Title: "Apostles"
Part: 2
Author: JessChan
Pairing: 1x2/2x1
Notes: shounen-ai, yaoi, Double lives, name switching and different settings. Violence and a little bit of angst.
Story Guide:
Heero Yuy aka Akito Ayabashi- Japanese Secret Service Agency
Duo Maxwell aka Trent Hoskins - United States Secret Informative Service.
Disclaimer: Sadly, GW doesn't belong to me, neither do the yaoi twins Duo and Heero. Please don't sue me I write purely for my entertainment and the entertainment of others. Besides I'm a poor wittle southern girl. ^-^


[Four months later]

Two tall figures walk down the crowded sidewalk, their dark shades and coats both giving off concealment and gathering attention around them. A long braid trails behind one, as another brushes back his russet colored brown hair. Women stop and watch the pair stroll by, they're eyes connecting with every aspect of the young bodies. They glance at one another and just smirk to themselves, continuing on their way.

"I hate America."

"I know Hee-chan, you've told me a million times." the other replies, pulling down his dark sunglasses for a moment to read the street signs.

"Don't call me that in public. Besides, your not even suppose to use that name..Trent."

Duo's face contorted at the name and he stuck his tounge out in his partners general direction.

"You are so rude." Heero replied, removing his glasses as the came upon a tall, crystal surrounded building. Duo peered up at the tall ledges of the impressive architecture and snickered.

"We're supposed to meet him here?" He questioned, slipping his sunglasses into his trenchcoat pocket and pulling out a sheet of paper with scribblings abundantly sprawled out.

"Hai." His partner replied quickly, his long limber legs climbing up the massive stairs of the building. Duo shoved the paper deep in pocket and trotted after Heero, waving his hand about manically.

"Do you even know what this mission is about?" He asked, finally catching up.


"Pfft..your a rather talkative guy today Hee-chan."

"Duo. What did I tell you about calling me that?"

Duo trotted ahead of the brunette agent and smiled a blinding smile at him.

"Oh come on..."



The pair of agents entered the revolving door, Duo throughly enjoyed being able to spin in a half circle and listening to the floppy noise the door seemed to make after every turn. Heero's impaitient hands grabbed the back of Duo's collar and dragged him across the large crowded room. People once again turned their gazes upon the handsome pair.

"Even in your old age you act like a child." Heero stated through his clenched teeth.

"HEY! I am not old!" he retorted angrily, starting to feel a little perturbed.

Along their path they came to a large glass door, decorated lively in bright purples and blues. Duo's nose turned up at the ugly mix and dazzle of colors, while Heero merely nodded and pushed open the massive structure. The other side of the door was a magnificent ballroom, chandeliers lighted the whole atmosphere, candles lit in the corners and a large table covered in red velvet sat in the center. A built, handsome man sat at the center of the table, his cape falling back behind him, his long red hair covering his face slightly as he looked up at the approaching partners. His lavender eyes narrowing, focusing on his two expected guests, he brushed his hair back slightly and brought his gloved hands together, covering his mouth only slightly [1].

"Welcome Agents, I've been expecting you." His monotoned voice echoed in the vastness of the large open room. He motioned to the chairs sitting directly infront of him, offering each agent a seat. "Please join me."

"Gomen, we're a bit late." Heero's excuse as he nodded toward the braided one, who only grinned in response.

"It is forgiven, however I am a tad upset that you did not disguise yourselves better. After your last mission I could have sworn you two would travel in secretcy."

Heero once again nodded in the direction of Duo.

"I see, Agent 01 are you having difficulties with your new partner?"


"Then don't complain of his actions. After all you did chose him to be with you."

Duo stuck his tounge out at Heero and smiled to himself, letting a small giggle escape his pouty lips.

"Anyways, Agents, I have a very important new mission for the two of you. I know you both have handled the smaller cases these past few months, but it's come to our attention that we're not utilizing both of you to your full potential. However the masters at arms have decided to change that. Agent 01 and Agent 02 it has been brought to the Service's attention that a political genius is out to take over all of the eastern half of the United States, his reasoning is not yet known. All we know of this mastermind is that he's incredibly intelligent and runs major corportations all over the world. He calls himself "Tassei" [2], both of you are of course familar with the japanese language so I should not have to explain the meaning. Agents here is the folder on your new case, inside you will find the keys to your new undercover vehicle, as well as the ticket to your new apartment suite. I trust you both are still living off your last paychecks?"

Both pairs of eyes rose in an evil death glare.

"I see I see..well in that case here is the spare money until you recieve your checks. Akito...Trent, is has been good to see you again. If you need any special gadgets don't hesistate to contact Heion [3] using your wrist communicators. Thank you again agents and I shall see thee when you have completed your case. Arigatou and sayonara."

He reached for the red button located to the left of him, and with an evil grin on his face lightly pressed the button. Heero and Duo's eyes met before their seats turned into ramps that slid under ground. With a yelp from the two of them they were sliding along the underground tube, landing on a matress cushion. Duo stood rubbing his back tenderly.

"Jesus..you think they'd be a little more careful with they're employees."

Heero only nodded and patted Duo's sore ass gently. The braided boy's face tinted red with blush and he giggled slightly.

"Duo..stop complaining and look."

Duo's eyes lifted from the bottom of the floor to a bright red sports car that seemed to shine, even in the darkness of the undersground garage.

"Su...sugoi.." He mouthed to himself. His eyes widened and his lower lip twitched slightly. "Hee-chan it...it's so beautiful.." He gasped dramatically and nudged Heero in the side. "Much better than that last piece of junk we had neh?" His partner only sighed and placed his arms behind the knees of Duo's long legs, pushing his arms against the back slightly, causing the braided agent to fall over into his arms.

"Come on 'Trent' we've got a mission to begin.." He leaned his face closer to his partner's ears and whispered gently. "And I don't know about you but I'm anxious to try out that new apartment of ours."

Duo's face once again went beet red and he smiled widely. Catching himself and Heero a little off guard his voice went supersonic.


Heero only sighed and carried the braided baka over to the car and dropped him in the passenger side.

"We start our mission tommorow..next stop...Main Stree Apartments."

[1] - Gendo Ikari Move! *superheero music*
[2] - "Tassei" means achievement
[3] - "Heion" means silent


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