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"The Engagement"
By: JessChan

He stopped, breathing in the night air, filling his lungs full of moist summer air. His hair brushing back against his forehead, the breeze of the sea against his bare chest. He smiled to himself and settled himself down upon the towel he had to neatly laid out. He stretched his long limber legs and fell with a plop on the ground, his arms resting under his head. He stared silently up at the sky, sketching out patterns with his eyes, declaring the heavens his own personal easel for the moment. The waves came upon the shore silently, only making small crashes against the sandy beach. He listened intently, enjoying the peace of the night for once, not having to listen to endless battles. The wind danced by gently, causing his dark brown hair to brush to the side only slightly. He smirked to himself and ran a hand over his bangs, allowing them to flop back down. He heard the small patter of footsteps coming towards him, he turned his head to the right only slightly and noticed a pair of slender feet walking his way. His eyes eagerly climbed up the slender body, a smile spreading across his cheeks at the same rate. He propped himself up on his elbows and turned his smile into a sexy style smirk, the figure coming towards him rewarded him with a dazzling, brilliant smile and plopped down onto his lap. His arms automatically wrapping around his neck.

"Duo, you made it." The figure nodded happily as he pulled off his tank top, showing off his perfectly formed body. His braid fell softly over one shoulder and his eyes were open only slightly, his violet eyes shining brightly in the moonlight.

"Of course Heero-koi, I couldn't leave you out here all alone." He replied, his warm lips making contact with the wind chilled flesh of his Heero, causing the other boy to shiver slightly. Heero's face filled with a pinkish color as he sat up completely, catching his arms around Duo's waist protectively. Duo's arms hung around Heero's warm neck, the two held each other in an embrace that could have lasted a million years. Heero's face lifted up slowly, his bluish lips lingering next to Duo's ear, his breath causing a tingle to shoot down Duo's spine.

"I have something to ask you.."

Duo's eyes drifted over, opening slightly as he gazed into the pools of cobalt reflecting back at him. Heero carefully pushed the boy off his lap and stood them both up. He kept a firm hold on Duo's hand, their fingers rubbing against one another as they walked down the long stretch of the beach.

"What is it.." Duo's voice turned into a whisper as Heero brought him closer, his arms entangled around him again. Holding onto him as if it was their last night together. Heero only but smiled to himself and fished around in his pocket, grabbing a hold of a small black box. His finger tips grazed against the velvet feeling of the box as he pulled it out quickly, not wanting Duo to catch his movements. Duo was too busy concerning himself with giving his koibito a trail of firey kisses along the base of his neck. Heero nuzzled against Duo's ear, causing the braided one to look up with wonder. Heero smiled to him softly and raised the box into Duo's violet gaze. Duo's eyebrows furrowed forward and he gazed at Heero curiously.

"Nan..nani?" Duo coughed out a question, as if chocking back salty tears. He disentangled himself from the warm arms of Heero and turned his back to his koi. His fingers slid across the velvet of the box, admiring the pretty black shade. His fingers nervously popped the box open, his eyes focusing on the beautiful shine leaving the box. Duo's trembling hands fingered at the silver band, a small diamond embedded in the middle of the ring. His eyes quivered slightly, he turned to say something..anything to Heero. His gaze was caught off guard as Heero was lowered down upon one knee, a nervous look on his face, his eyes dancing with Duo's.

"Duo.." he whispered softly, taking a hold of the soft hand belonging to his love. Duo swallowed what must have been an enormous lump in his throat and a giddy, happy smile was spreading across his cheeks.

"Will you marry me?" Heero's whisper was complete as he squeezed the hand hopefully. Duo did nothing but collapse onto his knees, tears finding themselves down his face. His small grin had turned into a maniac smile as he tackled Heero in his embrace. His arms wrapped around him tightly, Heero responded quickly, buring his face in Duo's neck.

"Of course Heero-koi." Was all Duo could manage, choking back happy sobs, Heero took the box from Duo's hand and smiled at him. Removing the ring he gently slid it onto the finger of his beloved, they both stared at it in disbelief. Before they knew it they had melted into another embrace, holding one another as they stared up into the dark sky. Painting a picture of them together, now..forever..and the rest of their eternities.

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