This is one of my most dissapointing fics yet, but I was bored and I had the idea stuck in my head so I had to write it down! If I don't write something serious soon though I'm gonna lose it! Anyways this is just for fun! Enjoy! ^-^ ::giggles insanely::
"The Birds & The Bees"
By: JessChan

"HEEEEEEEEERROOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" A loud screeching voice rang throughout the household, disturbing anyone in a 10 mile radius. Loud, heavy footsteps were heard trampeling through the house, a long chesnut colored braided young man spun around corners, skipping down stairs and tripping over just about everything in his path.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEERROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" Trowa placed his book upon the coffee table, taking a sip of his tea carefully, so as not to burn his lips. He watched with morbid curiosity as the braided pilot dashes by at lightning speed, in his hand he carried a long white tube like object.

"Hm. Interesting." Trowa could use the entertainment, so he decided to follow the panic stricken boy as he trampled up the stair case.

"HEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! DAMN YOU WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GO?!" Duo's voice was starting to aggrivate Wufei who emerged from his room with an angered scowl. Just his luck Duo ran by him, pushing him sharply up against the wall and stepping all over poor Wufei's toes.

"DAMMIT MAXWELL!!!" Wufei started to cuss out his long line of obscenities as Trowa silently walked by. *blink* Trowa did nothing but pointed at the braided one.

"Cheap entertainment." Wufei nodded with a smirk and proceeded to follow Trowa in pursuit of Duo. Speaking of the braided one, he was starting to run out of energy, dashing around the huge mansion like he had been for like the past hour.

"Whew.." Duo pressed his lean form agains the wall for support and brushed the sweat from his brow. "Now where the hell did that Heero go?" Duo's words were meant to be inside his inner monolouge, not really noticing he had an audience of two. His violet eyes casually fell to the object in his hand, he screeched again and dashed up another flight of stairs, continuing to scream out Heero's name.

"Ya know if he's not careful, people are gonna think he's getting some." Wufei whispered to Trowa as the two were silent as cats. As a noisy (so what else is new) Duo zoomed past Quatre's door he knocked over a few lamps and vases, the loud crashing sounds brought Quatre out to examine the unexpected damage. His confused face as he watched Duo run down the long corridor was met with a very amused Trowa and Wufei.

"What exactly is he doing?" Quatre asked, examining his family's damaged property.

"We're not sure yet, but Trowa's betting it's something emmensely funny. He's been screaming for Heero for about the past hour." Wufei replied with an evil grin upon his face. Quatre sighed to himself and kicked a piece of glass down over the railing.

"Mind if I join in the Duo watching?" Both pilots nodded their heads happily. Quatre only grinned and the three once again moved after Duo, keeping their steps silent.

*WHAM* A loud pounding sound was coming from the top of the stair case as Duo banged relentlessly against Heero's bedroom door.

"HEEEEEEEERRRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!!!!!" You think with a high pitched begging voice such as Duo's, Heero would have opened that door in an instant. However the dark haired pilot ignored the loud, obnoxious Duo and continued on his brilliant hacking skills.


"He's going to kill Duo if he doesn't stop soon.." Quatre stated with a brief moment of concern for his braided friend. Trowa could do nothing but grin like a maniac, which was very out of character for the tall soldier. As Duo began go bang his head against the door they could hear Heero's footsteps shuffle from inside of the room and the door yanked open, causing the poor, unsuspecting Duo to crash into the floor.

"DAMMIT DUO!" The three peeked around the corner, snickering at the sight of Duo head first into the maroon carpet and Heero standing over him, arms crossed and a very pissed off mug of a face.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?!" When Heero's voice went into screaming mode, you knew it was bad. Duo was in for some serious trouble. However poor Heero had no idea what he was in store for as Duo stood rubbing his sore nose. He held out the small white tube to Heero and he started to wail uncontrollably.



Trowa, Quatre and Wufei all fell silent, their jaws hit the floor and their eyes went into huge saucer mode. Heero's face contorted into a weird kind of smile as he busted out into pains of laughter. Duo, not understanding why Heero was laughing, did nothing but twirl his braid around in his hand.

"WHAT! The strip turned blue!! I'm pregnant!! And it's all your fault!!" Heero contiuned to laugh.

"IT'S NOT FUNNY!" He's still laughing.

Duo's pout turned into a whiny whimpering sound that drove Heero absolutely up the wall, the blue eyed pilot grabbed Duo by the braid and sat him down on the bed. A loud boom of laughter was soon heard from the hallway where Trowa, Wufei and Quatre all were rolling on the floor with laughter, hardly being able to contain themselves. Heero coughed a few times, in a sad attempt to control his own giggling and tried to look at Duo with serious eyes. He finally gave up, not being able to look the boy in the face without laughing his poor ass off. Instead he dug through his bookshelf and pulled out a very small hand held book.

"Duo..didn't they ever tell you about the birds and the bees on L2?" was all Heero could manage as he handed the book to Duo. Duo blinked in massive confusion and began searching through the book, as he read a few paragraphs his face turned into a bright red tomato color and he snickered at the pictures. Outside of the room, the three pilots were still having their giggling orgy. Duo was finding his new book rather interesting, until he got to the part on pregnancy.

"NANI?! ONLY CHICKS CAN HAVE BABIES?!?!" Duo screeched, throwing his hand up to his forehead in an extremley embarrassed manner. Heero did nothing but smile faintly and nodded.

"Welp.." Duo reached down into his pocket and pulled out a diaphram. "Guess we won't be needing that anymore!" He said with a sigh and plopped down onto the bed. Heero only but nodded at first then turned quickly.

"What do you mean "ANYMORE?!"