Title: "Daisies"
Author: Jessica
Song: "He Loves You Not" by Dream
Pairing: 1x2/2x1
Disclaimer: I do not own the song, nor do I own the delcious GW boys. I certainly don't own that nasty Relena Peacecraft. *yuck*
Notes: Yaoi, shounen-ai, Relena torture. *evil grin* I know I have done a similar type of songfic, but the song was just too perfect and Duo is just too sexy. I mean who could resist?

Duo had a plan. A wonderful, marvelous, out of this world plan. This time, the braided pilot would make sure that the nasty leech named Relena Peacecraft would finally be put into place. And he knew just how to do it.

His body slid unoticed through the house, his hair trailing behind him as his violet eyes seemed to gleam in the tint of the moonlight. With a devilish smirk he snuck up stairs, dressed in a complete black ensemble and a boom box in his free hand, he slowly opened the door to the sleeping creature's room.

He sneered at the face before him. Leaning over Relena's hideously pink bed, staring at her flared nostils and puffy sleeping eyes, he laid the boom box on her night stand and slowly started to strip. With a quick sigh he slid a pair of vinyl pants over each one of his perfect legs. Strapping a pair of leather gloves around his hands he pulled his hair out of the braid and smiled to himself. With a nimble finger he reached over and hit play on the cd.

Relena's head tilted to the side as she felt a shift on the bed, slowly the sound of music filled her ears. She snorted sleepily and sat up, looking around in a daze.

"Nani.." Her voice was quickly cut short as a pair of hands wrapped around her chapped lips.

"Hush." Duo's husky voice came from behind her. He tied the gag on tight, causing her to choke slightly. The feeling of cold cuffs against her skin made he yelp slightly. Her blue eyes stared up at Duo pleadingly, terrified.

Duo snickered and latched the cuff to the pole of her headboard. He stood over her, barechested, in a pair of incredible dark vinyl pants and leather gloves. His hair flowed freely behind him, his eyes standing out in the darkness. Relena swallowed the lump that had some how risen in her throat. The beat of the music slowly began to build, Duo's eyes closed slowly as his body was taken over by the melody. Relena tried to tear her eyes away from the beautiful figure, but.. as Duo would have guessed..she couldn't.

"Now look Relena.. I don't like you and you don't like me. However.." Duo leaned over, their noses touching tip to tip. "You do like my lover a bit too much." Duo smiled to himself as he saw the tear fall from Relena's scared eyes. He stood abover her again, his seductive body still sliding to each beat, never missing a step. As the lyrics suddenly came into play, Duo's voice pitched in perfectly...

"You're pulling petals off a flower
trying to get your way
keep pulling till they say what you wanna say
girl you can pick a field full of daisies
but he'd still be my baby
I know you can hardly wait till I'm away from him
Instinctively I know what you're thinking
You'll be giving him an open invitation
but my baby won't be taken in"

"You see Relena, when Heero says that he's going to kill you.. he doesn't mean 'follow me, stalk me and make my life a living hell'. There's a difference between love and hate.. and baby.. you're drowning in hate."

Relena could feel her heart sinking deep into her stomach. Heero really didn't love her? It had to be a mistake. Who would choose a street ratty little boy over her and her perfect world?

Duo's body twisted around quickly, dropping to his knees he crawled up to meet the girl face to face. He could practically feel her heart racing as he inched closer and closer to her, singing the chorus to the song.

"You can pout your cherry lips
try to tempt him with a sweet kiss
you can flut your pretty eyes
he ain't got his hands tied

No chains to unlock
so free to do what he wants
he's into what he's got
He loves me, he loves you not"

The longhaired pilots legs rocked back and forth in his crouched position as he ran his fingers through his gorgeous locks.

"He sees so much more in me Relena.. let's face it.. I'm much more beautiful than you.. " He slowly stood up, his hands sliding up his long torso, massaging every muscle that seemed to stand out perfectly. To Duo's satisfaction, Relena's eyes also traced the same path. His long fingers toyed at the hem of his pants, teasing the young girls already bulging eyes. "And it seems.. that you would agree with me.." He sighed loudly as his fingers pulled down the zipper..

"What exactly do you want.. I think you want to leave Heero alone.. don't you.. Relena?"

Duo's eyes had narrowed slightly, his violet eyes staring a hole in Relena's forehead. Just looking at her wanted to make him vomit.. yet..he knew he had to do this.. for the sake of his and Heero's future of course. He leaned over her again and slowly pulled off the gag, watching her suspiciously as she licked her lips and swallowed a few times. He sneered and traced a line along her bottom lip with his tounge. His breath was warm against her skin as he continued his song.

"No matter what you do
he's never gonna be with you
he's into what he's got
he loves me, he loves you not"

"You think your so perfect.." Duo growled as he slowly started pushing the vinyl further and further down his slim hips. "That you can give him whatever he desires.."

