Oh my god..I'm so dissapointed..it's almost as bad as the first part. *waps herself* Bleh, sorry but in this part I was just trying to establish a bad ass Quatre routine. Sorry for the crossposting..
Title: "Apostles"
Part: 4
Author: JessChan
Pairing: 1x2/2x1
Notes: shounen-ai, yaoi, Double lives, name switching and different settings. Violence and a little bit of angst. Language.
Story Guide:
Heero Yuy aka Akito Ayabashi- Japanese Secret Service Agency
Duo Maxwell aka Trent Hoskins - United States Secret Informative Service.
Disclaimer: Sadly, GW doesn't belong to me, neither do the yaoi twins Duo and Heero. Please don't sue me I write purely for my entertainment and the entertainment of others. Besides I'm a poor wittle southern girl. ^-^

"Good afternoon gentleman. I am fairly surprised at the two of you, coming up here, didn't know you were so interested in my business affairs." Quatre folded his hands and laid them on the table, smiling to himself, talking with the former pilots in a sing song voice.

Duo and Heero were still frozen with unexpected surprise as they stared at their old friend. Heero stepped forward, his eyes finally returning to their normal color and size.

"Quatre Raberba Winner. How interesting this meeting has proved to be."

"Heero, don't act like I couldn't handle this kinda role." He replied with a twisted smirk. "After all, just because I was a kind, naive Gundam pilot doesn't mean I can't focus my talents on another goal."

"Dammit Quatre what the hell do you think your doing? Have you lost your freaking mind?!" Duo stated, finally jumping into the conversation.

"Ah Duo Maxwell, still fiesty as ever I see. It must be those long nights with Heero that keep you going."

Both agents balled their fists and glanced in the general direction of one another.

"Shit..you're one to talk about relationships Quatre. What about you and Trowa?" Duo's eyes glittered with anger and betrayal. Quatre's normally clear blue eyes turned grayish at the mention of his former lover. He stood, he had grown a bit taller and his muscles had finally developed, staring at both of his former friends with a certain hatred and loathing.

"Always have to have the better edge right Duo? Always showing off how wonderful your petty little fake relationship is. No matter, you shall not use that name around me again." Quatre's eyes lifted and met with the visions of Duo and Heero, staring at him madly.

"Quatre..we don't want to have to hurt you." Heero stated coldly.

With a laugh Quatre walked over to one of his large paned windows and stared out, seeming to get lost in his own world. "I assume you are the two who were sent to stop me, I'm a bit taken back that it must be from my hands that you two will recieve your final deaths. What a shame, what fabulous members of my committee you two would have made."

"Shimatta..this is going to be harder than we thought 'Kito." Duo whispered into Heero's ear, who nodded in response.

"There's no use in using that name..'Trent Hoskins'. I know who you two are, in fact..I'll make sure the rest of the criminal world knows it to..that is if you plan on keeping me from my intentions." Quatre reacted to the whispering, turning to face the pair again. "I can't have you two standing in my way!" His face was angry and he snapped his fingers loudly, the excess doors busted open to reveal several large, burly guys, all dressed in black coming at the two agents.

"Damn you Quatre!" The clicking of gun barrels kept the agents in their spots, both swallowing the lumps in their throats.

"You two will not be disposed of. I'm sorry it had to end this way. Hershal, David..take care of these two 'gentleman' I have no use for them." Quatre spouted orders, exiting the room in a hurried fashion, grabbing his coat and keys as he made his get away. Duo and Heero were left to struggle with the bodyguards, who all laughed in response to their futile struggling. One large man with strawberry blonde hair lifted Duo high above his head, wrapping the much smaller frame around his neck like a prize.

"What a beauty. I think I'll keep this one for myself."

"DUO!" Heero angrily yelled for his partner, struggling against the bonds held on his arms. He growled and kicked his way loose as much as possible.

"Naughty little boy..if your not nice I'll toss your beauty right out the window." The bodyguard snorted and laughed heartilly, walking his way over to the large panes of window, still holding onto a struggling cussing Duo.

"LET HIM GO...dammit..when I get out of this..I swear.." Heero's words slipped through his clenched teeth, angry and demanding. The man only laughed and nodded his head at another one of the guards, who then inclined himself to bust Heero in the back of his head with the butt of the gun. Heero's eyes felt heavy and small spots appeared before his eyes, his arms reached out in one final attempt to save Duo.

"D...uo.." with a groan the once Perfect Soldier fell to the ground with a loud thump, Duo's eyes grew wide and his scream echoed in the building.


