Title: "The Kyoki Saga"
Part: 2/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1, 4x3
Notes: Angst (who saw that coming?), Yaoi, shounen ai, psychology, language, possible confusion ^^;
Disclaimer: None of these are mine. I don't claim the Gundam Boys, they belong to other people who have more money.

The clinking noise of the spoon against the ceramic cup caused Duo's eyes to fall heavily, still exhausted from his night of sleeplessness. Heero must have woken up at least four different times, each occassion, he stood in front of the window, staring out of it thoughtfully. Quatre stood at the stove, tossing what looked like pancakes up into the air, humming a delightful and overly happy tune. Duo could only turn to glare at him, mumbling a few choice words as he sipped his coffee gingerly.

"Neh Duo, what's wrong with you? Didn't you sleep well?" Wufei questioned, trampeling into the room adjustingh is shirt.


"Ah come on Maxwell, you normally sleep as sound as a baby. What's the matter, your lover a bit too rough on you?" Wufei smirked at his comment, thoroughly enjoying bothering the normally hyper pilot.

"Shut up Wufei." Duo laid his head in his arms, his feet angrily kicking at the table. Quatre made eye contact with Wufei and silently shrugged his shoulders, placing breakfast on the table.

"Trowa! Heero! Breakfast!" He called out, with a bright smile across his face.

"God Quatre you sound like a 50's sitcom.." Duo muttered from his covered face.

"What is wrong with you Duo? You're not acting like yourself, are you feeling okay?" The sound of heavy footsteps prevented Duo from actually answering the question. His gaze lifted to the door frame, meeting with the very naked body of a one Heero Yuy. Duo's mouth dropped open at sight, his face turned a bright red color. Wufei's reaction, a nosebleed, Quatre could only stop and stare, dropping the metal spatula onto the floor.

"Ohayo gozaimasu!" Heero's voice was bright and chipper, his normally angry and stone eyes were bubbly and shining.

"HEERO!" Quatre blushed and turned quickly, burying his face in his hands. Duo still could only blink unbelievably at his partner.

Heero's face seemed to turn confused as he peered around the room. "Heero? Oh no you must be mistaken, I am Yuki! It's nice to meet all of you!"

Wufei excused himself from the room, holding his nose tightly. Heero, pretending not to notice, took his place at the table, acting as if his nudity was a normal everyday occurance in this household. The bright cobalt eyes connected with Duo's violet pools and smiled, his feet ran up Duo's pants leg, rubbing the inside of Duo's now tense thighs. Swallowing the lump in his throat, he blankly started back at Heero.

"Ohayo..koibito.." Heero's lips pursed as he reached across the table, laying a small kiss on the parted lips of Duo. With a quick jolt, Duo jumped up from the table, grabbing ahold of Heero's free hand, dragging him from the room. Once inside the safe confidements of the living room, Heero instantly wrapped his arms around the thin waist pulling Duo closer then he actually wanted to be right now.

"I knew you couldn't stay away from me.." He whispered out, pressing his naked body against Duo's still clothed form.

"Ahhhh heh.. Heero..what is wrong with you?" Duo grabbed a hold of the strong wrists and pulled them from his body. With seductive eyes, Heero only smiled.

"Oh please don't call me that..such a horrid name.."

Duo seemed to twitch slightly at the comment, Heero continued to press himself against Duo's limber form, causing him to back up into a wall, trapped. "Heerrrrooo, you're scaring me.." Duo gasped at Heero laid an all out assault on the pale white neck. Duo pressed his palms against Heero's strong chest, trying like mad to push the boy away. Now under normal circumstances, if Heero had actually been acting normal, Duo would have been all over this situation. However, he didn't even know the person standing before him.

"Dammit Heero...what is wrong with you.." Duo growled, still strugging against the stronger frame. A loud crash caused both of them to turn, Trowa stood, a bit shocked, but otherwise fine. He leaned over to pick up the once beautiful vase that was now shattered on the floor. Heero shook his head slightly, his eyes blinking a bit rapidly before he turned back towards Duo.

"Duo? What are you doing?" He questioned, in his regular monotoned voice. He shivered a bit and looked down, his face lighting up in a brilliant red color. With an angry growl Heero covered himself up as much as possible. "Why..am..I..NAKED?!" His voice raised a few octives as he glared at Heero, totally ignoring the silent Trowa standing behind them. Duo sighed a sigh of relief and dropped to the floor, bringing his knees up to his chest.

"Gomen nasai Heero, you came downstairs like that."


"Hai hai..you did Heero.."

Trowa made his quick get away into the kitchen, slamming the door shut. Heero never took his eyes off of his lover, his angry face begging for answers to his abnormal particular way of dressing.

"In fact Hee-chan, you've been acting rather weird lately..well more then usual.." Duo droaned off and on.

Heero only muttered a few choice words before dashing up the stair case to find something to dress himself in. Duo picked himself up from the floor and retreated back into the kitchen, preparing himself for the line of questioning he was in for from Trowa and Quatre. His violet eyes were still shaking from the scare he had just encountered.

"Duo!" Quatre evacuated his embrace with his Trowa and crashed into Duo, shaking him slightly. "What happened?! Daijobu?!"

"Hai hai.. I'm fine..he's fine..just a little weirded out about being naked in the middle of the day time. Honestly I don't know what's gotten into him lately. It's as if he's a different person every other hour and he's not sleeping at all. I'm scared to death of him.. and he wonders why I won't come to him anymore.."

Quatre and Trowa could do nothing in response to Duo's outcries for help, Heero was turning into they didn't know what and frankly he was starting to scare the hell out of all of them, even more then usual. Duo plopped back down into his seat, slamming his head into the wood table.

"I don't know what do to..I don't know what to do.."

The door creaked softly, three sets of eyes turned to meet the frame of the person. Heero only stood, paralyzed for a moment then quickly took a seat next to Duo. Duo shifted uncomfortably in his seat, scooting a bit farther away then Heero would have liked. He peered up at his long haired lover with inquisitive eyes, his hand moving to grip Duo's. Duo shot his hand away, staring back with intense fear.

"Duo what is wrong with you..?" Heero grumbled, his head leaning over so only Duo could hear him. His hands balled up into tight fists.

"Gomen.." He mouthed slightly as he slowly moved his chair back in it's original position. Trowa and Quatre stared blankly at Heero, their eyes watching his every move carefully as he sat quietly munching on his breakfast.

"Why are all of you staring at me?" He growled, suddenly becomming very angry. The loud clangs of the forks hitting the plates caused him to grumble slightly.

"Gomen! We're just.. uhh.. ah..uh.. Trowa?"

The staid pilot glanced down at his lover, his face contorting slightly.

" . . . "

"My thoughts exactly Tro-san!" Duo studdered slightly. Heero glared over at Duo, causing the other boy to shutter.

"Dammit, why the hell are all of you acting so strangely. Especially you.. Duo.."

"You.. you haven't been yourself lately Heero.. I'm a little scared, you seem to change on me.."


"It's true! Earlier you were someone named Yuki and last night you were Valice.. I don't understand.." Duo's hands shot up to his face, covering the grief stricken look spreading across his cheeks. Heero could only stare on blankly, his face emotionless and his eyes clouded over.

"Gomen." Heero quietly began walking towards the door, his hands angrily gripping the knob. "I'll be back in a bit." He seemed to almost whisper, his dark blue eyes hidden by his hair. Duo looked up quickly, his arms studdering as they reached out.


The door clicked shut.


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