Oi..something I wrote in a spur of the moment type deal. It's got 1x2, 4x3
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By: JessChan

Duo nodded regretfully and bit down hard on the piece of wood fastened
between his white teeth. Heero, at the reaction of Duo's nod, grabbed the
braided pilots leg and knocked the broken bone back into it's proper place.
The cracking noise and the painful scream from Duo was enough to make
anyone vomit, Trowa and Quatre looked on, in sheer wonder. Quatre's face
turned green at the snapping sound and Trowa's eyebrow twitched when Duo's
screech became super sonic. The piece of wood between Duo's teeth was
supposed to keep the young pilot from screaming to loudly, didn't seem to
go as planned as he continued to yelp, cutting the wood in half with his
front teeth. Heero's face never faultered as he tore off a piece of fabric
from his back and tied it around Duo's injured thigh. He looked sternly up
at Duo's perspiring face and fluffed the top of Duo's hair.

"Your a lucky asshole. You know that?" He replied solemnly, leaning over
to allow Duo to wrap one battered arm around his neck, lifting him up into
a somewhat standing position. Quatre's eyes were still wide from the
horrible site he had just encountered but he stepped over to allow Duo to
rest on his shoulders.

"Does it hurt much Duo?" He asked with a concern filled voice. Duo's
famous grin spread across his face in a tired manner as he tried to look up
at Quatre.

"Only when I breath, talk, or move." he said with a jolly giggle. Heero
grunted in aggrivation and motioned to move Duo into their tent that the
two had been sharing.

"Trowa, when did Wufei say he'd be back." Heero questioned the tall, quiet
pilot who did nothing but look on.

"Sometime tommorow morning, his mission should take all night." Trowa
replied in his quiet monotoned speech and nodded slightly at Duo, in his
own way, making sure the Braided Wonder was going to be alright.

"Good. I want to know what happened out there Duo..and only Wufei knows.
I suppose I will have to wait. Next time Duo.." Heero growled angrily,
grabbing a tight hold of Duo's beautiful braid. "Don't go out when you
know there are enemies all over the place." He slammed the hair down,
causing Duo to yelp in slight pain, Heero stood and glared down angrily at
the Deathscythe pilot and stormed out of the tent, throwing the flap back
nearly smacking Trowa in the head. Quatre quickly turned to Duo's aid,
sitting beside him with a happy grin planted on his face, dabbing a bit of
cold water against Duo's bloody forehead.

"Ya know Duo, for once it wouldn't hurt to not be so stubborn with Heero.
You know Wufei will tell him what happened, so why don't you save yourself
some trouble and tell Heero himself." Quatre suggested, dripping the wet
cloth around Duo's neck, trying to wash off most of the dry blood that was
visible. Duo chuckled to himself and enjoyed the feeling of the cool water
against his now fevering skin.

"I don't know Quat...Heero's just interested in why I fucked up, not why I
injured myself." he replied with a desolate sigh and a close of his
brilliant violet eyes. Quatre turned his gaze upon Trowa, his blue green
eyes begging for some kind of help. Trowa patted his companion on the
shoulder, giving him a tender kiss on the cheek and dismissed him. The
tall pilot took Quatre's seat besides Duo's bed and stared at him blankly.
Duo, feeling the presence other then Quatre opened his eyes to a feeling of
shock as he met gazes with Trowa.

"Trowa." Duo sighed softly, smiling to himself. Trowa patted one of Duo's
injured arms, blood came seeping through the bandage, as well as a squeal
of pain from the braided one. With a quick tear of the extra bed sheet,
Duo's arm was once again patched well, keeping the precious blood from
seeping through.