Relena's mouth trembled slightly, tears now freely fell from her bright blue eyes. She didn't know if she wanted to scream, or moan out of the sheer sight of this beautiful creature threatening her. Perhaps that's why Duo was here.. to show her..

"And if you think for one minute I'm doing this because I actually want to fuck you.. you're seriously mistaken." Duo's lips shook with anger as he quickly pressed his to Relena's, sending the girl into a squealing fit. She struggled slightly as she felt his tounge pressing against her bottom lip. As soon as she relaxed and opened her waiting lips, Duo pulled back.

"Ech... you whore. And you wonder why he doesn't love you?" He giggled softly as he watched her statement change from one of absolute lust into one of pain. "Little Miss Perfect Prom Queen..aren't you?"

"You're the kinda girl that's always up for do or dare
Only want him because he's there
Always looking for a new ride
the grass is greener on the other side
You're the kinda girl who's not use to hearing no
All your lovers try to take you where you wanna go
Doesn't matter how hard you try
never gonna get with my guy"

Duo's voice was so desperate and filled with hate, Relena could hardly belive that he was slowly driving her mad with his teasing and dancing. His eyes glowed with an anger she couldn't even begin to understand, as hers were filled with the passion and lust that she had held for Heero.

"He's mine. You can't fill his every desire..because.." Duo's hands slid the pants to puddle around his feet. He stood nervously in front of Relena's hungry eyes, his naked body as he viewing tray. Her mouth fell open at the sight of the deathscythe pilot completely adorned in his natural state. His beautiful body could only be compared to Heero's...and Relena had never gotten a glimpse of him naked. "I am Heero's every desire.. you can't certainly fulfill that with your power and your petty money. Can you now princess?"

"Duo.." She leaned forward, wanting to grasp onto any part of his body that she could reach. She growled as she remembered her restraints, her obvious need for the pilot taking over her senses.

"No chains to unlock
so free to do what he wants
he's into what he's got
He loves me, he loves you not

No matter what you do
he's never gonna be with you
he's into what he's got
he loves me, he loves you not"

"No matter what you think you have, or what you can do.. not even if you continue to stalk him.. you will never have him like I do. Do we have an understandment.. Relena?" Duo's fingers grasped at her chin, squeezing it slightly. "You better think this over and answer correctly."

"I..." Her voice stammered harshly. She swallowed the nervous lump developing in her throat.

Duo growled angrily and pushed her back down onto the mattress. She gasped slightly, a blush filling her cheeks as she felt the weight of the pilot on top of her. She uttered a breath of protest, but finding herself quickly giving in, letting her body go limp.

"Whore.." Duo mumbled as he quickly unlocked the handcuffs, pulling them off of the bed post. "Like I said.. I wouldn't fuck you." Duo sat back on his heels, his naked body still in plain view of her passion filled eyes. She sat up quickly, her freed arms frantically reaching out for the beautiful skin. Duo jumped back quickly, his feet patting as they hit the hard wood floor.

"You can pout your cherry lips
try to tempt him with a sweet kiss
you can flut your pretty eyes
he ain't got his hands tied"

The perfect Shinigami smile had drawn against Duo's face. His hands placed firmly on his slim, hips. His song was slowly beginning to be drawn out by Relena's cries and pleas.

"Give up?"

"HAI HAI!! I give up! I won't bother Heero anymore.." Her voice was desperate as she reached out for Duo, making herself seem frantic and impaitient.

"Good.." Duo's voice came out in a teasing moan. Relena watched with wide eyes as a pair of strong arms incased themselves around Duo's lithe frame. Her mouth twitched slightly, the tears turning into heavy masses as Heero stepped out of the dark corner of the room. His exotic eyes glaring straight into her light blues.

"Good job koi.." Heero's voice was quiet as he nuzzled Duo softly on the neck, kissing the tantalizing skin.

"no..." She cried out softly.

She watched in horror as Heero gently lifted the smaller pilot into his arms, crushing their lips together in a soul searing kiss.

"No chains to unlock
so free to do what he wants
he's into what he's got
He loves me, he loves you not

No matter what you do
he's never gonna be with you
he's into what he's got
he loves me, he loves you not"

Heero sat on the front deck of the safehouse, quietly drinking his coffee and staring up into the stars. He heard the small patter of feet against carpet as Duo inched his way to his lover. Climbing into Heero's lap with a cat like grace, Duo nuzzled up against Heero's broad chest, sighing contently.

"If I ever have to kiss a girl again, I'll throw up.."

"Thank you."

"You better be thankful dammit.. that girl was ready to jump my bone."

"Not that you had one."

"That's not the point Hee-chan.."


"Well at least she'll leave us alone now.." Duo kissed Heero's pouty lips softly and smiled.

"Either that or she'll start stalking you.."

Duo's eyes widened at the thought, shaking his head violently to rid himself of the image.


"Come on.." Heero lifted the boy up gently, holding him close.

"Where we going..?"

"I"m going to wash that girl's filth off of you."