Title: "Apostles"
Part: 3
Author: JessChan
Pairing: 1x2/2x1
Notes: shounen-ai, yaoi, Double lives, name switching and different settings. Violence and a little bit of angst.
Story Guide:
Heero Yuy aka Akito Ayabashi- Japanese Secret Service Agency
Duo Maxwell aka Trent Hoskins - United States Secret Informative Service.
Disclaimer: Sadly, GW doesn't belong to me, neither do the yaoi twins Duo and Heero. Please don't sue me I write purely for my entertainment and the entertainment of others. Besides I'm a poor wittle southern girl. ^-^

Duo's arms flipped around on the soft sheets of the king sized bed, his purple eyes fluttered open sleepily and he rubbed them angrily. He sat up slowly, letting his eyes adjust to the morning light seeping through the blinds of the large windows. He brushed back his long locks that still were messy and tangled from last nights activities. He scratched his chest a little bit and reached his arms high above his head, stretching out his body. He yawned slightly and pulled the covers over his legs revealing his naked body, he giggled to himself and walked across the large room. Their new apartment proved to be a beautiful sight indeed, accented with roman architecture, including a bathtub built for at least four people, a large deck complete with hot tub and a shower large enough for an elephant. The sounds of running water caught Duo's interest and with a sly grin on his face he crept into the bathroom, his face brightening at the sight of a very..very naked Heero inside the shower, washing every part of his body. Duo coughed slightly and opened the door, catching his partner somewhat off guard. Duo's long arms wrapped around the thin waist and pulled him against his own.

"Ohayho Hee-chan.." Duo muttered, kissing on the soft flesh of Heero's neck. Heero, a little caught off guard, dropped the soap bar and clung onto Duo's shoulders for support. He smiled to himself and cupped Duo's face with his hands, bringing it up to eye level.

"Ohayho." was all he could manage to say as their lips met together, twisting their tounges around each others. Heero pulled back and leaned on Duo's neck, inhaling the scent and smiling to himself.

"Did you sleep well?"

Duo only laughed as a response and bent over to pick up the soap bar, turning Heero to face the way as he started to run the soap over the boy's smooth back.

"The best sleep I've had in months actually." He replied as he carefully touched every part of Heero's skin with the soap.

"We should be heading out after..our showers." Heero stated, trying not to lean too much into the incredible feeling of Duo's hands.


The lovers finished they're cleansing and climbed out of the shower, they're bodies dyed a light pink color from the warm water. They both smiled at one another as they wrapped black towels around their waists. Duo shivered as the cool air of the room caught his body off guard, he picked up his silver brush and started combing out the massive strands of hair. Heero gathered his stuff into a back pack and started sorting through his clothes, Duo only watched with a smile spread across his face. Heero, after negotiating with himself, decided on a pair of slick looking black slacks with a dark blue button up shirt, sticking the ends of the shirt deep into his pants. He turned his eyes over to Duo, who was finishing up the long braid of hair and decided to go scamper through his clothes. Finally setteling on a pair of black leather pants and a red body shirt, smirking at Heero as he changed from his naked form into a might fine looking agent.

"Must you always be casual?" Heero asked with a snort as he examined his lover in the tight pants, not really minding the view.

"Must you always be so straight forward?" Duo retorted, pulling his black jacket over his shoulders and pulling the braid out from behind him. Heero only sighed and slipped his sports [1] jacket on over his shirt.

"Let's go."

"Right behind you!!" Duo replied with a skip as he grabbed the keys and dashed out the door, locking it in the process.


Heero's eyes were sealed shut as Duo sped down the highway, honking and turning the music up as loud as it could possibly get.

"So Hee-chan, where are we headed anyways?" Duo questioned, his free hand landing on one of Heero's thighs. Heero quickly moved the hand to the steering wheel and peered down at the folder in his lap, flipping through pages of information.

"Looks like we'll be heading over to talk with the big man himself actually.."

"EH?!" Duo screeched, staring blankly at Heero from behind his sunglasses.

"Trent..watch the road. And yes we are going to see Tassei personally, his office of commisions is right around this corner here." Heero replied with a staid, stoic apperance as he pointed to the streets. Duo reacted as instructed, but the unbelievable stare was still plastered against him as they parked the car. Duo filled the meter with change and shoved the rest deep inside of his pocket. Heero stared at the huge building, slightly impressed he started through the door, with a frantic Duo following him.

"Akito!!!! We just can't walk right into his place of work! What if he knows who we are, or what if he suspects something, I mean come on Kito....we don't even know what he looks like!" Duo's words fell over and over again like a waterfall, faster and more quickly with each breath. Heero only nodded at him and smiled softly.

"Hai, but everything will be fine. Trust me."