"You can understand why I don't want to say anything right?" Duo asked,
his violet eyes drooping back into sleep. Trowa nodded and made a small
agreeing noise. I mean what would Heero think if he found Duo moonbathing
with Wufei and they were ambushed? Pfft, Trowa could see the response
Heero would have. His eyebrows would cave, turning into an angry scowl and
his voice would become deep and quiet. Duo knew damn well that they wern't
supposed to be out and about in a carefree manner right now, not in this
age and time. But then again, Trowa could see why Duo and Wufei had run
off on their own, the stress was finally getting to all of them. Trowa and
Quatre were the only ones making it through with some sanity, Heero and
Duo's relationship had taken a huge dive since the two couldn't be together
in couple mode. They only had time to worry about when the enemy would
find them and where they were going to move to next. Heero had told Duo he
didn't have time to worry about Duo's silly emotions and feelings. Duo had
taken this rather hard, always trying to find ways to stay away from Heero
and keep himself from thinking about the blue eyed pilot. His only escape
had been Wufei, who seemed to understand Duo a little better then the rest
of them. He had taken some kinda pity on Duo and had decided that spending
time with the braided one couldn't hurt his own lonliness. Duo and Wufei
had indeed grown very close and tonight they had almost made their
friendship into something a little more. Duo sighed to himself and sank
into the bed, avoiding Trowa's eyes. The only reason why Trowa knew what
happened is because he's the one who found Duo laying underneath a huge
tree, his own blood clouding around him. As Trowa carried the pilot home,
Duo decided that it would be a good time to tell Trowa everything that had
happened that night. It seems Duo, on the rebound, had been too quick to
jump into something with Wufei. Wufei on the other hand, when they had
been ambush by Oz, he himself had escaped just after Duo had taken a huge
blow. Not being able to find the braided one, Wufei took off into the
woods, a piece of paper with his mission in hand. Duo sighed to himself
again, trying to block the horrid image of Oz soldiers ambushing him,
catching him completley off guard, and in the end beating the shit out of
him. His head was making this pouding against his skull kinda feeling and
the dizziness refused to leave him. Trowa did nothing but stare at him
blankley, wondering what the braided pilot would do next. He stood to
leave as Duo gracefully began to drift off into sleepy world. Duo made a
small noise, trying to call for Trowa to stop so he could say one last
thing to him before he lost conciousness. Trowa nodded to him and walked
out into the night breeze, the chill in the air causing his skin to rise
into goosebumps. He crossed his arms and rubbed his shoulders and upper
arm muscles, trying to keep himself warm through his thin turtleneck.
*sigh* Quatre was sitting under a cherry tree, his knees pulled up to his
chest and his arms wrapped around his knees. Trowa smiled softly to
himself, with a certain sparkle in his eye, he sat himself down beside the
small blonde pilot and wrapped his arms protectivly around him.

"What troubles you Little One?" Trowa whispered softly into his ear,
making the blonde shiver with cold chills. Quatre relaxed almost instantly
and laid his head down upon Trowa's broad shoulders.

"I worry about Duo. He's always doing something that just hurts him more.
Heero's one thing, but to actually get himself PHYSICALLY hurt...*sigh*
that boy is just careless." Quatre's thoughts began spilling from his
lips, like he had no other thought in the world. Trowa sat, quietly
listening to his lover's words. His green eyes darted to a quick movement
in the bushes and spotted Heero, wrapping himself up in a blanket, trying
to keep warm. Trowa patted the blonde on the shoulder and lifted himself
up onto his strong long legs and casually waltzed over to Heero, plopping
down next to him.

"Hn?" Heero's normal response when anyone took notice in him. Trowa said
nothing but stared at him, aggrivating the pilot more. He turned his death
glare over to Trowa's green eyes.

"What do you want?" He asked, as a cold breeze went through the both of them.

"He'll talk to you now. You both have confessions to make." Heero stared
at the boy, for once a blank expression invaded his face as Trowa continued
to comment.