"Hush your mouth pretty boy, if you don't I'll throw you right out this window." The threats were unheeded as Duo finally broke free of the grip, running over to his partner and kneeling beside him.

"Hee-chan.. daijibou?" Duo swallowed the lump in his throat and brushed back the russet colored bangs. Heero groaned in pain as his head rolled to side to side. "Dammit.."

Duo felt himself being lifted up again and he started kicking and struggling. "You god damn pervert let me go, I swear to god I'm going to fucking kill you!" Duo's words seemed to be floating in the air, not absorbed into any of their ears as he was once again dragged to the window. Heero could feel his eyelids flutter open, he sat up slowly, rubbing the back of his head. The sharp pain was stinging the back of his brain. His vision blurred in and out and finally focused on Duo's body.

"Duo.." He muttered, attempting to stand up.

"Damn you!!!" Duo cursed the bodyguard once again. Finally fed up with Duo's constant struggling and cursing the man did the only logical thing he could think of.

"Bye bye cutie." He murmered and tossed the braided agent out of the window. Heero's eyes widened as the glass crashed all around Duo's body as he was flung through it, his legs going first. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, Duo's body being sliced open by bits and pieces of glass. His violet eyes open in terror as he collided with the panes of window, and the excruciating look of pain as his body fell into thin air.

"DUOOOOO!!!!" Heero's mind was suddenly clear, the ache in the back of his head forgotten as he jumped up to save his beauty. "NOO!!" His arms stretched out of the jagged window, reaching for the hand that was already on it's descent. "Duo.." The frame of his lover was now out of sight, with a heavy sigh he turned to the collage of bodyguards, now attempting to surround him.

"You think you've won that easily." He grumbled and took a nosedive out the window, each guard rushed the window to watch his fall. Quickly Heero pulled a small device from his jacket pocket and held it high in the air. "Thank god for small inventions." He said as he pushed the small red button, causing a small parachute to give way. Jerking his body up only for a second the agent landed on the top of a nearby, smaller building. His legs collapsing as soon as he hit solid ground. "Dammit." He spouted as he turned quickly, peering his gaze over the side of the building, looking for evidence of Duo's desmise. Unsatisified with his view, Heero dashed down the staircase of the building, jumping stairs and sliding down railings as he did so. He broke into a all out run as he collided with the last floor pavement, crashing his way through people and office equiptment. He crashed into the door and threw it open, sliding out onto the pavement, his eyes immediately searching. Sprinting up and down the street, he searched for any signs of a dead body, no blood, no body..no Duo. With a somewhat relieve sigh he slipped his sunglasses back on his face and trotted down the street, jumping back into their red car. He looked both ways and sped off into the road, heading back to the apartments, hoping to find a quite inmobile Duo in the process. The new tires screeched across the slick pavement, in his haste and anger he ran red lights, stop signs and nearly completely ran over a helpless old woman. Sputtering cuss words all the way down the road, finally squealing to a hault as he parked infront of the apartments. Rushing into the elevator he danced around in the small compartment as he anxiously waited for his floor. At the sound of the very faint ding he was out of the doors, smashing into the opposing wall as he did so, scrambling from door to door making sure he had the right one. Connecting with the correct doorknob he pushed and fell onto the floor of their apartment, he scurried back up into standing position and searched throughout the large rooms. Peering into the room the pair shared his eyes softened and he let out the biggest sigh of relief he could possibly muster, the most beautiful sight was sitting on the bed, dressing his cuts and bruises. Heero, unable to control himself, locked onto the other agent and squeezed him in a vice like hug, his nose burying itself into the other's neck.


Duo smiled to himself and with a tinge of pain, wrapped his arms around the other man.

"Sorry for making you worry Hee-chan."

Heero said not a word but released the smaller boy and started tending to the endless cuts on his arms, legs and stomach. Touching each one carefully and wrapping it gently.

"Those bastards." Was all he could say, over and over again. Duo only watched on with fascination as Heero's motherly instincts seemed to be in utter overdrive.

"Heero, we didn't succeed in our mission." A pair of worried cobalt eyes lifted to meet with Duo's.

"Don't worry about that now, we have plenty of time to take care of Tassei."

"Don't you mean Quatre?" Duo questioned, his voiced filled with bitter anger.

"He's not Quatre. He is our enemy, Tassei must be destroyed. Just like our orders said."

Duo blinked at the amazing speed that Heero's mind had somehow easily drifted back to his "perfect soldier" routine so quickly.

"Duo. Tommorow we are heading out to Heion's, he can probably help us with this mission."

"Ano..don't you mean case?"

"Hn. Case. It is no longer a case, it's a personal mission."