Duo sighed in defeat and obediently followed his partner into the building, folding his sunglasses and sticking them inside his jacket. He grumbled as eyes followed them at every step they took. Heero walked up to the receptionist and flashed her an incredible out of character charming smile, Duo's jaw about hit the floor as his usually calm and collective lover became a flashy Don Juan. The lady smiled back at him, a small tinge of pink flushing to her nose and cheeks. Duo only gritted his teeth and watched Heero work his magic.

"Hello! Excuse me for disturbing you this fine day but Miss, may I call you miss? Cause your too pretty to be anything but a sweet little misses." Heero's words were covered in sugar and flowery, even Duo couldn't bring himself to say such things.

"Could you be a doll and tell Mr. Tassei that his clients are here to see him? Please take your time, we are in no rush."

"Certainly Sir! I'll call him up right away!" She reacted to him with quickness and with a certain flirty tone. Duo's fists were turning white as he held them tightly, trying not to lash out at the unsuspecting woman for hitting on HIS partner. Heero caught a glimpse of the jealousy and knocked Duo in the ribs.

"Would you stop that?"

"I can't help it..can you believe the way she was looking you over? I'm surprised her skirt isn't soaking wet." He mumbled angrily, Heero only nudged him again and threw him his world famous death glare. Duo was ready to retaliate when the receptionist interrupted their discussion.

"Excuse me gentleman, Mr. Tassei said he wasn't expecting any clients today but since he's not busy he'd be happy to talk with the both of you. His office is at the top floor, third door on your right."

Heero coughed a bit and turned back to the woman, reached out, took her hand and kissed it gently. Duo's eyes bulged out, as did the woman's.


Before either Heero nor the receptionist could react, Duo's hands were caught on Heero's jacket pulling him with angry steam up the stair way to the elevator. His voice filled with jealousy and anger as he pushed the buttons to bring the elevator down, as the doors open he slung the very amused Heero into the small room and jumped in after him. Their eyes met only for a moment as Duo began punching buttons. Taking ahold of his hand, Heero pushed the 14 button and pulled Duo back to the wall.

"Would you stop?"


"Duo. I kissed her hand."



"Oh dammit Heero don't give me that "hn" bullshit! Your all smooching up on her smoooooth skin and smiling with a face I've never seen on you youbefore..let alone on any human being."


Duo was ready to scream he continued to bitch all the way up the floors, stopping at every floor since..ya know..in Duo's anger he hit every button to every floor. Heero sighed and grabbed Duo's arm, slinging him up against his own body, pressing they're lips together.

"You know how I feel about you. So shut up."

Duo's face fell down into a frown and he squeezed Heero's hand gently. "Let's just talk to this maniac and get the hell outta here." He replied, touching Heero's lips gently. The ding of the elevator made them both jump, fixing their clothing back into a very appropriate manner and both with a smile exited onto the top floor.

"Hrms.. third door on the right.." Heero muttered to himself as he came upon a large wooden door. Duo pressed his ear up against the wood, only to be smacked in the chest by Heero.

"Stop that." Heero ordered, knocking on the door gently.

"You may enter." Came a small, somewhat feminine voice. Duo gave the door knobs a quick turn and the huge doors swung open dramatically, revealing a large room, decorated in red velvet. The pair walked in, milding impressed with the designs of the room. A large black chair sat directly in front of them behind a desk, the back facing towards them.

"So you two are the clients that wanted to speak with me?" A small, yet very confident voice came from behind the leather furniture.

"Hai, I'm Akito Ayabashi and this is my life partner Trent Hoskins." Heero introduced them and Duo's eyes nearly exploded with happy tears. That was the first time Heero had ever called him "life partner." As he was busy swooning, Heero nudged him with his elbow in an attempt to knock him from his trance. The chair turned, squeaking as it did so, to face them. Both violet and cobalt eyes widened as they were met with the face of their enemy. A pair of large, bright blue eyes were somewhat hidden by a floppy, neatly styled bright blonde hair. His face was round and perfect, his nose was small and somewhat pointed, every aspect of him seemed to scream female.

"Dammit..there's no way.." Duo began as he examined the person sitting before them. The bright blue eyes seemed to laugh in amusement as he recognized the faces of his 'clients'.

"Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy. What an incredible surprise."

Heero's eyes narrowed in anger and his hand reached for Duo's, wanting to intertwine with his fingers. As soon as he felt the soft hand of his lovers he spoke out.

"Quatre what the fuck are you doing here?!
[1] - not like an actual ya know..sport. Kinda like a blazer! Actually that's the word I probably should have used..but ya know.

Yay! Part three is finished! I'm happy, I don't know how long this thing will actually turn out but hey..I'm hoping no longer then 6 parts! Lemme know what you guys think so far, I like having info! ^-^ Sorry for the massive crossposting!