"Heero, your miserable without Duo to hold onto. For some reason you seem
to think that distancing yourself from him will make it all easier for you
to deny your feelings. Don't you even sit there and think that Duo's being
a distraction to you. Now that you've pushed him away he's already gone
into the arms of someone else..now wether or not he admits it..that's up to
him." Trowa so ended his speech and got up, not once looking back into the
eyes of Heero Yuy. Heero casually examined Trowa and Quatre, snuggling
under the tree, neither one of them obviously being cold anymore. A sad
feeling had been shuttering over Heero ever since he had pushed Duo away,
but was what Trowa had been saying true? Had Duo ran into the arms of
another? His fists curled at the thought, he stood, pondering if he should
rush to Duo's side, throw a fit or if he should run into the woods and mope
by himself. He chose the latter. Trowa sighed to himself and just wrapped
his arms tighter around Quatre, thanking some kind of god that he didn't
have such a negative feeling flowing through his veins. Heero dissapeared
into the darkness, dragging that blanket with him to keep himself warm.
Trowa smiled softly, it was rare him and Quatre ever got any personal time
alone. As Trowa began kissing on the blonde boy's neck, another rustle in
the bushes disturbed them, causing Trowa to growl angrily. He turned his
head and spotted Wufei emerging from the brush, pulling leaves and prickly
sticks off of his clothes. The pair under the tree blinked in confusion.

"Wufei?" Quatre's voice caught him off guard and he jumped a bit, obviously
being very shook up.

"Oh..it's just you two.." The chinese boy seemed to be very jumpy this
evening, peering around the camp grounds in an unstable manner.

"Wufei..are you feeling alright?" Quatre, always being the ever
informative, curious one. Wufei said nothing, only peered into the tent
belonging to Heero and Duo, with a relieved sigh he headed inward, ignoring
the surprised gasp escaping from Quatre's lips.

"No Little One, this is perhaps the best for all three of them. Things
will finally be settled." Trowa's words were soft as he picked the small
blonde boy up and carried him into their respective tent, hoping to get at
least a little bit of free time with his koibito. Meanwhile, away from all
the passion of Trowa and Quatre, Wufei made his way into the tent and
plopped down next to Duo. His dark eyes locked on the beatiful face of the
chesnut haired boy. To his dismay, Duo's best features were closed, in a
deep sleep. Wufei gently ran his fingers along the bruised cheek of the
sleeping boy, feeling his soft skin and rubbing away some of the dry blood
that Quatre had missed. He had been so close...so close to him
earlier..almost..they almost kissed. Wufei could still feel the heat of
Duo's lips nearly closing on him, the feeling of Duo's arms wrapped around
his neck, the smell of Duo's long beautiful hair as it blew in the wind.
He sighed and placed his head in his hands.

"Then IT happened, they snuck up behind us, leaving us completely
defenseless. I heard Duo's painful cries as they all continued to pound
every weapon in their hands into his soft flesh. Wufei had been thrown
halfway across the field, thanks to a Leo suit. He wasn't able to even
think about getting back to Duo, all he could hear was the cries of pain
Duo let out before he dashed into the woods to find a way to get to him.
By the time he came into the clearing, Duo was gone, the only thing left of
him was a rather large puddle of deep red blood. He had rushed back to camp
as soon as he could, forgetting anything about any mission, his only
concern was Duo. He reached out for Duo's hand and intertwined their
fingers, watching the heavy motion of Duo's chest rising and falling in his
breathing patterns. In a moment of insanity and suicidal thoughts, Wufei
climbed in next to Duo in the bed..the spot where Heero would generally sleep.

"He won't mind..he's not even sleeping in this bed anymore..he sleeps over
there..away from this beautiful body that he calls a distraction." Wufei
reasoned with himself. The chinese pilot quickly fell into a deep slumber,
during the course of his sleep he spooned his body up against Duo's warmth,
wrapping his arms around the injured pilot protectively.

