Title: "The Kyoki Saga"
Part: 1/?
Pairings: 1x2/2x1, 4x3 (eventually)
Notes: Angst (who saw that coming?), Yaoi, shounen ai, psychology, language, possible confusion ^^;
Disclaimer: None of these are mine. I don't claim the Gundam Boys, they belong to other people who have more money.

The rapping. The endless rapping. Insistent and long, drawn out.. driving back and forth. Rapping. Rapping..


A pair of wide eyes lifted up slowly, blinking at the change of light.




"HEERO!" A sudden shake.


*snort* "Good, I thought you had died on me. Are you feeling okay?" Duo stared down at the boy with an uncertain face, gnawing at the end of a pencil.

'The rapping..' Heero's mind was tracing the sound.

"Hai hai.. daijobu." His back turned to his partner, continuing to tap away at the keys of the green screened lap top. With a small growl Duo threw himself back on the bed, sighing loudly, loud enough to distract Heero.

"I'm bored Hee-chan, let's go out."

Rap. Rap. Rap.

Heero shook his head slightly, his eyes suddenly stinging as if they were on fire.

"Iie. I don't feel like prancing around town."

"Aw come on Hee-chan, who said you had to do all the prancing?" Duo's face was lit up with a wide grin. He had been trying to drag his koi from the confindments of the safe house for days now, but Heero had been even more stubborn then usual. He seemed to zone out at random moments, his eyes would grow as wide as sauce dishes and his mouth will tremble slightly. To be perfectly honest he was starting to freak Duo out just a little bit, not enough for him to stop bothering him of course, but just enough so the boy knew when to stop.

"Duo. *RAP*.. I said.. *RAP*.. no.." He stumbled with the words, his hands coming up to his face. He rubbed at his temples softly, trying to get the noise out of his head, the inane, yet insistant noise.

Duo's eyebrows rose in confusion, he stared a hole into the back of his lover's head, his face contorting to dissapointment.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

"HAI! I said I was fine Duo!" Heero suddenly snapped, turning to face the violet eyes. His hands held tightly onto the arm of the chair. Caught a little off guard the long haired pilot was left with his mouth hanging wide open, he moved to speak but suddenly swallowed his words. Not wanting to upset his koi anymore then he already had.

"Gomen nasai.." He whispered, slowly standing and heading towards the door. Heero shook his head slightly and stood quickly, grabbing onto the smaller hand of Duo's.

"Don't leave."


"Onegai..Duo..I really don't need to be alone."

With a sigh, Duo released the doorknob and stared back at the boy, his one free hand brushing back the wild bangs of russet color.

Heero twisted their fingers together, holding onto the other's hand tightly. "I'm sorry I yelled." he muttered, his gaze falling upon the ugly brownish carpet. With a soft smile, Duo placed a tender kiss on the soft cheek, wrapping his arms around the strong neck.

"I'm worried." He mumbled, kissing the soft ear.

"Hai.." Heero responded, his arms pulling themselves around Duo. "Me too."



"Noo.." The mumbled words came pouring from the once calmly sleeping lips.


A pair of arms and legs thrashed around violently, throwing the covers off, kicking his partner in the back continously. Duo sat up sleepily, turning quickly to figure out what the hell had woken him up. Heero lay twisting and turning in the bed, his face dripping with sweat, his eyes twitched beneath their lids. His arms and legs were being slung back and forth with incredible strength, occassionally smacking Duo and leaving a nice black mark on his body.

"HEERO!" The voice called out, loudly, with growing intensity.


"Stop.. stop it.. no more.. NO MORE!" Heero's body finally ceased, sitting up his eyes open, his mouth trembling slightly as he shook in his current state. Duo wrapped his arms around the shaking boy, pulling him into his lap, his face buried in the dark hair.

"Hee-chan.. what is it? Tell me Heero."

Even if he wanted to he couldn't answer. His mouth could only tremble, spelling out insignifcant words over and over again. His arms hung limply down by his side, one leg dangled over the side of the bed as the other was folded underneath his body.


"Not again.." He began, struggling to break free from Duo's embrace. He climbed out of bed, ignoring his naked state. He turned to the window, staring out of the panes blankly, his fingers twisting in his hands.

"Heero...?" Duo sat dumbfounded, staring at his lover engulfed in the moonlight with a lost expression across his face was not the image he needed to wake up to...well at least not after what just happened.

Heero's face slowly began to turn back towards Duo, his eyes seemed to dim and widen again, his mouth closed firmly and his arms swung by his side.

"Heero? Who is this Heero?" He asked softly, stalking towards Duo with a small smirk on his face. Normally, Duo would have jumped at Heero looking so incredibly sexy, but something wasn't right..as of right now Duo Maxwell was absolutely terrified.

"Hee-chan..wh..what is going on?" He asked, backing himself further onto the bed. "You...You're scaring me Hee-chan.."

"Hee-chan? Che..stop calling me that. Who are you?"

A hopeless gaze fell from Duo's eyes.

"It's me.. Duo.. you..your.."

"My WHAT?" He snapped, leaning closer to the boy, his hands firmly on his hips, staring into those shaking violet pools. "Just what are you to me? HUH?"

Duo slowly swallowed the lump in his throat, pulling the blanket over his knees, burying his face into the soft fabric.

"Your...boy..friend.." He muttered, fighting back the tears.

"WHAT?! Me have a boyfriend? Don't make me vomit." Heero's body stalked back towards the window, his face still glowing with anger.

"Who are you?" Duo managed to questioned, peering out from his hiding spot underneath the blankets.

"Me?" With a small snicker the figure turned towards him again, snatching up a sheet to wrap around his thin naked frame. "My name is Valice. I'm surprised you have never heard of me, I am rather known afterall." He replied, running a hand through his russet hair, winking at the boy cowering on the bed. Duo felt like bolting from the room, confused on his emotions and not knowing what the hell was going on with Heero, he only threw the blanket over his head and sighed deeply.

'Get a hold of youself Duo, maybe Heero's sleepwalking or something..yeah..something like that.' He thought to himself as he slowly emerged from underneath the covers. He watched Heero walk around the room, laying a hand on everything, as if trying to remember it. Duo reached out for the table, aiming for the water glass and accidentally knocking the clock down instead. The loud buzzing resulted from the impact with the ground. Heero turned quickly on his heels, his face frozen by the noise. Duo scrambled with the clock, quickly ripping the cord from the wall. With a heavy breath he turned back towards Heero.


Heero shook his head slightly, his eyes closed and flickered back open quickly. He stared back at the youth sitting across from him, his gaze softened.


A quick blink from Duo.


The blue eyed pilot slowly came back towards the bed, his eyes glued on Duo.

"I didn't mean to wake you Duo.." He muttered climbing back underneath the covers, pulling the still shaken boy into his arms. His lips connected with Duo's, his eyes closed as he began his assault on the delicious lips. Duo, struggled a bit, still terrified over what had just happend, but soon melted into his koibito's kisses as his arms wrapped around the boy. As Heero soon turned back into his normal self, tracing patterns across Duo's chest with his lips, Duo turned his eyes towards the window.

'What the hell just happened..' His thoughts were caught off guard by the sudden movement of Heero, who now laid next to the boy, clutching onto Duo's thin waist with a protective grip. Duo sighed softly as he kissed the soft forehead, snuggling into the embrace he soon let the sleep overtake him, choosing to ignore the small outburst and forget about it until morning.

End Part One.

Author's Notes: Confused? Good! ^^ For those of you who already know what's coming..please don't spoil it.

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