to himself, feeling his lips begin to quiver. He bit down on them, hard, blood oozing between his white teeth. "No.. I will not lose it." He demanded of himself, turning his pace back towards the large shopping center. His face read each of the signs, trying to find the right one he had been looking for.

"Hn. Second floor." His voice trailed off as he scrolled his fingers down the list, finding his goal. He slowly stalked into the large building, his senses over flowed with the sights and sounds of the large room. The intense aroma of cleaning chemicals made him shutter and cough slightly. A women smiled at him sweetly from behind a glass window as he approached. Pulling it to the side she laid a clipboard out in front of him, twirling her hair slightly in the process.

"You're a first time visit huh?" Her question was quickly answered as Heero shook his head and yanked the board from her grip.

"Arigatou." His voice seemed to threaten in response. Heero slowly took a seat in between an older man who seemed to be singing to himself and a young lady with pitch black hair who rocked back and forth while she clung to a teddy bear. Heero snorted and proceeded to fill out the paper work, not wanting to disrupt the.. entertainment taking place on either side of him.


"Quatre! He's been gone for over an hour! What if something has happened to him, or what if someone kidnapped him.. or..or.." Duo's hysterics were starting to drive everyone in the household up the wall, or into the floor, which ever was easier to crawl into. Trowa sat leaning back in a large chair, quietly reading the newspaper. Every now and then an emerald eye would peek up from behind the black and white print to observe the restless Duo. Wufei leaned against the wall, a smirk covering his normally staid face as he watched Duo run back and forth, followed by an equally pacing Quatre.

"I'm sure he's okay Duo, maybe he just went out to try and get everything sorted out." Quatre silently prayed to every god in human existence that this was in fact the truth and that any minute Heero Yuy would waltz through the door with an "I am going to kill you" statement. Quatre's light blue eyes worked overtime as he kept his gaze glued on the long haired pilot who was practically working a hole in the carpet. 'Dammit..' Quatre thought to himself. 'I hope Heero's got a good reason for leaving so suddenly..' Though Quatre was just as worried and concerned, he was also concerned with the well being of his house and the priceless family airlumes. Having a hysterical Duo running about wasn't exactly the best situation.

"How can Heero do this to me.. always running off and not telling me where he is going so I can panic and worry and I'm telling you guys this is not the way I want the rest of my life to be."

"Duo.. do settle down, this is the first time Heero's actually done this to you." Wufei snorted with a sneer. Quatre threw him a glare, turning back towards Duo.

"Please just sit down and relax.." Quatre's soothing words were helping a little, but only a little. Duo's lean frame paced from wall to wall, finally gliding into a seat, sighing heavily.


Heero's feet slowed in their pace as he approached the large Winner mansion. The chilly wind cut through his hair, causing him to shiver slightly. Fidgeting in his pocket he pulled out a small orange case, his eyes scanning the label circled around it.

"What am I going to say to you.. Duo?"

He climbed up the large staircase leading to the two panel door, his hand locking on the knob. Slowly turning the doorknob he pushed it open, his body trying like mad to slide in undetected. Before Heero could actually announce his return a slender long haired boy attached himself to Heero's waist.


Duo's hands traveled up and down the muscular back, making sure there were no wounds or puncture marks what so ever.

"Where did you go? Why did you leave so suddenly. Please don't do that to me again." Duo's large violet eyes stared up at his koibito as the uneasiness he had been feeling earlier that day had melted and there was nothing but the security of being in Heero's arms. Heero's strong hands smoothed the small of Duo's back, his face changing into a softer light as he did so. He grabbed a hold of Duo's hand and lead him out of the room, throwing the other pilots an acknowledged nod.

"Hee-chan were are we going?" Duo's voice studdered a bit.

"Upstairs. We need to talk."

"Ha..hai.." He responded.

Heero lead Duo up to the large room that the two shared, he closed the door softly behind them, making sure it was locked tight. He motioned for Duo to sit himself on the bed while he stripped out of his overcoat and scarf. Duo did as he was bidded and took a seat quietly on the large bed, the springs squeaked slightly as the weight shifted.


Heero turned as he threw his coat down, his blue eyes serious and cautious. He sat the small orange bottle on the nightstand as he approached his lover.

"Duo, you said.. that I've been acting weird lately.."


"I.. went to a psychologist..or a doctor..whatever you wish to call them.."

Duo's hands twisted themselves around as the tension in the room suddenly rose to unbearable. Heero's hands reached for the orange bottle as he brought it into Duo's frame of view.


He slowly handed the bottle to Duo, his eyes turning towards the window as he felt the softer hands take the small case from him. The violet eyes scurried over the label, turning the bottle as he read.


"I.. I apparently have..Dissociative Identity Disorder, or multiple personalities.." Heero's face was still lost outside of the window, he could feel the worried eyes of his Duo peering up at him in disbelief. "She said it could have been caused from any trauma from my childhood.."

Duo's hands slowly slid over into Heero's lap, taking ahold of the other's, intertwining their fingers together. Duo slowly grabbed Heero's chin between his thumb and index finger, turning the handsome face to his. His heart beat suddenly quickening as he stared back into those eyes.

"What are we going to do, Heero?"

"We?" The boy responded, sounding a little surprised.

"OF COURSE WE!! Do you honestly think I would leave you alone to handle this?"

"You were scared, I don't blame you for wanting to be further from me."

Duo's face fell slightly. "Gomen ne.."

"I have to go to therapy once a week, and take this medicine three times daily..or there's no telling what will happen."

"Alright Heero, I'll go with you!! Besides I could use a little therapy of my own!"

"Duo no baka."


Hand in hand, two good-looking boys made their way into the waiting room, both of their statements plastered in anxiety. The clerk smiled at them widely, handing each of them a clipboard, which Duo promptly refused.

"No thanks, I'm here with him."

After about 45 minutes of sitting in the freezing waiting room and filling out about a million papers (a million according to Duo) Heero was finally called back to see the doctor. With Duo in tow, he silently followed the clerk to the back room. A large leather chair sat facing them, a smaller man with gray hair and spectacles stared back, his eyes wide with anticipation.

"Ah Mr. Yuy, my new patient. Thank you Agnes, that will be all for now. Excuse me Mr. Yuy but do you really want this ruffian with you?" The older man asked, looking Duo up and down. The braided pilot growled angrily and placed his hand on his hips, glaring down at the old man.

"What do you mean ruffian?!"

Heero's hand shot out and grabbed a hold of Duo's braid, pulling down on it gently.

"This is Duo, my partner. He stays."

"Ah so I see, well if that's the way you want it. Let us get to work, I'm anxious to hear about these personalities of yours.

Heero reluctantly laid himself down on upright couch, his shoulders shifting uncomfortably.

"Try to relax Mr. Yuy, your one hour session has just begun."

Duo took a seat next to the couch, his eyes focused on Heero the entire time.

"Now Mr. Yuy, I'm going to explain what we're going to go through, first I'm going to put you under hypnosis. This is a most popular technique used when dealing with multiple personalities, many times a patient will not allow himself to remember the activities of child abuse from his youth. However, under hypnosis, your brain will recall things when you were just a tiny infant. Are you ready Mr. Yuy?"


"Alright, let's begin."

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