Heero trudged back into camp, figuring his little "temper" had calmed down
a bit. As he headed into his tent he was met with a quite unique
surprise...Wufei wrapped around HIS Duo. His eyes automatically turned red
with anger and jealousy, his hands curved up into tight fists, tuning his
knuckles a bright white color. His lips curved upward into an evil
sadistic smile as he walked calmly over to the bedside. He lowered his
head down close to Wufei's ear and bit down sharply on the soft lobe, blood
trickled down his chin as Wufei jerked up screaming, grabbing at his ear
wildly. Duo snorted in his sleep and his violet eyes popped open to find
Wufei standing over him holding his ear and a very pissed off Heero
preparing to confront Wufei.

"Oi.." was all Duo could seem to whisper to himself, he really...REALLY
didn't need this kind of stress right now. Especially not with this killer
headache, and listening to the two of them argue just wasn't on his
'popular' list.

"Do you two mind.." He mumbled and turned over cautiously, muttering small
words of pain as he did so. Heero's gaze softened as he looked upon the
injured pilot and he brushes a strand of hair from Duo's face. That famous
glare was back as his eyes rested upon Wufei again, he lashed out and
grabbed a tight hold of Wufei's wrist, dragging the chinese boy outside
into the chilly air. They both shivered in the quick change from warm to
cold and Heero released a breath of air. Wufei kept his eyes focused on
Yuy the entire time, not wanting to miss a moment of Heero's anger.

"What were you doing?" He questioned quietly, his cobalt blue eyes never
faultered from their perfect glare.

"Watching over my friend." Wufei replied calmly, sticking his hands inside
his sleeves to keep them warm. Heero raised an eyebrow in aggrivation.

"Looks more then just..a FRIEND" His fists clenched up again and the look
on his face had become more corrupt. Wufei could tell he had just barely
surpassed the limits of Heero's anger and emotions. Getting involved with
Duo could prove to have been a suicidal act.

"You threw him away Heero.." Wufei's words seemed to cut through the
perfect solider, causing him to feel a small pang in his heart.

"Maybe..maybe people make mistakes." Heero's eyes darted down to the
ground, wishing not to make eye contact with anyone right now. For once in
his life he had admitted he was wrong about someone else close to him,
never before had he felt this way and it was almost too much for him to

"Heero Yuy doesn't make mistakes remember?" Wufei was still cold and
uncaring, he was pissed. No..he was more then pissed, he had watched Heero
and Duo together, the way Duo smiled sweetly at Heero had touched a string
deep inside of Wufei's heart and he couldn't get that beautiful face out of
his mind. He had watched when Heero broke off the ties with Duo, the way
Duo let his tears fall freely on Wufei's shoulder, how he whimpered softly
about losing his guardian angel. Wufei never wanted to replace Heero, just
give Duo a better relationship then Heero could ever possibly imagine.

"Duo was not a mistake." Heero took a step closer to Wufei, the pain in
his eyes could no longer be hidden. "Stay away from him Wufei. No more
warnings, he's mine."

"Jealousy is not very becoming of you..Yuy." Wufei grabbed a hold of
Heero's wrist. "If you hurt him again, I swear I will not only take him
from you but I will dispose of you Yuy. I'm not going to sit by and let
you ruin his perfect heart again." He released Heero's wrist, basically
throwing his body away from his. Heero did nothing but glare, making sure
he got his point across. Wufei nodded towards the tent.

"Unfortunately he loves you, for some reason which is beyond me." Wufei
took a seat beside the fire, staring into the orange flames. "Go to him,
make him and yourself happy once again. Screw the distracitions, you two
need one another. For him..I'm willing to sacrifice my emotions." Heero
only but nodded, not throwing Wufei a "thank you" or anything. The chinese
pilot sighed and listened with open ears as he heard Duo and Heero's
muffled voices, talking, and finally combining into a complete soul again.
He sighed and picked himself up, walking solemnly to his tent, plopping
down upon his bed and pulling the covers over his head.

"Someday Yuy..I'm going to steal that Dark Angel from you.."




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